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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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wearing an orange jump suit, jason meyers stood before a judge after being removed from the classroom he taught in at palmetto senior high school. >> police stormed in and just arrested him. nobody knew what was going on really, but everybody was scared. >> reporter: meyers accused of having sex twice with a student in his classroom after november and december of last year. >> nobody really knew until second period or third period. you spent the whole year with him and had no clue he was like that. >> i've known him for three years and he's innocent. he would never do something like that. he's always looked out for us and his students. >> reporter: he taught english and creative writing. his arrest stunned parents too. >> for my kids, i'm really protective, so too hear something like that is very
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>> we've got predators out there man. >> reporter: alberto shares parents' concerns. anybody arrested forhe felony is out the door. >> allegations of felonies and arrests for felonies are far too serious to endanger the well-being of our kids. >> reporter: school board members want to know if there's any other students he may have had inappropriate relationships with. >> if there's anybody else out there, let us know. if you see something, say something. there are no ways to keep your mouth zipped up when we're talking about hurting kids. >> reporter: meyers wife also teaches at this school. meyers istill in corrections. he has to come up with about $7800 cash to get out of jail. he has to wear a gps monitor and stay away from the school and his alleged victim. a mother is in jail tonight accused of child neglect that
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she left her 6-year-old daughter home alone and then a f ire started inside. dan krauth is live at west miami-dade with the detas tonight. >> reporter: i just spoke with a firefighter wm many are calling a hero tonight. he rushed into the bur^ing building behind me to save the life of a 6-year-old girl while police say her very own mother ranhaway. pictures snapped as firefighters pulled the 6-year-old grl from her burning home last night. the fire starting in the now charred kitchen. ile neighbors in this condo community were on high alert, police say the girl's own mother, erica, was in this hallway outside and took off. she left the scene. firefighters had to bust open the bedeoom window. they found the girl unconscious on her bed. >> at that point, when i picked her up, she started eded moaning,
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>> reporter: they rushed her to the hospital where she was treated for smoke inhalation. >> i'm grateful we were able to get her out as quickly as we did. had we taken another three to four minutes, the outcome would have been different. >> reporter: the department of children and families now has custody of the little girl. a neighr used to work for the department. >> i think it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: they're glad firefighters did the right thing, calling this guy a hero. >> anyone placed in the same situation that i was placed in with a same training and preparedness would have done the same thing. >> reporter: it definitely was a team effort out here. the mothe is behind bars tonight. she faces a judge tomorrow morning and has a history of dui and child neglect charges. nbc 6 news. resolution in the court case against the son of canada's consulate general.
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charges inside a room. the teen has been in jail since last year waiting for an outcome in his murder case. in march he and his older brother john went to steal from drug dealers. his brother and one of the dealers died in a shootout. >> i would be lying if i didn't say it's been difficult, but i'm so grateful for the formidable and for humane defense. >> the teen faces up to 60 years in prison if he violates any of his release conditionsns now to an update on the man accused of stabbing a police officer in the face at the magic city casino last month. jose lopez pled not guilty to second-degree attempted murder. he'll be back in court monday for dna testing and could be tried as soon as may 15th. the almost deadlyencounter happened back on january 21st. witnenees say lopez attacked the officer and stabbed him in the face, forcingnghe cop to fire his gun once.
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but tonigigt lopez remains in jail. one day left for voters in south carolina to figure out which republican will get their vote for the primary. whwhle donald trump still leads in the polls, the stakes are very high for marco rubio who is tied in second with ted cruz. steve litz is outside a ted cruz rallll >> reporter: hey. yoyocaught us at a pretty good time. ted cruz talking to his rabid supporters here. we have a network camera fixed on ted cruz. let's take that one. several hundred supporters are feeling this anger at columbia metro airport. they're pleased with the progress he's made in the polls against frontrunner donald trump. people have caucused in the
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the folks in the south arebout to have their say. the first in the nation's southern primary is just hours away now with some south -- south carolinians. frontrunneronald trump told a crowd in gaffney, his closest competitor, ted cruz, is not fit to be president. >> i always say about cruz, he's a very good debater, but he can't talk. you have a conversation with him. that guy can't talk. it's always i will do this and i will do that. >> reporter: cruz swiped at him while stumping in myrtle beach. >> it's easy to say let's make
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question to ask is do you great in the first place. >> reporter: some of these candidates came to south carolina the day after last week's new hampshire primaries, spending almost two weeks trying to win over southern primary voters. meantime the democrats are spending their week in nevada caucusing. hillary clinton is looking for a big win, enjoying a slim lead 4% over bernie sanders after she took a narrow victory in iowa and suffered a big loss in new hampshire. >> reporter: ted cruz is the highlight, the featured act here. phil roberts was his opening act of "duck dynasty." live in west columbia, south carolina, nbc 6 news.
