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tv   Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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thanks, kelli. from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. what is that? >> zach by blurry. it's thursday thursday, february 4th. we have a loaded, loaded show today. this lady fro new zealand is with us. she is like the biggest thing in all of new zealand. >> she came all the way to see us. >> she has flown in from new zealand to be with us today. and boy -- no, we're not going to say, and boy, are her arms tired. no!
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>> how is that wkuak, is that delicious? >> and home made fridays. chipotle mayo. >> she could talk all day long. >> two incredible ambush makeovers are coming. we chose one lucky lady from the plaza who is a big fan and snuck up on another, one of our staffers, celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary. so we'll talk about that. >> and bobbi is back with her little boy miles! >> oh, baby! bobbi is downstairs and miles is upstairs? >> yes. >> we'll just get a look at the baby. >> yes, the by. >> this little boy is -- >> oh! >> because christine is a -- >> look how prerious he is. >> anyway, she'll have some beauty items and you'll wonder how we live without them. and according to bobbi, you may never want a face-lift again. >> what do you mean, again? >> because we allant it. i've been waiting -- >> why, what have you heard? >> i've been waiting for this day for so long.
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>> it's finally arrived. ben and jerry's has debuted an ice cream with no cream in it. four flavors made with almond milk. >> no dairy at a a, right? >> no dairy. okay. so i've been redding about these, and i've been thinking about them and i've been wondering about them. >> that one is pb cookies with vanilla -- peanut butter and vanilla with cookies in it. this is t coffee caramel fudge. i posted a picture of this on my pinsta gram page because i was dying for it. i forklift, because i want it. this has caramel and coffee -- >> oh, look. >> chunks! wait, hold on, i'm getting in. >> h h is that diet of yours going? >> not well. >> she went to a trainer for the first time this morning. >> first time. >> aite would be good, hon. >> okay, here we go. i've been dying for this.
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they said it tastes like ice cream. okay, hold on. pleaselet it be good. >> a lot of big chunks of chocolate. >> oh, my god. >> you love this. you couldn't have it for the longest time. it's a good day? she's breathing very heavy. >> it's totally chemicalor me. when i bite into something that's -- my gosh! it's got coffee, caramel and chocolate.e. and there is no dairy. >> and i'll just carry on with the show, becau i don't think she's coming up for air. >> no. >> you want us to try all these flavors? okay. we'll be -- they're going to be rolling out in the grocery stores this month. >> that one is chunky monkey? >> whvt's in a chunky monkey? >> erything. ooh, i love banana. oh, my god, i'm so happy. i like that one better. >> that's really good. really good. i love this. i hope this is making for fascinating television. >> there's no dairy in it! >> while you're sitting there
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it with all of you, but it's going to be rolling out soon. what do you think? >> they're all good. >> chunky monkey! >> this is the way we're used to seeing j. lo, all glammed up and that is her boyfriend, one of the great beauties of the world. but her boyfriend, casper, did a dub smash of a popular vine called "the white girl rap." >> i like rap. starbucks chipotle yoga pants yeah more. >> i don't get the dub smash thing too much. >> she looks -- first of all, not a drop of makeup onon she looks like a little girl. >> i know. well, she does anyway. she's 46 or 47. she loo 20. >> you know what's bad about me? >> yeah. >> when i start something like
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myself with the entman's cake just shaving it, shaving it. and then you hate yourself. >> no, you're not. a lady that we love a lot, celine dion honored her husband in a memorial service. her husband passed away last month after a lengthy battle th cancer, and then her brother died tragically. so celine spoke for 20 minutes, streamed it live to her fans, because she has an adori fan base. so here is a little of what she said. >> i feel the love in this room. i f fl the strength. and his warm. being reflected in all of you. thank you again for being here with us this evening, for this
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honey, i love you. so much. merci. good night. maybe we shouldn't have shown that. >> yeah, that was hard. >> all right. god bless her. love her. all right. so let's segue. >> okay. the super bowl is this weekend, as you know. so pantene just released some super bowl commercials. >> you almost said pooper bowl. >> i did. and this is starring football players trying to do their daughters' hair. they're calling it daddy-do. one features deangelo williams with his daughter, rea. take a look. daddy, can you put the bow inside the braid? >> yeah. i didn't know she was going to hit me with this.
