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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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tonight, only on 6 -- >> she was laying on the living roo floor and i figured he was dead because i didn't see him breathing. >> hunting for a killer. a family searching for answers after a south florida law enforcement officer is murdered in hisis own home. good evening. i'm keith jones. right nowhe family of that slain corrections officer living a nightmare. eir loved one dead. tonight, questions are swirling. who killed him? did it have anything to do with someone he came into contact
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>> i screreed and hollered. >> reporter: the mother of slain miami-dade corrections officer daveon hall in shock. when he didn't report for duty friday evening here at the pretrial detention center in miami, a supervisor called his mother who went to his apartment. nbc 6 was told hall had been shot in the chest. pembroke pines police who responded said they have an active homicide investigation under way. hall's family exclusively told us that hall reported to corrections on thursday, the day before he was killed, that someone had broken into his apartment. >> his home was burglarized the day before because he reported that at work. >> then him going in his house before, they would have seen his uniforms and types of things.
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them coming back? >> that they were coming to get him. i don't know of him having any enemies. he's a mentor to the kids in the neighborhood. >> reporter: they want an all out search conducted. >> if he was home was burglarized the day before and the next day he is found dead in his apartment, obviously that's obvious concern. anyone that works if any law enforcement capacity this is always a possibility, unfortunately. >> reporter: in the ultimate irony, hall went io law enforcement because as a youngster he witnessed his own father's murder. >> so his intentions were to go into law enforcement so that he could probably solve mystery. >> reporter: the woman who heads corrections went to support the
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the family telling us they're now concerned about their own safety. pembroke pines police aren't say if hall's work at the jail had anything to do with this murder or is independent of that. if you have any information, call crime stoppers in broward. in miami, willard shepard. they want to find the man who gunned down jackson solis in a dispute that began over a parking lot. friends and family gathered there last night to remember the 33-year-old father and now the son he left behind faces a lifetime without his dad. his family is praying for justice. search continues for three armed men behind a deadly home invasion in miami-dade. this happened friday afternoon in a home in the monterrey community.
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the home was shot and killed after struggling the suspects. four other people inside the home were not hurt. police are reviewing surveillance video. they're also asking for your help in finding the suspects. call crime stoppers. close call for nearly a dozen people working at a catering company. the group rushed to the hospital after a carbon monoxide leak thth may have come from a propane tank. workers began feeling lightheaded, so they dialled 911. officials said they made the right call because a hazmat team detected high levels of the gas inside the building. >> everybody is okay. they're being checked out. the rest of the workers are inside helping. they're just trying to finish their job. >> if they had been in the structure for a longer period of
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life-threatening situation. >> everyone involved today should be just fine. now an update to a story that's gaining national attention, has social media all abuzz. >> eating your dust, you were leaving behind. i was going 80 miles an hour. i want to know what's the emergency. >> a miami-dade resident turns the tables on a police officer.. a story that has everyone talking. >> reporter: that's right. that driver tells me she believes police officers should lead by example, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. she pressed record and caught up withththat police officer who she says was driving recklessly. >> the reason i pulled you over today and i'm asking you to come over and have a conversation because i saw you since miller
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to the palmetto and you were pushing 90 miles an hour. >> reporter: she said this officer sped past her and then limit. castillo had a feeling there was no emergency because she claims his police lights were not on. >> kind of not fair. not only is he endangering traffic, but he's really abusing the uniform. >> reporter: castillo followed the officer on the palmetto and then down 36. >> i know he was going about 100 miles an hour because i was hitting 80 and could not catch up with him. >> reporter: she was able to pull up next to the officer and then lowered her window to ask him to pull over. >> everything fine? >> everything is fine. it's just your speed.
