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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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good morning to you, everybody. 5:00 on the nose: i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. we want to t straight to michael and the breaking news in miami. we're learning two people have died. the northbound lanes of i-95 also closed. what can you tell snus. >> reporter: fhp confirmed the second death in this fieryy crash. we're on i-95 northbound just before exit 2d bere macarthur. have a look at this video that shows how massive this car fire was. fhp says just before 3:30 a.m., a car traveling north on 95 crashed into the median barrier separating northbound and southbound lanes, lost control and crashed into a concrete wall. there you have it. burst into flames. one person died on scene, the passenger. the driver did unfortunately die
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fhp has not yet identified the people who died here or what caused them to crash into that wall. we know three lanes are closed right now. as far as the investigation uoving forward, they're actually going to be shutting down all of 95 northbound. it's going to be a long morning ahead as far as commuters and investigators as they really begin working to figure out what went wrong to cause that horrible crash. we'll have much more on this in the next 30 minutes. for now, we'll toss it to kelly blanco. this is not how we want to start our morning. this is our first alert camera on i-95 around northwest 6th street. this is just before that ramp to the macarthur causeway and also the dolphin expressway. you can see that all these lanes are completely blocked off. three lanes blocked off. they will be shutting down i-95 northbound because it is under investigation.
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so you can see those three lanes are blocked off. southwest 8th street eastbound and webound are also completely shut down. miking said they will be shutting down the lanes of i-95 northbound. we will keep you posted on air and online as soon as that does happenn we do not have any other accidents in broward county or miami-dade. don't forg where you can follow us on twitter. we'll keep you posted on this fatal crash all morning long. a quick weather check as we get out the door. temperatures still falling, now 54 in oakland park, 56 in flawed. we went from 60 in opa-locka to 58. same can be said in miami. temperatures still tumbling. going to be a cool day. i'd like to see some more sunshine. we were kind of missing that element of our forecast. i still think the clouds lay low this morning. thinning out this afternoon.
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but not necessarily doing us good. 54 this morning, mostly cloudy on the morning drive. progress sflyore sunshine. highs well below average, high of 66 comes this afternoon. then the big chill coming tonight with lows in the 40s, my complete forecast coming up in 13 minutes. turning now to decision 2016, donald trump and bernie sanders score big primary wins. secondlace was little console lags for hillary clinton, baugh huge prize for john kasich setting off the scramble for support in next week's south carolina primary. nbc's tracie potts is tracking politics from manchester, new hampshire. . >> i want to thank you. we love you. >> reporter: more than a third ofnew hampshire republicans said yes to donald trump's bold, not-so-politically-correct brand of politics which he says will work anywhere. >> we are going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina.
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cruz, rubio and bush in a four-way battle for second place. he credits a positive message. >> tonight the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigning. >> reporter: hillary clinton suffered a huge though not unexpected defeat. no comeback this time. she lost to bernie sanders by double digits but insists it's not or. >> we're going to fight for every vote in every state. sanders heads to harlem, new york, to pirk up key endorsements that could help him compete against clinton in souou carolina. >> they're throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink, and have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming p ptty soon as well. >> reporter: massive rnout, lines around the block. in one case a mile long,ed to outsider victories in both parties.
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nubers this morning, it looks like turnout was on track to set a record. tracie potts, nbc news, manchester, new hampshire. team coverage of those new hampshire primaries continues with julia bagg. she niece the studio with some of ose big developments. >> looking beyond the winners from new hampshire, you can see how this all pututa new spin on the race with a virtual no name taking second place, governor john kasich of ohio. you see a much more jubilant jeb bush this morning. enjoying a slight bounce over marco rubio. >>hile the reality tv star is still doing well, it looks like you all have reset the race. for that i am really grateful. >> for his part, marco rubio said he takes the blame himself for his fifth place in new hampshire.
