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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 30, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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stephanie. >> reporter: a sasa night for those who say they knew the victim. candles mark the spot where he was shot. many people who came here tonight are asking the question why. those who loved 33-year-old jackson solis are mourning tonight. >> he was aery loving person, very kind. he was always there. >> reporter: family and friends came together to honor his life. praying for justice. many of them are asking why. >> it was over something very stupid. >> reporter: police say he was shot just after 2:00 this morning. eyewitnesss they say watched it happened. >> w w seen the other guy like honking at him and next thng we know the guy gets out the car and it wasn't right what happened. it looked like it was over parking space. >> reppter: police say he was shot in the upper part of his body. witnesses say his other was with him. his brother was emotion
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victim's son. the family asked us not show the boy's face. because of gfire, he will grow up without a father. those who loved solis continue to mourn, investigators are working the case. they haven't released many details on the suspect. police are looking for an older model pickup uck. they believe they are looking for a ford. they say dark in color. anybody with any information on the shooting asked to call crime stoppers. the number is on your screen tonight. the search for another shooter entering day two. this after a teen was gunned down on broad daylight. eddie harris was murdered
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neighborhood 26th enue. the shooting sent several schools into lockdown. witnesses claim they saw a dark colored car leave the scene. police have yet to say who they are looking for. if you think you can help out, a good tip could earn you up to a $3,000 reward. police identifying the victim as davvn hall. no word yet on how he was killed or any possible suspects or a moteive motive. police are searching for the armed thief who robbed a 13-year-old boy right in front of school. you caca see a man in a white hoodie following them and running up to the group of teens. he flashes a gun and rips off the gold necklace and bracelet. no one was h ht but police are hoping you recognize the suspect
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jacksonville tonight. police say a 22-month-old boy was shot multiple times in a drive buyy shooting. he was killed. he was shot in the shoulder and stomach. the intended target was inside a nearby house that was also sprayed by bullets. >> multiple times. a 22-month-old baby boy shot multiple times. >> police believe the shooting is gang related and looking for a white vehicle seen leaving the crime scene. another tragedy. this hitting family in jersey city. a toddler fell from an open window and died. police haven't said much about the fall. they are looking into how it may happened. the child was no older than three. one person dead, six others hurt after a shooting and
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three of the victims in critical condition. the other three stable at this hour. the incident happened this afternoon at the national western complex. no arrests have been mad police aren't sure if this is gang related. turning to decision 2016. presidential candidates are out in full force this weekend. they are hoping one last push will get caucus voters out to vote on monday night. >> reporter: with two days to go donald trump came back. >> if we win in iowa, everyone's talking about it. we can run the table for the very first ever. >> reporter: he means win the contest. >> on february 1st, you have to get out and caucus. >> reporter: even in the
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>> if your wife leaves you for another man, if you leave your wife because you don't like her, i don't care what it is. if you're sick. you got to get out. >> reporter: ted cruz gently urged his backers to show up and insisted to me he's winning back the iowa front-runner spot that once held. >> they are backing me once again. >> reporter: marco rubio's push will be digital. sdplp >> we will bombard you with e-mails for about three days. >> for those of you who have decided to support me on monday night, thank you so much. >> reporter: bernie sanders is
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predicting the turn out on monday is impossible. they say a big turn out helps trump and sanders and a small turn out hopes cruz and clinton. i'm steve handelsman. the last minute push for folks to sign up for obama care in ami's mall of america today. the deadline to enroll in 2016 coverage is tomorrow. those who don't sign up may have go without insurance for the rest of the year or face a hefty tax penalty. 600,000 in south florida. big changes coming for more than a million low income people on food stamps. if they don't meet work requirements that kick in they could lose benefits.
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between 28 to 49 years old who have no dependents. they must volunteer or work or start job training courses that equal 80 hours a month. if they don't, they'll lose benefits in the spring. back behind bars. what led authority in california to the i mates who busted out of prison more than a week ago. the zika virus spreading here in the u.s. and beyond. a man and two live monkeys. they were at a crime scene in southwest florida. the bizarre details ahead. have you been out recently? it's really nice out there.
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light . police on florida's west coast looking into the death of a woman found inside a hotel room with two caged monkeys. they are calling the circumstances suspicion. cops made the discovery in north part inside of a budget inn hotel room. they didn't find any signs of trauma to her body. pice plan to interview a plan in the room who was incoherent at the time. the monkeys are in good health. the hunt to find the remaining fugitives who escaped from a california jail is over. sa francisco police nabbed them this morning thanks to a tip froroan observant citizen. a man pointed out a white van that looked like the one believed to be stolen by the trio of inmates. one of the men was found inside the van. the second captured after a short chase.
