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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm EST

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and good evening. i'm jawan strader. >> and i'm jackie nespral. we begin with breaking news out of deerfield beach where a robber is shot and killed. > right out to the scene. marissa bagg is live from the scene with the latest for us tonight, marissa? >> still an active scene out here in deerfield beach. so much so, i'm standing in the middle of tenth street because the road is shut down for this investigation. the robbery suspect, the body laying inside of the convenience store here. that is where he was shot and killed just inside of the front door here detectives walking around, collecting evidence. still trying to figure out exactly what happened. but this is what we know. broward sheriffs detectives say at 7:40 tonight a man walked into the snappy convenience store here on southeast tenth street and first way wearing gloves and a mask and armed with a weapon. investigators are questioning a witness to see what exchange was between the robber and the two clerks inside to see if anything
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but bso said the clerks each grabbed their own gun and fired multiple shots at the suspect, killing him. no one else was injured. >> that suspect had actually come to the store with the intent of robbing it. he was wearing a mask and gloves. once inside, there were multiple shots fired and he died in the store. >> reporter: now similar scene unfolded at the very same convenience store about six years ago. it was march of 2010 when a suspect was also shot by an employee. bso said that suspect was also killed in thatt encounter. investigators say they will be here for several more hours piecing together what happened and reviewing surveillance video they say was rolling when all of this happened inside of this convenience store. it will probably be tomorrow before they find out who this robbery suspect was. and any more details on exactly what happened just before the shots were fired.
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deerfield beach, i'm marissa bagg, reporting live for nbc 6 news. a burglary caught on dashboard camera and tonight police are searching for this thief because of what he stole. >> nbc 6 reporter jamie guirola is live from northeast miami-dade with more on the story that is new tonight. mie? >> reporter: well the victim is a chaplain forhe florida highway patrol. one of the items stolen was a gun. that is a dangerous find for a suspect, who only took a minute and three seconds to commit his crime. in this clear and crisp video, the suspect gets into the car wearing a hoodie, quickly chhks out the front and backseat and ransacks the vehicle. he just doesn't notice the camera recording every second of the crime. >> i don't know where it's located but the subject could not see it. that is what happens when they are focused on committing a crime, they are not looking at surrounders. they are zoned in on what they
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>> in the center cob console, jackpot, he just scored a gun. >> another gun in the hand of criminals and that is dangerous. >> reporter: the suspect gets out 25 seconds later, round two, another quick peek as he looks frantically for anything else. this time he leaves with a cell phone and doesn't come back. >> normally we don't get this lucky where we could get clear pictures like we did in this case. >> reporter: so if you recognize that guy in the picture, your tips could remain anonymous, the number to call is on your screen. it is the crimestoppers at 305-471-tips. jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. >> jamie, thank you. south florida soaked. a line of storms pounded our area, leaving roads soaking wet during a packed friday night rush hour. >> and a live look outde where hours later the storms have moved out. but the big question sheer is will the rain make a return this weekend. >> that is a big question. meteorologist adam berg is in for john tonight and joins us with the first alert weather.
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make a comeback. but your saturday looking pretty good. so it is a mixed bag. it was a crazy day today. here are what the major airports reporting, 30 to 40-plus mile-per-hour winds. but when you dig deeper, look at the wind gusts to swatter spouts and trees falling on cars and houses to funnel clouds, you name it, wep got it. a couple of funnels clouds through palm beach county. 56 mile-per-hour wind gts around haverhill, palm beach countries. zooming off towardthe south, beer field beach saw wind gusts, up to 46 plirps. all but the thunderstorms from earlier today. key biscayne as well. trees falling because of the winds. estimated wind speeds around 60 mile-per-hour just after 3:00. and then as we zoom farther off toward the south, more wind gusts around key west and waterspouts. even a tornado warning for marathon earlier today. 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts at
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the airport gusting over 40 miles per hour. and then he are the waterspouts as well. duck key, marathon and points east. a lot of rainfall as well today. just about everybody blanketed with one to almost two inches of rainfall. so good riddance, but it is coming back. i've got your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> adam, thanks you. and today's direct weather hit a home in cooper city after it was struck by lightning. several tiles were destroyed or knocked off the roof. the couple who lives in the home was not hurt but ty got quite the scare. >> we just heard a big bang, explosion. and we could actually feel either static electricity run through the whole house, it like imploded from the inside. so obviously both of us weree shaken up. >> the homeowners feel fortunate the lightning didn't spark a fire. the roofers will be by next week to fix the damage.