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speeches and photo galleries all app. eric, back to you. the search is on for the shooter who fired at two men in northwest miami-dade. this happened near 25 avenue and 61st street near 220 yesterday afternoon. paramedics took both victims to the hospital, one with a gunshot woundndo the arm, the other in the leg. the suspect fled on foot. but no word who they're looking for or a possible motive behind the shooting. the so-called dade land mall flasher is covering up this morning behind bars charged with several counts of indecent exposure. police seiho say antonio kbrksort flashed women at least three times. the victims say he exposed himself the same way in two different cars, both registered to his girlfriend. police are looking at whether or
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and is expected to be in front of a judge late they are morning. a mother makes an emotional plea from halfway around the world for the safe return of her teenage son who went missing here in south florid. >> please come home. >> that is a tearful plea coming two months after the disappearance of agi jorgensen. his father was arrested last month on charmgs of deserting his child. a man goes on two vicious attacks, first with a poll and then with a sword. the suspect is behind bars and one of his vis victims is speaking out. a measure is making its way
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co welcome back. the broard county judge convicted of dui is expected to resign by the end of this month. according to the sun sentinel a top officialonfirmed that she will soon send a letter to the governor announcing her retirement.
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back inn november 2013. she served 20 days on house arrest last summer but was facing more disciplinary action from the state supreme court. broward deputies are on the hunt for a masked robber who threatened customers and employees at an oakland park dollar store. it happened last month at dollar general in the 2100 block of oakland park. the man walked in, demanded all the money in the register and threatened to shoot everyone in the store. the crook wore a black shirt to cover his face and used another shirtrtto hide his gun. after emptying all the money in the register, he took off in a green chevy. if you think you can help, call 305-471-tips. douglas brochet has bruises all over his face from the attack. you can see this 81-year-old man
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still alive. this surveillance video really hard to watch. it shows the elderly man being hit over and over by this man here holding a shelving pole. police say the violent attack happened early sunday morning in a lauderhill shell station. >> his hand was behind his back. i didn't know he had anything in his hand. he just struck me over the head. >> brochet says he for gives walker and wants him to get help. the surveillance video at the swap shop in lauderhill shows lker grabbing a sword from a display booth and swinging it at another man. both victims are expected to recover. good morning, south florida. 5:13 is the time. this is a traffic ale we have on i-95 northbound in miami-dade. this is just before the ramps
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you can see the right lane completely blocked off. we have michael spears live on the scene giving us all the latest information on this deadly accident. one lane is getting by. they shut down i-95 northbound for about four minutes. now you can see theeeft lane is getting by at this time. now, it might sh down again because, as you can see, still a pretty akctive seen. you want to avoid it by taking u.s. 441, maybe biscayne boulevard as your alternate. this is the only accident in all of south florida, but it might affect your mmning. we also have i-95 northbound from southwest 8th street, both eastbound and westbound ramps completely blocked off. your alternates this morning, u.s. 441 and biscayne boulevard. we have construction going on that we'll talk about in a few minutes. for now, ur forecast with meteorologist ryan phillips. >> live first alert doppler sweeping the skies, free of any wet weather.
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for several days. thery season finally established and also the winter season as well. we're monitoring falling temperatures this morning. let's talk about what's out there on the ads this morning. as kelly mentioned, traffic troubles in some locations. again, roads are dry. skies are mostly cloudy. that's my big concern this morning, try to get sunshine back. temperatures are falling into the mid 50s for the commute in. on the drive home at least brighter skies. temperatures only into the mid 60s. a coolish day yet again. here we go with temperatures, 55 in pompano, 57 in pembroke pines. al at opa-locka and miami. fell two degrees in one hour, from 4:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. temperatures are still tumbling. i'll make ur average start this morning right around 54 or so. cool breeze at about ten miles per hour. that will kind of put thehill in you. so make sure you've got a lair on this morning. take you down to the keys where
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we're going to shake through the cloud cover. it's a mostly cloudy day. winds out of the north at 10. temperatures not changing much. 66 in key largo. 67 marathon on down to key west. the northwest winds continue. that cool dry air swings down the peninsula, working our way through the residual clouds that blanket our skies, leading to more sunshine late they are afternoon. in fact, future tracker has a really nice capture of that. a good handle leading into the afternoon hours. as we head into the overnight hours tonight, clear skies, light winds from the north. we end up with another night in the 40s before a nice recovery kicks in on thursday. let's talk about what's out there this morning. as i mentioned, a school start. temperatures still falling this morning. first alert weather, temperatures into the mid 50s early on. it will take some time to recover. the cool breeze in place, only 63 by 11:00 a.m. at this point in february our average high is 78.
