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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. right now at 4:30, growing supported for the family of a 6-year-old shot and killed over the weekend. hear the strong message they're sendndg right now to the community. jamie foxx family had to go through their legal nightmare again. here the goth family reaction to this verkt coming up next. good morning everybody. your time is 4:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz, thanks for waking up with us on this mild tuesday morning. 72 degrees at 3:00 in the morning. not bad. it is a nice start to our morning. >> we're looking`good. an awfully warm pattern again. we've got winter wealthing coming back by tend of the week,
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some showewe kicked off in an isolated fashion today. overnight, partly cloudy skies. down through the keys, we had isolated showers through the lower and middle keys towards the seven mile bridge. cloud cover sweeping in across south florida. warm read degree into ft. lauderdale. the soututast breeze is a warm, humid breeze. 73 ft. lauderdale, 73 oakland park, 73 in miami, on our way to 83. beautiful moonlit sky inland from ourholiday park everglades camera. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies early. may see one or two showers around. a better chance tomorrow. right now our first check on traffic with kelly. we're accident-free in
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northwest 62nd street, not spotting anything, doesn't t an it's not out of camera view. let's take you over to the maps. out the door right now we have construction on the don shula expressway northbound after killian parkway. left lanes completely blocked off. 826, the ramp from the southwest 88th street, kendall drive, that ramp shut down until 5:30 a.m. broward county you are accident-free. three lanes of traffic blocked off on i-95 southbound and griffin road. >> when i say i'm hurting on the inside, buti've got to be there for my husband and my kids. >> family andnd friends marching for an end to gun violence in south frida just days after a 6-year-old boy was shot and kled while playing outside. this morning the show of suort getting stronger. nbc 6 reporter michael spears has been following this story all week. i think n n the search
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as of this morning, still no rrest, little information about the shooters. i can tell you, sheli, the 6-year-old's tragic death has served as a rallying call for hundreds, not only seeking justice for king carterer but an end to the violence that miami-dade schools say has claimed the lives of two dozen kids in miami-dade just in the last year. hundreds rallying at charles hadley park in miami. these are people, some who have never even met the first grader all coming out to stand together and drive home t anti violence message while also encouraging people who have informaton about king's death to call police right now. this morning, as i mentioned, we're talking three days after thths northwest miami-dade broad daylight shooting. still no clear description on the getaway veveicle.
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three days of pain and very few answers for this family. >> you took our heart from us. that's our heart. they took our baby from us. he ain't hear no more. >> reporter: detectives and officers are hitting the streets. our interview with the police after 5:00 a.m. a $20,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest in this murder. call 305-471-tips. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> we'll talk at the top of the hour, a south florida father is looking for the hit-and-run driver who put his son in the hospital. on his drive to work this morning he ran out of gas. the 27-year-old got out of his car, set out on foot. that's when a car hit him in the area of southwest 87th avenue
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the driver kept going. the victim's father is hoping somebody saw something. >> if they can call, i would appreciate it. right now i'm under a lot of stress and my son is in very bad shape. i don't want nothing happen to that guy, i just want to have some justice. >> police are looking for a white chevy with front end damage. that's all they're telling us at this point. deputies are also trying to catch this burglar who claimed to be a car dealership employee. video shows the man rummaging through a cash register. the thief allegedly told the employee that he was there to work, but he quickly was led out of the building, obviously not meant to be there. it's unknown at this point how much cash he made off with from
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if yourecognize the man called broward county crime stoppers, 954-495-tips. it has been 12 years since the murder of jaim goff, his classmate stabbed him to death. nbc 6 reporter amanda plasencia sat down goff's family after the verdict. >> jaime goff's family had to relive the nightmare a second time. in a sit-down interview with goff's father, h h says justice has been served as his son's killer was resentenced to life in prison. >> i actually said, do you think you deserve a second chance? he put himself there. in no way did he say he was
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>> i'm compelled to reach a conclusion that i never wanted to reach and that conclusion is that the defendant, michael hernandez, today is the same kind of person he was in 2004. >> reporter: hernandez stabbed a classmate lame gee gough in their middle school bathroom. the supreme court ruled a juvenile can't automatically get life without the possibility of parole. the judge calls hernandez a self centered young man who wand to be a serial killer. >> this is terrifying. 12 years ago and he hasn't changed. he's there in the same way or worth. >> gauf is grateful this is over for now and thankful for the support system he's had along
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>> learn to live without him, with the pain and suffering. so today i can say i'm grateful for the 14 years that he was here with us. >> reporter: his father says the past 12 years have been tough, but he hopes he can be a an inspiration foz those going through this senseless tragedies. miami beach community leaders are warning neighbors in the area about an outside group that is deliberately spreading lies about the miami beach convention center and hotel. the group is sending out mailers, giving out wrong information about the project ice height, how it will be financed. the city maintains it will be privately funded. on top of that, they say it will create jobs and create $24.5 million a year in lease and tax payments. happy tuesday everyone.
