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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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the north end, something police acknowledge and people who live here say enoughh is enough. northwest 14th avenue and 71st street, police working a shooting investigation tonight. detectives say the male victim was 17 years old. she was rushed to jackson memorial hospital this evening but did not make it. police say the teenage victim was walking the area when he was approached by a gunman on foot. >> that makes you worried,ave to stand on guard for your children and can't let them go outside. >> reporter: this man lives close by and says the crime makes him question safety. also just blocks away on 17th avenue, another shooting, now detectives are working to see if it is connected to this. in this shooting police say there were two victims, one hit in the leg, the other unharmed and they were approached by a
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they say they took off on foot. people are worried about the violence, people like this teacher who showed up with a message tonight. >> all i know is i fight daily in the classroom to make a difference in the lives of these children for them to come home. and meet tragey? at their door step? nosir. >> reporter: over the weekend, a 6-year-old caught in the crossfire of a drive by shooting. police s clearly he was not the intended target, but he was shot dead while playing outside. we have been reporting on this again and again and again and it seems like the victims are just young. >> yes, we have seen quite a number of shootings in dade county recently involving juveniles. and our department is out there every day. >> reporter: the miami-dade school superintendent took to social media tonight. his tweet reads, wee must not
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sensitive when news of juveniles getting shot in our community becomes an almost daily occurrence, a daily occurrence that people who live in this county say they have had had enough. we hear more people saying they want change. law enforcement again acknowledging this is#a problem, what many call a growing issue. we put up the crime stoppers number for you tonight. if you have any details on the fatal shooting happening here tonight or any of the other open cases in the county tonight you are asked to call the number at the bottom of your screen. reporting live, stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. and two are in custody for the death of a child. these are the brand-new mug shots of 18-year-old leonard adams and presley of the the shooting was triggered by an
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named juju, police wt looking for the person where the 60year-old lived. king was caught in the crossfire, one of the suspects called the victim's family today before turning himself in. >> i dot respect them for being cowardly, but i respect@ them for turning themselves in. >> adams and presley are charged with attempted murder,king this weekend. and moving out of south florida tonight as we wait for cooler temperatures. take a look at this funnel cloud captured here in west palm beach and farther north cleanup is under way in the pensacola area, as they clean up after the tornado. how about the forecast, john? >> there is still rain in south florida from the system but the stronger line of thunderstorms is actually offshore now as it
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the big batch of rn is along the southern tip of the peninsula and into the florida keys. some of the pockets of rain will hit the area over the midnight hour, from key largo. d rainfall accumulations have not been all that impressive, less than a quarter inch of rain as we look at the rainfall accumulations. there is 120th of an inch in miami, not even a half from this system a a it slipped through. no severe weather either as it moved through south florida. a couple of showers through the midnight hour and things dry out overnight. temperatures cooling down, ten degrees cooler than last night. tomorrow, a delightful and sunny day, more details over the weekend coming up in a few minutes. lackooking forward to that.
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severe conditions to be received raight to your phone when they're in your neighborhood. >> there was no traffic or children around. that was my first priority to make sure, i did not hurt anybody's home or take anybody's life. tonight, ailot describes his thoughts as he realized his on. the plane took off this afternoon and made an emergency landing just block was in a residential neighborhoooo nbc 6 reporter marissa bagg has more. >> reporter: jackie, we're just two blocks away from the airport. this airplane was on a sort of test flight after recently being repaired. it crashed here on northwest 76th avenue, where you see the car, thankfully the cars were not there at the time and lukily there was no damage to the property. this is something you don't see every day, an airplane going down the middle of a residential
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pilot randy sherr says he lost power moments before he was set to land at north perry airport. the plane started to sputter, so he needed to find another runway. >> i saw nobody on it, no traffic, no children there, that was my first priority to make sure, i didn't hurt anybody's home or take anybody's life. >> reporter: one neighbor saw the cessna 1520 fall out of the sky. >> he just landed in the neighbor's garage, basically. >> reporter: that next door neighbor, miguel contreras was home at the time and says it was lucky there was no damage. >> the noise wasvery, very strong. >> i had to take off my shirt, he was bleeding.
