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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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ft. lauderdale skies. south florida seeing temperatures dip into the 40s. >> a couple nice pictures. you're waking up to cool temperatures as well. ryan we'll get cooler as we approach the point where most peooe will be waking up. >> absolutely. as sheli mentioned, sweater weather. guys, i don't always wear sweaters -- actually i don't ever wear sweaters but i did yesterday. one more day to savor it. we've got one thing going for us, clearing kies. that's going to yield a lot of sunshine. a beautiful forecast. we've been locked in with the cloud cover for the last few days thinning out. that's also helping temperatures to cool off. here are the updated readings as we head into the 5:00 a.m. hour. down to 47 in pompano. florida city and homestead. still locked at 50. our t tmperatures still dial back. we still have two more hours for e c cling process to take shape. i think everyone starts off at 47.
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lauderdale area are clear. lots of sunshine that warms up to 63 before the lunch hour. today's high is 68. well below average. nice. it only gets warmer heading into the long holiday weekend. right now f frst allert traffic with kelly blanco. >> you had a joke. i don't always wear a sweater, but iwhen i do, it's either red cashmere. >> sfs gray and fitted. >> a sweatervest. >> nice, nice. >> today is one of those days where you're not going to want to head out of bed. it is chilly south florida. we all have to go to work and school. 826 drivers, nothing too bad out there. we are accident-free from miami-dade or broward county. if you're headed out the door, youave a nice commute ahead of you.
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golden glades interchange. no issues westbound. we have construction on the palmetto expressway northbound at tamiami trail and 836 westbound, the ramp to northwest 57th avenue completely shut down. >> thank you so much. crisis management teams are headed to carroll city high school after a drive-by shooting. bliss are looking for 19-year-old stanley reagan. we have our picture on our facebook page. erika glover is live at the school in miami@ gardens with a closer look at what went down here. the great thing about is no one got hurt. >> sheli, you're exactly right. thankfully no one was hurt. we're standing outside carroll city high school? the same area where so many students were outside when the drive-by shooting took place wednesdayafternoon. grief counselors will be on haha to speak with students impacted by this incident.
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bullet holes in the windows here at carroll city high school. investigators say the bullet came flying from a car headed eastbound on 183rd street and were aimed at someone walking in front of the school, not the school itself. the person targeted, not a student, apparently fired back. it was 30 minutes after classes got out. students were outside and went running. after-school programs were on lockdown during the investigation. officials are applauding how quckly school staff reacted to bring everyone inside safely. >> well, i think we have avoided a tragedy in a very dramatic way. it appears again the school got caught in the crossfire between two rival entities. that's being investigated. the teachers reacted professionallylycourageously and first and foremost, protecting the kids. they got them inside. >> again this morning, officers
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19-year-old stanley rain. officerssay he has a violent history and should be considered armed and dangerous. if you have any information, call crime stoppers, that number is 305-471-tips. erika glover, nbc 6 news. police are still on the hunt for a man who stole a car with a baby inside. it happened on monday. crime stoppers is offering a $3,000 reward for information % leading the the suspect responsible. 10-month-old yareli velasco was sleeping in the back seat when the car was stolen. the incidentt led to a statewide amber alert. it was called when that car was found with the baby safe inside. that is when they called it off. if you can help, you're asked to call the broward county crimestoppers line, 305-471-tips. an investigation into a hit-and-run crash in miami. we're seeing surveillance video
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motorcyclist in a coma. luis sanchez is charged with leaving the scene of an accident with serious bodily injury. he was the d dver rear ending jonathan beacon. police say suarez stped quickly but then he took off. they caught him about a block away after a brief struggle. other drivers did stop to help borrego who is in a medically induced coma. sanchez has bonded out of jail. police have arrest add teen behind a fatal new year's eve crash. the 17-year-old is facing charges for vehicular manslaughter. we're not identifying the 17-year-old unless prosecutors decide to charge him as an assault. cops say he was speeding through
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the impact killed 18-year-old daniella pad rad des sitting in the back seat at the side. the miami international boo show is at a brand new location. >> the move didn't come without an controversy. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is at the iconic miami marine stadium. more than 100,000 people expected there. >> reporter: that's right. this is going to be huge. iconic venue. look at this iconic boat. the boatfrom the "miami vice" tv show. one of the main attractions here. talk about a huge, huge show ahead. we have more than 100,000 people expected and more than 1200 oats, accessories, yachts, speed boats, anything you can imagine. it's a south florida tradition. 75 years, truly incredible. the biggest change this year
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the miami marine stadium park on virginia key. now, when you talk about the economic impact of this, this is expected to be huge. organizers say this could bring in roughly $600 million in pumping new life into the local economy. a little controversy when you talk about an event of this size. not everyone a fan. key biscayne mayor mira lindsay talked about the economic impact on this huge event on the area, the very sensitive island when we talk about the ecosystem. she was saying she really hopes the county will reconsider next year. we talked to organizers who say the temporary marina that was built is truly temporary and complied with all the environmental regulations. fantastic show. more than 100,000 people expected. one of the key things this year will be parking. they're really encouraging people to take advantage of the new options.