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2016 section on the nbc 6 news and weather app. keep track of the race for the white house and read all the latest news from the campaign trail. follow steve litz on twitter for a behind the scenes look at the gop primary. it's a story that nearly 2 million have clicked on the nbc 6 news and weather app. we're learning state investigators discovered the fake teen doctor had three fake degrees. trina robinson is standing by with the new details. >> malachi love robinson told officials he wasn't a doctor, but he had several degrees that listed him as a ph.d. one of these came from the universal life seminary where anybody can buy doctorate for about 30 bucks. and southwest college of nural
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university, which investigators found to be fraudulent. they also can be bought for a price. now investigators began their probe last september after an anonymous concerned citizen tipped them off to hihi practices. investigators sent love robinson a cease and desist letter in october. love robinson is out of jail and facing several charges. well, it's the number one story on the nbcbc news and weather app. a sports agent is indicted on charges of illegally smuggleing a cuban baseball player. according to the indict, bart hernandez conspired with two other men to bring the cuban national here illegally.
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million from hernandez, his commission for martin's contract. hernandez will be looking at 20 years in prison forif convicted. some of those puppies that survived needed to see a vet. we're live at the animal hospital that cared for them. a south florida police department says they're not joining the beyonce boycott, but one of the nation's largest police departments is considering it. after sunshine for the past few days, now we have some
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are these just rogue showers welcome back. firefighters arrivedd at an apartment fire and found some tiny lives in need of aid. they managed to pull out a mother dog a a her puppies. sadly, not all of them survived. marissa bagg is live from an animal clinic in miami. >> reporter: jawan, four of those puppies needed medical attention and firefighters were able to help three of them out on the scene. one was so critical they brought it here to the animal hospital for oxygen and to get x-rays done. now it is back with its mother for some tender love and care.
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covers one of her precious puppies with kisses. martinez says she doesn't know how the fire started. she was at a neighbor's house when she heard the fire alarm and walked outside to find smoke coming out of her home. i'm grateful to the man who went inside my apartment and saved some of my puppies.s. she's emotional because not all of the dogs made it out. four died in the fire. those who did survive along with the mother are now covered in soot. they're usually white in lor, but the smoke turned them gray. this little girl needed medical help. >> we gave her oxygen right away. checked our ood glucose and focused on oxygen d warming her up. >> reporter: no one was inside when it started. firefighters helped save the puppies along with a man martinez hopes to find and thank. he was brave.
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his face t t save them and i think he's a hero. all of the surviving puppies and their mother are back with the martinez family. they'll be staying with friends for sometime until t ty can find a place to stay. nbc 6 news. one south florida police department says they do not plan on taking part in the boycott against beyonce. the miami-dade police department tweeted today saying in order to dispel any rumors, the miami-dade police department is not involved in any boycott. the new york police union is sponsoring the decision to boycott. he plans on meeting with union board members to explore the idea, but hopes to meet with beyonce to speak with her about the issue.
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adding medical cannabis to the state's right to try act. under the proposal, eligible patients and their legal reesentatives would be able to purchase and possess marijuana for medicinal purposes. unlike a similar house measure, it does not address adding more medical marijuana dispensing oe inging organizations. the senate will take up the bill wednesday. we've had two days of strong onshore winds. that's causing rough surf at the coastline and we have rip currents in the forecast, especially for saturday. if you're headed to the beach, be careful this weekend. not in the forecast some showers that are arriving at our coastline right now. there you see them. some of these showers have become pretty widespread in portions of miami beach. others have clipped parts of south beach.
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the next hour too hour and a half effecting mainly these locations that you see here. keep in mind, we do have these rogue showers at this moment. let's look at our current temperature readings. 71 miami. 70 degrees in ft. lauderdale. lows tonight will be in the 60s. despite the fact we have some of those showers on radar, nothing has fallen as of yet in the rain gauges across all of the airports in our area. yes, there are showers out there, but not too many people e seeing them. if you're lucky enough to be in northeastern dade, that's where they're occurring at this hour. rip currents i told you about for tomorrow. the breeze will let up slowly this week, especially by sunday. our next chance at thunderstorms will be between tuesday and wednesday when a front m mves in. i had to show you this. this is cyclone winston.
