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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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of the blizzard of 2016 and travel troubles and our chilly weather here. >> adam berg kicks off our coverage tonight. >> big chages. big-time rains today. most one to two inches. some more. now when you look at live first alert doppler, the all is calm kind of move that we've made. but the winds are going to be picking up. anything but calm through the overnight hours. let's show what you it looks like out there temperature-wise. this is one of the stories with the wind we're tracking now that the rain is gone. the cold front moving through. many of us now five, six, seven, eight degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. the reason we are warmer in naples is because you have a strong wind coming off the relative warm waters of the gulf. so it depends on wind direction and location with temperatures. but it is not terrible bad. everybody into the 60s. cooler. your overnight forecast, down to about 58. so it is not too bad. it is going to get quite a bit cooler as we go into sunday
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turn a little bit more to the north. and speaking of wind. look at your boating conditions for tomorrow. west winds here at 20 to 25 knots, gustg to 30. six to eight foot seas, rough on the bay. gale warnings out there. so not the type of situation you want to be in a boat at all tomorrow. if you just want to know, you are dying to get to the beaches, high tide and low tide, but you might want to make indoor plans or out of the water type of plans. we'll talk much more about the temperatures an the coolest numbe we've seen in about a year coming up this weekend. so stick around for that. guys. >> adam, thanks. the winter whiteout is slamming washington, d.c. this is a live look at capital. 90 million people in 20 states are in the path of this dangerous storm. blizzard warnings are in affect for a storm that stretches over a thousand mile area. mine moore has the latest on the deteriorating conditions from d.c. >> reporter: it was a virtual
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the u.s. capitol was shrouded in a cloud of snow. washington, d.c. under siege and in the bull's eye of a blizzard of epic proportions. local officials say it is a potent, perfect storm. >> we expect two feet at least of snow in washington and t snow is coming down wet and heavy, which means that we could see trees, power lines down and a loss of power. >> reporter: as the snow began to pile up, virginia national guard troops were called into action. >> and we put chain on our humvee tires. >> reporter: as power crews f rom the south deployed for the clean-up. but that won't begin until the storm has blown over late on sunday night. with thousands of flights canceled, anyone who hasn't gotten out, isn't. >> this is the third flight change since we started. >> reporter: in the ripple affects reaching airports far
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marking the day and a half onslaught that could bring 2 1/2 feet of snow and 50 mile-per-hour winds. it threatens to become washington's worst snowstorm ever. and as bad as it looksnow, the snow is expected to continue through sunday evening. and before it is all over with, this storm could blow itself into the record books. brian moore, n nbc news, washington. our live team coverage of f the blizzard of 2016 continues now with the nationwide traral troubles reaching down to south florida. nb 6's marissa bagg joins us live from mia with the latest there. >> reporter: adam, 4,000 flights scheduled to be canceled for this weekend. 70 of them right here in miami. you could see a list of canceled flights here. another 75 plus canceled out of ft. lauderdale, hollywood international airport. it has become quite the headache for everyone hoping to get home ahead of the storm. anyone checking in at this hour
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one after another, flights are canceled to new york, philadelphia, washington, d.c., and charlotte. and sme of those airports are shut down until at least tomorrow. a monster storm 1,000 miles wide is bringing air travel to a stand-still. >> we had a flight for 7:00, 8:00 and for 9:00 and they all got canceled. >> reporter: silvia morales was supposed to head home to new york for tomorrow and rebooked her flight for today hoping to get out of town. not only is she not leaving tonight, american airlines couldn't get her another flight until tuesday. >> i was shocked. i thought monday morning at least, you know. at least something. like i said, my boss is not going to be happy. >> reporter: what is worse is calls from miami hotels are coming back with the same answer. no room tonight. >> maybe we'll be here at the airport sleeping. >> all of the hotels are soldout.