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after the third inmate surrendered to police back on january 22 22nd. they repelled down the jail wall with a rope made of bed linens. investigators haven't determined what caus a small plane to go down in georgia killing all three people on board. it crashed in albany after take off. the accident forced officials thehelose the airport. no word yet who was on boara. snow mobilers hit the slopes deite news of a deadly avenue ran avalanche that killed five eople. they are taking to the slopes in the same area british columbia. it was the deadliest since 2008 when eight people died. enormous fire rocking
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strong winds spread the flames to six nearby businesses. they said they heard the explosion and saw dark smoke cover the fire. 20 cows died in the fire. officials think it was the biggest fire in lexington in the last 30 years. there's cases of zika virus in two dozen countries with more than 30 cases reported here in the u.s., including south florida. the major problem is sharp increase in birth defects mainly in brazil. officia are upping their game to contain the virus. >> reporter: on the front line in the battle against the zika virus, it's a ground game. brazil mobilizing more than 200,000 troops along with health department workers in the fight against the mosquitos that spread the virus.
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reduce the pop youlationulation of mos quitos quitos. >> reporter: the virus may be causing alarming cases of birth defects. babies born with smaller heads and brain damage. there's no vaccine and no cure. they're going door to door looking for infested water health officials say a big part of the mosquitoto breeding problem occurs in communities like this. many people store water inside their homes. officials are treating the water with chemicals and gathering for testing. >> this man is concerned because his mother was diagnosed with the virus three months ago. >> reporter: in maternity wards doctors are alarmed. there's been a dramatic spike in the number of cases seen in more than 4,000 newborns in brazil these past four months. >> it's supposed to be a moment of joy. now women are tense.
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they fear about the problem. >> reporter: fear overshadowing joy for many new parents. >> before the health department confirmed three travel related cases of zika. this third was in hillsboro county. cuba's government says there's no confirmed cases on the island. this is what you want to see on saturday night. nothing on the radar. a couple days ago it was surely anything but calm on the radar. maybe you're hanging out in miami-dade county somewhere. maybe south beach looking great. all the way through the beaches,
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miami gardens, no issues here. the winds are comfortable outside which makes it really nice. i think identify made it clear. i don't think you will run into too much rain this evening. it's warmer out there. here is your temperature change over the last 24 hours. double digits warmer than we were just at this time yesterday. 14 degrees warmer. pompano beach about 15 degrees warmer. everybody warmer than yesterday. temperatures right now puts us well into the 60s. some tend to cool down faster than others. kendall is up with of those places. homestead is another place where 50s will be likely this evening. there's naples as well. here is the surface map as we zoom up and out. it's high pressure to our north and east that's been giving us the east wind instead of the north wind we had yesterday. we are getting more of a green influence and that will warm us up.
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calm side we'll drop again tonight. more like mid-60s instead of those widespread 50s ishat we're looking at. kendall 59. homestead 58. just a tad warmer as you get closer to the coastline. could be looking at a few 50s as well. who is complaining. maybe a cool start if you're taking the boat ou but with the winds on the light side, you don't have to take the seasickness medication. light chop on the bay. surf temps come nging in at 70 degrees. here we are on sunday. quite a bit warmer in the sunday versus what we had today and versus what we had on friday. thunderstorm chances all go on the liegtsght side. on the small side as we go into monday. the moisture kicks out. it will be humid and warmer. look at these 80s before another cold front comes ourway by friday. for sunday 62 for the low in miami. average 61.
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maybe a few more clouds working in. this is pretty typical looking forecast. monday gets a little different. let's put future tracker on this one. notice the green, that's the heftier rain. the keysooking like they might get in on a bit of action. this particular model we're looking at doesn't seem too seem gung ho. plit the difference right down the middle, maybe a few shower and thunderstorm chances before a really warm and humid week. >> let's hope for less gung ho. nhl fan here. i don't know where the season has gone flying by. a lot of florida panthers here. >> definitely.
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two welcome back. the 15th ranked miamiurricanes in their away game today. surely they wouldn't have any trouble against nc state, right? guess again. battle all day for the coach and his squad. second of three three pointers. this tie the game at 12. he's getting a big boost that their star sheldon. miami defense stt to falter late in the game allowing nthony barber to go insane. he went on fire finishing with 30 points all over the floor.
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the offense as well. the third inside the acc. after a road trips seem they would never end, they clolo out their last one. they got a big boost for having their point guard back. he delivered a near double double. the game zero, the entire road trip. dwyane wade 34-year-old all star led the team with 24 points. about 45 seconds left. a ton of injuries and losing sseaks. things are starting to come together slowly but surely. they face the hawks tomorrow night. the panthers are off for the aa tar weekend but some of the finest players were at the skills challenge in nashville. he was one of the eastern conference captains. there were two of him today.
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thing the panthers will sell. there you go. he competed in a few other events he didn't win. it doesn't matter. he's proud of the team's young guys. >> happy with the kids dog good. i'm happy for the kids to doing so good. they know it's work. i'm happy to be with them. >> we reach the australian open finals. meanwhile on the women's side. serena w wlliams looking for another title. illiams lost the first set. she made a comeback in the second crushing shots.
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strong as ever. match point. the final set. she wouldn't be denied. serenana failed in her attempt. she upsets her from her first mar championship. that will do it for sports. back to you. thank you, sir. today miami volunteers with cuban exile group collecting doe donations for cuban families. anyone make it to the u.s. worried washington will change its migration policy. if you want to help out take your donations to the h street
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