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winston with winds of 165 miles per hour forecast to have 185 mile per hour winds is a rrible cyclone. they're expecting it there during the day on saturday. starting to be daylight over there on saturday morning. for us, we're getting this breeze with patchy clouds moving in. the clouds are yielding some showers right now, but i don't have showe for the weekend. 77 will be your high temperature. 7:00n the morning an easterly breeze. skies will be partly clou. a spotty shower scene by the future tracker here, but generally speaking it should be a day like yesterday was or like today was in terms of seeing a mixture of clouds and sun. your high in the afternoon 77. watch out for those rip currents. lighter wind on sunday. monday partly cloudy.
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moves through with a risk of showers and thunderstorms. not many are piloted by one of the band members. the legendary heavy metal band iron maiden arrived this afternoon. it was the maiden voyage of their new jumbo 747. the pilot is bruce dickinson who has flown the band around the world for years. iron maiden will kick off its world tour next wednesday. they call the plane et force one. swag stands for students with greatness. this week's student is
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>> her home was devastated by an many children come to south florida without knowing english, but very come here in a coma alone after having just survived a devastating earthquake. >> that high school is a confident singer who has inspired her classmates. >> reporter: she's the kid who
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cutler bay high school. quick to flash a smile, leading by example. >> she inspires me to ddbetter. >> reporter: they're talking about abilene, a singer, a survivor. >> amazing how far i've come. this almost seems like a dream to me at times. >> reporter: she nearly died in the earthquake that destroyed much of haiti in 2010. airlifted to miami alone at age 12, she had a cracked skull, multiple broken bones and spent four months at jackson memorial high school. she couldn't answer the nurses because she spoke no english. now she's keeping up with oscar wild, impressing everyone around her. >> i'm so proud of everything she's accomplished. even with all that, she still has the motivation to keep moving forward and to better herself.
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part in the "importance of being earnest now," but she's learned firsthand the importance of perseverance. >> you're unable to speak english. you're injured. you n nw have to learn english. she had everything stacked against her. she could have snuck into the acks and said, oh well. >> i can overcomeanything. no one should ever give up on their dream. >> reporter: her dream is to clcmb from foster care to medical school. >> i want to be a urologist. i want to join doctors without borders to go to third world countries and help out with the less fortunate kids. >> because you know what that's like. >> yes, i definitely know what it's like. >> reporter: she learned the language, but doesn't understand
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>> never, never, never. >> what an inspiring young woman. we are proud to announce that dash senior high will be the school we'll be brging about on monday. we'll show you monday when we brag aut dash. we're on the road in columbia, south @arolina. donald trump has slipped in the polls. we're also in nevada. we'll be there for the final push.
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crackdown and reminder tonight that the nbc 6 investigators are working for you. send us an e-mail or call our tip p nes. a quick look at today's top stories. a south florida teacher is behihi bars accused of having sex with an underage udent.
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from palmetto senior high school. on at least two occasions meyers had sex with a female student in his classroom after school. meyers was sentenced to house arrest with a gps monitor. tonight, a woman i in jail after leaving her child alone inside a burning apartment in miami-dade. firefigers found the child crying inside the home. the 6-year-old was rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation. investigators believe the mother abandoned the area when rescuers arrived. you can follow the latest stories on the nbc 6 news and weather app. download it for free. >> not a bad day at all. >> not a bad day. some surprise rain showers right w in hialeah and north beach, but neverthelss i think the weekend will be great. watch out for a pretty stro breeze on saturday along with rip currents at the coastline. otherwise saturday and sunday plenty of sun. a few scattered clouds. >> we like the sound of that, especially in time for the weekend.
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"nightly news" is next. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00. make it a great night. > developing news tonight. mad dash. hoursefore the vote in two critical states trump under fire for what he has said abo the iraq war, and hillary clinton fighting to hold off bernie sanders. slamming apple. the feds fire back in a fiery battle over cracking the san bernardino killers' iphone, and now trump calling for a boycott. hoverboard crackdown after dozens of fires, some burning homes to the ground, the government says enough. a major new warning that could lead to an outright ban. > walking free. after four decades locked in solitary confinement, a stunning twist in one of the most infamous cases in modern american history. and harper lee dies at 89. we remember the


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