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police have arrested the driver of a mercedes bnz after locating the vehicle they say struck two people and took off. the two men injured are special agents with u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement. this happened this morning on collins neares pinolea way. a spokespersons tells nbc 6 that one of the agents is in stable condition while the other remains in critical condition. new tonight, a south florida teenager who was shot several times is home from the hospital. eric wattson jr. left nicholas children's hospital tonight. it has been nearly tee weeks since someone shot the 13-year-old three times in his upper body in the area of southwest 264th and 130th place, it the not clear if anybody has an idea who shot the teen or why but so far no arrests have been made. a young teen accused of killing a rabbi last year is trying to get out of jail until his trial begins. a judge listened to testimony to
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charles was just 14 at the time when police s s that he opened fire, a rabbi, walking to temple in august. his family and friends filled the courtroom today and so did relatives of the accused murderer. during testimony, a witness identified the teen as the person who ran away from the murder scene. but that same witness also said that he felt obligated choose a photo out of the lineup. tonight a look at the hialeah man accused of killing his mom. this is 36-year-old william garcia, facing a long sentence if convicted of the murder of his 56-year-old mother. cops found her body in a apartment she shared with garcia. the hialeah police department questioned him and according to a report, he claimed he was home when an imaginary person stabbed the woman and set her bed on fire. he denied that victim was his mother- and new details tonight in the search for 12 marines missing since the helicopters collided overnight off the coast
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crews say the choppers were in the middle of a routine training flight when they went down. this was no call for help and said witnesses called the coast guard about a fire ball in the sky. officicls say high winds and surf may have made the search harder. they are asking people to stay out of the water due to debris. well y could call them america's newest power couple. buthey say they are just common folk from a small town. but the robinson family of tennessee has one thing that separates them from all of the others out there, they have one of three winning powerball tickets from the largest jackpot in history. >> i won't make it in today. i'll call you and i'll probably be in monday. >> reporter: the luckiest family in the country didn't tell anyone untilhey tolol everyone on "today." >> now i'll be nervous because everybody knows. >> john robinson, wife lisa, daughter tiffany and abby, along for the ride.
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you are keeping it close to your heart? >> it is not going very far. >> the maintenance supervisor and office coordinator watched lotto fever soar to $1.6 billion. >> she had called me and she said, are you going to stop and get a couple of lottery tickets. and i said, i really didn't feel like stopping that night, but i was like yeah, i'll stop and get them. >> from home, in tiny mumford, tennessee, lisa watched the numbers drop down and her heart rate shoot up. >> i got to looking and i saw it and i was like, i looked again, but it was the same. looked again. and the third time i went running down the hallway, john, john, you have to check the numbers. >> the big payout, $528 million. the robinsons the talk of this one-stoplight town. >> this is the biggest thing that ever happened in munford. beyond my scope of numbers, i think. >> tonight in nashville at lotty headquarters, this is how dreams begin.
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robinson and we won the powerll. >> woo hoo. >> one family down, two other winners yet to step forward. >> oh, boy. well those are the winning tickets. one sold in chino hills, california, the other one right here in florida, in melbourne, beach. it is something we all do, call for a lunch order. >> what can i get for you. >> one slice of cheese pizza. >> but it left one waiting for emergency services a little too long. the distraction on duty is next. a little boy is left alone in a coat after being dropped off in the wrong spot. we'll see who helped him, next.