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me. boom. >> it's got to be the same as the other braid. >> yeah, it's got to be the same as the other braid. just -- boom. look at that. this is the deangelo williams curtain call. it's the first time we've had daddy time while i'm doing her hair. all you do is pony tails. can you do something else? yes, i can now. >> how adorable! >> that's cutete >> sweet. >> i can't wait for all the super bowl commercials now. it's going to be good. there are going to be some good ones. >> all right. this happens all of the time. >> you're at a dinner party telling a story and it's getting really long and -- >> you're hoping there is going to be an end or punch line of some sort. >> the audience is bored and they have no idea -- >> they thinm they're fascinating. >> gas bagging along. on and on. you know when you're like is it still going on? >> you can't believe it. you think, there must be a appointment and then they stop, and no point! >> researchers from u.c.
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you should be able to see in people's faces. yawning whwhe the chat is going on -- he's always bored. they say w w should be able to pick up on it very quickly. >> some people just do not have the chip. i don't know why we even tald about it, because we got the chip. >> we thought we would skip that. >> yes. okay. let's go back to the ice cream, which was really fascinating. okay, now that's true. a lot of people cannot read a room. they just come barreling in, don't realize two people are having a very in depth -- >> yes. >> deep and maybe -- >> important conversation. >> yes, exactly. >> and then -- >> all right. we get it. >> you know what? very funny. we're just trying to stall until -- get it over with. >> you guys, this is good. this one is a little throwback. it's from a group called tlc. >> i remember them. >> and it is a song called "babab baby, baby".
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with you morning, noon and night it's gonna be good and that's all right in my life gonna be live >> when is it going to do something? >> coming up right here. hold on. sexuality >> oh, that's why you love it. wait, there's got to be a reason for this. you spend too much time, hoda, eating ice cream. baby baby baby >> come on, go-joe! get my girls over here. get my dance crew. baby baby baby >> it makes sense for them!
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>> tlc, "baby, baby, baby". >> when was it going to do something? >> it just did. >> hoda is on sirius xm, and we are together on xm channel 108. you can find us there. we don't know why you would want to, especially if we're doing something like eating ice cream. >> but it's dairy-free and finally ben and jerry's has done t. >>ll right. two women who barely cut hair are getting ambush makeovers as we speak. and finger foods with big flavor if you're thring a party for super bowl sunday. and look at this adorable little new zealand thing that came over to be with us! >> love it. >> we're going to have some fun and hoda is going to keep eating. right after this. >> we're just going to watch you. >> so good. new fructis grow strong. the power to make hair up to 10x stronger. one, grow strong shampoo and conditioner with a powerdose of active fruit concentrate reinforce hair. two,
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>> so "today's" food team asked for some recipes for something sweet and savory. >> annabelle is a lifesesle expert and author of "the free range cook." welcome. >> you came all the way from new zealand. >> i love being here. >> you do! >> and she is going to ke a ton of stuff for us. >> okay! >> so we're going ta make home made fries, and we're going to haveice flour, which really makes them crunchy, so really lean. and then a chipotle mayo, and then popcorn in a bag. >> and guacamole. >> so the trick is you par bowl the potatoes for ten minutes, and that way when you cut them, they don't take so long. >> t ty're softer. >> softer, and then you can cut them into chips or i quite like cutting them chunky. and i like getting an organic potato, because then i can eat the skin. >> yes. >> which is the healt part, too? >> right?
