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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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inside, the medicine that theatest on an investigation to o who pulled a trigger at a local high school. a bso deputy charged with shooting a man carrying an air rifle,@hear what he told investigators. miami international boat show celebrati its 75th anniversary by taking the show to a brand new location. not everyone is happy about it. good morning everybody. time is 5:30. i'm eric harryman. >> it's sheli muniz. one more day of the alarm clock. anan another drop in degrees. parts of south florida waking up 40s. >> now we need to talk to meteorologist ryan phillips who made the startling admission about a half hour ago that yesterday you did crack out your famous sweater vest. is that right? >> that is correct. that is correct.
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you wait. i'll tweet that bad boy o!t real soon. it's one more day of sweater weather. a chill in the air we'll have to fight through. the good thing is we'll have a lot more sunshine to break the chill once we get into the morning drive. 47 in p ppano beach. 47 in west kendall and homestead. these readings about 15 degrees below average. we're hanging on to 50 in miami. i don't think that's going to last. mostly sunny skies this time around. blanket of cloud cover finally letting go. live look inside to everglades holiday park where temperatures are chillier far out west. mostly sunny and chilly this morning. 47 initially.y. up to 68 this afternoon. let's not forget so i can get the k kds off to school this morning. i think the bus stop will be loong at temperatures between 45 and 48. so please do make sure they're bundled up for again a south
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warmer weather coming today and through the weekend. we're still accident-free in miami-dade and broward @ounty. good news on your way out the door. on the turnpike things are looking all right. all green on our maps which means it's going up to full speed. no issues whatsoever. no construction, trtrfic moving along between 55 and 60 miles per hour leaving you wh a ten-minute ride from coral reef to tamiami trail. 826, traffic moving at 55 miles per hour. four-minute ride from bird road to the dolphin expressway. 836, construction has cleared up. you have a nine-minute ride from the palmetto expressway to i-95. you might want to take 395 instead of 195. we did see red and orange on our maps as you're leaving the beach headed towards the mainland. the palmetto expressway eastbound from the big curve to the golden glades a nine-minute ride. shots fired at school. now police arar searching for whoever pulled the trigger. crisis management teams are headed there to help students
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nbc 6 reporter erika glover is live at carol city high school in miami gardens. the good thing is no one was hurt in this. but the search continuess for who was behind it. >> reporter: the search continues this morning. officers say the car responsible for that drive-by was traveling eastbound right outside carroll city high school where we are. the person they were targeting was standing outside. they're not a student but simply walking by tis area. officers say they're looking for 19-year-old stanley reign. all this went down thursday afternoon after classes wrapped up. students who were s sanding outside carroll city high school went scrambling for cover. now after-school programs were also placed on lockdown during this investigation wednesday afternoon. here is how superintendent
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chaotic scene. >> it appears again the school got caught in the crossfire betweentwo rival entities. that's being investigate edd, one riving east, the other walking west on the same street. >> there are cameras set up, so officials say h hefully that video will give them more clues about this case. educators also want parents to know there will be counselors on hand for students who need someone to talk to here this morning throughout the day. your time is 5:35. the broward county cher riff's depy charged with manslaughter after a 2013 shooting will appear in court today. this morning we're hearing about what he said to detectives after that deadly incident happened. the interview was conducted d ve days after the shooting of oakland resident jermaine mcbean.
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saw mcbean walking down the street with a rifle in his hand. he goes on to tell detectives he became concerned when mcbean went into an apartment complex with that gun. >> being the time of day, there's a lot of civilians walking around inside. children and families in the pool areas, walking around their community. >> mcbean's family is saying he didn't hear the officer talking because he was wearing headphones and listening to music as he was walking along. this case is e first time in three decades that a police officer in broward county has been charged in a fatal shooting while on duty. this morning a browarar county powerhouse is at the center of a deadly investigation. a section of the seaport that handles car go at port everglades was taken over by yellow tape and flashing lights as you see there. this was last night. the broward county sheriff's office says an employee was leaving work when a tractor-trailer hit him. it's unclear as to how or why the man was hit.
