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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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today in gainesville and south florida is bracing for the coldest teups we have seen so far this winter. we have live team coverage right now on the cold snap from miami beach all the way to the nation's capital, but first adam berg is in the forecast center tackling those tumblingtemps. adam, it is cold out tonight. >> it is. little bit of a breeze out there too. wind plays a big role with all this. the other ingredients coming together as you look at live first alert doppler behind me no reaction on the radar. 've got clear skies. with that north wind temps are dropping. let's show you what the numbers look like right now. and you can see the wind arrows there. those blue arrows coming from the northwest to the southeast. yesterday when that cold front came through it was a little bit more of a west flow. that's a warmer flow for us becacae the wind is going across the gulf waters. but now those winds are landlocked. we don't have the warm waters to protect us tonight. so yeah, those temperatures are going to be dropping and dropping quickly. here are the numbers as we go
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that's about where we are right now. by the time we get to 6:00 a.m. we're talking 44 degrees. we're going to be flirting with some ofofhe coolest numbers we've seen in about a year. got to go all the way back to last february to find something that resembles this. how about neighborhood by neighborhood, where you live? 50s for key west. we could be talking upper 40s in key largo. 40s in key largo? 45 key biscayne. there's that 44 i just showed new miami. as you get away from the water, a tad bit cooler. 43 degrees, kendall-b the same here in opa-locka. how about broward county? maybe you live in weston. 42 degrees as youou wake up tomorrow. 6:00, 7:00 a.m. 42 coral springs. again just a drop warmer as we get a little bit closer to the costline. so much more coming up. i don't want you to go anywhere. but first i want to go to stephanie bertini who's standing by in miami beach, and i know the folkk are seriously struggling with this cold. over @o you. >> reporter: you know what? i didn't talk to one person tonight who said they aren't
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so many people say that. from the fashion to just a break. they're really having a goooo time out here tonight. i myself am a little cold, doing what i can to keep warm. it's another saturday night on south beach. music and crowds basically much of the same at lincoln world mall except the clothing. fashion statement or not, people are definitely more covered up than usual. >> it's different from miami. usually it's so hot here, and now we have a nice weather that is cold. and it's the best. >> reporter: from those born and raised in south florida -- >> nice to have a little bit of cold weather tonight. >> reporter: to those who come from colder parts of the world but live here now. >> i'm english. but no, the weather for m@ is like summer. in montreal. >> reporter: to tourists like this woman from venezuela. >> i like the cool weather.
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out here tonight is enjoying the change of pace and not changing routine. like this man, playing some songs to make some cash. and the many people who like to eat outside. the weather, although colder than whate're used to, isn't too much for a heater to fix. >> have a great one. >> reporter: the smiles perhaps prove people knowthis weather won't last too long. even though everyone around here seems to be into the colder temperatures, everyone we talked to said south florida is still where they would rather be at this time of year. >> here you can at least enjoy the weather. he instete of struggling with the weather. >> reporter: on a more serious note, with the temperatures expected to keep dipping down, for those who don't have a warm place to sleep tonight this weather is not pleasant at all. in broward county officials there have declared a cold weather emergency this weekend in response the salvation army on broward boulevard opened its doors to people in need.
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accommodations. in miami-dade the fire department sent out some cold weather tips. what they call the four ps. one, protect people, especially children and elderly. remind them to dress in layers to keep warm. two, protect plants. remember to ing potted plants indoors. three, protect pets. bring yo furry friends inside. and four, protect against fires in the home. firefighters say you must inspect heating equipment before using it. according to the national fire protection association, incorrect use of heating equipment is the leading cause of house fires ingeneral. i'm reporting live on south beach tonight. stephaniebertini, nbc 6 news. >> stephanie, thank you. the historic blidsrd slamming the east coast right now is taking a major toll on airlines. take a look. at miami international 132 flights were canceled. another 121 delays. at ft. lauderdale airport 177 flights were scrapped and more
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they are part of nearly 6,300 flights canceled across the u.s. and beyond this weekend. another 1,800lights, get this, are already canceled for tomorrow. and just to give you some perspective here, take a look. here's a look at as you n see, only a few flights in the sky right now in the new york and new england areas. let's take a live look now at the snow-covered times square. a travel ban that's in effect there will end tomorrow morning. but tonight the city that never sleeps, as you can see is now at a standstill. wwl, the nation's capital is also shuhudown and smothered in snow right now. it will be a long dig out for miions of people there. nbc's jennifer johnson has our story fromwashington. >> reporter: the first blizzard of 2016 is making its tay north tonight after burying major east coast cities in as much as three feet of snow. the storm shut down air, rail, and highway travel. in pennsylvania and kentucky thousands of drivers were stranded. >> what are you even doing to
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>> sleeping. eating. and playing games with my sons. >> reporter: washington and new york city were buried. enjoyable for pdas and children who sled down the u.s. capitol lawn. and these snowboarders who couldn't get to a mountain. >> is what we're doing legal today? >> pretty sure it's not legal. >> reporter: the blizzard slammed over 70 million people. hundreds of thousands lost power. and now there's widespread flooding in new jersey and other mid-atlantic states. >> we have shelters open in every county in the state. they are ready to take people and keep them warm and get them fed and all the rest. >> reporter: many airport runways and roads will @emain closed while plows try to move the snow. officials are begging poom to stay home. >> you go out on the road all it takes is one car to get stuck and now that road is not passable and the plows can't plow that road.