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up in miam offering free shuttle buses and parking in this area. you'll also hear live from this year's boat showman jer. definitely exciting. we'll get back inside to show you more. tune in, check back with us. back to you. >> tough assignment. >> make sure you bring your checkbook. make sure there's something in your checking account to write checks from. >> time is 5:08. sll a lot more ahead. coming up, the race to the white house heating up as the republican field gets smaller. meanwhile hillary clinton and bernie sanders are gearing up for their next bate. we are tracking all of that and moror in politics. cocoing up, who's in and who is out. also a damaged delivery. remember thts? a ups worker was caught on mera carelessly tossing a package over a fence. temperatures falling into the upper 40s in broward county.
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welcome back on this thursday morning. florida governor rick scott has no comments on how the fix the state's death pepalty law. the florida legislature right now divided oven how to rewrite
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court ruled the current one was unconstitutional. the house and the senate over odds over whether or not a jury should unanimously agree to recomnd a death sentence alone. as of right now governor scott hasn't me any recommendations and says he won't do that until the state's legislature sends him a bill. >> it's a very sol dem duty. i think about the victims. i think about their families, thinking about the impact on their families. again, if the legislature passes something, i'll be glad to review it. >> governor scott's approach contrasts former governor jeb bush's who called the scial session and recommended changes that included the state switch to eegtal injection from the electric chair. there are less republican candidates to talk about this morning. the field getting smaller as the focus now turns to south carolina. meanwhile as nbc's tracie potts reports, hillary clinton and bernie sanders get ready for another debate tonight. >> must have been awfully conttious --
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and carly fiorina out, it's a smaller field now in south carolina. this next primary could make or break jeb bush or marco rubio. >> the question for people in south carolina is what kind of person do you want behind the big desk. >> reporter: john kasich says he'll try not to go negative. >> i'm not going to let sobody pound me. i have a right to defend myself. >> reporter: ted cruz is counting on the state's evangelical voters. but donald trump has led every poll in the last six months. in clemsonn he hammered hillary clinton and her stunning loss in new hampshihe. >> honestly, women don't like r. men don't like her. take a look at what's happening to her. >> reporter: lawmakers are coming to clinton's scue. the congressional black caucus will endorse her today y d sent members to states like south carola with large african-american populations. >> people in south carolina are angry right now and they want a
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>> reporter: could that be bernie sanders? >> go your own way. the revolution is possible. >> reporter: he'll face off with hihiary clinton in a debate tonight. bernie sanders' campaign says he raised $5 million in small donations overnight after his win in new hampshire. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. on the democratic side, hillary clinton making moves in florida. the former secretary of state will make a campaign stop in riviera beach. thatat will happen next week on monday. before her scheduled visit, clinton's campaign office has opened up already in broward county. supporters gathered at the pompano beach location that will serve as clinton's first organizing office for the march 15th florida primary. broward is the most dememratic county in the state of florida making it an important battleground for both clinton and sanders. today, of course, as we mentioned earlier is the democratic debate, the
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you can find extensive coverage of everybody on the campaign trail and everything going on using our nbc 6 news an weather app. everything from live results to in-depth analysis. all that right at your finger the tips. 5:15 is the time. what a beautiful start to or day. on the cool side, yes. five days in a row with tempatures in the 60s for highs. this morning will be the coldest morning we've had this week. we've been able to clear out overnight. we've had a few clouds. hour by hour to get you through mid morning. here is how we fall into the 40s in the next few hours. by 7:00 a.m., we'll average temperatures around 47. itit a quick climb out of the cold readings into the 50s, even by 9:00 a.m., into the mid 50s. we'll head into the upper 60s by this afternoon. let's look at the big picture and see what's happening across the region.
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for the next two days, not yielding any rain, just a high canopy of cloud cover leading to fifiered sunshine. we want full winter sunshine here in south florida. we'll be leaning towards that in the afternoon hours. northwest winds at 5 to ten miles per hour. the@tind has stayed up enough, but still coming in from a favorable direction to allow the temperatures to continue to dial back. 47 in west kendall, 47 in pompano and deerfield. weweve got 49 in ft. lauderdale with that 50 still hging around m.i.a. i still think we'll deal it back to 47, 48 at m.i.a. 59 in mayor ton and upper 50s in key west. winds turning to the south around the high pressure system. our winds turn to the northeast and may bring in cloud cover, but certnly warmer readings this afternoon.
