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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 7, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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what rickie did to him on top of the birdie. >> how much of a ticket here? is it worth it? >> pretty good tough,stuff, david. welcome to the crew. >> not that tough a putt. think he can make it inside left here. or maybe even left center. >> this to move on to the 10th6
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at the puts it in that the second time, matsuyama and fowler exchange birdies to move it on to a third sudden death hole at 10. >> that's really impressive. >> yeah. >> i mean, that's impressive. matsuyama's birdie. >> do you see it heading down? >> yeah. >> you got the feeling that maybe rickie birdied this hole three times now. it birdied it friday. he birdied regulation today. birdied it again at 18. maybe he thght he had enough of it. hideki comes back and matches it again.
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he's moving into his own at 23 years old. he could be in the top-five best players rankingwise. i mean, he's shown that he's got the right stuff by the way he makes he's putts. and just pure shots.
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the water, . >> well, johnny, every since he made the turn, he has gotten the ball perfectly, really, almost every hole has gotten away with one hole in regulation. with the exception of that, he has hit that little cut long, too. >> yeah, it's impressive, like we talked aut in regulation, he does not need to hit a driver here, but because of that little cut, he just goes with it. >> flat, rickie's looking right into thehe arizona sun which will set at a little after 6:00 local >> right. big buvker on the right, folks. big bunker.
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overcut this. not that it's terrible to be in that bunker. but you might be in the fairway. >> this one not cuttiig. >> yeah, not the best there. down in that little hollow. certainly can see it but he knew right away that this one didn't feel good. >> didn't even want to watch it. >> matsuyama who has put on a clinic here of late to take advantage. >> he hasn't hit a bad shot in a long time, beautiful. the. >> the flag is on the skinny side there, on the left.
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the fairway, definitely, definitely in the strrng spot. rickie may not be good there. >> it looks beautiful from here. down the right side. >> yep. >> it mightht get a hop there. but matsuyama in the back hole location. he's got a good location. fowler, not so good. >> they birdied the 18th in regulation. at the end of the first playoff hole, and then the second time they played it, fowler went first. followed up by matsuyamamawho was so confident, he knew just after it got out of the way he was headed to the second.
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continues in the desert. (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) (ding) sfx: (countdown) 3, 2, 1 (ding) (ding)
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hideki matsuyama and rickie fowler cup up to the tee shot at the 10th. the gallery has increased. danny leewho plays there in the final group, the 54-hole leader.
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shorts, walking next to him. steve sands, we join you. year out there somewhere. >> we are, to the right of danny lee. danny good friends with rickie fowler. and knows hideki as well. bubba watson very close with rick. rickie, whenever he plays the arnold palmer he stays at bubba's house. they've shared championship all around the world. a couple of friends out here watching their other friends trying to pick up a pga victory. >> and also, the boys video taking a big backseat. >> set up this fowler shot at 10, roger. >> i don't like the lie of the ball he has. 152.
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the grain of the grass, jojony, the ball is sitting down and the grass is not warm, but the grain is coming against him. he's going to have a tough time spinning this ball. >> ou go through it you lose club head speed. it's hard to make the ball come fast really well into the green. >> you see how the grass. >> this is a wedge. so, we'll see if he can get the normal amount of power with this into the green lie.
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back to the hole. >> he did get a jump. i'm not so sure he didn't -- >hat doesn't make any sense. >> yeah, he called that ball. >> yeah, he bladed that ball. hit it in the belly. in the equator. guess. >> rickie over the green. mats yaumuyama with a a even closer look. you can see as it ascends, this blade hits the ball first. >> it's a skull. what do you call that a skull-barren shot. he did hit it over the green earlier.
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pressure on rickie now. >> yeah, 33 yards. i have to think, you know, 's a pitching wedge, certainly, but can `e get there with a big sand wedge as they're getting to the greens here. he's going to out. it right of the hole, i'm sure, johnny. >> good angle, though. he's got a little, you know, opening here. he should take advantage of it. >> and what little draft there is out here is in thespace, which actually helps with this shot. >> players i talked to said this green and number 1 are the firmest greens on the course.e. where you get the biggest bounce.
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not all of it. >> he didn't like that shot. >> do you see how hard that green is? >> much harder than the other ne. >> matsuyama with a chance to apply the pressure doesn't really do what he wanted.
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rickie fowler surveying his third shot. looks like it's sitting up east, rog. >> not a bad lie. chipped in earlier in the day. >> you talked about it, rog, it was earlier in regulation today when he was 11 under. this is how he picked up his second birdie of the day. bingo. vibes from earlier. here we go again. >> this will be very easy to
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break to the right., >> a littlemuddy at impact. >> yeah. >> he knew that it was going to come up well short. so, the second t tme that hideki matsuyama is going to have a chance to win it. >> rickie's given him someme openings. rickie hid a poor drive, a poor second and a poor third. that equalizes the putter sometimes. >> well i'm not sure that you can really try to make this one that he's got. with that stuff and leave it up rickie. it's kind of up the hill a little bit. downcrest.