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yet to be identified died at the scene. >> right now police are looking for a woman who stole a package containing a child's medication right from the family's front door steps. surveillance video showing a woman walkingg up to the home, picking up the package, shoving it in her purse and walking to a silver honda accord. it happened second after the package was delivered by u.p.s. to the home. the homeowner says it contained an undisclosed medication for their son. if you think you recognize this woman, you're asked to call police. pope francis making a stop in cuba tomorrow for something that's not happened in 1,000 years. we're talking the year 1054. the holy father and the head of the russian orthodox church will meet in what could be an historic step toward healing the rift between the westernnd eastern branches of christianity. the vatican says the leaders are expected to hold several hours
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airport with one of their main focuses being to work against the middle east. so why cuba you're king? it's seen as neutral ground. nbc 6 is everywhere. we have julia bagg who will be at 11:00. the miami international boat show is celebrating its 75th anniversary by taking the show to a brand new location. >> that's where we find nbc 6 reporter michael spears at the miami marine stadium. >> supposed to be changes this year after 75 years. organizers are hoping a lot of people who go, thousands of people who are planning are going will see those changes as a very good thing. >> reporter: that's right. 're here in virginia key. we came inside to show you about what's on display. i have brian davis with seven marine out of milwaukee. we're all freezing. >> much warmer than where we come from in milwaukee. we're looking forward to the
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afternoon. >> you have good stuff on display. talk about what's on display. look at this. it's beautiful. >> we have our 627 and 557 horsepower outboard motorss on display. you can see the motors have a super charged v8. we packaged them in a cowell that we designed to be sexy, elegant, luxurious with integrated l.e.d. lighting and lots of cool features for our customers. >> talk about the change in venue. this is not your first year down here. huge event, more than 100,000 people expected over the next couple days. premier boat show, what do you think about the chge in venue this year? >> this show is really important. it allows us an opportunity to bring our brand to the customer and to show t t company's identity. to be able to do that this year with the boats on the d dk in the water, integrating the convention center-type feel with our own brand, our own booth and then taking that out to the dock and working with our boat company, carter, being able to
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go for ski trials, come back to the booth, talk to us about their feelings, this is something i think can really work out. we're pretty excited about it. >> busy couple days for you. >> very busy. this is an important show. a key show. this is a great market for offshore boats, big outboards. >> thank you, brian. >> thank you. we look forward to people coming out to see us. >> gates open at 10:00 a.m. more than100,000 people expected. with the change of venue comes new transportation options. in the next half hour we have an interview with the boat showman jer. we'll take you there and show you some of the boats on display this year. live in virginia key, michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> michael, thank you so much if you do decide to go to the boat show, be careful. they don't like it when you physically drool on the boats. that's frowned upon. they don't like that. >> a lot to look forward to and the weather should be good. we'll see ryan in a bit for that.
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still a lot more ahead. the cruise ship battered by a storm arrives back in port. what passengers are saying as they disembark. >> also a tr`agedy in central florida. a 13-year-old is dead and police are linking the case to a popular christmas toy. how a hoverboard m mht have played a role here. >> a cool morning across the area as anticipated. 40-degree readings pretty widespread across the two-county area. 49 in ft. lauderdale. mostly clear in pembroke pines at 48. temperatures still falling but a beautiful rebound just in time for the upcoming weekend. first alert forecast coming up in just minutes. broward county accident-free. i-75 nine minute from pines boulevard to palmetto expressway. eight minutes from flamingo to
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as wel welcome back. it is 5:44. breakiki overnight out of oregon. a standoff at the wildlife refuge could end today. the four reminding occupiers say they'll turn themselves in under conditions, one includes the escort out by billy graham's son. the fbi right now has the refuge surrounded. but this all started last month in january when ptesters seized that refuge to oppose federal land use polici. later that month in january, some members headed in to town and were stopped by federal agents. one of them failed to s srender and at that point shot and killed. also breaking overnht and related to what i was just talking about, federalagents arrested rancher clive bundy in portland involving 2014 standoff
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his son amamn is among those under arrest in the latest siege in oregon. you can watch for updates on the air and on our nbc news and weather app. there areeports a north korean military chief has been executed. the reports come from south korean officials. the man was allegedly killed for corruption and other charges. if these south korean reports are true, the execution could be the latest in a series of killings, purges and dismissals since kim jong un took power in late 2011. details about north korea's difficult to get. south korean officials have a developments in north korea. the anthem of the seas is back in port this morning. this is the cruise ship that ran to a big-time storm, dangerous weather and was first to cut that voyage short. that ship was met at the dock by the coast guard as more than 4500 passengers got off that boat. that team of u.s. coast guard
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to the ship and recommend repairs before it sets sail again. royal caribbean admit tld were huge gaps in their planning allowing that ship to sail into that storm. the ship was destined to florida as one of its stops when on the high seas it got tossed around in that big storm, up to 30-foot waves at a couple points. royal caribbean decided to abort their several stops including one in florida and turn around and head back up north to new jersey. passengers will get a full refund and a certificate for 50% off a future cruise. >> now first alert weather with meteteologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. it's5:47. cool start to our morning. i should say cold. for us to be in the 40s, that's etty cold. the beauty is the beautiful warmup just around the corner. we get through a narrow window between now and 9:00 a.m. it's going to be a beautiful day.