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first alert camera in downtown miami. >> meteorologistryian phillips is here with a closer look at what the afternoon will hold for you. >> two more ds in highs in the 80s. rain chances slowly creeping up as well. we'll time it out over the course of the next two to six hours. we will see isolated showers after about 7:00 a.m. live first alert doppler now, let's widen dwn to the keys where we're findi inbound showers. light to moderate rain tonight and early this morning. extra cloud cover as well. we will haha a mix of sun and clouds on the drive with the chance of isolated showers from the morning hours until the early afternoon. 74 right now in opa-locka. a warm and humid start to the
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on the drooivgs maybe a sprinkle. our better chances come midday into the early afternoon hours. highs at 83. but better rain chances come late on bnds. more on that in just about six minutes. >> we're accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. good news if you're making your way out the door. construction in miami-dade on the 874 northbound just after the killian parkway. you'll have two leftanes completely blocked off. on the palmetto expressway southbound, the ramp from kendall drive which is southwest 88th street completely shut down as well. broward county accident-free. three lanes of traffic shut down on i-75 and griffin road. i'll be posting traffic updates alal morning long. 4:41 now. the battle atathe core of apple is heating up.
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giant are planning to do today amid the tense standoff. >> i want people to learn from this tragedy and be more careful. >> a heartbroken mom's word of caution as her daughter fights for her life. it's all smiles because a dog can smile.
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their lost dog welcome back. 4:43 on your tuesday. democrts and republicans flipping the script. democrats competing in south carolina. republicans in nevada. nbc 6's laura rodriguez is tracking the race for thee white house. >> reporter: fresh off his victory in south carolina, donald trump is the h hvy favorite to win in nevada. history is on trump's side. no modern republican has ever won new hampshire and south
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nomination. >> the establishment@of the republican party is waking up to the fact that within a couple weeks donald trump could be unstoppable. >> as for ted cruz, a is that righting shakeup. cruz fired his top aide for tweeting this inaccurate video wrongly suggesting marco rubio dismissed the bible. >> i made clear in this campaign that will be conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. >> reporter: rubio's campaign is gaining momentum heading into republican caucuses in nevada. he picked up a key gop endorsement, bob dole and gained support from several south florida lawmakers. >> i will probably vovo for roar co-rubio. >> reporter: the clinton campaign is stepping up the pressure before saturday's primary in south carolina. volunteers joined for the opening of her first campaign office in miami beach. >> she's strong, resill yept and the right leader for america
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>> reporter: meanwhile bernie sanders spends money much faster than clinton. >> bernie sanders wouldn't have to just win these primaries, but dominate her in a lot of them. >> busy day. as for the democrats, their next primary is in south carolina on saturday. reporting in miami, laura rodriguez, nbc news. the controversial pastor protection act, it's aimed at protecting church and clergies if they decline to participate in same-sex mar@iage ceremonies. opponents of the bill say they already have protection, but some say safeguards are more needed. >> in theory they say they're covered with the first amendment, but one simpmp lawsuit can wipe out a religious organization that relies on donations to keep afloat.
