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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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we're trying to figure out what happened. what we're hearing from customers is police is telling them they are investigating a shooting and a woman was transported to the hospital. earlier there was a chopper in the air performing some surgery. ll's take a listen frr a worker and a customer about what they say is happening. >> the waitress tololus there was a shooting outside and there were more than 12 cops around here. w decided to leave. >> i'll never exct something like this to happen. it's a really nice area here. details. of the mall. she was transported to the hospital. shooters. all that is information that
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reporting live, jamie, nbc 6 news. more breaking news now. this out of southwest miami dade. police are on the scene of a shooting involving a teen. we have more on this one from the scene. >> reporter: those police just left here wrapping up the scene. they say they are actively y searching inging inging for three african-american teens who rolled up here and started opening fire. i want to show you video w w got an hour ago where police were questioning the witnesses and some ottr victim who is were shot at. police say it was about 8:50 tonight when the group of teenagers were playing outside of this apartment copmplex and they started running when they heard shots fired. one of the victims was hit in
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he was rushed to the hospital. we're told he should be just fine. it's unknown what the motive was behind this. witnesses say there were multiple shots fired if y/u have any information you're urged to call miami dade crime stoppers. reporting live in southwest miami dade, i'm marissa bagg. >> for more on these stories open the nbc 6 news and weather app. a show of the support for king carter, the 6-ar-old who was shot and killed on saturday. >> reporter: days into this investigation and detectives from the miami dade police department still have a lot of work to do. still no arrests. meantime people who live in the
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was raised and killed they're no strangers to crime but they say this was different. they want justicece >> i am king carter. >> reporter: king carter was only six years old. >> fufu of life. >> reporter: that's how his father describes him. i heard every gunshot. >> reporter: police say the child was hit by bullets from a drive by shooting. clearly the 6-year-old was not the intended target. he was pronounced dead at jackson memorialospital hours after the shooting. >> when 6-year-olds start dng in miami. death is what's bringing us together. >> please put the guns down. >> reporter: people from the community standing behend king's father and family outraged over the violence.
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nobody ain't doing nothing about it( >> reporter: this father knows the streets of northwest miami dade and although he says@crime isn't new, losing a child is just too much. >> it's devastating. >> reporter: police looking for three men they say they were traveling in black car on saturday afternoon when the boy was playing outside with friends and killed. people out here believe someone knows something. this evening organized to make noise in the street. these people say the no snitch mentality is a match for them. they want justice for king. tonight his father has a message for those responsible. >> turn yourself in. >> reporter: police say they need your help to make an arrest in this case. they're asking anybody with any information to pick up the phone and call crime stoppers. we put the number at the bottom of the screen.
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$25,000 is being offered for any info that leads to an arrest. the gop candidates are hoping their efforts in nevada paid off. with jeb bush out of race competition is tightening up. laura rodriguez is joining us live in the studio. >> reporter: there are five remaining republican presidential candidates who are facing off tonight in nevada. this is the fourth gop nomination contest to date and the final one before the hii stakes super tuesday match ups in 11 states. caucus goers started gathering between 8:00 p.m. time and 10:00 p.m. time sububtting votes vivaeeia paper ballot. the contest is hard to predict but donald trump is considered the favorite in the sta where the largest city skyline
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bearing his name. you're taking a look at live pictures from watch party that's about to begin in las vegas. a trump watch party according to his campaign sight the event is ld at the treasure island hotel ballroom. earlier today trump made a stop in sparks, nevada. he also stopped to speak at a high school in las vegas. >> 68% would not leave under any circumstances. i think that means murder. i think it means anything, okay. >> reporter: vying for a second place showing are ted cruz and marcorubio. cruz is in las vegas tonight. you'reaking a look at live pictures out of ymca for a elections result party for ted cruz campaign. ted cuz also held the rally earlier this the day in mendon, nevada. >> the truth of the matter is if donald became president, nobody knows what he would do.
