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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  February 24, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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florida breaking news. nbc 6 following updates throughout the morning. miami-dade police aggressively following leads in the death of king carter. >> a whole lot has been happening in the last half hour. the boy gunned down outside where he lived and word this midday that investigators right now are questiing several people. >> our team of reporters workin every angle of this breaking story and we start with bobby brooks in doral. bobby? >> sheli and eric, this is the news, inside miami-dade headquarters, i am told, several people are being questioned in connection with the killing of the 6-year-old boy. they are not under arrest and this is the first step in having that happen. here's what we know again. carter was shot and killed outside of his apartment complex in northwest miami-dade in the middle of the afternoon saturday.
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his dad tells us he gave his son $3 to go get treats at the corner store nearby and onon his way he was killed. he was also found by his dad lying on the ground where that vigil continues to grow in his honor. since this has happened, honestly, i have been covering this story and it has outrage from the community. i can tell you several rallies have been held with community leaders speaking in that anger for someone to please speak up and say something. now we know search warrants have been executed and again, several people being questioned right now by miami-dade police about what has happened so maybe that cryor someone to speak up has been heard. back out live hehee. you can be sure i will be following the details in the developments out here of the police station. i am told right now several community leaders and several lead detectives on this case are insidand they are having a
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in there and speak with them i will immediately update us with any information that i get. for now, live in doral, bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. northwest miami-dade is where the shooting happened. sharon lawson is working to get reaction from carter's family about this possible break in the case. >> kelly, for the family finally a bit of solace with the break in the case. let's take a look at the video that was shot over the last few days of rallies. community leaders and residents rallying behind the family after the tragic death of king carter. the innocent chld killed while just being outside his apartment builng in the northwest 103rd area of 12th avenue and the little boy, the victim of gun violence. as bobby was talking about, too, the superintendent of the school districtnd so many others called for justice for king carter. the crimeststpers award went up to $26,000 for an arrest in this
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will happen later on today. back out live, i spoke with king carter's mother just moments ago. a bittersweet day for her because she's preparing to bury her child this weekend and she received news of the possible break in the case. she told me on the phone that shshs feeling a bit better right now. of course, we'llll speak with her when she returns home to her residence. reporting live in northwest miami-dade, sharon lawn, nbc 6 news. our teamkeeping tabs on this breaking story and they'll be posting new developments on the nbc 6 news and weather app and we'll be live streaming the news coerence by the police department where they are expected to give fresh details on the case. >> take a look here and it is a picture-perfect day out here right now as we're looking live at miami-dade and fort lauderdale on the right hand side and later that could be a different story and why we're talking about the possibility of pretty strong storms right
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way home today. >> that's our main concern as we head into the afternoon hours and then moving in as everyone is leaving work and heading home for the day as you go out for the lunch hour, all is quiet and the only live radar on the air in south florida and free and clear of any precipitatii in broward county and miami-dade and you can get it on the free mobile app and just false returns here out across the gulf waters. you've been out and you notice it's sunny, bright, and humid. satellite watching the clouds here just roll in from the south and the nasty weather all morning long staying on the florida west coast. there are no active weather watches in place and north of tampa. this line broken in nature still charging off to the east and the northeast and the tail end of it not quite as impressive as things were earlier this morning with individual thunderstorms out across the gulf waters and lightning moving off to the east and this is the line we'll track into the afternoon hours and the computer models are picking up