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>> reporter: a tow truck was called to take away the damage from the front end. neighbors were thankfullong with everybody else. >> everybody was just thanking me, emotionally i wish i could have gotten the plane in, that was the main thing. doesn't feel like any kind of hero for saving lives or property but i did what i was trained to do. >> reporter: randy added it is a good landing whenever you can walk away from it. he had a bump on his head, a couple of cuts and bruises b b as you saw on the video he says it is okay. he is more concerned to tell his wife about it. >> truly a miracle. well, no bond for a man accused of fighting with his wife and charging at officers in his car last night.t. michael guzman will have to stay in jail for now. the 36-year-old was charged with battery on a law enforcement
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this all stemmed from a chaotic scene, cops say hewas involved in a fight with his wife and then dodged the detectives with a gun. he was booked into jail. his wife is doing okay. a pro-trump robocall is urging voters not to vote for cruz. >> the pro-trump message not authorized by donald trump urges voters not to vote for a cuban. >> the white race is dying out in america because we are afraid to be called racist, is okay that few schools have a white as a majority. donald trump is not a racist,
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don't vote for a cuban, vote for donald trump. >> that was just a small part of the clip that was produced by william daniel johnson, the leader of the white nationalist american freedom party. i spoke with him briefly tonight about the controversial message, even though he stands by his opinion that a cuban should not be president he says the decision to say don't vote for cubans was to save time and money. >> you have a minute to do a robocall robocall, because if you go over a minute it costs money. and both his competitors are cuban. you can say don't vote for a cuban, that you can get a lot more meaning both cruz and rubio. >> and the campaign fired back, saying this is an outrageous robocall that donald trump should immediately repudiate and campaigning.
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campaigning that donald trump has been de-crying for weeks. the robo says it was not authorized by donald trump, also he has disavoed the super pac that released controversial calls on his behalf in iowa. you can hear the entire robocall on nbc 6. tonight, a shorthanded miami heat taking on the champs, the golden state warriors, and the game came down to the wire. adam kuperstein has more. it was soclose, adam, but to no a avail. reporter: i know, jackie, what a crushing way to lose a game. the heat players were not devastated at all. it is a weird feeling, they're that good. miami a huge underdog, it all came down to the final minute. take a look, steph curry going
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ends up getting the ball back after the block shot goes back to curry, heat up by one. not anymore. curry drillings the three-point shot. he had 42 points and golden state wins 118-112. dewayne wade says sometimes after the game you have to tip your cap. he is the best player. wade says if he played like he did tonight all season they will win more games. we'll hear more coming up in sports, i'm adam kuperstein. well, w had a chance. we did. okay, up in smoke as an ecigarette explodes. >> a man's pant bursts into flames, what cauaud the sudden explosion. and you could get cool, hard cash the next time you fly. i'll tell you how coming up next. we're following breaking
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major aident shutting down traffic. this is definitely an area you're going to want to avoid. absolutely, traffic is shut@ down for miles right now not
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so heed the warning, once again, more recently . attention, if you get bumped off a flight or lose your luggage there are ways to get compensated to crash. >> let's face it, flying is not what it used to be but there are some secret tips to ease the pain of airline travel. >> reporter: the next time you head to the airport know your rights. >> passengers have a lot of rights they don't know out. >> reporter: they say there are ways to be a smarter flying, including ways to save cash.
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get what they want, they may get compensated for something that went wrong. >> first off, you can get paid back if you get bumped off an over-sold flight. if you arrive at your destination more than four hours planned you can pocket pa of the ticket price. >> they will have to deny people boarding, and in that case there is a certain amount of money they have to pay you legally. and that way you can ask for cash rather than a voucher. >> speaking of vouchers, always askor cash instead, many of those vouchers come with strings attached. you cannot be held for more than three hours onomestic flights. airline flights are required to serve yo food and water after a two-hour delay. some passengers were pretty surprised when we showed them
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paid back for travel changes, if there is any damage, you will have to be paid to be rerouted. most airlines allow you to get a full refund within 20 hours of buying your tickets. while each airline has certain guidelines, you can be compensated on the ground and in the air. >> you have to know what your rights are and options are. >> for a fullest of all of these tips, check out the nbc 6 weather app. remember that knowledge is power and can put even more money in your wallet. nbc of news. and coming up tomorrow, the arding pass is the ticket to fly but it could also be what they need to get your personal information for an id thief. tomorrow, we show you how easy it is to save yousecret.
