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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  February 5, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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now. good morning to you out there. it is 5:30 now. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. we made it to friday, february 5th. youill actually notice we're about ten degrees plus cooler today than yesterday morning. >> ryan in the middle of a cooldown that will continue for the next few days. >> after a fewdays with high ms. the 80s, you may be thinking ere's winter? you'll feel it first thing this morning. happy to g the showers in and out before the morning drive begins. wet roadtays through the 4:00 hour. i think with the northwest winds out there this morning, roads will dry out just fine. it won't be a concern on the drive in. two-county area looking real good. here is the big picture. already having moved through the keys through the two-county area. now a matter getting the clouds which will be low and dary initially this morning. get sunshine into our skies through the afternwon hours. here are the cooler readings shelly was talking about, northwest winds bring in the
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we're down about ten degrees from where we were at about 2:00 this morning. 62 in miami, 63 in ft. lauderdalal cloudy skies the rule. i think we're finished with the showers, but we' not necessarily going to warm right up. struggling to get into the mid 60s today in your first alert forecast with breezy northwest wind. warmer tomorrow but more changes to the weekend. your complete forecast in about ten minutes. right now traffic with kelly blanco. >> happy friday. we're accident freer in miami-dade. in broward county 595 eastbound, he ramp to u.s. 1 is completely blocked off because of an earlier accident with injuries. that ramp has reopened. the accident off to the shoulders. i-95 southbound at griffin road two right lanes blocked off. let's show you a different look from some of the other areas of griffin road. you can see the left lanes getting by just fine. it's those two right lanes blocked off. no n nd for an alternate. no issues on your nthbound lanes.
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andrews avenue and northeast 2nd street. a deputy-involved accident there. julia bagg will bring us details on that in a couple minutes. you can follow me on twitter @kellynbc6. >> following breaking news out of ft. lauderdale where the broward sheriff's office is instigating a three-car crash involving a deputy. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is on her way to the scene. you have been making calls and talking to sources. what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: as you mentioned, three cars involved in this crashone of them a deputy who was transporting a prisoner. this happened in the heart of ft. lauderdale on northeast 2nd street and andrews anue around 3:35 this morning. traffic homicide investigators are there now trying to piece together what happened. we do knkn that the deputy and the prisoner being transported, hospital.
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they are expected to be okay. now, the car investigators say that struck the deputy's patrol car, there were four people inside of that, and then there was somebody else stopped at the intersection who was struck as well. we know at least three other people were treated right there at the intersection for some minor injuriri. as you mentioned, we are on our way. let me show you where we are on the turnpike. we'll be there shortly and let you know what else we find out as soon as we get there. we're live on the way to ft. lauderdale. julia bagg, nbc 6 news. julia, wheel talk to you again in about a half hour at the topop of the hour. also this morning, we're waiting for confirmamaon that the body es found submerged in a car in southwest miami-dade are indeed the missing couple that we've been telling you about all week long, young couple. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live at the medical examiner's office with more on where that investigation stands as of right now. we want to say there is no
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couple, but it is believed to be them. >> reporter: that's right, eric, official confirmation. family members of those two missing 21-year-olds, they took to social media yesterday saying it was, in fact, their loved ones inside that car. as far as an official confirmation, we're still waiting. that will come from the medical examiner's'soffice. this is where the car and the two bodies were taken yesterday. police say they found the car -- this is the same car they have been looking for, relatives as well, where 21-year-old alexandra picononnd brandon arana yesterday morning. investigators say it apparently crashed into a guard rail before plunging into the water. in a facebook post, one of the missing person's aunt sayshe bodies were her niece and arana. the car was last seen in the kendall area. their sunpass pinged them heading south on the turnpike. this morning police are looking into why the car crashed and