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we get into the early afternoon hours from 2:00 and 3:00, we could see isolated showers or a rogue thunderstorm begin to flair up and the event waits into late in the day as this line presses in. i'll say scattered showers and not looking for an overall severe weather afternon. we'll keep you up-to-date and the bottom line is be ready for late-day showers and thunderstorms and otherwise warm and humid and first alert forecast 84 and cool weather just around the corner as soon as tonight and details on the full forecast. >> ryan wasjust talking about this. governor rick scott is in pensacola looking at the damage caused by the storms that hit t that area. a possible tornado ripped through that city last night snpping trees and downing some power lines and destroying homes and a lot of p%ople left without power for quite a while and florida t the only state left picking up the pieces after the
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nbc's jacob rascon. >> reporter: more than 150 homes now just piles of rubble anan some thrown blocks from where they were originally and two people died alone and more than 30 hospitalized and seven of those critiwal and there have been searching for two people missing who may be trapped in the rubble. a desperate search for survivors, hope nearly lost some 150 mobile homes ripped to shreds. trucks twisted like toys, a neighborhood wiped off the map. dozens were injured and many of them pulled from the rubble barely alive. >> we're asking for a calm for this area. we're asking for prayers. we need that. this community needs that. >> reporter: some 19 million people were at risk ding round one of the massive winter storm. all of the way to pensacola, florida where this neighborhood took a direct hit. >> we just held on to each other and said maybe we'll make it,
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overturned semitrucks and a gutted gold's gym and thomas howard who watched a tornado blow right past him. >> we heard a loudnoise. >> reporter: back in louisiana nobody is giving up yet. >> reporter: and the search will resume for those three people still missing and theleanup will also begin as the severe weather threat moves east and northeast producing more tornadoes and even blizzard conditions. i'm jacob rascon in southeast louisiana. back to you. >> thanks so much and with those storms expected to come through south florida later todays ryan was just mentioning to us, is important to be weather, wear moving forward this afternoon and you can stay ahead of your storm with the mobile device and the nbc 6 news and weather app and you can track these storms that are expected to head in our directi right down to your neighborhood. >> nbc 6 giving you the first look at the man arrested who say he got into a fight with his
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used his car as a weapon against officers. he's been covering the story all morning long. this is where it all started just at dinner. >> that's right, sheli, scared, confused. shoppers say it was one of the last places they expect anything like this to happen. miami-dade police say the couple's violent fight over dinner turned into an officer firing his gun. the suspect identified by police is michael guzman who is charged with not only kidnapping and false imprisonment, but also battery on a law enforcement officer. shots fired at one of south florida's biggest and busiest malls. >> shocking to me. >> reporter: miami-dade police say a detective opened fire on this man. 36-year-old michael guzman who drove a car straight at a group of officers following a violent fight with his wife at one of the restaurants. >> the waitress followedednd there was a shooting outside and there were cops around here, but we decided to leave.
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was hit by the bullets which was just outside the mall's main entrance on kendall drive. it all started after 9:30 p.m. tuesday night when guzman and his wife got into a fight after a family dinner. the argument turned physical and he grabbed her by the arms and pulled her away from the table and that didn't go so well with another family member who was leaving in the car and that person stopped to help and police say guzman pushed his wifinto the car and hit the gas. his wife jumped out of the moving car and police say guzman kept going, straight towards officers who were initially there for an unrelated case ignoring their warnings to stop. one detective then opened fire. >> i would never anything like this to happen because you don't see this much. >> reporter: guzman was later found trying to switch cars along southwest 61st avenue. he was cuffed and taken tthe hospital for chest pains and
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>> a very dangerous and scary situation i imagine, for everyone in the mall. >> reporter: it is important to stress that this all unfolded outside of the mall and minutes after closing time, but as you can imagine even then there were plenty of people around. as far as that suspect, guzman has not made his first court appearance. as for as his wife, she was sent to the hospital after jumping out of thht car, but luckily and happily, she is expected to be okay. for now we are live outside dadelala mall, michael spears, nbc 6 news. simeon boyins appeared in bond court. the judge ordered him held on a $15,000 bond. investigators say boynkinsns was behind the wheel of a mercedes benz that hit 15-year-old javier valdez on monday morning. at the time valdez and h h brother were just trying to cross northst 22nd street to catch the bus for school. valdez remains in serious