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we'll carry this dry weather forecast in to theupcoming long holiday weekend. live first alert radar tracking clear. you can also track the temperatures in your local forecast based on your geographic location for free on the nbc 6 news and weather app. a nice look over e 836. you can see traffic moving along there. roadways are dr it's been nice to not fight through rain showers on either@ end of the morning or afternoon commute. still watching the temperatures fallight now. we've level off temporarily i believe at 50 at m.i.a. i think we're still falling and it will leave most of us into the mid 40s on the drive in. that will co with a lot more sunshine to get you started. brighter skies this afternoon. we'll warm into the middle and upper 60s on the drive home. partly cloudy, 67. across the state, this is pretty significant. below the freezing mark in tallahassee and jacksonville. 40 in orlando, 40 in vero beach and 44-degree readings into
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that 50 in miami not looking too bad right now. 48 will do it inpembroke pines, 47 in west kendall. mid 50s through the florida keys. our winds again not overly strong. good news for us. not really talking windchills here. northwest winds at five to ten. coming right down the peninsula, keeping temperatures in check. cloud cover finally thinning out. ruture tracker illustrating the cloud cover. most of which will be the coastal variety. sunny skies coming back around the first alert forecast for the next few days. a chill in the air the first thing this morning on the morning drive. temperatures hit their low point at about 47. bb it's a rapid recovery we'll say into the lower 60s as soon 68. that's today's high. that's warmer than we've been for the last few days. then we g into friday with highs at 75. we're into the mid 70s for the upcoming weekend. here is your first alert forecast to guidid you through the next several days. not bad at all. what i like is we have a cool
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the upper 50s and lower 60s. highs in the mid 70s. ra chances early this week. i think another cold snap coming at us next tuesday into wednesday. let's check traffic. here is kelly. >> good morning to you, south florida. hope your morning is off to a good start. things are looking good on the roetsds both in miami-dade and broward county. we're still accident free in both counties, alsoo monroe. good morning to you. construction has cleared up, 5:49 a.m., no issues whatsoever. taking a look at yourp drive in broward, your northbound and southbound lanes at griffin road, again, no accidents, no construction. let's take you over to the lmetto expressway and see what's happening as people make their way towards the golden glades interchange. eastbound lanes and westbound lanes, no problem whatsver. a couple of people told me they got stuck on the palmetto expressway northbound around southwest th street because of nstruction. today that will be going on again, northbound 826 shut down at southwest 8th from 11:00 p.m. until tomorrow morning.
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in latin america, it will be the focus in congress. the director forhe cdc is expected to testify during a senate subcommittee hearing. president obama has asked for $1.8 to help combat the virus. rk on the vaccine is already in the works. meanwhile the cdc continues to warn women who may be pregnant to avoid areas where zika is active. >> tonight there's another debate beten sanders and clinton on the democratic side. facing off the university of milwaukee at 9:00 tonight. the candidates shifting their focus away from new hampshire and on to nevada and south carolina where voters will head to the polls later this month. et's go on the other side now. the republican field is smaller as of this morning, two people dropping out here. chris christie and carly fiorina calling it quits moving forward. christie made that announcement through his campaign headquarters yesterday fternoon, early afternoon. fiorina made her announcement through fcebook as well.
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showings in the first two primaries. a quick heads up for you. soon lithium ion batteries could end up on theno-fly list. bulk shipment of the batteries have already caused several air disasters. when they overheat they cause a fire that no fire supp pregs system on an airplane can actually battle. the ntsb is expected to make a decision soon on this. don't worry, though, so far there is no talk of banning cell ones or laptops from passenger flights. checking the time for you, 5:51. still ahead, we eerl hearing from the florida man who admitted to throwing an
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drive-through window. is. welcome back. it is 5:54 on your thursday morning. right now homicide detectives are trying to figure out in what happened in a tragic shooting death of a central florida teenager. the 13 wrdyuz playing xbox at a relative's house when he was accidentally shot the back of the head by his cousin. the 18-year-old cousin told officers he found the unsecured weapon and was playing with the gun while he was on a hoverboard. he lost his balance and that's when the weapon went off. a man who was not at home at the time was later arrested for
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what startt out as an apparent joke or prank as he called it is leaving one florida man facingsome not-so-funny criminal charges. >> he had tolearn the hard way you cannot pay for your food with a live gator at a fast food restaurant. this is a story talked about on social media and on air. as soon as he walked out of jail, 24-year-old joshua james was not bashful about explaining himself. james and his friend were hoping to prank one of their fries actually working at the wendy's. that's why they decided to throw the gator. even though the gator toss happened back in october, james dn't know how much trouble he was in until he turned himself in. >> i was frereing out honestly because i figured out, wow, i'm really in trouble for this. i think my pranking days are over. >> let's hope so. james says when they pulled up to the window there was actually a woman working instead. they decided to, hey, let's just
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he's now facing a three count warrant including assault with deadly weapon. >> i think his idea of a prank might be a little -- >> he's so nonchalant about it. >> it is 5:56 now. working on a whole lot morefor our next hour of news. shots fired outside a south florida high school. we show you the suspect police are searching for. also for you this morning, they are back in court and very happy to be back in court. all new at 6:00, we'll hear from passengers on the anthem of the seas cruise ship that set sail in the middle of a storm and was forced to return. eric and sheli, watching the temperaturur tumble across south florida. we're holding on to 50 inin opa-locka, down to 46 in west kendall, 47 in homestead. we start off our morning into the middle and upper 40s. cold start but bright sunshine. at the bus stop here, it's a rather chilly morning. it will be mild this afternoon and brighter skies, temperatures reaching into the mid 60s.
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florida today." >> more news, weather and
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thursday morning in just a bit. lowe's presents: how to plan for the fututu. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day.
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at lowe's. good thursday morning. i'm shis. >> shifs shis. >> be prepared to bundle up and bundle up the kids.
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this isis live look at the miami
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