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very fast to the hole as you said, john. >> see if rickie can make another pressure putt. it's hard to keep your sort of energy and ccncentration, you know, hole after hole pressu golf. >> kind of surprised he doesn't ave the flag end here in this situation. >> some people like it in, some don't. >> 36 feet to win it. >> is he going to make i? no. a little too frisky with it. >> he took it back like it was
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>> looks like it might have ran in the back of the cup there for a second. >> it was a good putt. it was in. >> it was motoring. >> let's take a look at itne more time, watch how far back he takes it. downhill putt. >> that looked great back there. he thought it was going to drop. again, he is not i i for par. obviously, neithe is fowler. he's well outside for his tempt right now. >> this is not an easy putt. >> this is pulling right. very hard putt. you have to hit it perfectly to hole it.
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and get away with it here. >> just like that. he kind of mirrors tiger woods. yououknow, he's just got that gear like jordan spieth. that gear with the putter that can just make a cluch shot. >> the players championship comes into mind with rickie, 6 under in six holes in regulation. then all the incredible shots for birdies island green at 17. just continuing on from there. looking for his fifth victory in the last nine months. that would be more than spieth, more than day,more than mcillry. and matsuyama to move it to the 17th and the fourth playoff hole. >> rickie just shrank the holes.s. >> for sure. zmrts >> it's not a hard putt, inside
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>> 26 holes without a bogey. now to the fourth playoff hole. well, golf is the name of the game here in phoenix.y0 and this playoff, right through ckoff. who knows how long this is going to go. bubba and danny lee are enjoying it. this guy just when you think he might crash, comes up with a beautful shot. that well outside of the hole and matsuyama. solid. as they go over to the 17th. the short par 4. again, that was the hole that
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in regulation when he had a twohot lead and became the 17th this was again, johnny, the choice of club. >> he had a two-shot lead. you can't need to hit the driver. just hit something laid up with an iron or short of the green and try to make birdie from ther not take water into play. if you pull it in the water also with a 3 wood, you can get away with those misses. >> fowler's only bogey of the day. drops to 13 under with matsuyama they've both tied for what's seen in regulation. then they went off to thehe first playoff hole. here we are in the fourth playoff hole. gary koch, haven't heard from you in a while. know you're still there. >> absolutely. boys are coming back to a very interesting drivable par 4 17th. seen is a little of everything
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eagles made. plenty of birdies and occasional bogeys. not a great designed drivable par 4, but great location right here it the end. >> pretty good throng of people going down the right side of the hole. you see those, gary. >> absolutely. >> this is a great play offhole right here. i think ne player will make birdie and one won't. this will be the end of it. >> different club collection for rickie this time, rog. >> no driver this time, fellas. it looks to be the 5 wood, too. it looks to be shorter wood. i don't believe it's a 3. >> back there in the shade. it doesn't seem long enough to
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>> setting up to the right this time, johnny. trying to play a drara >> el were, he is shaping it right to left. oh,`in the water, again. that is now the ninth time that rickie fowler has driven the ball in the water on this par 4 tpc scottsdale. >> ninth time, gary? >> ninth time. >> that's hard to believe. >> ninth time. he's whe the cat tails have been cut down, johnny. we've seen some players be lucky. >> roll up the pant legs and give it a try. >> we'll have to wait and see. >> that ball went down. you couldn't get it out of there with a cherry bomb. >> and matsuyama also with less than driver.
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as well. >> should be just fine. nothing to worry about there. >> obviously bobbled with the swing but by that reaction, it was just fine. vevey similar position to where he was in regulation. take another look. >> something baunchothered him. >> yeah, shot turned out fine. >> matsuyama short of the green at the par 4.
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stay with us. back here at the 17th. the fourth extra hole. the waste management phhnix open. rickie fowler. rog, any chance that he might play it? >> no, it is down in the water. and not playable. so he will have to drive and pitch across the desert with not a whole lot of green to work with. >> well, we've had ten players hit their tee shots in the ter today.
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make par. >> rickie and their caddie probably going to do some talking about how they played this hole if this ends right here. this hole obviously has got his number, right, gary? >> yeah, obviously, with having hit the ball in the water as many times as he has, lake you said, johnny, you might think about a different strategy. that goes in the water, it's nnt easy to get it up andddown. >> well, gary, i think the ball went into the hazard a little farther left thun you with across the water. he doesn't have to do that. but it's stillot a lot of green to work with it. >> yeah, i thought it went in
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it went in. just a little bit. >> well, they have marshals there. and the marshals mark the spot where the ball last crosses the margin of hazard right away. so, you have to rely on them. looks like they'll determine who -- >> they'll make that determination. and he's pointed at rickie. it will be rickie's play. >> probably going to go in the hole for rickie, with birdie.
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over. >> had a little twitching sound to it. hasn't traveled as far ashe wanted to. >> a tiny bit of scoop in it. added a little loft. >> have a look here. right hand worked under quite a bit. >> yeah. >> added loft to impact. >> all right, matsuyama, very straightforward shot. very similar to the one he had in regulation. >> yep. just a little right-to-left down the hill.
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overdo it. >> wewel, not his best. >> no, not over yet. >> matsuyama must be woodering what it takes to win this tournament, huh? >> he has played phenomenalagolf here. we've documented it, fourth, second and now in the playoff. and he's had seven-top five finishes on start on the tour since last season, that's the most by anyone without a victory. and that stands, though.h. hideki has been knocking on the door not only hereut elsewhere, and just hasn't been able to finishit off. he's about ready to finish rickie off here in the fourth playoff hole. >> the pendulum has been swinging pointing towards both
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