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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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strong sttms moving through the area with another tornado touching down. >> our live team coverage. we begin with john morales. is this nasty pattern finally over. >> it is, at least for the time being. we are in this el nino winter weather pattern. when we get another squall line that might be late next week. we'll have to deal with more strong thunderstorms then. for now, we're going to catch a break. all the bad weather is moving away. you can see it moving away from the coastline on live doppler alert radar. even the patchy rain left in the upper florida keys is about to depart too.
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u mentioned the tornado. when was the last time that happened? the year 2000. very rare to have tornadoes touching down in south florida two days in a row. it happened yeeerday and today. the rainfallaccumulations include record rainfall for miami today. 1.84 inches for this date. that's the highest amount on our records which date back to 1895. two and two-thirds of rain. notice how it was dade that saw the heaviest of the rain today. it was pretty robust. yesterday broward seen about three plus inches of rain accumulating in that area. notice the satellite radar combination here. the rain abouto depart florida. behind it clear skies headed our way. we'll see sunshine tomorrow and cooler temperatures. just how cold, i'll let you know
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>> our live team coverage moves to del ray beachn this video shows the middle of a chuh courtyard right as the tornado hit. >> reporter: i want to show you this. it has the huge pile of debris. that's because they came down several power l les here. the power lines still hanging. this is the train mother nature blew over like a twig. we're getting our first look at
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backyard of a home off of west atlantic avenue. the woman was out for walk when a tornado barrelled thugh. >> was never in a tornado before. i'm glad we weren't home. >> reporter: he was home and admitted he was scared. >> hed a roaring sound. i jumped up and looked out the window and saw heavy rain. then it was like darkness. next thing i know i saw the tree snap. >> reporter: across the street this delivery man barely made it inside before 65 to 85 miles an n hour winds blasted by. >> i opened the door to let bryan in and the two of us almost got sucked out. the water was horizontal here.
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from that wall to that wall. >> reporter: everyone was safely inside. it was a frighten moment they won't forget. youutility crews say they will be working overtime. >> all right. gusty windm were not the only concern today. heavy rains caused dangerous flooding in parts of south florida. nbc 6 reporter picks up our live team coverage with more. jamie, you see some pretty nasty flooding in that area. >> reporter: nasty and persistent. the road is still flooded from 6:00 this evening when we first showed it to you. a lotof people coming up to us thanking us for highlighting the problems on this street.
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concerns to the city and nothing has been done. every drop of rin makes residents soak in frustration. >> they have never flooded before. clearly something is not beinin done. >> reporter: forced to walk barefoot. >> i took off my shoes. it's like impossible to go through. even to go back home. like right now, i want to go to the corner store. i have to go all the way around. this is insane. >> reporter: at 8:50, accordingng to the nbc 6 news radar, the rain is about to start falling in five minutes. we wanted to measu how much rain would cause flooding. we're in the middle part of the street and we're looking about one inch. rain is not coming down that hard. in le than ten minutes the water has already risen a little more than an inch half covering
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>> it's not only inconvenient, it's worrisome this is what's hap happening with the city. >> reporter: they say the problem is drainage or the lack of it. >> every time i i pour, even if it's only for an hour or two. i'm not sure what's going on. after one hour of rain, it's always a flood. >> reporter: miami beach is no stranger. between 17th and 18th, pretty flooded there. pedestrian and drivers trying to get around. that water recede much more quickly than out here. >> now to that breaking news out of homestead where detectives
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caused man to open fire inside a neighborhood clubhouse.e. stephanie is joining us live. it's still a very active scene there, right? >> reporter: investigators are we were able to drive down there and get video of what investigators re focused on. one man is seriously injured taken to the trauma center where he's now in critical but stable condition. a will the of people who live around here e scribe this home homestead community as quiet. here is what police are telling
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investigation. take a listen. >> perhaps there was an argument or dispute. he shot the female inside the clubhouse and shot the second victim transported. then appears to have shot himself. >> reporter: that's where this investigation is happening tonight. there's greated communities all around here. a lot of people wondererng what's going on. the comes have been out here since 8:10.
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a third man is in critical condition. he will be a key witness if he does recover in terms of what happened here. they will be wanting to talk to him as they work to piece together what led up to the triple shooting tonight. donald trump was a no show in tonight's debate. >> there were seven candidates arguing their position in the debate on the fox news channel. while donaldrump refused to take part saying fox news is not fair to him, his name turned out to be the first topic of discussion. >> i'm a maniac, and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly.
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now that we've gotten to donald trump portion out of way. >> it's not about donald trump. >> he's an entertaining guy. it's the great show on earth. >> i kind of miss him. he w!s a little teddy bear know. we always had such a loving relationship. >> you see something suspicious and you call law enforcement. that can be done without proroling people. that's just common sense. >> you cannot destroy isis with a military that's been diminishee when i'm president, we're rebuilding the u.s. military. the world is safer and better place. >> you're not going to hear a
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>> reporter: immigration reform stirred candidates. >> reporter: jeb bush criticized marco rubio for abandoning his plan for path way to legalization. >> you shouldn't cut and run. that's exactly what happened. he cut and run. that's tragedy. >> reporter: donald trump rallied supporters a few miles away. >> you have to stick up for your rights. when you're treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. >> reporter: more than just winning over voters. trump and all the debaters tonight were trying to motivate iowa iowa iowans to turn out and caucus on monday night. >> thanks for that.
