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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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that's winning the american vote. steve handelsman is atat the debate site and has the latest. >> reporter: surgigi in new hampshire polls, maishrco rubio was defensive knowing he would be slammed for being a first-term senator. the attack came from governors. >> you have not been involved in a consequential decision`where you had to be held accountable. you simply haven't. >> reporter: chris christie and former governor jeb bush. >> you learnn this by doing it. >> we're going to win with trump. >> reporter: trump who skipped the iowa debate and lost the vote was aggressive. >> let me talk. quiet. >> reporter: trump deporting every undocumented immigrant was slammed by governor john kasich. >> i can't imagine how we would begin to think aboat taking a mom or dad out of a house when they have not committed a crime since they've been here, leaving their children in the house? i mean, that is not, in my
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we believe in. >> reporter: ted cruz grabbed the trump hard-line and a trump solution? in short, what we're going to do, buil a wall, triple the border patrol, we're going to increase -- actually, since donald enjoyed that i'll say i have somebody in mind to build it. >> reporter: what's first in trump's mind is a big win tuesday, his first. rubio's dream, grabbing number two. for the other five, the dream is moving up to take on trumpmp which means pushing rubio out of the way. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. >> watch "meet the press" tomorrow morning. donald trump will talk about the close ctest coming up in new hampshire. the democratic rivals also tomorrow on "meet the press" with chuck "today" at 10:00 a.m. nbc 6 has you covered at the new hampshire primary. steve litz will be live in new hampshire to bring you the latest updates on air and only. check out his live reports.
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new tonight, south korea claiming north korea has launched a long-range rocket. critics say it's meant to test band technology for a missile that could strike the u.s. north korea claimed it's a peaceful satellite launch. the move will likely draw more sanctions and condemnation from the u.n. switching gears now. back home. a live look at the start of chilly change for us. first alert camera in miami, kind of wet there. rainy conditions this evening. showers making way for a cold blast. meteorologist adam berg is inin the forecast center to break it down for us. when we say cold blast, we mean florida stle. >> i have followers around the country and they give me a hard time when i talk about how low it's going to be and they see lows in the 50s. they say it sounds amazing.
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lows in the 40s for monday morning. you're going to feel that. more on that story in a ment. we still have rain to track. the cold front has pushed through, but the rain hasn't pushed all the way through just yet. looking at southwest to northeast winds in the mid-levels of the atmosphere. riding the showers across braurd broward county. col springs towards westin, basically the back edge of the rain for broward county. into miami-dade, the back edge pushing through doral, coral gables. pompano beach, 10 degrees cooler reern versus 24 hours agag temperatures into the 60 but they'll be dropping tonight.
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gusting at times to 30 miis an hour by tomorrow morning, it will make the 54 for 6:00 a.m. cooler. but just wit until you see monday morning temperatures. we're dropping these by about ten degrees, keith. >> that is chilly for florida standards. the hunt is on for a driver who slammed into a parked car and sped off. stephanie bertini is live at jackson memorial hospital where the injured victims have been taken tonight. >> reporter: throughout the course of the day our news team has spoken with mothers of two of these victims, the mothers upset tonight. they want this drive caught. the victims taken to the hospital here after investigators say they were hit by the driver who then took off overnight. >> my daughter or nobody else didn't deserve what you did to them. >> reporter: this mother says her daughter was out celebrating
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when they became the victims of a deadly hit-and-run. her injuries include a broken shoulder and broken toes. the 21-year-old was hurt too. her mother also spoke with nbc 6 news. >> it's hard for her to breathe. she has a broken leg. >> reporter: miami police are investigating the incident. investigators say it happened just outside of a liquor store on northwest3th avenue overnight. a blue chevy was parked. police say one person stayed in the vehicle while four others got out. they were on the sidewalk near the vehicle when another vehicle smashed into the chevy and the four pedestrians, detectives say, and then the driver took off. not too far from the liquor store miami police found the vehicle they believe was involved in the incident. those who live at this home on northwest 43rd street didn't want to talk wh a news crew approached them today.
