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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  February 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> reporter: hi, trina. it was an ef-1 that rolled through here. those winds churned between 86 to 110 miles an hour. look at the damage done out here. that horse trailer right there flipped on its side. move over, that one was damaged. and the third one over there, flipped over on its side as well. this is the sand and spurs equestrian center, it's a city park here in pompano beach. there are about 50 horses that are housed here. and when the storm rolled through here just after 7:00 tonight, it scared the people, scared the horses and did a whole lot of damage. horses weren't just spooked during this morning's storms.. side while running into his stable. >> he's standing and eati which is a good sign. we'll stitch him up. he's a tough horse. he'll be all right. >> reporr: several people were at pompano beach sand and spur horse park when the storm rolled
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>> hoping they would not totally freak out and escape. we really don't have time to think. >> i'm sure the horses are in a little bit of shock. >> i'm from oklahoma, so i know about tornadoe_. you don't expect it in the middle of february on a tuesday morning to get whacked by a tornado. >> reporter: many of these horses panicked and bolted out of their stalls. >> he broke his stall. >> and he ran around? >> yeah, he broke out. somebody got here b bfore me and caught him. i guess when the tree fell on his stall, he broke through. >> reporter: sharon runs a horse therapy program out of this park. and some of her clients will be missing a few days. >> devastated rig now. the tree's on the roof and eperything. thank god our horses are okay and they'll be able to serve our children and our veterans. >> reporter: crews made tremendous progress today in cleaning up the debris. but some of the structural damage will take longer to fix. the one wounded horse, elvis,
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aew stitches in his side. people here are confidenthings will be back to normal in just a few days. these folks out here are praising the workf the pompano beach public works in working in rapid fashion out here, and cleaning up most of the debris. but as we said, it's going to take some time before they can get the structural damage fixed out here. in talking with these horse lovers, tonight they tell me they are feeling lucky that a tornado rolled through here, and nobody was hurt. live inompano beach, steve litz, nbc 6 news. also in pompano beach, the severe weather sfarking ingsparking a fiery scene on the water. a captain with a towing company jumped into action and did manage to save a 37-foot boat docked right next to the one you
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the 37-foot boat only sustained moirn minor damage. one bcat had several people inside, all of them were pulled from the water. they are safe tonight. another person was taken to the hospital. but is expected to be okay. coming up at 6:00, reporter bobby brooks has new surveillance video. you can see that storm. he also interviews a homeowner wlos boat flipped onto his own deck. a florida woman is lucky to be alive after she was trapped inside her tornado-damaged home. take a look at this video. emergency crews and volunteers pulled the woman from the debris of her home in century near the alabama border. the team spent hoursrying to dig her out of that wreckage. they probably pulled the unconscious woman free by forming a human chain. >> less than a month, at least five tornadoes have hit right here in south florida. >> unbelievable. john morales is here to explain what's fueling all this violent weather. >> el nino, el nino,o, el nino. when we have the el nino winters, we have things like this happen.
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parts of northeastern miami-dade county. that's not five tornadoes i'm showing you, it's five different reports of tornadic damage in parts of northeastern miami-dade. so right here is sunlife stadium. here's some of the ones that occurred. of course, we had -- or some of the reports that occurred. we also have the one up here near lighthouse point. let's talk how these things do indeed form. because of the el nino winter, we've got strong, strong winds in the upper levels of the atmosphere. and when you've got those winds so strong aloft, and weaker on the surface, you get the spin in the atmosphere, and eventually this rotating column gets lifted into a thunderstorm, downdrafts can then push the back end of that rotating area of air, that vortex down to the ground. and that's where you get the tornado forming. and that's what happened earlier this morning. that'swhat's been happening, thanks to the el nino. the el nino causes those
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levels of the atmosphere. a stronger jet stream. therefore, we get that turning, and that leads to the tornadoes. right now, nothing but false return on the radar. the weather is improving very quickly in south florida. now, we'll have cooler temperatures. no more rain in sight. thankfully no more severe weather in sight. what happened this morning was not forecast. i have forecast thunderstorms, but certainly none of the potent thunderstorms that yielded the tornadic activity and 60-mile-an-hour winds. we'll have the details of the forecast forhe next few days coming up in a few minutes. a stunning scene in miami. a garbage truck flying off a highway, crashing about 100 feet onto the pavement. that driver survived. tonight officials are trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. dan has new information, and new video of the moments after that crash. dan? >> reporter: adam, here at city hall, just announcing the latest on this investigagaon. the truck in question had a black box and a video recording device onboard.