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to put us up for another friday, saturday, sunday, monday, four more nights. >> reporter: the good news, these passengers are avoiding what is being forecasted to be a record-breaking winter nightmare. roads are a disaster. virginia state police got 1,000 calls for accidents and disabled cars. drivers are being told to stay ofofthe road. all avenue sudden an unexpected weekend in miami isn't looking so bad. luckily for silvia and her husband, they didn't check their bags. >> thank god we didn't. somebody over there was really great. and he h hsaid hold -- he said hold on to your bags. otherwise we would be four days without bags. >> reporter: and if you p pn on flying this weekend, we can't stress it enough, definitely check with your airline to make sure that your flight haasn't been canceled before you come to the airport. certain webtes like ex pedia and other airlines are trying to help people rebook, in some cases waiving the change fees. live from miami international
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news. and we want to go live to moseley, virginia, just out side of virginia where the snow and sleet are still falling. >> david joinson and his wife melissa are joining us live to show us what they are dealing with us there. what are the conditions like, david? >> well, it is pretty windy if you could see and hear. [ inaudible ]. about the 20s for the past six hours. >> it looks like the connection isn't great but if you hear me, at did you do to prepare for the storm? >> a couple of days earlier -- [ inaudible ]. >> the way we prepa for storms down here. the connection isn't great. but we appreciate the liv look from virginia, the shovel of snow says it all right there. david, thank you so much. >> stay warm. now to tonight's other big
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a mug shot into the newsroom of a man accused of ambushing miami police officers. he is responsible for shooting at an officer and taking off and shooing at more. stephanie bertini is joining us live from the miami-dade county jail where that suspect is being held tonight. stephanie? >> reporter: jackie, he will spend the night behind bars. tomorrow, bond court. this man is facing serious charges, including a five count of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. that charge is a first-degree felony. escorted into the miami-dade jail after a violent day, miami gardens police say one of their own took the worst . veteran officer david starling shot in the leg after investigators say he was attacked by bullets. they say mejia is the gunman. >> the violence against police officers in this country must stop. >> reporter: the police chief down right angry over what allegedly happened to one of his
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this exclusive video only on nbc 6 news showed the minutes before. investigators say mejia was in the suv you see highlighted. the vehicle stopped by the flashing light. that is where the officer was parked, filling out paperwork, according toors ax the -- according to investigators. >> made contact with him visually. backed up. and ambushedhe officer by discharging a firearm. >> reporter: a motive for the alleged attack still unknown. but we found out mejia has plenty of past charged dating back to 2008 related to grand theft, burglary and drugs. police say he is in custody partly because of the actions of the officer who was shot. >> he maintained composure and got on the radio as the suspect began`to flee. >> they traveled him north on west 183.
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several officers on his tail and during the pursuit crashed with a civilian driver. but that didn't stop him from continuing to take off. this time on foot. the cops caught up with him and cuffed him in the 3300 block of northwest 183rd street. now at last check, officials from the hospital, where t t officer was taken, said he is in fair condition. he is expected to recover fully from his injuries. i'm reportrtng live at the miami-dade jail tonight, stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. and new tonight, police are on the opportunity for a dangerou man they want off the streets so he can't strike again. cops say he sexually assaulted and woman and they want to make sure there aren't other victims out there. that attack happened tuesday night at a busway near 283rd and southwest 157th avenue. a 57-year-old woman had just gotten off the bus when the suspect threatened her with a knife and robbed her and assaulted her.
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black man, 5'2" wearing dark clothing and on a mountain bike. if you could help track him down call crimestoppers. police looking for a couple who robbed a fashion store in south west miami-dade. a woman posing as a customer trieie on several different items when she noticed a cash box below the counter. the male counterpart snuck into the are to take the box. the man waited until the clerk went to the back of the store and removed the box from the counter and the couple plet with the -- fled withhe cash and two signed blank checks. two artists will have t pay up to get out of jail before his trial for a deadly hit-and-run. a judge increased the bond for the man to $150,000. he currently lived in spain and won't be able to go home while he waits. the news a big relief for the family of steve luster who died when rodriguez plowed into him back on c cistmas eve near 112th.