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relative of keon hardeman. he went to the hospital yesterday to try to console the victim's family. the florida teenager@ accused of pretending to be a doctor is being sued by a car dealership, but for a completely different reason and in no wayconnected. according to the blm beach coast, graco massden is seeking $25,000 from malachi love-robinson. love-robinson gave them a bad check in payment for a car and saying the account was closed and love-robinson respontded to the suit in august and he claimed it was a mistakeand the dealership didn't give him enough time to fix it. the results are in. donald trump takes the nevada caucus with a commanding lead at almost 46%. you see there senator marco rubio takes second place with
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trails behind by justst a few points there. more than 77,000 voters came out and thattas twice the turnout of 2012 and a new record in that state and fsh off of the second-place finish and rubio stopped by the "today" show saying the gop race this year is unlike any other race before. >> i think you have to take everything we've applied to every campaign before and throw them out of the window and this is a very unusual year and an unusual process. we feel we'll do very well and pick up a lot of delegates. >> he was asked why he was not attacking trump directly and instead of going after ted cruz. rubio responded he's not in the race to attack anyone, but he'll respond to that. ulia bagg takes us behind the scenes ahead of the florida primary. >> still ahead this midday, what turned out to be a very close call and take a look here and
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that saved an officer from getting rammed by that out of control truck. >> plus why in the world is this guy pulling a guy's pants off? we'll reveal a shocking video with a big warning so what happened to him doesn't happen to you. >> normally not this warm and a warm and humid afternoon just ahead of the cold front. lowe 80s across the area with
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welcome back this midday. a man from kentucky nursing second-degree burns this midday. did you see that there? an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket and surveillance video from a gas station shows josh hamilton standing in line waiting to be checked out when the e-cig battery explodes in his poct. you can see him running outside and a witness trying to pull o o his burning pantses and someone is using an extinguisher theree and that finally did the trick. >> exploding pants is a new one, isn't it? glad he's okay and a ar-miss officers. take a look at that. that truck out of control and minneapolis causing that box truck to swerve on to the shoulder of the road. dash cam video is showing what happened and it just misses officers trying to help some people that were pulled over on the side of the road on that
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luckily, nobody was hurt. early voting for the florida primary is set to get under way in south florida when next week rolls around and in miami-dade officials are making sure that everything is in perfect shape before that happens. julia bagg is live in doral where the voting machines are being inspected and tested becausus julia, getting people to the polls, that's a feat in and of itself and things should be working properly when people get there. >> reporter: that's what the supervisor of elections is going for here and this is a massive operation going on right now under titit security. it's the final test for some of the 1500 voting machines about to fan out across miami-dade county for florida's primary election. >> this is what we call the logic and accuracy test. every machine is tested three times before it goes to o o of 600 polls countywide. the peop you see running the test work for the county's elections department. they've been trained to put them
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their job is to make sure your choice for president is actctlly what comes out on your ballot. the supervisor of elections explains how it works. >> we wrote the ballots and w put them through the voting equipment and we compare the results to the outcome to prove that it is performing as it should. >> reporter: if a machine here is not getting the results white. supervisor christina white says you won't see it on election day. and the supervisor of elections asked me to remind you that this is a closed primary. so you must be a registered republican or registered democrat to vote, otherwise you'll need to wait to make your presidential pick in november. live in doral, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> our turn is getting closer and closer a a set to start on monday, february 29th and it ends march 13th and at least that's the way it's going to be in miami-dade county and broward
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marchth and also going down march 13th and if you didn't get to write details and dates down, you can always head into the n n 6 news and weather app and we've posted all of that information and the 2016 section. raul castro's older brother has died. ramon castro was the second of seven childrere he supported his brother's revolution, but did not take an active role. the reports won't say how he died, but that his body was cremated and his aeshs willshes will be taken to fidel's hometown. happening now, there's a remembrance at the o`a-locka airport where there is a memorial to the men. later tonight a mass at the shrine of our lady of charity starting at 8:00 and you'll remember back in 1996 the two aircraft were flying in international airspace when cuban piloted jet fighte shot them down, killing four men.