10:15 am
cooking them, you release some of the stamp and that means they'll be crunchier. so three tablespoons of olive oil and this is the magic ingredient, rice &lour. and if you wanted to, you could spice them up, put cajun spice, consumin -- >> coating it with that? >> and some flakey salt. >> okay. >> that is going to be good. >> there is sometetng about a paper bag. and here is the trick, the most important thinin you don't put them more than one layer thick. >> okay. >> otherwise they steam. and you want them nice and crunchy. you want them crusty and crunch. >> do you t paper on the bottom of thth baking dish? and. >> that is so you don't do any dishes! >> she doesn't do dishes. no, i don't. >> let me go look -- >> usually there are paper
10:16 am
>> all right. so here's the mayo. so the trick is, you can do this -- we're going to put everything -- thank you, honey. >> uh-huh. >> everything goes in here. you know, used to think when you made mayonnaise, you had to have your tongue hanging out the side of your mouth. lime makes it really fresh and fragrant. >> okay. >> chipotle. we love that. >> don't -- >> very unnecessary.y. >> don't say it. >> that's talent. >> honestly! get over here! >> okay. >> that looks familiar too. >> i don'tnow if i can cope! >> i saw one over at hoda's house! >> excuse me. >> did that just happen? >> that just happened in one second.
10:17 am
>> it is delicious. >> and you can flavor that any which way you like. >> you dip these in? >> that's it. >> we better go. >> are we going to try these? >> come over here. this is another clever thing. >> okay. we're ready. what are we making? >> we're making popcorn. and the thing about popcorn -- >> in a little bag! >> we like these. you know on my show i don't use any -- when you've got it in the bag, when you do things in the micrave, all the heat is in the middle. so it doesn't burn, you make a flat ring like this. >> oh. >> should be doing it on here. >> okay. >> and then you just pop that in the microwave and it takes about three minutes, and you get popcorn. >> okay. >> and now i'm just going to put -- >> these are good. >> spices, some cinnamon, chili, salt. shake it up. >> i like it. >> and then -- >> are you putting a chocolate
10:18 am
>> what are you talking about? >> making your day. >> and then the other -- everything is on the website. >> yeah, yeah. >> her gcamole is awesome. >> guacamole, home made. >> delicious. >> and you are -- >> alrighty. find out which jobs can earn you thousands of dollars from home. and the product that will give you a face-lift without going under the knife. not that any of us need one. >> thank you so much, it's a pleasure to meet you.
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10:22 am
>> so estee lauder has come out with something called liquid tape. this came out in late 2015, and we have a picture of alma here onset with us. >> hi, alma! >> let's take a look at this picture yesterday in my office. we used the tape on her eye. and look at the before and the after. >> wow. >> it was kind of impressive. it is their polymers that when they dry, they lift and tighten the area. >> it appears to make it lift, yeah. >> what i want to say is, i really thought it was impressive. however, if you're going to wear makeup over that, it might start to peel up, so you want to be careful about how much you apply over that. >> alma, you look beautiful. >> next, dr. brandt has something called no more meelths needles, and this is a filler mask and you leave this mask on. you apply it with a brush after you do your skin care in the morning. >> alma! >> and you apply this with a brush, and you let it fill in -- it's essentially like a
10:23 am
so you'll get this really smooth appearance under your makeup that lifts and tightens. and, again, it gives you that subtle plump and reshape. it will help tighten the middle to lower section of your face. >> and you wear makeup over that. >> you can. it will take a few minutes and it will dry. it works like a primer. one of my favorite products for the neck is a retinol that lifts really well. >> wow. >> we'll show that online. and then rita hazan, i have to say, s s colors beyonce's hair, madonna. shknows how to deal with hair that's been through everything. brand-new, the shampoo and conditioner and split end remedy. it will protect your split ends in three ways, and instantly make it look like you almost had a haircut. she can revive overdyed hair. sheas been in the lab working on this for over two years. i was so excited to try this.
10:24 am
my favorite things zoya has come out with this naked manicure. >> everybody is talking about that! >> this is like make up for your nails. after you wear red nail polish and your nails are yellow, this is a color corrector. i have ittn this hand. and this hand has nothing. even though it looks purple in the bottle, it goes on sheer, and i i helps tint your natural nail back. so it's a great quick fix. >> can we see little miles, please? >> he's knocked out. >> christine! >> chcistine! >> the baby is asleep. miles. >> the shuffle. that's what put my kids to sleep. it still works with cody! >> literally, from the kardashian collection. >> coming up, suze welch is with us with some money-making ideas. >> plus, the big reveal of our
10:25 am
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it's a fact. kind of like vacations equal getting carried away. more proactive selling. what do you think michal? i agree. let's get out there. let's meet these people. enjoying the sunshine so far this morning. more clouds likely to build in as the afternoon goes on, but savor the sunshine, savor the warmth as soon as toght we start to see some changes in your first alert forecast. all the wet weather across the gulf waters extending into the big bend into northlorida. it will take time for the front
10:27 am
in the meantime, on the south side of it, the ocean breeze keeping us rather warm, 10:30, already at 79 across the oakland park and ft. lauderdale areas. miami much the same. we're at 78 in key west. we're on our way to 82 this afternoon. one more warm day. more clouds roll in. and tonight shower chances. that will lead us into tomorrow morning.