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took off andnd tried to paid them off but his lawyer said that is not the cas police are trying to catch two men who they say swiped a woman's purse and didn't waste time going shopping on her dime. these surveillance pictures show a store where the alleged crook used the stolen credit cards to buy gift cards. detectives say the men got their hands on the plastic when they stole a woman's bag from inside of a parked car in miami two weeks ago. the victim said she left her engine running to drop her child off at a day care. when she returned to the car, her things were gown. ififyou recognize these men, call police. new details on a string of armed robberies in north miami. police have arrested michael smallwood. the 20-year-old confessed to hitting up four bises in the an of a four. the robberies happened between december 18th and january 18th in northeast sixth and 125th street.
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allegedly robbed a cvs and 7-eleven. they had clothing connected to the robber@ i and a gun in the investigation. >>and still ahead. a crash hard to see. >> you have to check out this video. a woman grabs a fence for her life as a car barrels intoo her. a elderly couple carjacked but notithout fighting back. tonight what the woman has to say to the men who robbed her. a beautiful night out there. albeit turning windy overnight. temps comfortable for now. into the 60s. they go way down from here and the winds go way up from here.
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and do you have the good welcome back. a hit-and-run accident captururd on camera. and we warn you, it may be difficult to watch. take a look. the victim is seen walking on the sidewalk when a car slammed into him and crashed into a
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jamie guirola is joining us live from the hospital where that victim is recovering. and jame, after seeing the video, he's lucky to be alive. >> reporter: she is. the victim was brought here. but it won't be a long stay. she had very minor injuries. did you see that? it happened so quick, we're going to rewind and show you in slow motion. that transgendered woman walked into the frame on the sidewalk appears to put her hands up as if she sees the spiraling car moving out of control. she turns and grabs the fence for life when the car crash into it, throwing the woman into the air. >> i saw the crash and eveprything. i stopped. because i was -- i panicked a little bit. i was in shock. >> reporter: after the pedestrian flew over the fence, she landed on top of this minivan parked in the lot of this car dealership. she survived after a near death encounter.
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and legs are cut up bad. >> reporter: it happenedear 79th and northwest fourth avenue in little haiti. cedrick watched in disbelief and in amazement how the victim survived. and according to witnesses, the driver fled on three wheels. but he didn't get far. miami police were able to apprehend the driver near the crash scene leaving witnesses relieved he was caught by shaken by the disturbing scene. police still investigging exactly what caused the crash. the suspect will be charged with leaving the scene with bodily injury. and he was brought here to jmh. jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. a former liberty city football coach sidelined after he had inappropriate sexual conduct with a young girl. 39-year-old robert jones made his victim clean in lingerie as he sat on the couch and played with himself.
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that he is cal ated to ininercourse. he was a popular coach. the players said he helped the liberty city warriors win two championships. he's known for some about staying in school and out of trouble. haiti is pososponing the election because there is too much violence in the country. they were due to go to the polls to elect a successor and find a way out of a deep political crisis. but they fear it will be rigged. even t t other candidate in the race is bcotting the vote. angry crowds have gathered in the capital, burning cars and crashing with police and threatening to disrupt voting. no new election date has been set. a grandma carjacked but not going down without a fight. they were back home from grocery shopping when they noticed two men in a car followed them. one man jumped out of the
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carol and asked for her keys. so she pushed the robber but the man knocked her down. they drove off with her handbag and a car full of groceries. >> sometimes these people think that they [an do anything they want and once you sta up to them, maybe they'll go away. >> carol said she got bruised but her spirit was left untouched. okay. so this particular cold front has west winds behind it. that is not the coldest wind for us. the wind across the gulf waters and across florida. so that moderates teams a little bit. the wind will be north and northwest on sunday morning. i think you will notice a big difference. and not too bad. winds haven't picked up but they will overnight tonight. so from here now and we'll show you exactly what it looks like at the surface. and then we'll zoom up and out
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but first i want to show you how much rain we picked up toda and everybody blanketed with decent rain here. marathon, about a third of an inch. that is the low spot. look at ft. lauderdale. over two inches of rainll. miami coming in with about an inch. just about everybody around an inch to two inches of rain. steady rain all day. there is the front. it moved on through. winds west more than north and that is why temperatures will moderate e bit. you know showers, that is the coldir over the warm water. our rain chances will be low. not much more than a sprinkle. so here is the coastal low developing. winter storm warnings all over the place. this isn't souh florida weather but this is a huge story. i want to show you how large this area of winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings are. they are from d.c. through long islandndnd southern connecticut. and parts of cape cod. unbelievable stuff here. we are measuring the snow in feet with these drifts out there.
