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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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much for. right now at 4:30, a child rushed to the hospital after a apartmen police are trying to figure out with. the pope versus the donald. the pope questioning the candidate's social media. also, smart phonee breathalyzers, some drivers are relying on these high-tech devices, but the question is, how accurate are thy? good morng. your time is 4:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli niz. thanks for joining us this friday morning. we made it.
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>> ryan, we made it. needy say more? >> friday. >> one more time. >> friday! >> i wanted to make sure everyone's calendars were aligned here. beautiful weather going into the weekend. one concern, though, that will be the breeze. freedom tower lit up mighty fine with partly cloudy skies but dry conditions into downtown miami. miami currently at 67. 68 in ft. lauderdale as well as oakland part due in part to the ocean breeze. the breezy periods will keepep going into friday and likely saturday. a few passing clouds in place. we've had a few sprinkles into palm beach county. i can't rule out a few sprinkles this morning on the drive. no concentrated rain. a dry pattern, a mild pattern. we'll do away with the breeze here in a couple days. watch h at wind. otherwise enjoying the sunshine and the perfect temperature trend. mid to upper 60s on the drive in early this morning.
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breezy beaches and partly cloudy skies. 4:31. first check on traffic. >> hey, ryan, just checking, what day is it? >> it's friday! >> this is browarcounty at i-95 northbound at griffin road. southbound lanes looking good.. we had construction on the northbound lanes. the construction probably cleared already which is good news for you. over in miami-dade we have construction on 395. if we take you there, you'll see the construction cones blocking the middle lanes. these are eastbound lanes of the macarthur cauway. westbound lanes looking better. you might want to sck to the julia tuddle. don't forget, you can follow me on twitter @kellynbc6. wwll be talk drive times and accident-free. >> a 5-year-old little girl after flames consumed the apartment she was trapped in. that little girl's mom was at the apartment complex but wasn't inside that specific apartment
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nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live at the scene of that fire at that apartmtmt complex with what we know so far from investigators. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning. i'll start off with the girl. good news, she is expected to be okay, but recovering in the hospital from smoke inhalation. behind us you can see where the fire broke out. firefighters left the scene. fire investigators are trying to figure out why this girl was left alone in the apartment and how she may have started the fire. we're also told by firefighters they called in miami-dade police to investigate as well. this is video from last night whenenirefighters were on scene. this is the very versailles apartmen. the fire broke out just before 8:00 p.m. apparently the girl's mother was outside somewhere else in the complex when the fire started.
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firefighters were going in bringing out old people, pets and stuff. i saw a bunch of fire. i was worried about my building. >> firefighters say they were able to contain this fire to one unit, but back out here live as you look at it, you can see and imagine, you can see this one unit is destroyed. at this unit investigators are not filed any criminal charges. for now a 13-year-old robbed of his jewelry is breathing a sigh of relief. the accused thief is behind bars. we're finding out this isn't the first time that the robber has struck. this map shows the convenience stores and restaurants are located. police say 32-year-o garcia is responsible. you can see in this surveillance
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approaches a group of teenagers, threatens them and robs them of jewelry. miami-dade police need your help getting another violent criminal off the streets. they're looking for this man who robbed a woman at gunpoint at an atm. he took off in a white chevy malibu with his partner inside. this happened in january at a wells fargo on flagler and 107th avenue. if youcan identify any of the people involved here, you're asked to call miami-dade kriep stop pers, 305-471-tips. the democratic rara for president is narrowing just a little bit. a new nbc news wall streit journal poll is showing former secretary of state leads senator bernie sanders, but cut the lead from 25 to 11 points. all of this is coming just before the democratic caucuses
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the democrats and gop candidates took part in town halls last night. let's get over to sheli with the latest. >> nbcbcis town hall with democratic candidate hillary clinton and bernie sanders has wrapped up. the vermont senator called for police reform and described himself as a feminist. several questions resolved around immigration and whether he would use executive powers to change policy. >> it is a major priority when you have 11 million people living in the shadows. i think we owe it to them to move as expeditiously as we can. i will continue president executive powers. >> former s@cretary of state hillary clinton said immigration reform would be one issue she pyshes for in the first 100 days as president if elected. clinton also told voters she
