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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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and if you missed part of this debate, you can see it begin starting right now on msnbc. charleston, south carolina. from all owith us, we say good night. what is correct -- and i'm disappointed that secretary clinton's campaign has made this criticism, it's a republican criticism. secretary clintonoes know a lot about health care. >> the democratic white house hopefuls spa on the debate stage tonight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking jabs at each other. good evening, i'm dan krauth, keith has the night off. with just two weeks before the iowa caucus, clinton and sanders argued about gun control, health care and other issues. steve l ltz is in the studio to break down tonight's biggest debate moments.
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>> it was feisty. you had hillary clinton and bernie sanders tangling tonight in charleston, south carolina. as you said, dan, they argued over who was tougher on gun control and health care and wall street and big bank reform and each one argued their case that they have the best vision for america. from guns to prescription drugs, the democrats debated in south carolina tonight with health kar care firing up the candidates and bernie sanders promising to reform health care beyond obamacare. >> we won't tear up the affordable care act. i helped write it but we aree going to move on top of that to to medicare for all. >> to start over again with a whole new debate is something that i think would set us back.
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>> i have made it clear based on senator sanders own record that he has voted with the nra, with the gun lobby numerous times. he voted against the brady bill five times. >> i think secretary clinton knows what she says is very disingenuous. i have a d-minus voting record from the nra. >> reporter: candidates agreed reforms are needed in policing and they described a criminal justice system stacked against young black men. >> we created a civilian review board, gave them their own detectives, we required the reporting of discourtesy, use of excessive force, lethal force. >> one out o three african-american men m well end up going to prison that's the statistic. i want people here to think what we would be doing if it was one out of three white men. >> reporter: the candidates were on the same page regarding reforming big banks and weetsallll street, but swiped at each other over campaign contributions.
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not the only one so i don't just mean to point the finger at you -- you've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs in one year. >> we're at least having a vigorous debate about reining in wall street. the republicans want to give them more power and repeal dodd-frank. that's what we need to stop. >> certainly up till this point secretary clinton and vermont senator sanders have gotten attention in this democratic primary but tonight the third participant, former maryland governor martin o'malley tried to persistently insert himself into the conversation. the iowa caucuses just a few weeks away. live in the studio, steve litz, nbc 6 news. >> steve, thank you. the latest numbers shows hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by 25 points nationally. an nbc news "wall street journal" poll shows clinton is the first choice with 59% of democratic primary voters. senator sanders is behind 34%.
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polling in iowa and new hampshire show clinton and sanders in neck in neck contests in both states. be sure to check out the nbc 6 news and weather yap for full coverage on the elections. there you will findnd in-depth stories directly from the campaign trail. tonight people are salvaging what they can after a tornado detroyed homes and killed two people into wet florida. it was one of at least two twisters that touched down the sarasota area this morning just minutes apart. nbc 6's erica glover is live in siesta key in the middle of that direction. erica, what are you seeing tonight?t? >> reporter: dan, homeowners in this area say dealing with this damage and destruction isn't easy but they're getting by with help from their` friends. >> all he kept saying was i can't find my dad, i can't find my dad. >> reporter: it was too late. an ef-2 tornado with winds around 130 miles per hour
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58-year-old steven wilson was dead. >> he jumped on the back of the truck andndwe had the headlights on the truck. >> the storm ripped through their mobile home. steven's wife, 51-year-old kelly wilson, was pulled out from under debris without injuries, but suffered a fatal heart hospital. in siesta key, another morning. >> nobody lost their life. all this can be fixed. >> reporter: the national weather service says this, too, tornado. >> the sound was eerie. i kept waiting for a freight train. >> reporter: as crews stay busy restoring power, surveying the damage and clearing the wreckage, homeowners in this sarasota county community share their story of neighbors helping neighbors. >> he got out immediately and was founding on everyone's door, "are you all right? are you all right." >> governor rick scott toured
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collapsed roofs and destroyed parking lots. >> whatever the state needs to do we'll be doing our part but part. >> reporter: shoveling, trimming, and nailing until the job is done. only stopping to share an important message. >> make sure your family has an evacuation plan because this kind of stuff happens really, really fast. and be prepared when sevee weather comes to your area. >> reporter: earlier we stopped by one of those condos damaged by the storms. crews were there working hard making sure those parking lots are cleared for residents. reporting live from sarasota, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> that wild weather also left a trail of damage here in northwest miami-dade. those ferocious winds toppled this giant tree here on northwest 28th street and 181th avenue. the sound of the tree crashing down startled people i the neighborhood. branchs were thrown across the
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several cars in the driveway. fortunately no one was injured. just like that, the weather, take a look, has drastically changed here in south florida. a cooldown tonight but in a few hours you will need to put out your sweaters and coats. we send it to adam berg in the forecast center with the latest. adam, it's cold. >> it's one of the few nights we get -- and we don't get many -- wher you can reach deep into the closet, grab good stuff back there, your jackets. boots with fur, whatever works for you. cooler. naples much cooler, much, much different air mass on top of us right now. pembroke pines. 26 in miami. 59 pompano beach. naples, yeah, we're going to be why? winds out of the north and it's
