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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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night. the young woman is in intensive care here in the hospital and left for dead inside her downtown miami apartment.
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>> reporter: young, vibrant]7`xk"`y andj. >> she has, as far as everywhere you can think of, around her eye lids, her lips, she has slashes all down her head. >> reporter: mitchell claims self-defense. he told police danielle came after him with a knife. the cuts to her head and injuries suggest other wise. he was arrested for attempted murder. danielle has been in a coma sinces the attack. >> bring attention to this and awareness for other people to be careful. because i can't explain in words how hard it is to see her like this.
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it's in god's hands. but it's basic. she hasn't woken up. >> the family has set up a go fund me page. justice for danny. they have asking for help to pay for her medical expenses. nbc 6 news. >> thanks. tonight, a palmetto high school teacher is behind bar, accused of having sexual relations with an opportunity. he was sent to house arrest with a gps monitor. live from the miami-dade county jamie? >> this is where the teacher is waiting to be fitted for his gps ankle bracelets. it's one othe conditions he has to meet if he wants to get
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from the schoolyard to the courthouse, the orange jump suit is noting this they are used to seeing the teacher wear. >> i have known him for three years. it's not something he could have done. >> reporter: he taught english, ap english andtudents watched as police removed the popular teacher from the classroom. >> police stormed in and arrested him. and everybody was really scared. >> reporter: myers, accused of having sex with a student twice in the classroom after school in december and nember of last year. >> kind of scary. no one really knew uil second period or third period. andd you felt like the whole year with him and had nono clue he was like that. >> reporter: stunned parents were notified by the district. >> for my kids, i'm really protective.
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i got scared when i got the call. >> you have predators out there. you don't know where they are at. >> reporter: at myers home, no answer. the police arrived shortly after. there is no room for error when faculty and staff are arrested. >> t t felonies are far too much for us to endanger the well-being of the kids. >> reporter: they are not sure if the case is isolated. they expect kids to come forward. >> and take kids to school. you don't want to worry about them attacking them there. you think that is safe 7w5"tqi q'vironment. >> reporter: and myers' wife is also a teacher at the sme school. one of his conditions of being released on bond, he must not have any contact with anyone at the school. nbc 6 news.
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don't trump is losing ground in the palmetto sate one day before the primary there. trump is getting support from 28% of likely republican voters. ted cruz is 23% and marco rubio and jeb bush at 13%. nbcc![ 6 is everywhere. and live from the stateoqfwh9or capitolakn
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steve? >> reporter: all over south carolina, gop candidates stumped into the night. ted cruz in west columbia and marco rubio making a push with the popular governor. >> i believe hillary clinton is unqualified to be president of the united states. >> reporter: front-runner donald rump is hoping to win over voters in north charleston. >> i think we should go much, much further. >> reporter: jeb bush greeting voters in the middle of the state continues to insist he's in fororhe long haul despite some of his staffers are looking to bail on his campaign. south carolina is the first in a southern state.
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important. it's not something i have time to do and i know that's not a good thing to say. >> reporter: it's saturday, you know. >> it is. but'm going out of town. >> reporter: others wouldn't miss a chance. >> it's a great time for south carolinaians to be able to voice how we feel. to be able to power the vote is really important. >> reporter: this time tomorrow night, we should know which cacaidates south carolinaians prefer. llve in columbia, nbc 6 news. >> tough decisions for voters. thank you. in addition to republican voters in south carolina, democratic voters will caucus inn nevada tomorrow. want key to winning in nevada is union workers. 55% are latino and mrs. clinton
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the casinos. and steve lits will be in south carolina for the primary. you can follow him on twitter for updates from the campaign trail. >> ourr commander in chief saying good-bye to antonin scalia. he was found dead last saturday at a west texas ranch. it's believed he passed away frfrm natural causes. >> a ft. lauderdale cop is in a battle with the city to get his job back. he feels he shou be on the force. ft. lauderdale fired wells for disparaging text messages and their involvement in a disturbing race video. he pled his case today saying the use of a "n" word did not apply to a race of jendser but
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>> if you're referring to a person, we will call this person a bad guy, even a white guy, if i refer to him as that word, i don't think there's a problem with it. >> we don't have any the white guys in this case that you referred to as the "n" word, do we? >> in this particular case, no. police have arrested the mother of a little girl saved by firefighters last night the home fill candidate snoek and flames. she is charged with child neglect with great bodily harm.s@b cops say she has a history of bui and a neglect charges. her home burned. firefighters found her 6-year-old daughter unconscious on her bed and rushed her to the hospital. investigators think the mother took off when they arrived,
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>> grateful the situation was such that we were able to get her out as quickly as we did. had we taken another three, four minutes, the outcome would have been different. >> reporter: the department of children and families now has custody of the 6-year-old. new tonight, a south florida college on the verge of closing its doors. from outside the school with the details tonight. stephanie? consider the campus is located here right behind me. and what i can tell you, there is a lot of emotion and confusion tonight. so much so, things got heated and administraraon called police less than an hour ago. that is a protest that started early this evening. teachers say they haven't been paid for a month and will not teach next week if they don't get their money. for students studying to work in the medical field that means no classes. students are extremely concerned.