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ce. he would be the oldest person elected president. he could then be in very good health. he leads by a commanding 19 points in new hampshire according to a new poll. the rain is moving away and colder temperatures are on the way. i'll let you know how cold it will get and whahato expect. fighting back. what happened after an owner fought back. the feds arrest dozens of suspects accused of violent crimes, drug and gun offenses.
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rescue crews sped through the water to save an elderly man. take a look at these photos captured after firefighters brought the 90-year-old back to shore. they think the man paddled out on his boat, dropped something? the water and jumped in to get it. he was reunited with his son. also new tonight, a discovery on the miami river. there was a body discovered near northwest north river drive. the u.s. coast guard is asiding. no word is foul play is involved and no word on any idenenty tonight. police began their investigation with just a few suspects.
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it's the result of the violence duction program that target specific communities with high crime. investigators say that the arrests are proof that the streets will be a littl safer. >> you haveo try hard at being a criminal to reach that level. >> officials say they have linked some of the drugs, including heroin to mexico. you may want to find another way to get to school or work tomorrow. passengers should expect delays for their commute and urging travelers to seem alternate transportation. the cause is under investigation. stay tuned at 4:30 a.m. for your
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a new cop top has taken the rains. he announced that 25-year-old veteran perez will begin work as director and replace the retiring jd patterson. he will lead one of the biggest police forces with support from police union. he says that perez has earned respect from his colleagues. gutsy clerk is talking about a dangerous encounter. >> it's a scare. >> police say the suspect asked for cigarettes and demanded cash. take a look. the clerk grabs the tire iron to defend himself d his store.
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him off the streets. it will be the end of our first alert weather day right at the end of this newscast. it'seen busy. we had another tornado. we just outside of our viewing area and very, very weak. thankful for that. only 645 to 85 miles an hour winds have been affected of palm beach county. right now downtown m ami not looking bad at all. our royal caribbean cam. let's take a look at what's going on with the rain now departing. only a few patches of rain left in tuper key erthe upper key. we're expecting clearing skies with our cooler, northerly breeze starting to reach south florida. heavy rain, severe weather threat. completely over the flood watch in effect. clearing, cooler by friday morning. how much cooler? let's take a look at some of those temperatures as they decrease tonight. what will happen is we will end
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maybe upper 50s in many spots. tonight will not be the coldest night of this particular cold front. still 70 at key west. your surface map showing the front. now entering central florida. low pressure as departed the state moving towards the northeet. this air will be dry. our humidities will be dropping
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it's expected to be inly sunny day, dry. no precipitation. the winds will remain out of northwest throughout the entire day. look for seasonal temperatures close to 59. struggling to reach 70 in the afternoon despite the sunshine. a cool day all around for tomorrow here in south florida with very low humidity. i mentioned the coldest night would be friday night and sa[urday morning. 52 degrees for the low. that's how we start saturday@ with afternoon high of 74. lots of sun. sunday, a few more clouds. 79 for the high. more humid to start off next week. it will be a warm week for the most partuntil the cold front arrives on thursday. some changes coming to the barbie doll. they unveil new dolls with curvy, tall and petite body types. grandpa fell on the ice.
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hero after he saved his own welcome back. a young iowa boy is being hailed a hero after his grandfather slip and fell on the ice. he had just finisheded day on ice or ice fishing with his grandfatherin waterloo. as the pair made their way back to shore the grandfatherer slipped on the ice and knocked out. little michael ran for help and
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fifihermen nearby who called 911. >> i don't know how long i would have been able to -- i don't know if i'd be here. i don't know if he'd be here. >> he's a hero indeed. >> they say they could go ice fishing again but with extra caution. kids and imagination come in all shapes and sizes and so do barbi mattel is making the doll in three new shapes,tall, petite and curvy. they have been bringing her in line with realistic body types and reflect the diverse group of kids who may with her. it's unknown when they will be available in stores. barbie's not the only one making big news.
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figure that uses a wheelchair. it's set to g on sale this summer. they began lobbying lego to build them with disabilities intnt their set. what a great idea. >> i love it. a really big night.
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win. today we found out who will be joining d. wade in toronto. you guessed it. bosh, this will be his 11th career appearance. announcement comes nearly 11 months afterbush was diagnosed with b ood clots. a condition that many thought would efd his career. this also marks the sixth con consecutive season that wade and bosh has been selected as teammates.
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received a special honor. pat riley was awarded the joe dimaggio american icon award. >> i happen to be a a ach who coached a lot of icons. i'd be someonon on the screen computer that you can hit. not screaming and yelling all the time. >> big congrats to the grandfather there. last night nhl was not the best of nights for their referee including scary hit in calgary. take a look at the defensive end decide for some reason to cross check linesman don henderson viciously into the boards. it happens right between the teams inches.
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shocked at the hit there. . shoot free throws. check this out here. at arizona state they have the curtain of distraction. tonight against oklahoma state, fell 18 time olympic gold medallist made an experience behind the curtain. there he is. his little speedos and all.
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see if it helps all right. after a nation wide search, the trix rabbit is replaced with a real bunny. cinnabon will appear on the box. >> the rabbit beat out 75 others.
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celebrate the removal of all
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