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descends into chaos. >> repoer: a chaotic and record-breaking blizzard which many are happy to see go. jennifer johnson, nbc news, % washington. >> and now is the perfect time to download the nbc ne and weather app if you don't have it already. you can access the forecast anytime and track the temps as they plunge tonight. you can also check out live pictures from landmarks across the country including d.c. and new york city in real time. well, now tonew details in the suspects charged with shooting a south florida cop. >> y'all got more blood on y'all than i got blood on my hands. what about my little brother trayvon? >> reporter: the man police say ambushed%a miami gardens police officer makes fiery allegations in the courtroom. the defiant suspect had some pretty harsh words today for the judge while claiming that he is the actual victim. nbc 6 reporter bobby brooks shows us what happened in the courtroom. >> david andres mejia. >> reporter: he's the man
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gardens police officer david starling. today david andres mejia made his first appearance in bond court blaming his situation on police and the judge. his behavior quite erratic. >> i practiced the second amendment. my life was endangered. >> don't talk. >> how about you don't talk you? work for them, ku klux klan member. >> mejia says he's not using an attorney while going through the judicial process >> i'm representing myself, ma'am. >> during the brief hearing on top of calling thehe judge a member of the kkk he accused everyone in e judicial system of worse crimes than the one he's accuse of. >> y'all got more blood on y'all than i got blood on my hands. >> reporter: mejia was given no bond and asked the judge why. >> so why can a terrorist get a bond and i can't get one_ >> reporter: he's staying in lockup during the case. a place he's been before. he's got a laundry list of previous criminal charges. his accused attempted murder of officer starling just the latest. this surveillance video
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the highlighted suv pulling up to officer starling in his police car on northwest 7th avenue yesterday. for a reason unknown, we're told mejia ambushed starling and shot him in the leg, then fled the scene. he was caught in part thanks to the quick actions of starling. >> he maintained his composure. he got on the radio as the subject began to flee. >> reporter: you look at the video, it doesn't appear mejia is in any sort of danger, though that's why he's claiming. >> i was in threats on my life. they were trying to kill me, man. >> reporter: okay. back out here we will surely keep an eye on this case as it plays forward. i can also luckily report that officer starling is now listed in good contion at aventura hospital. for now, bobby brooks, nbc 6 ws. we are learning more about an alleged workplace terror plot here at home. police say a man from kendall pledged allegiance to allah then vowed to dress like comic book
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co-workers at j.b. importers, a bicycle manufactur in southwest miami-dade. enrique dominguez faced a judge on aggravated assault charges this morning. the 20-year-old was ordered to house arrest for now. according to the associated press, an arrest report says the local homeland security bureau was look into threats made b dominguez, expressing an interest in becoming radicalized and openly discussed a plot to kill his supervisor. police say he confessed that he planned to buy a shotgun and open fire after his day of allegiance. coming up next on nbc 6, the scramble to finthree violent inmates whwhdashed from prison. officials detail their elaborate escape plan. plus a former mayor of new
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eyes on the white house. a manhunt is under way right now foror three inmates that escaped from a jail in santa ana, california. last night prison officials discovered hussein ari, jonathan tio and bock dewong were m.i.a. investigators believe they cut through steel bars, made it to the roof of the jail and then rappelled down the wall using bed sheets. all three inmates were in custody for violent charges including murder. there are about 900 inmates housed at this prison. tensions are boiling over in haiti tonight after the country canceled tomorrow's presidential runoff. vew video shows protesters in port-au-prince throwing rocks and burning cars. the violence has spiraled out of control, prompting haiti's leaders to put the election there on hold. government opponents say the elections are marred by massive fraud in favor of president michel martelli's handpicked successor.