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recover that video. meanwhile, family members of the driver are at the hospital, pushing for a full recovery. >> i mean, if i have to stay here all day, i will. >> reporter: family members holding on to each other outside the hospital bed of kasim smith, the truck driver who plummeted ten stories off the exit ramp, landing on the pavement down below. >> 100-foot drop. that's devastating. you know, it take y for a loop. by the grace of god he's still here. >> reporter: this cell phone video shows the sonds just after a cloud of smoke. the impact shaking the ground ound them. >> it's unreal. >> reporter: the cab landing right side up, smith's body thrown from the truck. >> i understood he was alive.
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a park usually filled with children, but yesterday was a holiday and it was empty. while smith's family is overcominthe shock of the fall, hoping the father of four doesn't have long-term complications. >> you know, he's stable. he's visual. he can see everything. he's alert. othethan that, you know, he's hanging in. he's coming along. remarkable. the video recording device within a hard drive, it was damaged in the fall as you can imagine. the city sent it out to a company in california in hopes of retrieving what is on that happened. we will let you know. live in miami tonight, dan krauth, nbc 6 news. in tonight's decision debrief, looks like one presidential candidate forgot to register his name as a domain. jeb bush supporters might be surpsed when they visit the website jeb the site sends users to the campaign site for gop
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bush does not use his own domain instead, he uses jeb as his official website. no word if trump had anything to do with these shenanigans. there are four days until the republican primary in south carolina. it appears to be a two-tiered const, trump versus cruz at the top with all the others fighting to stsy alive. steve handelsman has the latest fr washington, d.c. greenville today. at a rally in augusta, trump called up a supporter. >> donald trump, you're the best we got by far. >> reporter: he's leading by 18 in south carolina polls. >> let's go get them. >> reporter: to survive last saturday's primary -- >> i'll be a commander in chief, not an agitator in chief, not a blow-hard in chief. >> reporter: so man active duty and retiredmilitary, ted cruz promised a bigger u.s. fighting force. >> with greater capacity to take
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let me be clear, we will not go picking fights aroun the globe. >> reporter: marco rubio picked a fight. >> very we`ak on national security. he knows that's a liability in south carolina. >> reporter: more than half of south carolina democrats are black. >> we just likeke to be treated fair. >> reporter: hillary clinton courted african-american leaders in new yorkrk >> my campaign is really about breaking every barrier. >> reporter: bernie sanders with clernly in south carolina. >> when we talk about inequality, it goes without saying, that the african-american community is suffering even more. >> reporter: sanders trails clinton by 21 in a new poll. but those south carolina polls vary widy. experts warn the polling in nevada ahead of that state's saturday night democratic caucuses are even less reliable. from washington, steve
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>> jeb tweeting a picture of a gun with the caption, america. bush has touted his record on gunssaying as florida governor he's always balanced public safety and the second amendment. a special tribute today to theate supreme court justice antonin scalia. a black robe draped over his courtroom chair. it's a tradition dating back to the 19th century. meanwhile those familiar with the planning, say his body will lay in the great hall of the supreme court building. the honor was last given to a chief justice 11 years ago. a live look right now from the city of morelia, xico. it marks the fourth day of his religious and dlomatic tour in
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morel ia is known forheir drug war. the pontiff urged the clergy to take a stand againststorruption and organized crime. nbc 6 reporter laura rodriguez is covering the last leg of the pontiff's trip. look for herreports on air starting tonight at 11:00. follow her journey on social media anytime @laura nbc 6. a real estate closing, this one has quite a few twists. here's nbc 6 investigator willard shepard. >> reporter: one of the top places in the country for real estate, lots of people waat to buy, rent and invest here. we found one deal where a closer look at the paperwork raised some red flags. to an unlikely detective who put the clulu together and went on a search for the truth. >> you don't know what to expect with anyone in these situations.
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>> > story of a real estate deal that ends in an arrest, with a few twists along the waa and we'll share the ways you can protect your property, too. the story tonight at 6:00. willard shepard, nbc 6 news. >> looking forward to that. still to come, a south florida man turns on his own mother on valentine's day. the details of this alleged crime are gruesome. also, the new video of a fatal shootout that people say clears the officer involved of any wrongdoing. >> the american band that survived the terror attacks in paris returns to t city of lights. for a memorial concert. the band's front man weighs in on gun control. later, a woman givesirth in a public bathroom, and what
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lands her in jail. a south florida mother is rdered in her home and the police say the killer is her own son. >> the suspect made his first appearance before a judge today. nbc 6 reporter claudia decampo explains what happened in court all new tonight. >> it looks like he killed his mother. >> reportqr: pedro in court accused of killing his mother on valentine's day. the stabbing was so violent that detectives found the knife's handle used in the attack in the front yard of the home.
