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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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a cuddly creature gives an elderly woman the scare of her life. we are following two big breaking news stories. one, a police involved accident. the other a shooting in coconut drove where two women are the victims`of gun violence. >> we have live team coverage on both of these breaking news stories. let's begin with the shooting in coconut grove. jamie is live on the scce with what's happening there. what can you tell us about it? >> reporter: we got here an hour ago. i g done speaking with the commander. behind me police still out here trying to collect evidence. this happened in the heart of@ the grove near douglas road after 9:30. a woman sitting in her car and another woman walking on the sidewalk where suddenly shot. the witnesses camemeutside when they heard the gunfire and saw the victims wounded. they tried to help while waiting for the ambulance.
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out of a dark colored car. >> they were both this pain. i'm still shaking from the situation. >> one was an elderly woman. she don't need to be getting shot up like that. >> right, right. >> reporter: again, two women shot. one w w in her 20s. the other is 67 years old. they are in the hospital in serious but stable condition. police confirmed they are looking for a dark colored vehicle. that's all they have to go on. they are asking for the public's help. call crime stoppers. >> reporter: we just got confirmation the driver was just arrested for a dui. i'll step out of the way so you
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these are three out of six cars involved in the crash. one a miami-dade police cruisers. the officer driving the car was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. take a listen to what happened. cars litter the street where crash investigators say one driver lost control leaving trail of damage behind. >> i veered to the left so i wouldn't hit the car in front of me and the light turned green. i couldn't stop. the brakes wouldn't work. the car hit me. >> reporter: david says he was headed home to west palm beach after dropping his friend off at the airport when at 32nd avenue he couldn't stop his car. it ended up on its side. >> i was scared. i jumped out of car. >> the car that caused the accident was heading eastbound.
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he swerved on the oncoming lane. it sideswiped and clipped two other vehicles. >> reporter: one of those two cars was a miami-dade police cruiser. the officer inside went to the hospital along with one other driver. both had minor injuries. in all, six cars were involved. seven people total. most others mained on the scene shaken up. southwest eight street and 32nd avenue will remain closed until detectives wrap up the investigation. the otherr person taken to the hospital was just a precaution. just amazing to think there were six cars involved, seven people and nobody seriously hurt. this investigationonill continue into the morning hours. we just got this video into the nbc 6 news room. two cars burst into flames along i-95. look at this. this video was shot by miami police. it sws the fiery scene.
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right time and able to assist miami-dade fire crews. the cars were parked in the emergency lane when one caught fire and the other caught re. no word on any iinjuries. we're following morei breaking news surrounding donald trump. he says he will not participate in thursday night's debate hosted by fox news. this is what he sd before the campaign manager made it official. >> i'm going to be making a decision with fox. i probably won't bother doing the debate. i see they picked me a a number one, but probably i won't be doing the debate. i'm going to h he something else in iowa. >> trump's campaign manager confirmed he's out of debate and t's not under negotiation. trump said he is considering holding a separate event that would raise money for wounded warriors and veterans. bernie sanders will take part of tomorrow off to meet with president obama in the oval office. hillary clinton remains
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party but according to an nbc news survey monkey poll young voters support sanders over clinton. back to the republican side, trump's absence would leave the main debate stage without the candidate who leads in national polls. two brothers leading anti-government protesters occupy the federal wildlife refuge have been arrested in a deadlyconfrontation with authorities. it turned into a shoot out with the occupiers. they were taken into custody along with four others. one person died. the brothers along with others occupied that national refuge since the beginning of the year over public lands in the west. police are looking for a botox bandit. surveillance video shows man
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miami plastic surgery center early this morning. police say he loaded garbage can with $20,000 worth of botox as well as syringes. a doctor said it's highly sought after on the plaque market. if you recognize this guy call miami-dade crime stoppers. now for a story you'll see only on 6. a suspicious person sets off a security scare at a south florida day care. a janitor encounter an unknown person. surveillance video shows the unidentified man slip out the back. they put the day care on lock down and swept the building. they didn't find anything dangerous. it's not clear how the man got into the building. it's possible he entered during last night's services. no one was injured. miami police are searching for four men caught on home surveillance ram sacking an apartment. t burglary was reported