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>> raising the retirement age would very well eliminate a lot of hard working people@from getting much social security at all. i will not do that. >> on the republican side, former ohio governor john kasich kicked off the event hoping to build on his secondlace finish in new hampshire. kasich tried to appeal to people's softer side calling for the need to, quote, slow dn and listen to people. former florida governor jeb bush was also there. he said something about the south carolina's endorsement of marco rubio. clinton, sanders and bush said president obama used and should use his executiveower to nominate antonin scalia's replacement. others like rubio and cruz says the president should wait and leave the next commander in chief to handle that. >>bc 6 is everywhere. political reporter steve litz is traveling to south calina ahead of the primary in that state. you can look for his live 5:00. remember, you can always follow
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the campaign trail in south carolina. his handle on twitter, stevenbc6. donald trump toning down some of the rhetoric involving pope francis. the pope says it's not christian to build walls. initially trump lashed out but now says that the pope's words were probably a little bit nicer than first reported. he made those comments during a town hall late last night on cnn. here is a little bit of what trump had to say early on. >> for a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. >> the war of words started when the pope made some initial commentnt on his way back from rome when he wasas returning from his trip to mexico. in a bit of irony tusands are posting on social media about that showing the pictures of the wall around the vatican and a
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tear down that wall in a homage to ronald reagan's words about e berlin wall and former russian president mikhail gorbachev gorbachev. meteorologist ryan phillips chchcking the forecast. should we head over to you every ngle time and say friday, friday. >> might have to put friday at the bottom of the screen. we earned it. here we are leading into the weekend,eaturing a lot of nice weather. one concern that is t t beach breeze on going overnight. you'll see the shield of cloud cover across the atlantic waters. i do still believe the sunshine wins out. if you have plans to head towards the water, you could see dangerous rip currents today on into tomorrow. a few clouds coming in. we go deep inland, obviously dark. airboats waiting to be used today. a nice day out west with more
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clouds out east. in the metro area mostly cloudy. clar sky from 67 down the way in key west. first alert weather on friday, 68 to 69 degrees. a breezy day, aild day, too. forecast high is 75, a shade below average. we head into the weekend with beautiful weather. we will talk about that rip current risk and then some rain chances. it's all coming up in about seven minines. right now to traffic anddkelly. >> good morning south florida. accident free in miami-dade and broward county. we had a couple earlier acdents that are off to the shoulder. nneed to worry about them. this is construction 395 eastbound at bridge road. you can see construction crere clearing up the road no issues as you make your way westbound. if you want to avoid this, maybe
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>> on the palmetto expressway southbound, all lanes blocked off at miami lakes drive and palmetto expressway at northwest 58th street blocked off. around northwest 122nd street, no construction here as you make your way southbound or northbound towards i-75. >> ththnks, kelly. your time is 4:41. still ahead this morningng a memorial vandalized. frer fallout in the case of a police involved shooting in south florida that gained attentntn. as the battle between the fbi and apple escalates, hillary clinton weighshsin. lying a drone could cost you if, (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tappipi sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it `omes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to
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hey candidates. enough talk.
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welcome back on your friday. 4:43. a disturbing development at the site of where a palm beach gardens man was shot and killed by a police officer.
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memorial made to honor corey johns burned. palm beach gardens police say they have no reason to believe deliberately destroyed. a mom sentenced to death for killing her baby could get a new trial. for if second time the florida preme court overturned the conviction. the justices made that decision because they say it appears the prosecutor made improper components during her second trial. jurors have found her guilty twice before in two separate trials for torturing and killing her baby outside a miami beach mansion in 2006. as the attorney is defending him, defendants found a new way of keeping the two separated. the lawyer can only meet with
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she argued they can't have meaningful c ctact by operating this way. the judge disagreed. the defense attorney believes that the accusations that recently surfaced have nothing to do with her and everything to do with her client. confusion and curiosity get two women in trouble with police. the mother and daughter turned themselves in to miami beach police for questioning because officers got several calls concerned about suspicious women who were visiting local synagogues and churches. it turns out the daughter was making the visits because she has terminal cancer and was curious about other faiths. >> my intention was to say hi, i'm i'm here. we want to be brothers and sisters because we are o blood. >> after several interviews which included the department of homeland security, police say no crime was committed.
