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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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and all 13 people on boara were saved. >> jamie joins us from the coast guard station at miami beach where the passenges were taken. jamie. >> reporter: all 13 of these people will be checked out and they didn't know this yacht had sank. by the time t tey arrived here the yacht went under water 25 minutes after the last person was rescued. you're looking at a picture of the sinking ship's final momemts before going under. it's uncoverable, 1200 feet deep. it's unclear where it was heading. around 6:30 it got a distress call that the yacht was taking on water. the coast guard dispatched rescue units and able to ve all the people on board. the coast guard says it made good time getting to the action despite challenging weather.
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it's choppy seas, high winds. not the most favorable weather. >> reporter: again, all 13 people arrived here safely. thatat boat is deemed unrecoverable at this me. the coast guard will be investigating. i did speak for somebody of the owner of the boat, he said e boat had mechanical problems. nbc 6 news. >> thanks for that. back behind bars after a prisoner escaped from a miami-dade squad car, stole a van and gave chase he's ban in jail tonight. laura rodriguez is joining us from the miami-dade county jail in northwest miami-dade. >> reporter: she's charged with grand theft, battery, escaping police custody among other charges. according to miami-dade police, they found information received
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this georgia was in south georgia but when he was arrested, things didn't go as planned. wanted out of georgia for a slew of crimes, police say he continued to evade authorities in south florida. this morning he was arrested by northeast miami. in transport to jail, on the expressway at northwest 36 street, he kicked his way out of >> he was able to climb out or exit the vehicle somehow. he then found a white van that appeared to be running. >> reporter: police sasathe suspect was in handcuffs, hands behind his back but managed to steal the van and go on a collision course oe he reached 97th avenue. >> while going norbound on 97th avenue, he attempted to strike a florida highway patrol vehicle, one of the miami-dade
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strike a sweet water vehicle. a pedestrian was also sideswipe sideswiped. he made it to the wall green's parking lot where he was taken into custody again. frightening moments for a % 10-year-old girl having lunch with her grandpa. >> i was really scared. i was i was speechless. i saw this guy go into the white van. >> reporter: he was asked why he ran from police. his answer. sdplpl >> used to run track in high school. >> reporter: he may be wanted out of ohio for a murder charge. he's expected to appear before a judge in bond court. laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. thank you. a live look outside right now where we have been filling the chill -- feeling the chilly weather. john is live inn the first alert weather center with more on that. >> we're alreredy feeling a warm
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our overnightt temperatures will be 15, maybe 20 degrees warmer than they were during the weekend and even into this morning.% some of the temperature readings that we saw, which are the coldest so far this winter season were recorded even this morning. specifically, west kendall, 42 degrees both on sunday morning and today. monday morning, 42. chilly start to the day. homestead with that reading. coral springs and redland at 41 for your morning low. not quite as cold, 50 in miami. temperatures we chilly for the florida keys standards earlier today in the mid-50s. the reasoso for the warm up is our wind directi has changed. high pressure moving offshore. now we have this on shore breeze, but that high will give way to this. the next cold front to affect us. this front expected to arrive by thursday. ahead of it some rain. all the details in a few minutes. back to you.
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new york after it was pummelled with over two feet of snow. crews have been working around the clock to clear the streets be p. the storm is blamed for over 30 deaths. residents in the nation's capitol are digging themselves t. dump trucks hauled loads of snow the the lot next to the stadium just to get it off the roro. schools will remain closed until wednesday. takinge ing flights are taking off. the backlog is causing just as many travel troubles as the original cancellations. at miami there were 31 cancellations cancellations. ft. lauderdale, there's 26 cancellations including ten departures and 16 arrivals. for more on the forecast in your neighborhood you can get up to
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a group of car burglaries neighborhood. several people go from car to car over the weekend in the area of southwest 144th place and 168 terrace in miami dade. you can see them make their wayy up and down the street as they check several vehicles. it's not clear how many cars they burglarize but it appears several owners fell victim. if you can heep call miami-dade crime stoppers. we have new details on a rougher ride for american airlines passengers. it was heading from miami to milan when it entered heavy turbulence. seven people were hurt. some were knocked out. three flight attendants anantwo passengers were taken to the hospital. a couple sai they thought the plane was going to crash in the atlantic. >> the plane dropped. >> rolled on its side and everything went flying and people. it was pretty intense.
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>> i was very thankful. you say your prayers. it was answered. >> we don't flow the full extent of the injuries but american airlines says that none are life threating. a federal agent struck by a hit and run driver in miami ach has died. the crash happened on january 15th as two i.c.e. agents were trying to catch cab. the police arrested to accused driver after she took off from the scene of the crash. police say she hopped the curb and struck the two men. she's charged with leaving the scene of a crash causing bodily harm. she is expected to face additionl charges after death of the agent. she's out of j il on house arrest. well, we are just one week away from the iowa caucuses marking the first electoral test for the democrats and republican candidates.