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it. the bill has not been placed on the house calendar. mind pou, the legislature begins its final three weeks of session now. 4:46. a warm and breezy day yesterday. more of the same coming your way. we could see a few isolated showers peppered in from time to time. wet weather around the corner for late wednesday. by thursday, the payoff. winter weather coming back to south floda. nothing going on on live first alert doppler. broward county and miami-dade, clear and dry. we do have showers creeping into the keys. let's switch sources here and take you closer in to the lower keys. rainfall hasn't been heaa, the
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the front end of moisture that will cross the area as w head into your tuesday afternoon. across the seven mile bridge, that's been the concentration of rain this morning. otherwise mostly cloudy skies through the keys. inland here at our everglades holiday park camera, of course, that's the bright moon up above and mostly clear skies out west. here we are in late february. the ocean breeze controlling the temperatures that did not settle down overnight. southeast winds sustained in pompano beach at about 20 miles per hour. that will lead to a high rip currents danger as we get into the afternoon hours. i saw it yesterday on hollywood beach. 74 in ft. lauderdale and pompano beach. no one cooling off because the breeze stayed elevat as we got into the overnighthours. ten degrees warmer than we were
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in pembroke pines. warm and humid pattern for two more days and then some changes. the bulk of our morning maybe a sprinkle coming in. one or two isolated showers. not a wet weather day today, but be on guard for a few pop-dch showers. a better chance for us to get wet weather leading into our wednesday afternoon and evening. today, we could see an isolated shower, i warm and humid. it's late on wednesday afternoon and evening and overnight. that's when we see the best chance for showers and thunderstorms. what's the system do for you? it brings back low humidity, bright sunshine and a beautiful forecast for several days. after lower to mid 80s through wednesday, we clear out on thursday. highs at 73. lows in the 50s to head into the weekend. 4:49, let's get back to traffic
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>> good morning, south florida. fhp reporting a crash on the snapper creek expressway t t the 874 southbound. we have construction on ate road 874 northbound just after killian parkway on the don shula expressway. two left lanes are completely blocked off for about another 40 minutes. 826 southbod, the ramp from kendall drive also completely blocked off for about another 40 minutes. broward county, still lanes completely shut down on i-95 southbound on griffin roaa we have construction going on on the northbound and southbound lanes ofsheridan street. you can follow me on twitter @kellynbc6, i'll be posting traffic updates all morning long. your time is just about ten minutes to the top of the hour. the growing feud between apple and the fbi and apple supporlers, in fact, expected to make their opinions heard all across the country. supporters are expected to
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cities outside apple stores around the united states and the world, as a matter of fact, apple being called on to assist in the terror investigation. apple has resisted doing that. the mother of a young woman in a coma warning other mothers about roommates danielle jones is unresponsible after a roommate allegedly beat her. they say danielle has opened her eyes but stillll not responding to commands. she's heavily medicated and her fate still uncertain. byron mitchell stands accused. her family wants this to be a warning that more mother should be involved in the process. >> i want people to learn from is tragedy, mothers will make sure if their independent
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check, maybe they'll do the background check. >> the 35 told police jones came after him with a knife. meanwhile, the gofundme page has raised more than $25,000. one woman is behind bars for allegedly stealing clothes and abandoning her daught trying to get away from police. officials say she was caught by stor security trying to shoplift over $1,000 in@ clothing in philadelphia yesterday. after they detained her, offics say she escaped leaving her 4-year-old daughter behind. that little girl was given to the department of human services which turned her back over eventually to her relatives. police ended up getting a warrant and arresting the woman last night. according to her record, she has been arrested for theft twice prior to this. police looking for people who started a brawl inside a chuck e. cheese. the whole thing caught on camera in manchester, connecticut. witnesses say the fight started
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other. no arrests were made because everyone had already cleared out by the time police arrived. luckily, though, no one was seriously hurt. we've got one tale with a very happy ending for one south florida family this morning. >> they're reunited wither lost dog after months of trial. they were tuned in to nbc 6 over the weekend and this is what they saw, they saw their own dog. >> that's my dog, rocco, on our adoption segment. they immediately phoned broward animal control to arrange the happy reuni. now rocco is back with his family. to make up with lst time, the family tends to help him put on some pounds and supply end lsless belly rubs. >> when we went to see him, he went crazy. >> when i saw him, i got all teared up. it was a great experience. >> as fate would have it,
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cousin during his quest to reunite with his dog, now surrounded by two new friends. >> when worlds unite. i was looking for my dog. >> that is terrific. 4:53 on your tuesday morning. today we're bragging about dash. >> i'm horry odzer, design and architecture senior high school, we brag coming up. coming up on the nbc 6 news at 5:00, ryan phillips, something is brewing in starbucks. you probably already know. see how it can affect your rewards points. >> i don't drink coffff, so it doesn't matter to me. 595 drivers, if you're headed out the door, flamingo road to 441, eight minutes. from cypress creek to 595, a
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ffm pines vul vard to the palmetto expressway, a nine-minute ride. it is 4:54. we've got showers creeping in on the lower keys. a warm and humid start to our morning, partly cloudy skies, a beach breeze in place across ft.