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set a new date for the votes. well, a familiar face may soon throw his at into the presidential race. michael bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of new york city, says he is reportedly considering a third-party run for the white house. "the new york times" is reporting bloomberg has told his advisers to draw up plans for a potential independent campaign. the "times" reports he has told friends he would be willing to spend at least $1 billion of his own money his campaign. nbc news reports a source familiar with bloomberg says the mayor is serious about his plans the source says look for blmberg to run if republicans nominate donald trump or senator ted cruz and the democrats nominate senator bernie sanders. >> announcer: now first alert weather with meteorologist adam berg, south florida's most accurate forecast." all right. pretty blustery out there. it's interesting. when we were talking with stephanie, hey, if you are from
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little cool break. t if you're kouming down here for vacation, you want some 80s, u're probably not too pleased. temperatures in the 50s. they're going to be much cooler from here with those north winds and clear skies. freedom tower behind us. we go ahead and look at the surface map and zoom up and out. look at new york city. we're going to get here in just a minute. but it's amazing to see all the snow across times square. we're used to seeing times square with pepele partying on new year's eve. things certainly clearing up a little t. light snow. temperatures in the upper 20s. winds still gusting ih excess of 20 miles per hour. i'm expecting these blizzard warnings to be dropped pretty soon. but a couple feet of snow from new york city to d.c. impressive stuff out there. northwest winds for us. that's going to be a cool wind direction. and as we get up to the northeast, just to give you a final little updataton our nor'easter, here's the actual low.w. and you can see thth snow just to the north of the city as the
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east the snows will cocoinue to weaken. till technically blizzard warnings from d.c. off to new york city but those live pictures tell the story. things are beginning to wind down. but it's the cold front from that sysm that brought a lot of wind to us. it was actually gusting as much here earlier today as across the northeast. 38-mile-per-hour wind gusts at miami international. fort lauderdale gusts to 43. and there were a few reports of 50-plus-mile-per-hour winds. the winds calming down a little bit. 10, 15, occasionally to 20 miles per hour. far cry to where we were earlier today. but with those northwest winds we'll be%cool tonight. 43 degrees in fort lauderdale, 44 in miami. just a couple degrees away from the coolest temperatures in about a year. you have to go all the way back to february 20th in miami to find anything close to this. 42. we'll see if we make a run at some of those numbers here overnight tonight. technically going a couple degrees warmer than how it was about a year ago. all right. seven-day forecast plays out like this.
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and bright sunshine out there and a lot less wind. things are going to be nice. snapping right back to the 70s. you notice 4 not only tonight but again monday mornin then we go tuesday, wednesday, thursday. temperatures ramping back up to the 70s. look at these lows. 44 tonight. then back to almost 70 by the time you hit wednesday. another cold front pushes on through. it looks like thursday into friday knocking us back to the 50s for lows. i don't mind that. 50s for lows, 70s ghs, that's my favorite weather. let's talk about your sunday. hour by hour. northwest winds. we've got the miami marathon. that kicks off aut 6:00 in the morning. temperatures in the 40s for that one. believe it or not, exactly where the marathon runners like it. look at the timeline here. not a single cloud. all the way through 3:00, through 5:00, 6:00, 7:00. all the clouds and light showers. those will be way off toward our east. here's the breakdown. 44 to start. coolest since last february. 63 if we're lucky average high 77. another look tomorrow morning. dan? >> all right, adam.
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chilly one for athletes running the miami marathon. take a look. at least 20,000 runners expected to hit the streets. the course winds through miami, south beach and coconut gve. the race begins early at 6:00 a.m. at the american airlines arena and it ends right there at bayfront park 37 for a complete list of road closures to watch out for head to our nbc 6 news and weather app. i think the weather will feel pretty nice for them out there. >> for them. 40 degrees. i don't have much to do with 40 degrees at that time of the morning. >> good sleeping weaeaer. >> it's been a rough week for south florida sports but the florida panthers are looking to change that, dan. getting back to their winning
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streak against not just th welcome back. so how should a team break a four-game losing streak? how about scoring nine goals in two games to get two wins against the defending stanley
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division rival? that's exactly what the panthers did this weekend, crushing chicago yesterday, hosting tampa tonight. jonathan hubdo with a hard shot. panthers 1-0 lead. the cats smelled blood. minutes later they were relentless attacking the net. 2-0. three minutes after that it was smith who got in on the action and the awn civilitied goal for him. the floodgates were open for the florida offense. when things are goinin your way everything works out. the backhand flip went over everyone and into the net. panthers go on to win 5-2 and their lead in the atlantich division is now five points. >> we know we can beat any team in the league. so it wasn't pressure. it was nice to see all the people that comes out to support
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a really good team. now we've got a laidead in the standings and we've got to keep going. miami hurricanes two-game winning streakn thursday with help from newton who finished with 12 points. the standout sophomore andis team were looking to keep things going today against wake forest. they already had an early lead. thomas cuts the canes' lead to one. here he led wake to 12. murphy grabs an easy steal. feeds it to guess who? jaquan newton. canes up 48-46. but newton wasn't done there. under three minutes left. he sinks the contended dagger, makes it a four-point lead. newton finishes with a game-high 18. final score 77-63. while the canes clie the heat continue to fall. the injury-ridden squad lost its fourth strait last night against the surging toronto raptors team led by shooting
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udrih out. josh richardson couldn't providee the proper support to an aching dwyane wade and the young pair combineddshooting 4 of 14. the heat finally get some rest this weekend. they'll travel to chicago on monday to face the bulls. tomorrow may be the last match-up in a great player rivalry, tom brady and peyton manning. with the age catching up to manning the spotlight ha shifted to the battle between the broncos' top-ranked defense and the pats' high-powered offenen. >> they've got a bunch of all-pros and pro bowlers, a nasty group. good nasty. you know, football nasty. they've got guys that can get after the pass rusher. it's going to be a battle. >> all ight. bowl championship games are tomorrow. the winners go to the super bo. that'll do it for sports. dan, back to you.
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