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tht future is too much in peril. the stakes are too high. we love our kids too much to roll the dice with the future. >> report: marco rubio has begun to consolidate establishment support. he's yet to win a single primary race. he's highlighting the six years he spent in nevada as a child when he family relocated there in the late 1970s. earlier today he campaigned in minneapolis, minnesota and made a stop in grand rapids, michigan. >> we can't just elect someone who is angry. we have to elect somne that will make a difference and win. >> reporter: john kasich was in georgia with he made several stops. ben carson is in las vegas having caucus night party. it's possible we wongt know who wins until very late today and even possibly tomorrow. once the results are in the backs, the republican race will turn to the super tuesday states
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>> as the republicans battle over nevada, democratic presidential hopefuls confronted issues at a town hall. they are hoping to nab minority votes. they tackled questions about syria and race relations. >> there's somethin very wrong when african-americans in south carolina and around the nation get nervous about walking down the street or going into their car and being stopped by a police officer. that should not be happening america now. >> we have serious challenges, and i think it's important for people, and particularly for white people to be honest about those. >> clinton has criticized sanders for not strongly supporting president obama. today sands took aim at clinton for paid speeches she made to wall street banks. we have a loof information
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tonight's gop caucus on the nbc 6 news and weather app. look for results and speeches. we're following breaking news out of cuba where state media reported thatramon castro hasdied. no cause of death was reported. his body was krecremated. he was 91 years old. today predent barack obama announced his plan to close the s. prison at guantanamo bay. >> i think a lot of american public are worried about terrorism and the@ notion of having terrorists held in the united states can be scary.
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holding bunch of dangerous terrorists here in the united states. >> they plan to close the facility facility. move the respect of suspected terrorists to prisons and military bases right heren the u.s. closing gitmo, as it's known, the presidenenis trying to fulfill his 2008 campaign promise shut it down. faced with so much congressional opposition, experts say he may decide to use executive authority as commander in chief to close the military prison. u.s. secretary of state john kerry may visit cuba to speak about human rights. >> not everything is going to change overnight. there are still human rights issues. maybe down there in the next week or two to have a@human rights dialogue. >> the secretary of sta says that concerns on the island about human rights still remain.
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to addss the concerns. kerry went onto cuba to race the u.s. flag over the embassy in havana. the trip comes ahead of president obama's historic visit to the island nation next mth when he will become the first tting u.s. president to fit cuba in nearly 90 years. nbc 6 will be live in havana when presidentobama makes his historic trip to cuba. > a new warning from police as a miami woan was beaten into a coma by a roommate she met on craigslist. police advised to let a fily member or friend know about the meeting. you can set up the meeting at a public place and perform the basic backgrond check on the person as you never know who is truly behind the screen. she remains in critical
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painintimulation therapy. >> she's jolting back and doing little movements only when they do the pain stimulation. >> police say the incident remainsnsnder investigation. the suspect is behind bars tonight. an unattended iron is what sparked an apartment fire in broward that had firirighters running for cover today. the flames were coming out of roof this morning at the fairways. the fire started in a first floor unit and q qckly spread to the second floor before reaching the roof there. partf the roof did collapse forcing firefighters to get out and retreat. two apartments were destroyed. every one got out safely. >> everything lost. he has nothing at all, but what he was wearing. no shoes, just the t-shirt, his
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>> investigators are treating the fire as an accident. around 23 people were displaced. the red cross is helping them. we had a couple of rain showers but things are pretty quiet. tomorrow there's a risk for strong, possibly severe thunderstorms. stick around for the important forecast. only on 6, would you know how to survive a terror attack?
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training facility to kno how to would you know how to protect yourself in a terror attack? something like san bernardino. we take you inside training. >> reporter: the reality is it can happen anywhere. paris paris, frae, san bernardino,
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an active shooter comes into your work. for me, i was in classroom. this was just a drill and at first i hitated but decided to run out of building. according to security experts that what you should do. >> don't be a hero, don't turn on your phone and try to do home media. >> reporter: it's a security company that turned an old prison into a 1200 military and security training facility in the everglades. it's opop to the public as well for traraing on everything from shooting skills to security preparation. >> there are risks out there. >> reporter: he took us through as much a a he could this one day. it starts with prevention. >> beware of your surroundings. >> reporter: there's also a level to engage your preparedness. white being oblivious.