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this is nowhere close to record breaking cold, but it's well below our average low of about 62. much warmer even before the lunch hour at 63. today's firkt alert forecast high, 68. not a bad night tonight. still on the cool side. we'll still have the cool mornings forhe next few days, but warmer afternoons certainly lie ahead. first alert weather, let's lay it out. r fifth day in a row with afternoon. up to 75 for your friday. the weekend looks outstanding. 77 saturday, 74 for sunday. there may be a sprinkle or two on monday, presidents day. mid 70s will take us well to next week. let's check the morning drive with kelly blanco. >> we're still accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. go morning, south florida. taking a look at your drive o o the palmetto expressway which is very lightly traveled at 5:18 a.m. southbound and northbound lanes looking good. whether you're headed towards
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gratigny this morning or headed towards i-75, a nice commute ahead of you. over to our first allert traffic maps, keep in mind as you wake your way out the door, 836 drivers, the ramp to northwest 57th avenue should be opening up within the next five to ten minutes. this was closed off as well because of construction. 826 northbound drivers the ramp to northwest 122nd street blocked off for another ten to 15 minutes. >> your time is 5:19 on your thursday. thieves apparently have a new high tech way of stealing your identity and racking up big-time purchases on your dime. it's all done through your favorite device. >> nbc 6 investigators dan krauth has more into this emerging form of i.d. theft. >> reporter: we use our cell phones for everything. now people are hacacng into them
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they're doing this while your phone is in your very own pocket. detectives tell us it's a crime you don't often hear about because people aren't reporting it. in a matter of minutes, the bad guys can take control of your device and get your most sensitive information. a miami shores man learned about it the hard way when it happened to him. >> it makes me so sick, literally sick to my stomach. >> reporter: we'll show youow this crime works and something you can do todayo help yourself, steps i've taken to protect my phone and my identity as well. join us for this nbc 6 investigation tonight at 6:00. police arrested third person accused of killing a 19-year-old fau student. 22-year-old alexander gillis faces first degree murder and robbery with a firearm. two men have been arrestete they were arrested last month. the victim, 19-year-old nicholas acosta was killed inside his f-campus apartment back in
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his girlfriend sid five men ordered them to the ground before shooting acosta. a south florida homeowner asking for an apology from u.u.s. after the way the driver handled his delivery. check it out. kevin halverson, his home security cameraaptured the driver throws, tossing the packages right over the fence, nothing broke luckily, but halverson would have prrerred that the driver open the gate and gently set his packages down. he said it's the last thing he expected to find because he's always had good luck with u.p.s. in the past. >> everyone at home wondering how often does this happen to them. time is 5:21. much more ahead. coming up, south florida will soon be getting a little taste of the big apple. find out which iconic dessert joint coming to boca. looking for ways to bring
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junior's restaurant expected to open up a new restaurant at mizner park in boca raton. that restaurant will feature a full bar, a bakery and a takeout area because you have to take a slice home to the kids. if it is successful, the restaurant could open more locations here as well in south florida. speaking of old habits dying hard. now is the time people start straying away from their new year's resolution, like going to the gym and cutting back on certain things. you can change that with the habit loop. took tors say it helps you identify your bad habit, experiment with rewards, isolate the queue and form a plan of action. you look at what triggers you to perform an unhealthy or negative action. ne profile coach says a good id is to findnd a friend with a similar goal in mind and write down what you hope to achieve. >> putting your goals in writing
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because the more area you can see it, the more it will help. if you have a buddy with the similar goal, having that buddy system helps keep you accountable. >> you're encouraged to give visual reminders. new r rearch suggests do your homework. a study reviewed the websites of 200 different programs found that only 9% conform to medical guidelines when it comes to weight loss and less than 60% gave specifics about diet or exercise strategies. also very few programs mention prescribing fda approved medications. music could be bringing families together. >> a good old-fashioned sing-alng sounds a little corn any. but apparently it works. there's a new study that shows when people take off their headphones and start listening to music together, it brings loved os together because
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the audio company sonos conducted a study to find out what happens when people listen to music together. my kids hatee it when dad sings. it found families who listen together at home spent an average of three hours a day together which is odd. thestudy even found couples who have more than double the amount of sex that they were having before when they start listening to music together. >> as much as you're over the "let it go" song, apparently it's good for the family. >> don't be afraid to belt it out even if your kids say, dad, no more. police are searching for a suspect this morning after a drive-by shooting sends students running for cover. also a thief caught on camera swiping a package rigig
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