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no word on any arrests. as for the other victims. >> please turn yourself in. i'm begging you to do it. i'm praying for you that you do do it. >> reporter: so tonight investigators saying that, although these people were hit and it could have been much worse, nobody was fatally injured as a rult of the incident. still, police are working to catch that hit-and-run driver. anybody with any information is asked to contact crime stoppers. the number is at the bottom of your screen right now. i'm reporting live in miami at jackson memorial hospital. stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. new tonight, closure for friends and family of a couple found dead in their water-submerged car this week. mourners gathered at the van orsdel funeral home tomorrow morning. the couple had been missing for several days. the car was discovered in a lake
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policeeare still investigating. hundreds remembering traevon martin tonight. the foundation hosting its fourth annual remembrance weekend in miami. martin would have turned 21 yesterday. to pay tribute, the foundation hosts several events including this dinner as well as a peace@ walk. traevon martin foundation benefits inner city youth. police and fire rescue squads coming together today to take down terrorism. [ gun shots ] >> "operation heat shield" playing ouou across miami-dade today. the mock active shooter drills meant to help authorities test how well they work together and respond to multiple terror scenes happening at the same time much like in the november attacks in paris. >> i have said many times that, given the evolution of the global terrorist threat which involves the so-called lone wolf
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moment, anywhere, it is important that those of us at the national level work more and more with state a local law enforcement. >> today's exercises began bright and early near government center and weaved through miami and ended tonight in marlins park. less than a day before the haitian president steps down leaders have reached an agreement to install a provisional government. special international mission leaders say an interim president will be elected by the haitian parliament. a second round of elections will be held april 24th with a new president being installed on may 14th. haiti's constitution requires marteli to leave office on sunday. a group of cuban migrantnt left mexico earlier today as part of a pilot program agreed on by central american countries to allow migrants to continue toward the u.s. the group of 184 ople
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guatemala. they're heading north by bus thanks to a humanitarian visa. an estimated 8,000 cubans have been stuck in limbo since november. chaotic crash on camera. a woman nearly killed when a frantic driver gets behind the wheel. next, a florida cop goes the extra mile to serve and protect
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the swanky restaurant that new video tonight of a hihi-and-run rampage in baltimore. police say the victim was assaulted inside a bb. when the two men tried to get inside his minivan he hit the gas, ramming into several vehicles. then he backed up along the sidewalk and ran over a bystander.
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hospital in serious condition. we understand she'll be okay. police caught the driver a few blocks away. witnesses say the ordeal, as you can see here, was absolutely terrifying. >> then he hit the building directly below me. ictually felt the building sort of rumble and shake. >> orlando red is the driver of the minivan. he face half a dozen charges including assault. police are still looking for the two men who attempted to assault him. some of south florida's brave heroes honored by miami-dade fire rescue. more than 200 firefighters recognized at a ceremony in doral. there are eight different categories, including the life saving award, purure heart and bronze medal of valor. >> although the public may see everything we see. here' humble people so it's an honor to be recognized by your piers.
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he thanked the crews for saving his life last year while being shot while serving a search warrant. there are about a dozen homeless camps on the vest side of volusia county. this deputy knows where each camp islocated. the deputy frequently visits the camps on his otn time several times a year and brings food, clothing and hygieneproducts. he pays for it all out of his own poet. the deputy says he has zero tolerance for crime but is 100% behind people just trying to survive. >> somebody i can trust. it's somebody that i know is on our side. he is not pushing to get rid of us out of here. >> they kind of understand that i am not out there to be an adversary. i'm there to make sure that they're okay. >> the former maqine whom the homeless call gunny is welcomed like old friend in these camps. first alert weather with meteorologist adam berg.
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forecast. >> this is a gloomy scene behind me. this is our royal caribbean camera looking at the freedom tower. a lot of light rain still out and about. mt places, though, under under .5 inches of rain. it's been pretty steady the last couple of hours. here is the live first alert doppler. the only live radar in south florida. it allows us to get the data to you guys a little bit faster. southwest to northeast movement with these showers. no lightning with this. it has been steady the last couple hours. things are beginning to dry out. the wind really picking up tonight and especlly tomorrow. deerfield beach through coral springs still dealing with showers. towards westin, you're basically on the back edge of this. it is beginning to shift out of here. >> let's talk about the winds. it's the weekend, a lot of us thinking about taking the boat out. think again.