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her family were out of town. they smashed a kitchen window and stole several pieces of jewelry valued at more than $1,000. the u.s. coast guard is evaluating what caused a vessel to sink offshore. it began taking on water because it ran aground. time lapse video shows the final moment the yacht would sink. all 13 peopleere rescued. >> we were able to get on the scene and make sure they were safe. >> the yacht is unrecoverable. the_ u.s. government has announced a new round of regulations in an effort to restore relations with cub nbc of laura rodriguez is joining us in satellite control with how the changing with impact trade and travel. >> officials say the regulations are designed to extend travel,
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the new rules will take effect tomorrow. new relationship, new round of regulations but to a certain extent. the united states embargo against cuba remains in effect. onl congress can lift it. >> i think the administration has now ext]nded to use of presidential authority to pretty much its limits. >> the department of treasury and commerce announced they will remove restrictions on american financing of exportso cuba. american companies will be able to sell non-agriculture goods to cuban state run enterprises and use credit to do so. united states nks can provide direct finances. >> we have a sanctio policy to prevent that government from getting richer and from obtaining the resources it seeks to undermine american interests all over the world. >> the recent changes relaxed travel restriction. americans traveling to chi baa
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professional conferences or authorized to go to cuba. according to some cubans the easing of travel restrictions has helped one small industry boom. many cuban americans with family there return to take photos or celebrate with large parties. >> we get a lot that will buy the dress from us and take pictures in miami and their faly is in cuba. they will fly to cuba to celebrate with them. >> reporter: traveling to cuba as a tourist without qualifying under any of the categories is still against the law. >> over 50,000 cubans have fled the island since the obama administration announced this new policy. >> reporter: important to note exports and any business or travel will be to be approved by the cuban state run ministry. he urges the cuban government to
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to start businesses and engage in trade. the fight to stop the spread of the zika virus is growing tonight. the dominican republic and u.s. virgin islandss was added to the list of places pregnant women should avoid. american and united a rlines announced they will offer refunds or postponemt to customers concerned about traveling to the @vierus hit area. rain is on the way. you can see it behind me. it's likely to be strong and someme strong thunderstorms may also occur. the forecast comes up next. imagine waking up to an animal like this. that's what to an elderly woman in miami. details coming up. a romantic rendezvous turned
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how . now a story that's been trending for most of the evening and shared more than 350 times. imagine waking up with this creature snuggling up to you. it happened to an elderly woman in miami. nbc 6 stthanie is joining us live from miami with o o of those only in florida stories. >> reporter: hi. the woman lives in this home jusoff 17th here in miami. she did not wa to talk us on camera but her son-in-law did. imagine waking up to this sleeping your chest. that's exactly what happened to an elderly woman in this miami home. >> i was awaken by a phone call at 2:00 in the morning, which is never good news. it was from my terrified mother-in-law. >> reporter: he says he rushed over to see what was the matter and found the animal that
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>> cross dween a monkey and a cat. >> reporter: it's a rain forest mammal native to central america and south america. aside from his mother-in-law, the only other person inside the house was her live in care giver. they used food to lure the animal who was in the attic by then, out. >> he returned the next day. >> reporter: the family says youtube held them get the animal out of the attic once and for all. they pulled up video of it vocalizing. they put it in cage and brought it to this man. >> i know. i know. >> reporter: the vet specializes in exotic animals. he says he knew this animal who he later found out is named banana belonged to someone. >> no undomesticated, i use that word loosely, wild animal like this would curl up on a woman's chest to sleep. >> reporter: the owner's tracked banana down. they are picking her up tomorrow.
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might be the reason that elderly woman is okay. >> long story, she could have lost a limb. >> reporter: the woman's family has a message to the owner. >> give it the proper care and put her in hands of the experts it's not intended to be a pet to be kept in a home. >> reporter: i've been reporting for a while and i can tell you this kind of story is definitely talker and maybe that's why we're seeing it trending online. if you'd like to watch it again or maybe show it to somebody, you can use our nbc 6 news and weather app. just another notice, we still don't know who the owners of the animal are or why the animal got away. that's information theet couldn't tell us. if banana's owners are watching, i'd love to talk to you. reporting live in miami, nbc 6 news. >> just an amazing story. thank you for that live report. an update tonight on three
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from a california jail. officials have increased the reward money by 150,000 there are bringing the total to 200,000. they cut through steel bars, we to the roof of the jail and then repelled down the wall using sheets. the men had a nearly 16 hour start before authorities realized they were missing. detectives are looking into whether other inmates had a hand. they were serving time for violent crimes, including murder. the texas teenager will return to the united states in the coming days. ethan couch has dropped the deportation appeal in mexico. the 18-year-old left the u.s. in december after he violated his probation for killing four people in a dui crash back in 2013. couch avoided prison when his attorneys argued his privileged lifestyle prevented him from knowing right from wrong.