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tomorrow big changes today we're bracking about a school that's not just one of the best in south florida, but one of the best in the entire country for what they do. >> design andd education on 6 reporter ari odzer shows us the blueprprt to their success. >> they've got the title all sewn up. most original unique high shool
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this is design and architecture senior high school where creative brilliance is nurtud. >> one of the thing i admire, the way they're so collegial with each other, they support each other and foster healthy competition to do better and do their best work. >> d.a.s.h. is an all magnet school. students audition to be accepted and choose film production to graphic design. the industrial design class is creating shoes that don't look like shoes. architecture students are designing livings spaces for an abused women's shelter. >> the advantage is they're taking drawing, fine arts and sculpture from the time they enter the school. these artistic create programs allow them to think differently. they apply these skills to their academics. it makes them strongr in their academics because they're using both sides of the brain. >> reporter: fashion design is huge.
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here is my shot. how is this going? >> pretty much hopeless. >> thanks a lot, kid. can we cut him out of the story? >> reporter: rosemary pringle started the fashion design program here 26 years ago. now there's d.a.s.h. alumni all over the fashion world using the skills they learned working on prprects here. >> from drawing it, making the pattern, cstructing it and then putting it on a model and styling it. it's a long involved process which i think trains the to have patience. >> repopter: d.a.s.h. doesn't have pep rallies but have fashi shows instead. kids talented enough for d.a.s.h. are snapped best colleges. they're on the cutting edge designing their own futures. in miami's design district, ari odzer, nbc 6 news. can we cut him out of the story? >> we.
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that. >> great school, puts them ahead of the curve. nbc 6 news at 5:00 startsts right now. >> right now nbc 6 is everywhere. > a community demanding justice and a strong show of support after a 6-year-old boy is gunned down in broad daylight >> a father demands justice for the man who stabbed and murdered his best friend in middle school. a woman pulls up to an atm and finds a gunman waiting for her. >> live, "nbc 6 today" starts now. good morning everybody. your time is 5:00. i'm @ric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. we're crossing ourselves for a sunny day in south florida, starting to be humid already. >> ryan, we were talking during the commercial break, beautiful day for the beach yesterday, probably a repeat r today, right? >> a repeat for today. the rip current risk, a nice breeze in place.
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the breeze may bring in the shower. live first alert doppler sweeping clele. you can get our free mobile app on your tablet, smart phone, however you look at the web, you can check out ourapp. more activity on the radar in the days ahead. shifting down the keys, overnighted showers on the inbound here into the lower and middle keys. these showers are cycling off from the south to the florgt. overly concentrated here, welcome rains, won't last all morning. we'll get the showers through and extra clouds in the keys. right now in the two-county area, at least in ft. lauderdale, partly cloudy and 73. key west temperatures in the 70s. first alert forecast, warm and humid. could see an isolated shower. up to 80 degrees. i don't think it will be an overly wet day. st rain chances come tomorrow. let's get a check on t tffic


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