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we have family members say it appears it is their loved ones. many unanswered questions as far as w`at happened and what caused them to go into that area. for now, live in miami, michael spears, nbc 6 news. thank you so much. this morning a south florida teenager is recovering after he was shot while riding his bike. we know the 15-year-old boy was taken t t jackson memorial hospital where he is now in stable condition. the shooting happened around dunn nir time near northwest 64th street and 6th street in miami. alberto carvalo took to twitter saying, quote, agedy strikes again with a 15-year-old child shot while riding a bike. sadly, cowardly gun violence continues in the streets of miami. they don't have a description of the shooter. stay with nbc 6or updates on this. later today, derrick medina, the man found guilty of killing his wife and posting pictures of her body on facebook will know his fate. the sentencing hearing schedudued
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he is facing 25 years to life in prison. we'll know in a couple hours. back in november after a three-we trial, medina was convicted of second degree murder, that murder that happened in august of 2013, killing 27-year-old jennifer alfonso at their south miami home. medina told police a a that time he did all of it but it was only out of self-defense. >> zika has turned deadly. colombia confirming three people killed because of this virus here. each of these patients also contracted a seemingly related disease called guillen beret syndrome which attacks the nervous system and causes paralysis. broward county is under the same health emergency as four other counties declared by the governor. miami-dade, which is on the list, has seen an uptick for the number of calls for mosquito control. the county usually gets three to four calls a day.
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nbc 6 anchor jackie nespral hosts "impact" on sunday. she asks how you can stop the spread of it. people have a lot of questions about this virus. be sure to watch or set your dvr to "impact" this sunday morning and as we go in depth. the biggest points of interest are right off the coast in the caribbean islands. a lot of concern that we'll continue to follow over the next couple days when it has to do with zika. your time is 5:37 on your friday morning. still a whole lot more ahead for you. the south florida man accused of killing his classmte when they were only 14 years old takes the stand. hear what michael hernandez said to the family of his victim. the countdown to the super bowl is on. find out how san francisco is getting ready to host the big game. if you're headed out the door right now on the palmetto expressway, still a five-minute ride from the big curve to okeechobee road, traffic moving at 55 miles per hour. 826 seeing all green on the northbound lanes.
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expressway, a four-minute
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826 from the big curve to the football fans flooding san francisco looking for that golden ticket to the super bowl. >> the big game 48 hours away. nbc's jay gray joins us near super bowl city. there's something very official about the sound of super bowl city. it sound like a cool assignment, jay. >> reporter: it's not a bad gig at all, eric and sheli, especially here in the bay area. it's friday morning early. still the official start of per bowl weekend here. with that, hundreds of thousands of fans pouring into the region, many still without a ticket to the big game. >> everybody welcome to san
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>> reporter: it is literally the golden ticket. as we get closer to kickoff, a tough ticke for those who want to be a part of football history by the bay. >> you just wonder if you're ever going to get the opportunity to go. >> reporter: for dennis and judy brubaker, lifelong bronco fans, super sunday wi be personal. >> that's our anniversary, february 7,. >> the day of the super bowl. >> they'll celebrate inside levi's stadium with a romantic dinner. >> i'll buy hireer a beer and a hot dog. >> reporter: time and ticket splooi are running short. >> this is a very expensive ticket. >> reporter: $5,000 or more and climbing. >> that's a supply and demand issue. there's less supply we're seeing in the secondary market, so the prices are actually higher. >> reporter: iffou're paying the price, you'll want to make sure it'sthe real deal. >> the nfl has done a phenomenal
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security features. >> reporter: some you can see. others are obvious. >> there's a hologram here. you don't need a light to see that. there's the heat-sensitive ink. >> reporter: on a ticket to a memory that will last a lifetime. >> the going rate for a ticket right now, $5,000. that's only going to goo up as we get closer to kickoff. compare that to the coco of a ticket f super bowl -- that's the latest live in san francisco, now back to you, sheli and eric. >> now, first alert weeher with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida'sost accurate forecast. i got so excited. with the nbc 6 -- why don't i turn this bad boy on. already getting push alerts on all the news that's happening today.