10:28 am
the forecast at 11:00. it's thirsty thursday, and mp weather couldn't dampen the energy of our plaza. >> we did something different today. we pluxd one lucky lady from the crowd and the other out of her chair right here in 30 rock for "ambush makeover". >> so now they're ready for their big reveal. "today" contributor and stylist to the stars, louis va kari, la la la la. >> and miss qvc herself, jill martin. >> a woman i are. >> don't we all. >> one lady was from the plaza. and then the lady who edits the videos for us, does all the -- what we do before and everything, we picked her, and she was so excited because today is her 25th anniversary.
10:29 am
second. first let's meet pat wilson, 66 years old from york, pennsylvania. mary of two kids, currently works as a corporate event planner, an avid watcher. she describes her everyday look as frumpy. >> you're giggling and i know that's out of happiness, because you've been through such aough time. so what does this mean to you? >> i am so excited about doing this! i've wanted to cut my hair for such a long time. and i hardly wear any makeup at all. but it's been kind of a rough year and i just want something to te my mind off of it. >> well, we are going to make you look even more beautiful. >> thank you so much! >> we love pat. and we have her good friend rut here. ruth, please keep your blindfold on for a second, okay. here is pat wilson before. bring her out. >> all right, pat, let's see the
10:30 am
oh, my gosh! get over here! >> okay, ruth. get ready, ruth. >> takee off your blindfold and get ready. >> you look wonderful! >> you see how good you look in your friend's eyes. are you ready, pat? all right, it's time. spin right here. take a look. >> oh, my gosh. oh, my gosh. >> you look so beautiful! >> we're going to need some, baby. >> you look gorgrgus! >> oh, my gosh! >> okay, we've got you. tell us the story. >> okay. number one, her hair. she did color her hair, but she didn't color it enough, obviously. it faded. it was a gray. it was a blonde. now she is a definite warm blonde. remember, again, i i -- as i always say, hair color is so importt to skin color.
10:31 am
and then, of course, "today"! gave it this great haircut. took off many ches and you look younger, more vital. beautiful. >> thank you! thank you! >> i am going to have t up my game! >> all right. jill, perfect fit. >> so perfect. >> well, that's how to wear white in the winter. we love winter white. this is new. and i love -- you don't need jewelry with it. >> big round of applause! >> you can join your friend. >> now our second ladyy is karen, 50 years old from new jersey. she is, as we said, one of our staff members. she works on ambus every week, has been working at nbc for over 25 years. anniversary. with a whole new look. let's watch. >> surprise! >> surprise, karen. >> oh, my gosh. >> today is your day! >> thank you so much. >> are you mortified?
10:32 am
i am -- i'm -- i'm shocked. i'm just shocked and excited. and -- thank you. >> oh, of course. so we pulled youou out of an edit. >> yes, you did. >> oh, my god! >> all right. we're going to yank you away. >> okay. >> take care of you for three hours. >> bye! >> this is s s exciting! >> all right. she's here with her husband tim. >> tim, raise your hand. >> and a few of her co-workers! >> nbc posses in the house. >> that's right. so let's take a lookt karen before and bring out the new 25 years married karen bicime! >> wow! >> oh, my gosh! >> oh, yeah, get ready, kids. >> all right, you guys, take off your blindfolds! >> wow. oh, my god. >> can i look? >> yes, you can! >> oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh!