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meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. it's 4:46. friday morning. quiet weather in place in terms of any active rainfall. may see a few sprinkles. by and large, we've got nothing going on across the region really. live first alert doppler from palm beach county. let's take a live look outside ss we start our friday morning off looking into downtown miami. we've got partly cloudy skies up above. out toward the beaches, a a little more cloud cover and a slightly stronger breeze. you move out west and we've got slightly lighter winds and mostly clear skies. all the active stuff out towards the beaches. here is a live look out too hallandale beach, diplomat resort and spa camera. the breeze will be strong today and tomorrow. with the breeze we also have the
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let's highlight that for you. a mild and breezy forecast taking us into the upcoming weekend. the rip current risk is high through saturday. dangerous conditions through our beaches. we're rain-free through the weekend. next tuesday we kick in s swers chances across the area. 62 down into west kendall. we'll continue to see conditions in place across the area that will be conducive to the shower acacvity coming in on a light northeast breeze. showerer activity, talking one or two sprinkles being stirred up by that onshore breeze across the area. here is the big picre with high pressure running the show from the mid atlantic into south florida. when we have that shield of cloud cover coming inbound we can trigger a few sprinkles. not worried about an overly wet day. future trackck keeps us in and out of the cloud cover. i'll weigh theforecast towards more sunshine and less in the
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it gets better as we go in terms of more shine through the weekend. so a sprinkle or two, worst case scenario as we approach midday. 75 and breezy this afternoon. your weekend looks great. it's breezy on saturday, more sunshine and 76. winds be lax on sunday. we're warmer, highs at 78. good morning south florida.a. still accident fry in miami-dade and broward county. good news as you make your way ouw the door this morning. in broward, taking a look at 595 eastbound and westbound lanes atat pine island road. no major issues. very lightly traveled at this time. the palmetto expressway and i-95 looking good as well. this is 39d 5 eastbobond and westbound. you can see a couple lanes blocked ofof on the eastbound side. this is right again at bridge road. you can take the julia tuddle causeway. on the palmetto expressway we
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let's take you to our maps. palmetto expressway northbound at northwest 58th is where you have the area blocked off. southbound on the 826 and miami lakes drive. a private ceremony will be held before the public is invited to pay their respects. as part of the supreme court tradition, a black drape is alsoso hung over the courtroom's doors, scalia's chair, the bench and his bench itself. this morning the affluenza teen will appear in the texas court to find out if his case will be movedo adult court. his lawyer argued his client didn't know right from wrong because of his family's wealth and therefore, afterfluenzaaffluenza. couch skipped out on probation and went to mexico with his mom
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if his case is mov to adult court and he violates probation again, couchld be sent to prison. hilly clinton is weighing in on the fbi-iphone debate. while she wouldn't give opinion. she did say she hopes theech companies and government will find some common ground. in the meantime, the fbi searching the home of the brother of the shooter here, saeed farook. they were seen carrying out a x and computer as well. the agents also searched two house. so far no one will say exactly what they were looking for. this morning the faa is investigating what cause add ttr helicopter to crash into the water. good samaritans who w the crash jumped in the water to rescue all five people on bbrd. rescue crews showed up a short time later and took them all to the hospital. there's no word yet on what exactly caused this accident.
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torques day is the la day to register with the faa. >> a lot of you do own a drone. an estimated 1 million drones were sold for the holidays as gifts, we presume. only 300,000 of that million have been registered. a little math. that means 700,000 are unregistered tight now. nbc's mark barger explains the consequence ifs you miss the deadline. >eporter: birds and planes have lots of company in the skies these days. with the popularity of drone aircraft rising steadily, drone owners need to get squared away with the faa. >> this registration is a way of the faa to keep tabs on drone owners. basically anybody who has a or under 55 pounds has to egister. >> repepter: it's a simple online process. users pay $5.00 for a three-year registration and are presented with safe stay guidelines. >> we want to raise public aweness. for many operators of unmanned
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byists, they may not be aware of what the rules are. >> reporter: the faa also has an app called before you fly. even small drones can pose potential problems. the faa hopes education will help reduce collisions with other aircraft as well as property damage and injury. >> if you're flying a drone, you have to be mindfu of the people around you. it could be dangerous if they hit somebody. >> reporter: even if you're just flying drones for fun, not egistering could mean consequences not so fun. >> several penalties up to $27,000 and including prison. >> it's a big responsibility, but one that offers sky high rewards. mark barger, nbc news. a lot of procrastinators. >> much, much cheaper to just comply. 4:52 is your time. still ahead. we'll show you the new high tech
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ready to drive after a couple of drinks. coming up on nbc 6 news at 5:00 this morning, america's favorite group of friendsds reunites for a tribute to the show's acclaimed director.