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app, when you pop it up, you can select if you want it to started in the n@ws mode or the weather mode. if you start in the weather mode, you'll be getting live first alert doppler which at this point is painting a much better picture for the morning drive. the od news is the showers through the overnight and early morning hours, we'll dry out as we get deeper into the morning commute. if you're a 6:00 a.m. driver, 7:00 a.m. driver, roadways shouldn't be wet. don't put the umbrellas away just yet. maybe as soon as tonight showers coming back. here is what we're looking t. area now. as it goes through the area,we have the northwest winds coming in across the area and dropping our temperatures. so we've got a little bit of -- i have a little explaining to do temperatures. when you get a front coming in before dawn and the coolir we're stuck with temperatures that won't ve much this morning. in fact, they're still falling. the sky is still cloudy. a lot of rain sweeping through
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our nova southeastern camera looking into downtown flawed. the northwest winds howling through the arere these will help to dry out the roadway this is morning. that's why i'm no concerned about that, despite the fact we had a good line of showers move through between 2:00 and 4:00. a breezy morning through the area. 62 in pompano beach, 63 in ft. lauderdale, 62 inn miami. if you were up and out at 2:00 or 3:00 this morning, temperatures were into the lower 70s. so temperatures dialing back. i want t/ show you what's interesting here, some of the forecast models keep temperatures falling, into the upper 50s out west before we get the slow climb going into the mid 60s this afternoon. let's say our benchmark right now of 61, it will be atough go to get us to 66 and 6. as the day goes on, more sunshine. the northwest winds will be spilling in across sflord. looking into the evening hours,
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the northwest to the north. overnight, a northeast breeze. that will bring changes again. that in just a seco. right now your forecast this morning, cloudy and cool, low 60s. breezy, cloudy, a little sunshine sneaking in. notice our temperature trend in the first alert forecast, just not seeing the temperatures swing much. about 67. that's about as good as we'll do. the evening commute, by the way, will be dry. here comes the northeast breeze overnight, and an ocean breeze may bring in moisture. talking about late nighghshowers and lows at 61 to take us into our saturday morning. we're barely hanging on as the warm location. we have a big push of cool air coming. i talk about the upper levell pattern change and leading into early next week, several cool days in a row. friday, even though it's cloudy and groom many, only up to 67. 76 on saturday. that's the warmer day, but we've got some rain shower chances to kick in overnight tonight, that
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sunday we should get the showers out of here early. there's the jet stream buckle that ii just showed you. that set us up for a cool and sunny pattern. lows in the lower 40s. highs in the lower 60s. a lot of sunshine early and throughout the duration of next week. back to traffic now with kelly. as you're making your way out the door, we still have this accident on i-95 southbound at griffin road. you c see the right lane still blocked off. lanes. now your right lane. this accident should be clearing in the next ten to 15 minutes. thisiss i-95 southbound right around griffin road. no major issues as you make your way northbound. as far as broward county, we have that one accident and we also have the complete intersection of andrews avenue and southeast 2nd street completely shut down due to an accident that's under investigation right now. julia bagg is headed to the scene and will bring usdetails
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as far as the paltto expressway, looking good southbound and northbound, no issues as you make your way near the 836 or i-75 and the grat any. we have one accccent east of i-95 blocking one of your lanes. keep that in mind as you're making yr way out the door this morning. >> kelly, thank you so much. your time i 5:48. two new york city police officers recovering in the hospital after they were both shot. this is what happened. they were on patrol in a public housing complex when a man with a gun confronted them last night. he then shot both of them before he took off. police say they found him later after he had already killed himself. all of this went down not far from the location where mayor bill deblasio was in the middle of his state of the city speech. as part of his speech he cited numbers showing violent crime is way down in that city. the resentencing hearing for michael hernandez, the south florida man who is acsed of stabbing his best friend to death at school, is expected to wrap up today.