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coming through. so 58 to start the day. 67 for the afternoon. 45 on sunday morning. 49 monday morning. and quickly warming up with rain chances by wednesday. and by thursday. let's pull details out of saturday. just a couple of clouds out there. again the cold air over the warm waters of the gulf moving over south florida bringing a few clouds our way. but very low rain chances out there. breezy and quite dangerous on the water so you may want to think twice about that. here is your play-by-playay average low of 60. so typical but a windy day, turning much cooler though saturday night into sunday morning. lets pull a few details out of sunday morning. if you are running that marathon, i guess it depends on what you like. here are your sunday morning lows. we could be talking about 50s through the keys. 49 possibly in key largo. look at the s here. through miami-dade. so the start of the race, 45 in miaia. some of the coolest numbers we've seen in about a year. 40s all over the place. and maybe one more morning of %
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so i've lowered the temperatures a little bit. but amazing, we snap back. 45 on sunday morning. a low of 70 by the time we hit wednesday. erika delgado tomorrow morning. >> thank you, adam. packaged salads from the facility in ohio have been recalled bause of a listeria outbreak. the salads were called dole fresh collection simple truth, market side, the little salad bar and president's choice. they have stopped all production at the plant and recalling all salads produced at that plant. up next, changes to the oscars. >> the academy of motion picture
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historic acti after days of controversy over lack of diversity for this year's oscars, the academy announced sweeping reforms to the number of female and minority members. they will dououe the number of women and diverse members by 2020. hollywood says the step is in the right direction but the problem is bigger than the academy. it is the industry as a whole. and now stars are speaking out. like jada pinket smith and spike lee are boycotting the oscars out of a lack of nominees.
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she got declared love f her third marriage. >> hat is is true love right there. how many karats. >> 35 karats. >> on the bad side of things, the miami heat. this play sums up the heat recently. but what wade said about this
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sports. i have a list of injured him meet players. do you have a minute. dragic, bird man, mcroberts, all unavailable. wade, the seventh injured player but he toughed it out with a bum shoulder. lowry, a cool play, showing why he is a fan favorite. out of bounds for the ball. and look, he gets a kiss on the cheek. with the heat's two top point guards out, johnson playing more. he is a great dunker. not so much on that. not one o othe finest moments. kind of embarrassing as he misses. wade doing everything he could. check out the spin move andhthe nice layup. the height trying to -- the heat trying to get within single-digits. they didn't have enough. the shorthanded heat gets their heads headed to them. bosh had 26. de had 22. but they missed their point guard. >> when you see your broths
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through this you want to get out there. but you don't want nobody to go right back out and it is a tough position to be in. i told g., i might miss him more than his wife misses him right now. but don't rush it. >> he'll bebe back eventually. it finally happened, folks. the lebron james -- the cavaliers fired head coach david blat saver a season and -- after a season and a half. he had a 732 win percentage with the team. i highest ofany coach fired mid-season ever. the cavs signed the assistant coach to be his placement. he will start once lebron james will attach the puppet strings. that is not fair. but lebron james is running the team. and the panthers ended the winning streak. they took care of business. snapping a four-game losing streak of their own at the bb&t center. what a good first period.
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to make it 3-0 panthers. then second period, ekblad, back from injury, 4-0. but the play of the game from anson, the tough defenseman. a monster hit. i need to see that again. that angle is even better. and it is a clean hit. the panthers win 4-0. luongo gets his fourth shutout of the season. >> we knew that if we had a good start, we could set a good tempo and dick ate the pace. we scored a few goals but our
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than in tonight's can't-miss clips.. a dodge showing us it that bad. it is a whole lot of fun. >> running and rolling and flipping throh a winter wonderland. the videos compiled from instagram asers who captured pups in outdoor adventures and proof you don't have to dread all of that snow. especially if you are a dog.
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have a good time in the white-out conditions in the
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