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low relative humidity. that will get those numbers jumped down to about 54. that's our forecast for miami as you wake up tomorrow morning. what about the forecast in your neighborhood? how long does this cooldown stick around. i have the forecast, albeit a don't goanywhere. a terror attack in west africa hitting especially close to home tonight. a mission missionary and south florida native was among the explosion killed on saturday. laura rodriguez joins us live from hollywood community church remembered. good evening, laura. >> reporter: his name is mike rittering and he served as a youth pastor for many years. it's evident he e s loved by many people. this morning at a 10:00 a.m. prayer service they paid tribute to rittering. >> he was a boat builder that god took to the deserts of >> reporter: members of south florida's christian community
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their own, mike rittering, a modern day martyr. >> he lost his life doing the work of jesus, doing what he felt like god called him to do. >> reporter: the 45-year-old was among the more than two dozen people killed by al qaeda-linked militants in an atta in the capital of burkina faso. the pastor at hollywood community church says rittering was at the cappuccino cafe waiting for a group of missionaries to arrive from south florida when gunmen entered and opened fire. >> for some 20 hours, mike's condition was enknown and mike was unaccounted for. we didn't know where mike was, the embassy didn't know where mike was. they were searching. >> reporter: the group of 15 missionaries meeting rittering from west pines community church were on an airplane about to land in burkina faso but were diverted due to the attacks the. pastor from e pembroke pines church says that team is in a secure place in the west african
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south florida soon but comforted by the burkina bay people. >> our team went there to serve the burkina bay peele and it's the burkina by a people that have been srveerving our team. >> reporter: the former cooper city resident had been living in africa with his family since 2011 where th ran an orphanage and opened a women's crisis center. rittering leaves behind a wife, two biological daughters a two adopted children from burkina faso. >> they left everything to go serve some of the neediest in the world and that's been a message that has been contagious at his home church and hollywood community church but other churches in the community. >> and the pastor says rittering will be buried in africa. his family plans to return to south florida shortly, once his family returns, church leaders tell me they are planning a memorial service. reporting live from hollywood, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news.
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all 28 victims killed in the attack began in that nation today. the government stepped up security in the capital and also the country's border. burkina faso ease's president says his country must reunite against terrorism. today french authorities returned to collect evidence and guests ha been allowed to return to the hotel to pick up their luggage and other belongings left behind during the massacre. next on nbc 6, headed home. three americans freed by iran are one step closer to returning back here to the u.s. how the deal which prompted the prisoner release benefits the iranian government. plus, why a city's water woes have triggered calls for the firing of michigan's governor. andwhat will they mind? crews dissect the former home of colombian drug lord pablo escobar. why the demolition is a massive treasure hunt. and coming up on sports final, health becoming a problem for the miami heat. see how hassan whiteside tried
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oklahoma city with some slick moves. plus, the panthers' record win streak is over and now they've got a new streak, it's not a good one. we'll show you the big reason why. and the new dolphins coach has a celebrity look alike, two, actually, that's part of the
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on sports final. . right now, several americans are missing in iraq. local media reporting three of them were kidnapped. iraqi media is reporting they were kidnapped by militias in baghdad on their way t the airport. the u.s. embassy confirms several americans are missing but they are not elaborating. only saying u.s. officials are working with the iraqi authorities right now. isis claimed a number of attacks in baghdad that killed more than 50 people. three americans freed from
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back home to u.s. soil right now. this as the white house and tehran praised improving nations. the three released americans have landed in germany. nbc news shot this video of a vehicle convoy that appearsrs to be the one with the released americans headed for a u.s. military base. four americans were freed as part of a prisoner exchange but u.s. officials said earlier that one of them was not on the flight la landed in germany. also tonight, iranians are welcoming the lifting of crippling sanctions after the country reached a nuclear deal with the obama administration, the european union and the united nations. reverend jesse jackson leading a rally for justice in flint, michigan, today near detroit protesting governor snyder's response to the lead water crisis there. he called it a disaster not just an emergency. two years ago governor snyder appointed an emergency manager who switched the city's water source to save money. that movewas reversed when
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residential water and children's blood. jackson says the governor should take responsibility for his actions, repair the water system, and also reimburse people who paid for poisoned water. radar and sonar equipment brought into search grounds for pablo escobar's former miami beach mansion. the man who founded the chicken kitchen fast food chain are building a new house in its place. they admit they're hoping to find a hidden treasure at the former home of the columbian drug lord. it's rumored there could be cash, gold and jewels stashed under the floor boards and also in the yard. >> we're not putting all this effort into finding nothing so hopefully we'll find something. >> reporter: escobar's drug cartel was responsible for most of the cocaine imported in the u.s. in the '80s and '90s. the feds seized the property in 1987. he was killed in a special operation in colombia.