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candidadas. amanda. >> only seven days left before the iowa caucus. both sides feeling the pressure as they try to get the undecided voters to narrow in on a candidate. tonight, clinton and sanders facing off in a cnn town hall pushing their platforms and making one last attempt to appeal to voters. meanwhile on the republican side, donald trump surging by a points in iowa. ted cruz slipping four. so what's changed? >> i like ted cruz. he's opinionbeen very nice to me. >> trump's tune? >> he brought it up. >> he continues to hammer the texas governor criticizing his eligibility. ted cruz now trying to distance himself from the candidate. >> i'm happy to have a conversation about how donald's and my records differ when it comes to defending life. >> on the democratic side, bern sanders and hillary clinton are neck and neck as
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>> kind of like my head versus my heart. i sai you can have it both. >> each trying to connect to voters. >> it's so hard to do anything to pay your bills. >> millions of people who are experiencing exactly what you guys are experiencing. we don't makak change. >> sanders had supporters conctrated in counties with college towns. to win he needs first time voters show up all over theingly trying to tip the scale. >> she can start here day one. more experienced than any non-vice president who who has ever aspires to this office. multibillionaire and former new york city mayor michael bloom bloomberg is vying a possible run as an independent. a decision he says he will make
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a big win for the university of miami @men's basketball team. >> the hurricanes are victorious over the duke blue devils. sports anchor joinsns us live with more on that. >> you know miami is school known for football for a long time, but this basketball team, here's how far they have come. tonight, they beat the defending champion duke blue devils and it wasn't a surprise. look who is at the game. a-rod in the house. throwing up the u. he loves miami. a sell out crowd tonight. thth student section jumping. they retreated to a grere performance by miami. they led the entire second half and won the game 80-69. sreat atmosphere and, in fact, we found a student dressed as a penguin. he said he waited three hours to get in for the best seat. he's been coming t these games for a long time. he knows and he's seen miami
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>> were you one of the first ones on board? >> of course, i was. sf you >> you were kind of lonely atd first. >> here i am watching my favorite sport. i want to thank our students who were here in large, large numbers. i'm inviting them back for our next home game. thth make a huge difference in the atmosphere in the arena. sdplm they >> they really were great. miami's good. how good? wait until you hear what the coach said about this basketball team. a big night for the miami heat. i'll have that live. adam kuperstein, back to you. >> such an exciting time for the basketball program. up next, police want to get an armed and dangerous man off the streets of south florida. >> two store clerks had the scare of their lives as a robber put a gun in their faces inside this west park store. detectives need your help to
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them. a bus monitor fired. wha cameras captured her doing to a special needs student that
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the owners welcome back. tonight the broward county sheriff's office is looking for man who terrorized two women while pullingff an armed robbery. >> reporter: deputies really want to get this guy off the street because they said what he did was so brazen. it was over the holidays. it's been a month now since he committed this crime. it was about this time, a few minutes before 11:00 inside this store. it's dark now and it was dark inside there then. two employees in the back doing inventoryryhen this man put a gun in their faces and kept it pointed at them until he got what he wanted.
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employees finishing up the night shift at this store in west park december 23rd. entrance video shows a large man, barge in through the back office door, point his gun at floor. the man walked into the store around 9:30 and then hid until he was alonene with them. >> he kind of just stayed around inside the store all that time. he hid inside. >> reporr: the lights in the store automatically shut off at 11:00. the two employees were counting money when he threatened their lives. detectives say the women begged for mercy as the man demanded money from the safe. >> according to the report, she just kept asking him and saying she wanted to go home to her child. >> reporter: if you look closely you can see up with of the victim's legs shaking. investigators say the other was able to calmly open the safe and put money into a bag. >> he reached into the store, grabbed a gift bag, loaded everything into the gift bag and took off.
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women to count to 100 and then walked out of store. he is described as a large man. 6 feet tall, about 230 pounds with long dread locks. he had a red bandana to cover his face during the crime. when the man arrived he was in a red infinity suv. when he left he just ran away. if you have any information on where he is, call crimestoppers here. reporting live in westpark, mariss marissa bagg. the demolition didn't end monday w@thout one last surprise. construction crews found a safe as they tore down the last wall. this is the second safe found in the notorious manage. a handyman discovered a ten-inch round safe that was hidden under the staircase.
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belong to him because there was another homeowner after him. a maive man hunt expands for a dangerous trio who escaped a maximum security jail in californ. they were housed in large cell that houses about 60 inmates. the men use tools to cut through a stealel screen in thee cell. they are accused of try vent charges. investigators suspect a fight in the dorm around 8:00 p.m. friday was staged to give them more time to get away. >> these three are extremely dangerous felons and need to be brought back into custody immediately. >> the reward stands at 50 thu$50,000. today a settlement was reached between the college and a former student who said she was victimized by a star athlete. that's the athlete. he's nown the nfl.