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teachers and administration and teachers say they were told no funds are in the copper. take a listen. >> the department of education didn't get a batch. i don't know what is that. but i think it's money or something they have to get to students or something. >> reporter: are you coming to work next week? >> no. >> we are in a tight group. we don't know what is ging on. nobody is giving us the right answer. you go to the nursing department, you go to the administration, and they tell you the same thing. we don't what is going on. >> reporter: we reached out to school officials earlier. a statement issued to nbc 6 news readsin part, we sympathize and understood their frustrations as they are simply expressing their concerns due to the fact that the institution has not received any federal funding for several months now. with everyone's best interest in ind, the institution had to ensure the integrity of the
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our doors remain open. back here live, you can see some students, teachers, people participating in the protest earlier still in the parking lot here. when police were called, media was kicked off the property. we were told to stay back. this is thelosest we can get. students say they will go into the weekend with a lot of questions and extreme concernsns the reporting live from miami date, nbc 6 news. this evening, we saw showers move through parts of south florida. will there be rain saturday or sunday? the forecast next. pulling puppies from the flames. how firefighters manage save several dogs from a fire and where they are tonight. if you are tired of having so drive to a gas station, you will be pumped for this story. a new app will deliver the gas to u. i will tell you how it works coming up.
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a welcome back. some of you are going to love this story. a new app is delivering fuel right to your location. no need to step foot in a gas station. amanda spoke t# the founders of a different way fuel up your car, all new tonight. if you're like me, you probably spend a lot of time fueling up at the gas station. a new app cou change that. imagine having gas delivered to your door with a push of a button. gas ninja does that. >> for me, it's incredible. i'm always on the go. i want to fill up my car. i park it and come out after my class and it's filled. >> it's a service where we deliver gas to your car, wherever you are. home, apartment, work. >> first, download the app.
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you will see a map and it will pinpoint exactly whe you are or you can enter an address. >> the founders say it's like uber for gas. lock your vehicle and let the gas ninjas take care of the rest. >> it$s convenient. >> how much does it cost? they offer free delivery after 11:00 p.m. another option is to pay a $5 delivery fee to get fueled up within an hour. >> we buy gas wholesale. we don't have the same cost as a typical gas station, we can still offer competitive pricing. >> right now, it's regular and premiumfuel. >> wherever you are, we take the five closest gas stions and average that price and that is the price you get charged. >> reporter: customers told mel what they think. >> it's life changing in the mornings.
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i forgot to fill up my car. >> the idea of warking up with a full tank of gas is taking off since the app took off january 6th. there are hundreds of users so far, gas ninja is delivering in miami but they hope to expand as customers are growing. nbc 6 6 news. a dramatic day for a south florida dog owner whose apartment went up in flames with her four legged dogs inside. she heard the alarm and saw the smoke coming out. she is grateful for the mystery man who ran in to get the dogs. the mama dog is helng the surviving puppies with extra kisses tonight. >> making sure she was focus the
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>> no wo on how the fire began. martinez is hoping she will find the hero who temed save her dogs and thank him. >>he government is officially calling hover boards unsafe. today they announced none of the hover boards currently on th market are safe. they sent in an official notice to retailer, manufacturers and importers. if the rules are not followed, the agency says it could soon confy skate or recall them. they are accused of catching fire and even burning down uses. >> now, weather with john morales. the bad news is, we have surprise showers move through in northeastern miami-dade county earlier this evening mmpl the ingevening. the good news is, the show rers gone. we will look at temperatures
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degrees. cool dmer some locations like pompano beach and ft. lauderdale rightnow with 67. it's 70 in miami and key west. we did see some rain accumulation. rain at miami international airport. not too many saw the rain that was here in the evening. this weekend, we have a risk of rip currents. keep that in mind tomorrow, saturday. sunday, the bree will let up just a little bit and our chance for thunderstorms is still in the forecast. that will be not this weekend but by tuesday as a front approaches. this is winston. equivalent of a category 5 hurricane, suststined winds, 185 miles per hour. these are the islands of fiji in the south pacific.