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biscayne bay, has four bedrooms, six bathrooms, a pool and garage along with a marina. the new owners plan to tear it down to build a new contemporary home. more turmoil emerging from haiti's presidential electns. an opposition candidate is threatening to boycott a runoff. he says if a runoff is held next weekend, it will be a skep back for the country's democracy. h candidate says he's boycotting the runoff because he has concerns about vote rigging. he's competing with outgoing president president michele martelly's chosen successor. >> we always knew storms would
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between about 3:00 in the morning to 8:30 was very busy, anymore. north winds have pushed in. this cold front is out, a stable pattern for the next several days or so, maybe the balance of the week, let's dive around the here. but if you've been outside nothing across the keys where we had strong wind gusts earlier today, same dealor miami-dade and broward, areas gusting over 50 mile per hour then the deadly tornados south of tampa, siesta key, sarasota, horrible situation, everybody doing a heck of a lot better. how about torn morning? here's your commute forecast. a few clouds, it's martin luther king, jr. day as well so maybe you don't have a commute. if you do, i'm sorry. but, hey, least the weather cooperating, 55 degrees around 8:00 a.m.
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clouds in there, low humidity, though, rain free a bet of a breeze out of the north, temperatures flirting with 70 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. so you see this milky white, still that same stubborn high clouds we've been dealing with the last several days mys now today with strong thunderstorms. we've been seeing high clouds working in recently. dry and cool. without the high cloud we'd probably be even cooler. this is what we're going for, though. current temperature 62 in miami, 65 key west. north winds lling in some area northern florida. not expecting 40s tonight but what we're feeling across central florida right now, we've got a good shot at seeing across south florida and bone dry. wherever you have dew points in the 30s, 40s and 50s that's dry. 6 660s and 70s is where the air mass has a tropical feel to it. dew points into the 70s.
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60s across the keys, low 50s inland areas. miami going 54. pembroro pines. your extended forecast breaks down like this. 70 for monday. average highs around 76. struggling to get out of the 60s then warming up to near average on thursday, next cold front friday, very quick look here, your our by hur forecast look, northwest winds continuing all day long and this is why we're expecting temperatures to remain below average. showers but wayay off towards the open waters of the atlantic, here's your play by play, struggling to get to 70 degrees. >> it feels nice for a change. thanks, adam. police are on alert as bikers from all over the country descend upon south florida. you may recall last year more than 500 bikers weaved throughout the streets and frywayfry way
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king, jr. parade in liberty >>. >> reporter: these bikers weweaw across miami-dade county on the northwest section of miami-dade and also the city of miami, some police officers are stopping some on the bikes but, of course, it's a very, very difficult thing to do, i spoke to these bierkkers that i saw. they say they have been coming from across the country to south florida for the martin luther king weekend. >> let me ask you, man, how did you get in touch with each other? how did pepele find out to come here? >> just knowing it's martin luther king day. everybody knows that's what's happening. >> reporter: do you thin it's dangerous? >> nothing is dangerous if you're taking care of yourself . >> reporter: police we talked to
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aware this could happen. place. they're asking drivers to be cautious. some bikers i saw didn't even have headlights on and they were out in large numbers so be aware if they're on the roadway about this over the next 24 hours.
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day three of the second annual winter groove brought out big names comedy. our very own ja'wuanwan strader emcee ago comedy show with said trick entertainer. it's held at the jw marriott marquee in miami. it benefits the family foundation which supports mentor mentoring and advocacy for youth. a great event. >> sounds like a great gig.
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