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himself took thestand yesterday. he testified and even gave a tearful apology. the 26-year-old expressing remorse for theurder of his friend jamie gough when both were only 14. >> i had to learn for years how wrong it was and what i did, and how much pain i caused you. i'm sorry. >> he later defended himself, the prosecution presented evidence of prison recordings, recordings they believe prove he should stay where he is. police are pretty confident right nowhat speed most likely played a key role in a deadly accidedt that happened in kendall. it was breaking news for you yesterday morning. we were showing you some of these devastating pictures as part of that coverage. incredible. a car smashed ishlt a box truck. you couldn't tell it was a vehicle when they were towing it away.
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the car burst into flames. investigators are trying to determine how fast the car was actually going. could haiti not have a president? the haitian president vowing to leave office in two days even though his replacement hasn't been chosen. previously the president said he would not step down until successor had been chosen. that decision didn't go well with people who took to the streets protesting almost daily for basically the last two weeks. the election for the new president was canceled las month. it is ten minutes to the top of the hour. the cuban migrants stranded costa rica are closer to the united states. they landed in el salvador, we've been following them closely every step of the way. they have been stuck for more than two months after nickaragua closed its southern border. e trip not an act of charity. each adult had to pay $630 which included visas. the cost for each child was up to $350.
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you might notice ryan and kelly and sheli and myself are al wearing red. it has something to do with something for the heart. >> a matter of the heart. the american heart association has declared today national weather day. women are starting the see increased rates of heart disease. the association is hoping the extra awareness will save a life. >> as you get up this morning, maybe picking out what you're going to wear to work or school, maybe a little something red. you don't have to wear red anything, red tie, red socks, whatever you want. your timelis nine minutes to the top of the hour on your friday morning. still coming up, broward deputies searching for a woman who uses her dress to rip off an electronics store. it's apparently not the firsrs time she's done it. how she's used this technique in the ast. coming up on the nbc 6 news
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costing you after trying brookside crunchy clusters,, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should jususbe a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside.
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welcome brack. today parents hope their message doesn't land on deaf ears. their message, enough is enough. that is the message from parents who have lost a child to
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they're coming together to demand criminals stay off the streets. they're asking for more police involvement. their chants also aimid at miami-dade state attorney katherine fernandez rundal. the group is fed up with losing young lives to violence and they want criminals to stay behind bars so they can't do more. >> enough is enough because we're tired. no paren should ever have to bury their child. >> rap icon luther campbell was also at the rally. he focused on the no snitching mentality. he wants kids to delude the habit and put criminals hind bars. seems to be a sense of deja vu as they try toind a couple of repeat thieves. i say repeat because of this. surveillance video from a radio shack on weston road and griffin road captured this couple browsing. the twoook around a little bit.
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dollars' worth of electronics into her skirt while the guy acts as a lookout. investigators believe the woman had some sort of bag actually hidden underneath her dress. back up a little bit. 11 months later, cameras capture the same couple at the same store stealing more than $1,000 of computer parts in the same way. you can get a closer look of both of these two people using our nbc 6 news and weather app. deputies are hoping you can help figure out exactly who these thieves are. if you have any information, call broward county crime stoppers line at 305-471-tips. >> your time is 5:56. nbc 6 crews arriving to the scene of a a deputy involved accident in ft. lauderdale. we know the office wa transporting a prisoner at the time when it happened. both haa been taken to the hospital this morning. we have julia bagg who is on the way. she'll have a live up date in
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nbc 6 live in the nation's capital. hear what's being said today following the first one-on-one debate of bernie sanders and hillary clinton. cloudy skies the rule. the front sneaking through. we're finished with the ryne. a cloudy and cool morning. not much of a rebound in temperatures we'll talk about that part of the forecast just ahead. you're watching nbc 6 "south floridaoday." >> more news, weather and
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