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since he was accused of sexually assaulting erica. getting paid. she's awarded $250,000 from the university while her attorneys gg 700,000. in turn, fsu says thaha kinsman has agreed to drop her lawsuit that accuses the school of failing to respond properly. florida state president e explained, he said although we regret we will never be able to tell our full story in court, it is apparent that a trail many months from now would have left fsu fighting over the past rather than looking toward its very bright future, end quote. fsu is making a five-year commitment to sexuhl assault awareness and prevent. winston has maintained the allegations are false. prosecutors dropped the case claiming there wasn't enough evidence. two public school employees in iowa are kicked off a school
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abuse involving a special needs child. surrillance video shows a bus monitor use her body to press the child into the side of the bus. this happened in november. the motor said she did it to protect the child from himself and other students. monitors have a special seat belt they can use in case a student needs to be restrained. school officials say she didn't use it. they fired her and the bus driver who didn't intervene. it's dry right now aoss south florida on our live doppler. it will probably be dry all day tomorrow. tomorrow night a couple of@ showers. by the time we get to wednesday there should be widespread rain and maybe thunderstorms too. let's lookkat current temperatures in south florida because it is a mild night. 71 still in ft. lauderdale as ll as pompano beach. the florida keys are hovering
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right now our current mperatures are anywhere from 18 to 22 degrees warmer than they were last night at this hour. even 15 degrees warmer than they were in the florida keys. this warming trend is very definitely here and will remain with us and continue until the next front arrives. that should be here by thursday. ahead of the front, rain. it will become cooler at the next front but not qite as cold as it was during this last ekend. high pressure, again, offshore of the carolinas. this next front starts to approach by thursday. ahead of it, well ahead of it, we'll start to see rain. the system is expected to pick upteam as it approaches us on wednesday and some thunderstorms uld be strong. we'll keep you posted on those prospects throughout the day tomorrow as we learn more and things start to come together on the weather pattern for south florida. you can see it's pretty cloudy across a good portion of our
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floridadakeys. it's mainly cloudy there. a few breaks in the clouds across metro south florida. the air and the mid and upp levels is mainly dry. the driest of the air is in the southern bahamas. for florida the air is just not mst enough for it to produce any rain just yesterday. things could change within 48 hours. tomorrow, we'll take a look at the future tracker here and show you what to expect. i think we'll see clouds and some sun. i think for the most part rain will avoid us despite a couple of sprinkles you saw on the future tracker for early noontime looks to be mostly cloudy. the on shore wind flow will bring a risk of rip currents to the area. we end the day with partly the mostly cloudy skies. in the morning, 64 degrees. it will be plieldmild in the afternoon. mostly cloudy to end the day. temperatures near 78 wednesday and thursday, give or take a degree. understorms are likely wednesday. lingering rain thursday.
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and sunday. temperatures do cool down. highs will be in the low 70s. temperatures at night in the mid mid-50s. it started as a typical half
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here's great news. o live garden's salad and bread sticks can be delivered to your door. the service is available for minimum orders of $125 with a 15% delivery fee. each order with come with graded cheese, table napkins and those delicious olive garden signature mints. >> sounds very nice. if you think your dog needs motivation, try signs it up for a marathon. a hounds dog made her way to the starting line up this month after escaping the backyard. at one point the two and a half-year-old was running neck and neck with the leaders but got distracted and fell into fourth place. not only did the dog finish the 13.1 mile maraon, she came in seventh place. they even gave her a medal. the owner said the dog is really
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>> girl power, right. >> she was trying to prove a point that she can do anything. >> by the way, coral gables with the university of miami beating duke. let's checkck in on the latest on that. >> i can't wait for you guys to hear what duke's coach said about miami beat them up on this court tonight. itit great stuff.
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wade saves th day a funny moment where they are chanting overrated. miami is rated higher than duke now. tonight they were on a roll in the second half. the 15th rankeded hurricane playing great team ball. angel rodriguez, 11 assists. a career high. it's rodriguez setting up. he had 21 points. miami up by niep. the canes always had an ansnser for everything they brought at them. miami wins 80-69. they got coach k from duke's attention. >> they're one of our best teams. that was the most physical game we've been involved in.
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they're teteific. >> you have a good basketball team. they wanton really tough game today. they can play with anybody. >> switching to the heat now. in chicago under man because of the injuries and they were down nine points in the fourth quarter. they came all the way back. let's check it out. game typeimed at 84. the heat up two. 25 seconds to go. you got to go to your other star. it's dwyane wade. that's some hero ball gone good. miami up 88-84. now you need a stop and it's chris bosh stealing it. that's your ball game. heat win, 89-84. that's a pretty massive regular season win. this is great. bosh asked after the game how
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up after getting knocked down. that says it all. great news for the future of the florida panthers. 20-year-old star center alex barkov will be here a while.
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