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you don't want toe out there. 3 to 5-foot seas. occasionally six feet. in the gulf stream occasionally 11-foot seas. surf temperatures appearing warm at 72. even that is pretty chilly. you ned a wet suit to be in those conditions for too long. with that wind, forget it! we have the super bowl going on tomorrow anyway, right? nbc 6, got to watch us tomorrow well. so, northwest winds beginning to work in. 5, 10, 15 miles an hour, gusting 20 to 25 overnight and through th day tomorrow. kind of unsettled. as we zoom up and out. area of low pressure continues to work off towards the east and all the northwest wind to work in behind it. that's what will accelerate the wind. hopefully we'll see a little bit of clearing. tomorrow as the low continues to work through. i think we will, by the time we get to the secoco half of the day. let's talk about tonight. future tracacr. from midnight on, not that much
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stopping it around 2:00 a.m. i think that will be the last shower that works through. in the morning hours i'm hoping we begin n clear out, at least brightening the day. sunday, 7:00 a.m. it will be chilly and 54. when you factor in the wind making it feel cooler still. a lot of us like lows in the 50s. with the wind, not so much. 45 would be thecoldest low so far this winter season. keep checking back with us to analyses the data. it warmrm back up. 70 by the time we hit thursday. 50s all the way through. detailing your sunday with your hour by hour forecast showing through. first half of the day a few clouds here and there. once we get into the afternoon we're talking bright sunshine out here. let's go ahead and break it down hour by hour. 54 to start. average low 62. an hour. weather.
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64 degrees for the afternoon. average high is 78. then we're talking 40s overnight sunday into monday. again, could be the coldest of the season. erika delgadowill take it from here tomorrow morning. >> winter is finally here. thank you, sir. tonight may have been about the republicans, but check this out. this is a live look right now as bernie sanders hoping for this event on "saturday night live" will boost him. he is warming upthe audience right now. that's keenan ivory, right? i believe it is. anyhow, hosting the show tonight is comedian larry david, who has played the vermont senator with uncanny precision in multiple skits this season. he does a spot-on bernie sanders. it's absolutely hilarious. you have to check him out. it kicks off in about 11 minutes. that will be the monologue. >> it will be awesome. >> keith, i hear you like the
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five straight blowout wins had the first place panthers flying high. an eastern conferenee rival they haven't beaten yet, the pittsburgh penguins were in town tonight. in the second period the power play. jokinen, the wrist shot goes in from a tough angle. 1-0 florida. in the third, pens with a man advantage. defensive play leading to the phenom being short-handed, that move, what a goal. 2-0. this 20-year-old is for real. a quick goal cut the lead to 2-1. sidney crashes the net and in. to overtime we go. pittsburgh immediately on the
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crosby finds kris letang. one-timer and ending the panthers winning streak. cats still get the point but the pengngns get the win 3-2. same score as last time, in over overtime. the big game is tomorrow. i don't mean the super bowl. the heat are back home after being out of town for what seems like months hosting chris paul and the clippers tomorrow. miami has won six of the last seven games. the latest win a dramatic affair in charlotte last night. dwayne wade led the team with 22 points. chris bosh hit a layup late. the biggest contribution came from off the bench. hassan whiteside finding his niche with the team since ming back from injury. a double-double. he says no one is doing it except him. will he be okay with thisis role
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rotations? that's the millions-dollar question. the super bowl is under a day away. one of the top players participating added hardware to boost his confidence before kickoff. cam newton is officially the most valuable player of the 2015 season. e news coming less than a day before the biggest game of his life. he'll square off against a legend. four-time mvp peyton manning. considering how well the broncos' defense has been this year newton won't have time to worry about award cases. >> we know what to do to prepare for this game. offensively. we know what they're doing pretty much. they have long, rangy guys that are capable of creating turnovers by either stripping the ball or interceptng it. for us, we just have to be on our ps and qs, run precise and throw precisely and our secondary to be effective.
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in the new hall of fame class announced today. headlined by brett vre. marvin harrison, tony dungy. ken stabler. each having played 25 years ago. that does it for sports, keith. finally tonight. you may have seen these pictures from san diego. a sea lion pup that found her way to an upscale restaurant. she was looking for food. experts say hundreds of other sea lions pups on the coast are struggling to find food because of the extremely w wm temperatures pushing away the fish that they try to snack on. hope it was a fish restaurant. >> that's funny.
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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