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we'll see what this well, welcome back. uber threatening to pull out of miami-dade if the chairman of the county commissqon gets his way. he is a former taxi driver who
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the complaint of taxi drivers who say that ride sharing services are not held to the same standards. he is proposing the county screen the drivers the same way they do taxi drivers. and that is not all. >> i also propose that the vehicle owners provide proof of insurance. similar to the coverage that taxi drivers have. >> now another ordinance proposed would aow uber to screen its own drivers and provide insurance only w(en a driver has been hired to provide a ride. both proposed ordinances are expected to be voted on at a commission meeting next wednesday. a local 911 operator is in trouble accused of neglecting to answer an emergency call because she was ordering pizza. that call came from an on the tommest rift office after a young person passed out. willard shepard has the tapes. >> is this pick up or delivery?
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>> this is the sunrise police department. >> that is francis, the broward emergency operator who was on the job. placing her lunch order and apparently ordering for co-workers too. >> he started to convulse, had a seizure and fell out of the exam chair. >> and the order here on the other end, the workers at this office in ft. lauderdale were calling the 911 line after a man fainted at their office. >> i thought there would be more than one peon answering the phone. i couldn't believe there is just one lady. >> a lady busy with the pizza shop. >> at some point the operator was checking the prices of the selections. >> that one -- is $9.49. >> $9.49. okay. and the -- i think that is all my cash orders. and i have three card orders.
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this time frame, she failed to reond to the incoming 911 calls despite tones and a,erts despite resulting in the 911 calls going unanswered and abandoned. and the food order done minutes later. ft. lauderdale is reviewing if it should remain in the regional system. >> that means that we need to look at going back to our own police and fire 911 dispatch system. we're going to do that analysis. >> reporter: the man who had the seizure here recovered quickly and was okay. the operator acknowledged that she should have handled the situation differently and she was officially given a letter of reprimand. we tried to contact her, but without success. in ft. lauderdale, willard shepard, nbc 6 news. republican presidential candidate ted cruz continues to
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york values phrase he used against rival donald trump. and after repeated calls from some of the states top leaders to apologize, he took another route. >> i apologize to all of the pro-life and prprmarriage and second amendment new yorkers who were told by governor cuomo they have no placen new york because that is not who new yorkers are. i apologize to all of the small businesses who have been driven out of new york city by crushing taxes and regulations. >> well cruz said that new yorkers are fed up with policies that fuel elite liberal values. le continue campaigning in south carolina tomorrow. joe biden said the world of cancer research is on the cusp of phenomenal brea-throughs. biden launched his moon shot initiative during a visit to the philadelphia cancer center. he hopes to use the final year in the white house to break down barriers holding back cancer. his former son beau biden died
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now the vp is hoping to change the fate for millions. a milwaukee mother has reunited with her 7-year-old son after the school bus dropped him off at the wrong spot. he took the wrong route home and wound up near his home instead of day care. he waited outside in bitter cold and darkness until neighbors heard his yells for help. the woman is thankful she took care of her little boy. >> not knowing where your son is, it is -- it is just a -- something you never want to feel. >> i don't want it to happen to anybody else. nobody should have to go through this. >> well the wisconsin school district said it was a student's first day on a new route and that he was on the wrong bus. first alert doppler, looking
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it is right red earlier today with strong thunderstorms working through. we had a tornado watch earlier today. no tornados but funnel clouds and waterspouts out there. and accidentdecent rain and gusty spouts. let's move in. the keys looking good. miami-dade and broward, nothing going on. and so smooth. and smooth on biscayne bay. the boating forecast. because the winds on the light side. northwest and then a little bit of a sea breeze working throug five to ten knots. seas two to three feet. again, very nice there in biscayne bay. surf temperatures cooler than they have been the last couple of weeks, down to about 72 but that is about right for this time of the year. so winds on the calm side. as a front is pushing through. the same front that stirred up the atmosphere and got the thunderstorms going, that front
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it is weakening as it pushes south of us. much dryer air behind the front. a warm saturday. but then a strong cold front. this one back here across the tennessee valley, lower mississippi valley, this has cold air behind it. that will move in our direction. thunderstorms to start the day on sunday and much colder behind it. if you look 50s for lows and 70s for high, you will love next week. warm right now. 66 in miami. dropping a couple degrees from here. nothing to crzy. beautiful looking shot of our miami children's museum camera. nothing out there. goose eggs for chances all night long. getting down to 64 as you start ur day on turday. night way to start the weekend, right. up to 81 for a high. that is warm. above average for sure. average high around 76. strong thunderstorms possibly the first half of the day and maybe into the early afternoon on sunday. an then fresh air mass working in monday through thursday.