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online dating is more popular than ever but it turned into a nightmare for man. he came close to dying on a date he found. he picked a mutual meeting place but when he got there his date and two other men attacked him. they ordered him to lie face down on the ground and put a gun to his head. they took his wallet, cell phone andnd car. >> my son could be dead for something asetty as a car. >> his mother is afraid the attdckers will continue terrorizing people. a couple of men decide to go jedi on the streets of texas. take a look here. the road rage prompted two men to get out of that are cars and start inging. one with a baseball bat. the other on what appears to be a large pole here. it's not clear if either one was seriously hurt. it appears they both got in good
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police are trying to identify the menso they can track them down. police inngland say the cameras captured one man's unbelievable encounter with a speeding car. be 4553-year-old mm was clipped by the car and flipped off h h feet and catapulted several feet. he was taken to the hospital with headinjuries but is now recovering at home. the hit and run driver has still not been found. first alert weather. >> our winter weather pattern continues here. we have another area of low pressure heading totords florida with a front that will arrive on thursday. you can see it's rather business in naples fort meyers. thth rain is headed towards our area probably by your morng commute.
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we'll e. this is our in house computer forecast model for rainfall. we're talking generally two to four inches. we had one computer forecast model run earlier that was showing five inches and above. it's backed off just a little bit. generally speaking the heaviest rain would be for broward, perhaps nothing not quite as heavy for miami dade and the florida keys. broward you're the target for the h%aviest rains where more than likely you'll see two inches up to four inches of accumulation between wednesday and thursday. strong cold front again on the way tomorrow and thursday and cooler air will follow for this upcoming weekend. our temperatures tonight continue to warm up. they are about five degrees warmer than last night at this hour. you can see on the weather map we have the front and low pressure area off to/our west. the front or low leaving new orleans. it's accompanied by an upper
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that tends to add energy and here the the front that will trail behind it and reach us by thursday. here's a look at the weather radar and satellili composite. already spreading into a good portion of the west coast of the florida peninsula, anywhere from naples through tampa. the risk of severe weather overnight and into tomorrow morning focuses /n this west coast of the florida peninsula again. not so much for miami-dade broward county or the florida keys. there's the possibility that by tomorrow afternoon we'll see another round of thunderstorms here in south eastern florida.a. that might bring a little bit stronger thunderstorm activity. we will keep you posted should we see any risk this will become a threat in terms of tornaes, in terms of severe thunderstorms. weill activate a firstr alert weather day on nbc 6 and bring you the latest with frequent bulletins on air.
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thunderstorms for wednesday and thursday and it will quickly clear out for friday, saturday and sunday with cooler temperatures. highs that will be in the 70s and lows mostly in the 50s. let's look at tomorrow you'll see how widespread this rain is on the future tracker shong just rain all over south florida. the heaviest probably off to the north. temperature tomorrow near 79 degrees for your daytime high. again, these thunderstorms can occur at any time of the day. back to you. thank you. ahead, we bid farewell to one of the great character actors in hollywood. after years of false reports of his death, this time it's true.
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anxiety along the pac welcome back. sad news to report tonight. abe vigoda who starred as the godfather has died. h elderly actor died i i his sleep while under hospice care. his most famous role on television was as detective phil fish on the '80s sitcom barney miller. nick carter could be in more trouble than he bargained for. he's being sued by an employee he alleged attacked and choked. skyler claimed after he attempted to escort carter out
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disrespectly, the unruly pop star got aggressive. take a look at this right here. el nino srms have left neighbors along the california coastline living on the edge, literally. video gives the unique look at how dangerous thei situation has become. storms have caused a sink hole, a dangered seawall and trail of destruction. significant storm damage led the city manager to declare a local state of emergency. >> frightening. >> it is. what's going on with d. wade? >> what's gotten into him? >> not just him playing so well offensively. defense on point tonight. look at that kind of play.
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as this dunk plap. we have seen a different dwyane wade the last two games. back to back games on the road. chicago last night. brooklyn tonight. the dude can jump. let's go to the fourth quarter. 90 seconds left. d. wade with the basket and foul. miami up by four..
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taking thiout of their shoes. one, two and then hits the jumper. had 27 points. they still have chance. final seconds down by three. wayne ellington takes the shot. 102-98. he's been helping this team. we have to o ke sure we encourage guys just to play with confidence. i want to say billy, jack, dad by loves you. i'll be home soon. they're going to love that ne. >> yeah, they're definitely going to love that one. to quote the great poet, ice cube, today was a good day. the florida panthers not only locked up their phenom to a six
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there he is on the power place. take a look. his 13thoal of the season. four minutes later, anher power play. a perfect pass. 2-1 panthers take the lead. there's more the still in the second period after a steal. they would add two more and win it 5-1. that's three straight victories. it was a five-point lead with a week off before the all star break. >> we've been reallll good for the last couple of months. maybe a bit longer. now we can recharge the battery and get back with a little rest and come back to work on tuesday. i think it will be good for the guys to get away and do what you're going to do and come back focused. >> this unexplained tradition continues. he scored his first careergoal. the panthers mvp has to wear the hoodie. they are now selling these things.
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they already sold out.
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there it is right there.
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