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recorded hurricane in the southern hemisphere in history, at least on record. this is in wake of the strongest cyclone in history in patricia off the coast of mexico. the hurricanes and typhoons are just getting stronger. here is what is going on across the area. clouds across the bahamas, and comes in from the east. a mixture of clouds and sun as we go in n he weekend. there is not a lot of rain coming from the clouds. the air mass is mainly stable and we're not going to see rain saturday into sunday. next week when the front approaches tuesday and wednesday, we will see a possibility of thormts. regarding tomorrow, let's take a look at the future tracker for saturday. future tracker does show a couple showers in at 7:00 in the morning. across broward. here is 10:00.
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i think any shower activity will be very, very brief and showers few and far between. you can see partly sunny skies. 79 on sunday. in the 80s for threre days next week. it will be a little warmer and humid before we cool down next week. back to you. >> sounds good.
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waffles sometimes. welcome back. well, we have all heard of chicken a waffles. now mcdonald's is hoping you like chicken and pancakes rolled into one. hoping to get new chicken sandwiches in 11 restaurants in ohio. it's chicken and maple pancakes iplace of buns. the price is as high as 2 bucks. not bad. if you hope to get a taste, you may have to wait. a further roll out of the mcgriddle would be limited to that region. agrandma ready to enjoy her birthday in vegas started celebrating early when she sat next to lil jon on a plane. she snapped this selfie and texted his to her granddaughter.
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of the flight with a bottle of champagne. she left the rapper a thank you note. he is a look at the note. she thanked him for the kindness and the selfie. >> and he said, okay. or what? that's how youave to do it if you're lil jon. >> the heat. >> grate win. great win. >> the two all-stars and surprising players stepping (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security.
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so our next presedent needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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when the heat won their first championship, the slogan was team strong. miami playing without dwyane wade, chris bosh and whidside. that is 50 points a game they are missing. d. wade sitting out of a sore knee. bosh with health issues. so josh richardson has to step it up and talk about hustle. check out this play. short hand. they came to win. and josh mcroberts. came in with 12 total points, 19 and ten assists. they were fun to watch. dragic to the rim. he had 17. d wade loves it. nobody had a better scoring night than deng and a crucial shot. a little drop kick.
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without wade, bosh and whiteside. >> they could have said, we have guys out and everybody would have said, if we lost this game, there's a reason for it because we have gys out. but we came out and played hard. >> chris bosh enjoiped the win. he tweeted after, great team win today. proud of my guys, no word on when bosh will be bock e back. marlins spring training has officially begun. the first run under don mattingly. in sessions today in jupiter. mattingly has a new policy. players can't have facial hair. he's good, he's good. he's good. >> the players have to pick up a razor. >> i'm afraid i will look 16. nn whatever it takes. that's what i'm going to do.
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of miami baseball team starting the season right. a 4-1 over rutgers in coral gables today. he hit a home run. >> it hit close to my heart. my dad passed away. >> dan marino gets personal. he helped kick off the dolphins cancer challenge. it used to be called the cycling challenge. theyeyn total raised $11.1 million. and vice president of football mike tannebaum is going to ride tomorrow. >> i have to make it 47 miles. the new gm and head coac have
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i have an excuse built if if lowe's presents: how to plan for the fufure. happy valentine's day. happy birthday. sorry i forgot our anniversary. happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10 at lowe's. have you ever hed of that girl who races? >> danica? >> danica, yeah, what do you think of her? >> she's awesome. >> yeah, man. >> she is awesome. >> luckily she said the right thing.
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drivers do on their days off, posing as an under cover driver here. and that is what danica decided to do as she took a spin around north carolina. >> can you imagine. she took the corners at high speed. this weekend's daytona 500. you can see, the fans say, it's danica. it's the real you. >> no wonder! she looked familiar but -- >> that is fast on the regular road. they will give you a ticket for that. >> you don't [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from stage one at universal studios hollywood, in los angeles, california, it's "the tonight show starring


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