10:33 am
>> thank you so much! >> yeah, i think you're good for another 25 years of marriage. i really do. >> tell us about it. >> okay. tammy did such a color mistake. y should have had the right color, but overland, overnd. so her hair was almost black. and it's even blacker than in the before picture there. so what i had to do is i lightened the base, added these highlights, which all of a sudden erases years. don't you think? >> yeahah >> i mean, really. and it alsoakes her thin hair, which is -- doesn't fit, so much texture. i always have that in my back pocket. and, of course, the beautiful makeup. >> look at her! >> what do you think,tim? a keeper? >> beautiful. i love the hair, i really do. fantastici >> and tell us about this dress, please.
10:34 am
i would like you to talk about the dress. >> where are you taking her? >> we were going to go to a french steakhouse somewhere. but we'll see. >> you have to ante up your game. do you guys like the nbc posse? >> oh, god. >> great job. >> fantastic! >> thank you all so much. >> next week, a special valentine's day. you and yr significant other, go to klg and and maybe we'll choose you. and how to make money from the comfort of your own home. it is possible! [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week.
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they're delicious and help keep my body in balance. i love these. sunsweet amaz!n prunes, the feel good fruru. oh my gosh, stepepnie. we're, like, so goth. we're, like, goth goth. sfx: knocks on door. honey? i'm dying my hair, mom. hair dye? no, not in my bathroom! relax, m. honey, just let me in! sfr: door rattling. no. tiffany! no. tiffany! it's just purple. teenage daughter? get scrubbing bubbles. kill 99.9% of germs and destroy dirt and grime. you only need scrubbing bubbles disinfecting cleaners for 100% problem solved. we work hard, so you don't have to. sc johnson, a family company. probably have been a few times when you thought about what it would be like to work from home. >> or maybe you want to make some extra cash, but you need a flexible schedule so you can take care of your family. >> oftentimes the obstacle is getting started. >> so suze welch is here.
10:39 am
extensive research, and narrowed down for people looking to launch a business from home. there must be many because of the unemployment situation. >> a lot of people looking for that, right? >> absolutely. >> your number one is direct sales. and i would imagine you need a certain type of personality, right,o go into that? >> absolutely. ere's 18 million, it's estimated in direct sales. they sell everything from makeup to pots and pans to dinnerware. this is an industry, if people have ever said to you, you could sell anything. if you're very extra averted, a go-getter. you have to love the product and throwing parties and have a lot of friends. and you can't keep going back to the same peoplpl again and again. >> that's hard. >> unless they really love the product and come back for refills. >> how much could you make if you were doing this kind of thin >> well, there are startup costs. so ranging anywhere from $100 to $2,000. and then you can make -- the sky is the limi that's what they tell you.
10:40 am
consultant makes about $25,000 a year. not the first year, okay. takes a while. but the real money comes in recruiting other women to be consultants. >> that's when you get a piece of the action. >> and a commission on their sales. and so you have to have a comfort level with asking your friends to be consultants. and friends and family to buy from you. >> hoda has no problem with that. >> all right. let's move to -- this a cool idea. we're talking about a virtual assistant. >> this is a real growing field. virtual assistant. this is basically doing all the things an assistant does, but doing them from your own home. >> well, we actually have a virtual assistant here. who is on skype. hi! what's y yr name? >> melissa. >> hi, melissa. so melissa would be our virtual assistant. how would it work? >> melissa has been a virtu assistant for ten years. from her home. she has several clients. she has built this business over that time. she has two daughters, 7 and 9 and a husband who works very long hours.
10:41 am
started? >> my mother in law is a realtor, and i started working as her assistant. and people in the office asked how i'm doing everything, and she started inquiring, and i ran with it. and then i developed a nice clieele. the whole industry is from that network. >> fantastic idea. >> so it sms like it's such a smart thing. the only issue would be if skype didn't work or something dropped out in the middle of an important moment. does that happen and how do you deal with it? >> yes. a lot of things i do are actually off-camera, off of skype. so mostly mail, text, so it doesn't really matter about that. but it could happen, definitely. >> you don't have to pick up anybody's dry cleaning. >> a very flexible job. you are able to balance work and life with this, as a virtual assistant, right? it's flexible? >> yeah. >> i don't think she can hear us. but she is lovely. >> suze, you can make a pretty good living doing that? >> about $25,000 -- after you've worked for a few years.