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i'll be sure to slow down then. >> reporter: miami-dade police department released a statement saying they'll have his immediate command staff investigate the matter once the officer and citizen are identified. the appropriate course of action will be taken at that point. the woman alal tells me she filed a complaint with the internal affairs division at the miami-dade police department. she believes the county needs to address this issue and take it seriously. she believes that officer was polite. nbc 6 news. some new information about a palm beach county sheriff's deputy who shot and killed a 19-year-old during a traffic stop earlier this month. records obtained by the palm beach post shows the officer has been the subject of at least 16 use of force investigations and was cleared each time. a spokesman says he was
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just ten days after theh shooting. the suspect henry bennett pointe a gun at the department. prosecutors will decide whether to file criminal charges. rough day on the job for a miami police officer hurt in a car crash. someone sideswiped his cruisers. it caused him to swerve and then hit the wall. he went to the hospital. we're tolde's going to be just fine, but his patrol car was not. his front end crushed. his windshield cracked as well. the driver, by the way, got a titiket. university of florida fraternity in disbelief one of their brothers is gone after a tragic accident. the student from right here in south florida as well. gainesville p pice are still looking into the death of 20-year-old chance wool. he fell six stories from an apartment complex near campus. he passed away at the hospital. they say wolf was seen walking
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he fell over a waist high glass partition. still to come, from college student to murder suspect. tlnight two virginia tech students are behind bars in connection with the death of a 13-year-old liver transplant recipient. heelth officials are coming together around the world trying to figure out how to combat the zika virus. i will fight for you through this campaign and in the white house i will work my heart out for you. >> ticktock, the clock winng down as presidential candidates hope for an iowa surprise. the latest from the campaign trail ahead. not much action for now, but i thinkhings look a little different as we head out monday morning.
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th more abortion restrictions advancing in the florida legislatute. one would ban medicaid payments at clinics where abortions a performed. another would require hospital admitting procedures for doctors that perform the operation. proponents claim the proposals are aimed at protecting wome's health and safety, but not everyone agrees he. opponents think it is an attempt to deny access to these procedures. the polling is close in both parties. bad weather threateneng to hold downturn turnout. >> reporter: candidates worked
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backers to show up tomorrow and caucus with a snowstorm forecast for latee evening. bernie sanders volunteers. >> it goes deeper than that. it is whether the people of iowa are prepared to lead this country in a very different direction. >> reporter: like barack obama when he beat clinton in iowa, sanders is countin@g on first-time caucuses. this was a democratic caucus run through. >> i think you might see a record turnout this time around. we hope so. >> reporter: at a bingo game, few said they would caucus. >> how about hillary? [ booing ] >> reporter: she holds a slim lead in iowa polling. >> don't worry about the weather. i have it on very good guidance that the storm won't start until after midnight. >> reporter: ted cruz is counting on evangelicals that typically do turn out. >> together, we will win the
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we will win the nomination. and we will win the general election. >> reporter: donald trump figures holding his slim lead in iowa polls won't matter if he cannot get first-time voters to caucus. i'm steve handelsman. >> be sure to log onto the nbc 6 news and weather app t t find out everything you need to know about the race to the white house. click on our decision 2016 tab. all right. beautiful numbers out there. i'm a huge fan of the 60s. some upper 60s to low 70s. winds on the light side. there is some cloud out there. if you're making it a late
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night. then some changes headed our way. let's go ahead and show you what it looks like. here's your monday commute. not going to be that bright and sunny out there. we're going to be talking about some clouds, some showers, even a possible thunderstorm probably first half of the day. that's the deepest moisture. probably the worst of the instability we're going to be dealing with will be first half of the day, so that morning commute could be tricky. when we get into the evening commute, most of the lingering moisture gets on out of here. things fair better as we work into monday evening. we'll talk about all points in between here in a moment. surface. a very light east w@ind. some of us dealing with no wind out there. aswe zoom south, that's where moisture. this is some of the heftier rain