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during his arrest, he was so combative with other inmates and officers that he was fitted with a mask to protect others from his spit and his bites. according to the arrest report, he stabbed his mother in front of their home on southwest 109th avenue. police officers went to the home when they got calls from neighbors saying a naked man was beating a woman in the street. officers say mesa was blood-stained and his mother was on the ground with a stab wound to her chest. nancy mesa later died in the hohoital. >> i don't know what they're talking about. >> sir, i'm ordered that you be held no bond. there's probable cause for the charge. >> reporter: detectives also have a witness that saw the brutal attack. mesa gave detectives a full confession when they arrested him. he also had a cut on one of his hands and it was swollen. for now, mesa remains in jail with no bond until his criminal
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at the metro justice building, nbc 6 news. now new video showing why two souou carolina officers will not be charged in the fatal shooting of a drug suspect. dash cam video of that incident shows the suspect resisting arrest before pulling out a gun and shooting one of the officers near the catal city of columbia. the cops then returned fire, killing the suspect. the background check indicates the suspect was arrested at least three times in the past on drugs and gun charges. the officer shot in that exchange continues to recover from his injuries. the band playing at the theater during the paris attacks. they told a french tv show that he's still struggling to come to terms with what happened. the california b bnd was performing on the night of november 13th when three terrorists armed with assault rifles entered and began
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grenades. jesse hughes said gun restrictions didn't inhibit the terrorists, but actually made it easier for them. >> i haven't had any nightmares, i've slept fine, but when i'm awake is when i see things that are nightmares, you know? and thought that talking about it would make it easier. i thought that things from inside of me would make it less like this. but it's not. >> tonight the eagles of def metal return to paris where they perform at olympia hall. a live look at the now calm and drrrami beach, but what a roller coaster it was a few hours ago. what can we expect tonight? hopefully drier, jn. >> absolutely drier. no rain expected in south florida.
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it's not really raining in the florida keys right now. we're not expecting any rainifor the next several days. numerous reports of severe weather early this morning. mainly between 6:00 and 8:00 this morning. and of course, toadoes, two ef-1 tornadoes, in broward and northeastern miami-dade county. hail as big as nickel-sized hail in many spots. several wind reports, or wind damage reports. many of these concentrating in southern broward, into northern miami-dade county. the rest of the metro arr did not see nearly as many severe weather reports. the winds gust to about 62 miles per hour. now, things are calmer right now. it is cloudy. but we're not seeing any rain. it's 78 degrees right now in miami. the front is about to cross through south florida. all those showers and thunderstorms are not even on the map anymore. theve moved well out to the east. actually the front has lost strength. asas originally expected. but certainly did not happen as
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night. as the front moves through, we'll see northerly winds settle into south florida. that will allow@ for cooler temperatures which will begin as early as tonight. keep in mind our overnight lows the last couple of nights have remained in the 70s. not tonight. we're dipping into the 60s later on tonight. temperatures won't drop that quickly, but they'll be above generally 70 degrees, through 10:00 p.m. after that dipping into the 60s. no chance of rain tonight despite the clouds that are still lingering over the area at this hour. out the door tomorrow morning, much better than today. it will be cooler. just a few high clouds. temperatures 61 to 65 degrees early in the day tomorrow. here's how the future tracker sees it. thee high clouds here tonight, departing by early tomorrow. tomorrow looks to be a fully sunny day, with no rain in sight throughout the day. here's your future tracker into the midday and afternoon hours, gerally sunny all over south florida. no problems with the weather tomorrow.