10:42 am
you don't have a lot of -- >> your children are there, you know. >> gives you flexibility, but you don't have that water cooler chitchat. >> this is -- you're talking about in-home ycare. now i imagine there are a lot of layers with insurance and -- >>right. >> licensing and all that stuff, right? >> highly regulated industry. >> it should be. >> it should be. >> those should be. >8 totally agree. this field is very natural to many women. they raise their kids, have the skills so they want to take on two or three kids or four kids. the problem is, it is highly regulated and there are high startup costs. >> how much? >> well, it could be up to $10,000, $20,000, because you have to retrofit your home, safety regulations, have to change the bathroom. and they're no going to make money right away. probably, unless you have a few kids. and there is a cap. you can never have more than 15 kids in your home. >> sure. >> would want to? >> kidding. >> thank you, suze.
10:43 am
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valentine's day is exactly ten days from now and nothing makes hearts melt more than home made goodies. >> if you want to surprise your sweetiti or whip up treats for the kids, we have the founder and editor of style me pretty, happy larson! why do we have ench-made outfits? >> aren't they cute? >> they are very. >> adds to the ambice. >> so you don't need to know how to bake to make any of these things. >> no, and you don't need to spend a fortune and you can get the whole family involved. we're starting with xoxo cookies. you starar with a sugar cookie base, my favorite recipe on style me now. we're going to load the frosting.
10:48 am
>> she's already made the cookie. >> we used cookie cutters and the icing is here. and pile it on, girls. this is not the time to watch our waist lines. >> oh, we never do. >> and after you get that, you know, smear it around. >> shmear. >> and then we add bling. we're adding rock candy to it. that's looking beautiful. >> take it very -- well, one of us does. takes it seriously. >> so you have these great xoxo cookies. >> very cute! >> all right. come on over here. >> bad for your teeth, but who cares? >> it's worth it. >> cherry soda? >> hombre chocolate dipped cherries. we have melted white chocolate, we hombred the colors. so -- >> oh! >> dunk them in, set them on the parchment paper.
10:49 am
>> this is for the ladies >> adorable. >> so over here, let's go over to cinnabun. >> so happy. >> these are cinnamon rolls. so this is like -- >> that you buy in the store. this is the definition of awesome. you buy them in the store. we unrolled them. you might need to use some scissors. what you're going to dl is roll them towards each other. >> make a heart. did you see that addy and grace! >> and even kids can do it. make a heart. >> how long a aer they're baked. >> if you bake them like this, they hold thehe shape really well. they're heart-ish, yeah. >> i didn't know that -- hi, guys! add deand grace. >> no one told me they were coming. >> they are some healthier-ish options. so we've got strawberry kabobs. i want you to look at the strawberry, though. they're hearts! >> oh,hat's so cute!
10:50 am
length-wise and a divot out, you have a heart. >> what are you kids doing here? >> that. that's what they're doing. >> they're making something else. >> yep. you need some heart gummy candies, pretzels. eat a few while at it. enjoy. and it's a good snack. >> you know what, it's all fun. >> cute anyway, right? >> and the recipes are on >> we are back in a moment. first,t this is "today" on nbc. excellent job!
10:51 am
(vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehiclcl... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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it is time for "okay, not okiy." we see lots of celebrities photographed with their cats and dogs, but some celebs have a taste for the exotic. >> floyd mayweather was given a tiger. paris hilton had a kinkajou, and eight swans. >> is it okay or not okay to have exotic animals?
10:53 am
you fair at all. 2> i'm always uncomfortable domesticating animals that would be happier in their own natural habitat, oda. >> that makes sense. i say as long as you're abiding by the law, you can have any pet you want the. but as for me,,'m stinking with blinky, my dog. >> and i'm stinking with bambino and lois -- what are the other ones? i don't know. >> feels like -- i do care. i love the others. >> if you're having a super bowl have. this is dessert, a football made entirely of chocolate. >> it's $50 from harry and company. >> you can get it for the super bowl! for tuesday. delivered for tuesday. >> wait! no, saturday. >> wha did i say? >> tuesday. . >> tomorrow! 50 bucks -- >> you can definitely get it by tuesday. sorry about that. just -- the show was over for me
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