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this is now live and you're looking live in orlando and lots of raindrops on that lens and theyeye waiting for severe weather to be hitting that area and in fact, w w are waiting for our own severe weather, as well and expecting ryan to hit during the peak of the commute hour on their way home tonight. we'll be keeping a close eye on the radar after we get into the drive time and any time after 3:00, 4:00. will it be severe? i think right now we're going to trend back from severe weathe and look for isolated, strong storms and we'll reassessthis as the day goes on and the one thing we have going on out there and no rain on first-alert doppler and a lot of sunshine. looking out live across miami beach and all of the sun we're seeing fueling up the atmosphere and that would help to at least support or itiate some isolated shower and thunderstorm activity into early afternoon hours. the sun playing a big part in this, but the actual line itself not quite as robust as it was earlier this morning and some of
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orlando area and just some clusters out across the gulf of mexico and heading out to the east-northeast and it will head to charlotte county and most everything out here to the west of colyer county and still 100 or so miles away getting close to the beaches and we'll watch what's going on off to the west and we'll watch what happens overhead as showers try to bubble up and i think our best chances come in after 3:00 p.m. and could see isolated strong storms and the warmth, humidity and the breezy conditions is what you will see the rest of the dad. by the way, as soon as tomorrow morning, cooler and dryer weather back in and you notice the winds out of the south at 15 to 20 and the warm breeze, 84 opa-locka and 83 fort lauderdale and we're at 81 in marathon and we'll start to level off the temperatures at 84 this afternoon and more clouds building in and the rain chances after 3:00. the timing not great leading into the evening commute and
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we'll keep you up-to-date if anything becomes severe. here is the threat tracker and the tornado risk will be going down and the heavy rain threat not really present and it's the gusty winds that could certainly come into play with any of the stronger storms that develop later this afternoon andnd if you don't have the nbc 6 news and weather app, download it for free and we'll get it with alerts pushed down to your phone. at 63 tonight and here is the storm systemriving all of this and the main severe threat with the huge low pressure with the front sweeping d dwn behind the showers that come through this evening and there's a bull's-eye, if you will, across virginia and down through north carorina and south carolina and we're on the tail end of that and here's where ourp best risk for stronger weather is across central florida. we're transitioning out of that threat area and we'll keep a close eye on the radar this afternoon. orms after 3:00, 84 and cooler weather as soon as tomorrow and
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low of 63 and they settle in, cloudy, saturday and sunday lows into the 50s and probably some 40s and highs only of around 71, 72 to end the workweek and go into the weeknd and we are dry well into next week. adam berg and chief meteorologist john morales have you covered with the rest of the afternoon. >> thank you so much. are you superstitious? >> depends. >> depends. apparently kevin spacey is superstitious because he revealed the secret of the floridapanthers winning streak and it happened this morning. >> "6 in the mix" host roxanne vargas. >> as it turns out kevinspacey is the house of cards, and theet sweater given to the mvp of the game has his headshot against the space headshould the. get it? kevin spacey. they go on to win more games. so whatever work, keep snapping
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i'll take hisis spot.
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during your commute home and maybe some severe weather so be
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you know, we've heard from kanye west all week long from taylor swift to saturday night live and how does kim kardashian feel about it all. a source tells "people" magazine, quote, sometimes his lashing out embarrasses her and at the end of the day she's 100% committed to keeping her family together and kim loves kanye and thinks she can't do anything wrong, proving that, ladies and gentlemen, love is truly blind. jean claude van dam, will play a tougher version of himself. the muscles from brussels wii double as a black ops operative. and the series is jean claude van johnson. still no word on when the ries is expected to debut. i once went on a ski vacation with a baby goat. >> that's not a true story. >> well -- okay.


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