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hit friday. a a few details out of saturday. fog to start the day. this ist cloud cover. this is fog from the rain earlier and light winds, getting fog going. burns off by noontime. a light north wind out here, extremely light turning off toward the east as we go through the afternoon and evening hours. here is your pl-by-play. 64 to start. sunshine and warm for the afternoon. just a really pleasant-looking evening. again, big cold front on sunday into monday. we'll track it all week long. erika takes over tomorrow morning. darth vader may have been a villain in "star wars" but he and stormtroopers are being treated like heroes after making
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and a gamble that will cost that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want. take the long way, huh? thank you cyrus. lease a 2016 lincoln mkc for $289 a month
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welcome back. well they came from a galaxy far, far away to give a nebraska child a hand, literally. the boy was born without a right arm so he received quite the surprise this wheek when darth vader and other characters showed up at his elementary school to present him with a prosthetic arm. he quickly learned how to fist bump with his new hands and plans to learn how to write with it as well. >> he knows that i love him the way he is and i tell him, don't let anybody else tell you what you can or cannot do. you know that.
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trart started by engineering students at the university of central florida that provides children with bionic arms for free. this is the 12th arm they've built in the past year. it will cost you more to stay at a major las vegas resort after they do away with free parking. parking fee. some residents and tourists aren't happy about the move citing the hotel costs are already high enough. the fees begin around the same time mgm plans to open the new t-mobile arena this spring. the resort said it will charge $10 or less for overnight parking. mgm is the first major spot to charge for parking so far. no word if other hotels plan to follow suit. and if you love chipotle, circle monday february 8th. that is t t day the chain will close all restaurants for a few hours. it will use the time to hold a food safety meeting with the employees after customers in several states came down with
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and e-coli. officials say they are confident the fofo is safe but they are waiting for the cdc to declare the e-coli outbreak over. lebron james isn't happen kwi with just being -- happy with just being a basketball star. a former heat star will appear in a reality tv series called cleveland hustles that will air on cnbc. he will give four aspiring local entrepreneurs to revital a neighborhood in cleveland. they will get assistance from business experts who will invest in and mentor the entrepreneurs. cleveland hussle debuts on cnbc this summe you will check that out? >> of course, i will. [ laughter ] >> i'll tell you what, it would have been easier if he was playing for the heat tonight. because they had a tough one in denver.
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injury and they got off to an 18
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second half sparked by welcome back. after three straight losses along west coast road trip is taking its toll. dragic was st only with a calf strain and now wade is out with sore shoulders.
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is tougher without the captain. the guy replacing him, gerald green, he got off to a good start, with the tough jumper. the first shot of the ball game. but denver would come out firing with young guns. the rookie hit the three. nuggets starting a big first half run. denver would take an 18 point lead in the second. things notooking good for miami. but 11 blocks by whiteside kept millimeter in the game and offensive plays brought them back completely. a triple-double for him on the night. and then the rookie, justise winslow making threes. he gaves the heat an 85-82 lead. and this game has just gone final, miami survives 98-95, a come back win for the heaters. in college ball, the hurricanes continue the conference schedule tomorrow afternoon as they visit clemson in carolina. they will come off virginia on
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the coach said they are at 13-2 overall with 2-1 in the acc. and after getting degordon an extension, the marlins have gotten jose fernandez to agree to a deal. the one year contract worth $2.8 million avoid salary arbitration in his first eligible season. he was the subject of plenty of trade talks during the winter meetings in december. that would not have been a popular decision. the fish have been able to sign th other seven arbitration eligible players including their shortstop and color and ramos. switching gears, the nfl playoffs are back tomorrow with two big time games. kansas city is visiting tom brady and the patriots. and at 8:15 p.m., right here on nbc #, an exciting match-upup the arizona cardinals hosting the green bay packers. and joe philbin who was fired after week four of this season has been hired by the
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after today's horrendous day, please tell us we have a better weekend. >> warm, humid, light winds.
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