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orange and red is bad too. you're in panic. you can't function. >> you're going to get tunnel vision. your ears are not going to work. >> reporter: you want to be in yellow, calm, collected as best as possible especially if you have to use a gun. the training is always be aware, always be alert. you never know what kind of situation you might be in. the power could be o and you never know who is just around the corner. lile did i know i was being tested the whole time, a second ambush. >> go, go. >> reporterj i ran out an that's what you should do. >> even if there are wounded people, do not stop. >> reporter: the shooter is comingngbarricade. if you can't, you have to fight the terror. >> more people attacking a person the more likely you are to succeed. >> reporter: attacks like these are thereality. >> you have to be able to take care of yourself. that's number one. >> reporter: back out here, if you're someone who thinks they
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like this, this fafality is about an hour and a half from ft. lauderdale and miami. for more information you can weather app. >> good stuff. as the world begins the fight against zika, health about the virus. the cdc is investigating 14 new cases of zika and the u.s. all appear to be sexually transmitted. spreading the virus through sex is more common than they previously thought. several of these new cases involve pregnant women and the affects on their unborn babies aren't known. officials have confirmed 29 cases in florida. all of those are travel related and none involve pregnant women. as i mentioned earlier we did see showers this afternoon
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things are quiet now. temperatures are warm for this time of the year.t& we have readings in the mid-70s at this hour. 74-degree reading in key west as well in miami. 75 right now in ft. lauderdale. our wind coming in from the southeast and south is contributing to the levels of humidity we have. eventually southwest ahead of this front that will be nearing our area for tomorrow possibly producing strong to severe thunderstorms. the highest risk of severe weather tomorrow is in northern florida. there's a a marginal risk totoorrow. i'd say the florida keys are outside of the area with marginal risk. it's the lowest level of risk of the storm rediction center can issueue regarding to possibility
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or maybe an isolated tornado. the chances are low. nevertheless tomorrow we'll be watching this closely especially after 3:00 p.m. behind it we'll see cooler and drier air for this upcoming weekend. the front stems from this low pressure area which will be exiting louisiana soon. there's the frontal system behind it. way out ahead of the front that's where we have the squall line working tonight. there's been severa warnings of tornadic activity as well as severe thunderstorms. some damage have been reported tonight. it will be a while. probably not until tomorrow evening. tomorrow will be partly to mostly cloudy.. then we'll see the chance of thunderstorms late in the day. it's important to look at tomorrow's future tracker to see
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the best chance of rain might be expected. here's your 7:00 a.m. look. we have a southerly wind. some isolated showers or early thunderstorms. however, the rain chances in the morrng is lower than the rain chance we're expecting for the evening. here is a look atat the afternoon. well off to our west in marco island and places like napl earthquake es. you start see this activity in the evening. here it comes through the metro area. it's spotty. it's not widesesead. there's a high level of uncertainty as to how much weather we'll get out ofof this. the only reason we're playing it cautiously because last time we thought we wouldn't bet much with the squall line, we ended up with tornadoes. tomorrow is day to keep an eye on the sky and here on nbc 6 so we can keep you posted. thursday things start to clear out and becomes really cool now
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back to you. sports caster aaron andrews $75 million lawsuit goes to trial. >> the seven words that could have prevented entire situation and new video that went viral. programming note. this thursday we're sharing the inspirational stories of black women.
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right here on nbc 6. instead andrews think they should have said we can't tell you that. michael michael barrett was convicted of filming her through a peephole. rihanna proving all her@ hard work is paying off. she now has more number one hits than michael jackson. that makes her third in music history with the most number one singles. the 28-year-old singer now trails
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trails miriah carey and the (phone ringing) you can'l deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates se to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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hey candidates, answer the call already. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. we start with breaking news for the miami heat. that man right there out for the season. he needs foot surgery.
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they already lost tyler johnson. as fans worry what's going on with chris bosh, bosh is having a beer. this was posted tonight on the heat instagram. unveiling a new beer called daddy jack. he hasn't been with the team recently. bosh not in the building during last night's win. he also didn't practice today. the heat still quiet about his reported blood clot. dwan dwyane wade said he was in the news. whiteside said i hope they don't play bogut. i would love to get after some of their smaller guys. the miami marlins have a brand new big name manager. for the first time in his career he's dealing with a small time payroll. the marlins full squad on the
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time this spring. machine plenty of optimism this time of year even from a team that hadn't been to the playoffs in the last 13 years. the team had much, much higher payrolls. >> those guys that have big payrolls have guys that have played a long time. we have a lot of guys that will make a lot of money. they haven't got there yet. if we keepthis team tolgt for a long period of time, we'll have basic payroll. >> okay. i'll believe that when i see it. i hope you understand. this is how far they efrom spending the most in baseball. thedodgers are 248 million. the marlins had the third low e,
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all right. welcome back. we continue to follow the gop caucus under way. you're taking a look at the las vegas strip. the doors close there in about 25 minutes or so. right now zero percent of the sites are reporting. i believe we have some other live pictures here.
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>> we're awaiting word for them. we're not going to get any results until later tonight or possibly tomorrow morning. live pictures right t ow from both camps waiting to hear. we'll continue to follow the nevaa gop caucus here on nbc 6. >> the weather looks pretty good. >> stormy tomorrow. >> ok [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin spacey. bill and melinda gates. musical guest kygo. and featurininthe legendary roots crew. >> questlove423 tennessee.


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