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again, any little bit of sunshine will help. here we are now, 48 heading into the overnight hours tonight. not the coldest morning we've had th winter season, but pretty darn close, our western areas could be down into the mid 40s. this is the last one as temperatures begin to recover after we head into thursday night and friday. so here we go in the next three days. 66 today, still on the cool side with mostly cloudy skies. after we start our thursday in the 40s, up to 68. then our s sretch of 60s for highs will come to a quick end. friday, mostly sunny and 74. saturday, 77. eric, sunday is a day of love. >> sure is. >> partly sunny and 74. you have enough time to plan. i'm putting the heart there is so we don't forget it's valentine's day. >> hunters might get additional camouflage during the next bear hunt in florida. here is what we're talking
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a senate committee backed a measure that would protect personal information such as names, social security numbers and addresses of people getting hunting, fishing and boating licenses and certificates from going public, from being public records essentntlly. the senator who sponsored the bill said the purpose of this is to protect gun owners. >> when you publish the addresses, you're inviting people who might have evil deeds in mind to come out and say, oh, we're going toraid that house, we're going to raid that house. >> florida's first amendment foundation questioned his stance saying the bill is just a reaction to last year's bear hunt when names of some famous people became public when they applied for licenses. if the bill is approved, it would become law july 1st. new this morning in just a couple hours, miami-dade county's top cop will be sworn in. 25-year veteran juan perez is replacing retiring j.d. patterson.
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country's biggest forces. mayor carlos jimenez says perez has earned the respect of his colleagues. that ceremony is happening this morning at port miami at 10:00. so this wednesday, mind you, it is the 10th of february. that's no different. but this wednesday definitely for a lot of people is a little different. >> today marks the beginning of the season of lent known as ash wednesday. today you'll see people with ash on their foheads. it's a 40-day period of penance leading up to easter sunday. christians all over the world markhe beginning of the season by attending mass. lent calls on worshippers to fast, pray and. it's 5:19 on your ash wednesday morning. still a lot more coming up including this. it was a good night for bernie sanders in the granite state.
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>> shooting some baskets. he wasn't only banking on votes last t ght. we'll take you inside his campaign headquarters. i think we're looking at a little piece of that right there. a canine in florida is receiving two special awards.
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in the line of a scare for the tar heels as their h%ad coach collapsed in the second half of the game. rory lliams went down in front of the bench in a game against boston college. the team's medical staff stepped in to help, eventually getting the coach off the court and in the locker room. the assistant helped unc finish the game with a win. a massive turnout in denver bowl win. more than a million people lined the parade route to catch a glimpse of that championship team and the lombardi trophy as it slowly passed down. peyton manning and von miller rode on top the fire truck with the team owner's wife.
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for that franchise since 1999. congratulations to them. in louisiana, the cold weather didn't keep people from celebrating the end of this year's mardi gras. thousands of people mapped up mardi gras yesterday in downtown new orleans. fafalies lined up early along st. charles avenue. float riders threw out beads and trinkets while dancing the the marching bandn bernie sanders proving to those who criticize hisge he is still young, at least he is at heart. taking to the basketball court, the senator shot some hoops while we waited for the official results. surrounded by his grandkids, he showed off his consistent bank shot. not bad, huh? about six feet away from the basket. bernie, good job. both shots while the camera was pointed at him went in. to complete the night, sanders did take first place out of new
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much more still to come in all those campaigns. >> he is no curr he is right there. >> when the camera was pointed at him, you've got to perform, right? one canine is getting a lot of rewards for his surface. >> hissname is officer endo awarded the purple heart and medal of valor. he was s st in the neck last november while tracking down a n who shot and wounded his live-in girlfriend. officer endo has since recovered. >> beautiful dog. great reward. i love to see that. it's 5:25 on your wednesday morning. still a lot more ahead for you in our next half hour including this. donald trump an bernie sanders leaving new hampshire with the victory. how did florida's own marco rubio match up. we'll have his reaction and what he's promising for the future of his campaign. 5:26. watching temperatures fall this
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across much of miami-dade county. mid 50s in broward county. it gets even colder heading into tonight and tomorrow morning. your first alert forecast is minutes away. we're following a deadly accident that killed two people. michael spears is live on the scene with an update. i-95 northbound has a few lanes
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we'll give you lowe's presents: how to plan for the future. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgotur anniversary. happy mother's day.
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at lowe's. welcome back everybody. your time is 5:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning.. a fiery crash on northbound i-95 just before the 836 and i-395. >> michael spears is live on scene. sadly, we understandwo people were killed in the crash. we're also hearing there is a possibility that northbound 95 might be completely shut down at one point.
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>> reporter: eric, they did shut
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