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close-off as t welcome back. some of you may have celebrated national wine day with a couple glasses of cabernet, tequila. >> tequila, shooters, you never know. >> whatever. >> a lot of people are relying on a new generation of portable high tech devices that ll them if they've had too much to drink before they head home. nbc's randy mack puts those gadgets to the test. >> reporter: t/ demonstrate the use of smart phone breathalizers we crashed lady's night.
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hollywood's gc marketplace. they enjoyed gourmet snacks and a gla of wine each. then we bring out three portable breathalizers, breath thom ter, backtrack and al co-hoot. recording the results on corresponding smart phone apps. >> reporter: round one, backtrack hat it at .02. for al co-hoot, nobody registered above a .01. the trio had two more glasses of wine apiece. all three suggest bod alcohol numbers are climbing. backtrack recording higher readings than breathometer and al co-hootincluding -- >> legally drunk.
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police officer fletcher stone to test the women with his cone calibrated. his results come closest to backtracks. round three, each woman drinks a fourth glass of wine. >> if i had to, yeah, i probably would drive home. >> for brbrathometer, jeff registered a .06. >> would you feel comfortable driving right now? >> i definitely wouldn't. >> tess, a .09. and ellie? >> i would drive very slowly. ellie was .07. backtrack has all three higher, o too impaired to drive. while al co-hoot was the lowest of all three. officer stone's final results match backtrack's precisely recording each woman as legally drunk. before our evening ended, the women voiced concern and confusion about the handling of devices.
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i couldn't breathe for that long, for that length of time. i found it very difficult. >> as a designated driver escorted the trio home, officer stone told the i-team the potential for user error is one reason they failed to met legal scientific standards making the results inadmissible in urt. his bottom line advice -- >> plan ahead. don't drink and drive. >> that was randy mack reporting. the funny thing is -- >> all of it was funny. >> the more they drank, the louder they got and the more entertaining they got. looking at that completely sober, it's even more entertaining. >> i'm sure they're looking at themselves, oh, man, i acted up. alchohoot had to be bluged into a smart phone. >> nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts
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a mother in serious trouble after a fire breaks out inside her apartment while her young child was in that apartment alone. >> an investigation is under way after someone vandalized a memorial for a south florida musician, four months after he was shot and killed by a eriff's deputy. president obama speaking out about his plans to visit cuba next month. it's 5:00. good morning. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. we made it. it is finally friday. happy friday to you at home, february 19th. we'll help you get your weekend started. >> we'll start you off with meteorologist ryan phillips with a closer look at your friday and weekend forecast. >> it looks great leading into friday and the weekenn first and foremost, live first alert doppler, a few sprinkles we can detect live first alert doppler.
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few sprinkles across the area. i think it's a m mnly dry forecast. we're contending with the beach breeze that really got established yesterday. here is where we are with the winds right now. mid to upper 60s and northeast winds running about 10 to 15 miles per hour. the winds will increase just a touchch this afternoon as our temperatures begin to climb into the mid 70s. here is the big picture. high pressure anchored acss the mid atlantic bringing in extra cloud cover. in and out of clouds today. the clouds containing a few sprinkles. still weighing the forecast, partly sunny to partly cloudy skies. a mild morning at 68. breeze kicks up and we see a nice afternoon with highs at 75. that's actually below average. we will warm through the weekend. details on that part of the forecast in just a little bit. approaching 5:01. let's check traffic with kelly. we're accident free in miami-dade and broward county. good news if you're making your weigh out the door. we have construction on the northbound lanes of ives dairy


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