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no worries for tomorrow. we expected some worries for today. we have set the threat tracker to yellow. it was more of a red day here in south florida. as again, this front was a lot forecast. all right. as far as the weekend is concerned, the fair weather that is going to begin tomorrow is weekend. so we're going to see several days now of no rain, comfortable tempmpatures in the 70s each afternoon. that does include saturday, under mostly sunny skies. 77 for your high. a few more clouds on sunday. maybe slightly more humid. high temperature near 78. but we'll hold off on any rain chances for sunday. all in all, the weather now calms down no doubt and we'll have a much better forecast for the next several days. speaking of the details of that seven-day forecast, i'll have broadcast. now back to you. >> thank you, john. kanye west got kanyed by taylor swift last night during
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in her acceptance speech, she dissed west. kanye claimed he made swift famous. along the way who will try to undercut your success. or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. but if you just focus on the work, and you don't let those people side track you, some day when you get where you're going, you'll look around and you will know that it was you, and the people who love yoyo who put you there. >> swift is the f fst woman to win album of the year twice at the grammys. coming up next, shock at a sandwich shop. a woman gives birth in the restroom and does the unthinkable. the horrifying details straight ahead. on the nbc 6 news at 6:00, it's one of those only in florida stories. a police pursuit including a
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find out who was behind the a discovery made at a subway restaurant in los angeles. workers walk into a restroom finding a minutes-old baby in
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t mother gave birth and left her baby boy behind. >> reporter: lydia who works at the restaurant next door, she says the woman believed to be the baby's mother would sometimes sleep in the alley behin the restaurant. >> she would always ask for food. just a cup of soup, or scoop of rice. >> reporter: monday morning police say she went to the subway next door, walked into the restroom and gave birth to what appears to be a full-term baby boy. a customer saw blood and alerted the manager. a worker called 911. >> there's a pregnant lady, she just gave birth in the restroom and just walked out. >> they went into the restroom and saw the umbilical cord leading into the toilet. >> reporter: inside the toilet they found the babysitting upright. >> it was submerged in the water. they heard the baby crying. >> do you have some towels to wrap the baby in? >> reporter: police don'tnow how long the baby was there. >> she also noticed there was a blood trail leading fror the bathroom out into the public area.
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to follow that trail to a pep pois store around the corner. they found the woman they believed to be the mother. she's now facing attempted murder and child endangerment charges. she's also wanted on a narcotics warrant. the manager got to the baby just in time. >> the baby had at times submerged under the water below the mouth line. but they got him out in time. >> that newborn baby is still in the hospital and remains in critical condition tonight. that will do it for the news at 5:30. don't go anywhere, though, more news straight aheaea. nbc 6 is everywhere. >> severe weather strikes south florida, fast-moving storms ripping the roofs off of homes and knocking down trees. tonight, the national weather service confirming that the storm spawned two tornadoes, leaving destruction in its wake. nbc 6 has live team coverage.
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6, starts now. this is what manyof us woke up to. heavy downpours with flashes of lightning and thunder. those storms would go on to tear a path of destruction across south florida from northern broward to miami-dade county. >> right now, the calm after the storm after t tat severe storm rolled through. bright skies and sunshine came with no sign of rain for the rest of the day. good evening, i'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm jawan strader. the national weather service confirmed the storm spawn twod tornadoes responsible for the damage. nbc 6 has a team of reporters frommnorth miami beach all the way up to pompano beach covering this weather. jamie joins us now from north miami beach with more. jamie? >> reporter: check this out. this is what it looks like street after street in north miami beach. we've got fallen @rees, downed power lines lingering across the streets making itt unsafe for
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around. it is remarkable nobody got injured after severeeather ripped through the area. >> my kids were by the door and they said it started raining. suddenly it was pink lightning. just like it got kind of quiet. really rainy. the power went out and the wind started going. it was something -- it sounded like a train. >> reporter: north miami beach pounded by roaring winds and heavy rain before sunrise. now just before sunset, there's a lot of damage to fix. >> this is nuts. i didn't even -- i didn't really see when this happened. i heard something. but it was so rainy and windy, you couldn't see outside. and then it kind of sparard. since 8:00. >> report: families rushed their children to safety while storm. >> i got a warning on my phone. but this is already happening. so i was just lucky that i had some shutters closed and threw the kids in the bedroom. they were, you know, crying,
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but after a minute, you know -- it lasted about four minutes. >> reporter: i north miami beach, city officials counted their rapid response during and after the severe weather. >> a lot of trees down. we activated our disaster relief vehicle. we made sure every single homeowner was contacted, reached to make sure there were no injuries within. >> reporter: public works deployed early to clean up the rubble. >> the roads were cleared, the debris was out of the way, and make sure people were safe in their homes. so far we've done that. we're combing the streets. wewe won't leave this evening until everything has been cleared. >> reporter: that right there is what is going on on each of the streets here. that is sound echoing throughout the neighborhoods as homeowners and residents try to pick up the debris.


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