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so at the surface we have this subtle east wind, but in the mid levels off the atmosphere notice the wind areas southwest to northeast. that's what's going to be carrying some of that moisture right into south florida. so here's future tracker. as we go starting monday mimi midnight, so 45 minutes from now, pretty dry over the next several hours. once we get to 3:00, 4:00 in the morning that's when some of those showers work through. spotty showers. possible thunderstorm. that's beginning of our commute there, so things could be certainly a little on the tricky side. here's our diplomat resort and spa camera. pretty dark out there. maybe seeing one light. temperatures are going to be dropping into the upper 60s by the time we hit the morning hours. here's another recap of your hour by hour. once we get 3:00 in the morning that's when the rain is going t t
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a big warm up, right, compared to where we stood just a couple of mornings ago with some of those upper 40s and 50s? morning lows only get warmer from here. look at these 70s. things really warm up. look at the daytime highs. once we get more sunshine by tuesday, we're talking mid 80s until the next cold front works through and some serious model disagreement on the exact timing of the cold air and just how cold. stay tuned as we continue to update next weekend's forecast. let's detail monday and put future tracker into action. here's 7:00 a.m. you notice a few showers out there. by the time we get to noontime, i think the bulk of is it going to start pushing out into the afternoon. there's your 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 spotty shower. there's about it. 68 turns into 79. few showers possibly in store. by 3:00, probably a little too late for all of that. i think the biggest thing i get out of this look at how warm
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are. >> early spring. thank you, sir. > tens of thousands of revelers flock to a traditional street parade in rio de janeiro today. the parre is part of rio's annual carnival celebrattns. it's a pre-carnival, if you will. it's one of nine official parties that will push through the city streets as part of rio's pre-carnival season. the parades begin february 4th, which friday. brazil plays host to the olympic games beginning in august. still to come, the virus is spreading like wildfire.
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together questions swirling tonight about why a virginia tech schedule student killed a
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her family tries to make sense of this murder. sadness and shoho spreading through blacksburg over the death of nicole lovell. they also arrested a 19-year-old sophomore for improper disposal of the body. >> everybody is just still trying to wrap their mind around the news. >> police confirm the teen and the man suspected in her death disappearance. he used that relationship to abduct and kill her. five adult coworkers died in a fire that ripped through a detroit, michigan home. crews found the victims once they extinguished the fire. all five are in their late 20s and early 30s.
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that blaze. colorado motorcycle expo cancelled today. this after violence erupted yesterday. multiple shots were fired. there are also reports of a stabbing. so far no arrests have been made. now that the three inmates that escaped from a california are back in jail, the escape is turning from the hunt to the how. there will be an investigation to find out how the trio sawed, crawled, and climbed their way out of a maximum security prison. prosecutorsave charged upwards of ten people now with crimes related to the escape. in the next 24 hours, the world health organization will come together to make a major decision about zika. the big question, will the experts declare a global public health emergency in brazil, which is ground zero for the
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an american man on a mission to work bewith the most vulnerable residents, those who are expecting. this pregnant 19-year-old had zika-like symptoms. >> it's very difficult. a lot of times they know don't know what the consequences are, what the dangers are. >> colombia also trying to stop the spread of the virus there. online gun sales no longer allowed on facebook or instagram. a new policy bars private individuals from advertising or selling firearms on the world's largest social network. licensed gun retailers can advertise their businesses on facebook, but they're not allowed to accept orders or accept sales of the sight. the ban a big move for the company which has been pressured by gun control advocates to stop these kind of sales.
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officer and his canine counterpart are doing all they can to help them retire together. you see him here. this is ajax. he'll be auctioned off. their story spread like wildfire. dodoors have raised more than $50,000 through a go fund me page so ajax can join the officer at his home. any extra money will help pay for bulletproof vests for canines. a bizarre law, you forfeit your dog if you retire. we get some nice overnight lows, but we have the 80s. some of us likthe 80s. >> in between all this we do have what appears to be a wet morning commute. look at that 82, 83, 84. then another front friday. then some serious question
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