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store, take a look, watch the guy on the right there. flames are shooting out o o his pants when the battery to see e cigarette blows out of his pocket. he tries to put the fire out before jumping in to help. the man has second degree burns on his leg but is able to walk. and a west ndle woman says days after her dog disappeared itent for sale on craigslist. and nbc 6's laura rodrigue has more. >> reporter: the dog is 15 years old and has cancer. her owner is very concerned for her health and although she was able to contact the craigsli poster, the response got her back at square one. >> i am very attached. my mom calls her my daughter. >> reporter: this is a 15-year-old miniature schnauzer
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they quickly posted fliers on social media. five days later, she received craigslist link. much to her surprise? >>here was a picture of my dog, three pictures, i just freaked ou that is my dog, my dog. >> reportrt: this is a screen shot ad provided by her, it says rehoming for a person who is moving out of state. the person asksor a fee of $140. >> what is going on? like you found my dog, what is going on? >> reporter: she knew it was lina, her dog, but just to be sure, she had a lump on her leg and she asked her about it, the person responded yes, the person explained he or she found the do and said the dog then ran away. >> she said s had my dog and she tried to take care of her but she ran away. >> the private pet detective
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sell lost or stolen pets on line an believes it is suspicious. the ad was deleted after lina's owners sent a message. >> you found a dog? you're supposed to do whatever you can in 30 days to find the owner. >> i am really scared it's going be too late. >> we contacted the craigslist poster, but the e-mail bounced back saying the e-mail has been deleted. if you know anything about the dog make sure you call the family, we have their contact information under my story or you can find my story on the nbc 6 news and weather app. reporting in southwest miami-dade, laurie rodriguez, nbc 6 news. now, first alert weather, with chief meteorologist john morales. all right, so not all the in is gone, but it should be gone by morning. we still have some shower activity along the florida keys
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you saw the line of showers there nar bimini moving away from us not to return. that was the strong eggs lineest line of thunderstorms, no showers with these, today we escaped any severe weather in south florida, that is good news considering there were thundershowers up in pensacola. you can see key largo has heavy rain and other areas near ocean reef about to get hit by precipitation. we'll see rain and then tomorrow clearing and cooler with dry and cool weather that will stretch into the weekend. temperatures will be five to 15 degrees below normal for the next three days. it's 70 righgh now in miami, that is already cooler than 24 hours ago and we expect again readings tonight to more than likely end up in the low 60s in our area, with winds shifting. they have a northerly component
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that will help our temperatures cool tonight. when speeds are n n as high as they were today we did see gusts to about 35 miles an hour. so the front not quite here yet. still draped along the lake, perhaps naples, heading towards us overnight, clearing out the mainly clear skies heading to the gulf of mexico. that will be here soon enough allowing for aice end to the work week and a nice beginning to the weekend. a look at the forecast, for rain for the next several days. still raining tonight but after ted no more rain, a cool breeze tomorrow, tomorrow looks really face. take a look at the future tracker, a couple of clouds earlier in the florida keys ana then the clouds disappear by 10:00 a.m. and then we end upp with a sunny day here in south florida, with the cooler breeze, low humidity, high temperature. 73 tomorrowafter the morning low of 62. sunny, expect clear skies at the end of of the day.
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thunderstorm i forgot to remove. cool temperatures, look at the nighttime lows of thursday, fririy, saturday, we're talking 59 to 52 degrees. crisp nights indeed, highs only in the low-to-mid 70s. next week, temperatures rebound somewhat to seasonal levels. john, thank you. well, several new cases of the zika virus right here in the
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health department has confirmed that three pregnant womenen living in florida have contracted zik health officials are not disclosing the counties where they live because of privacy issues. the new numbers are confirmed to be 32. but all are travel-related. in miami-dade alone there are 11 people with the virus anan in broward, four. governor rick scott has requested the cdc to send 250 additional anti-body sies to the state. and here is something you can do, you can click something other than like. the social media released reactions to users worldwide, by holding down the device, users can express themselves by using five additional emojis, like, love, humor, anger, wow and sad are all reactions. the new method was built over a
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they needed a better way to reveal themselves with posts. mine would be anger, let's cck in with kuperstein on the big game. it would be the conflicted
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lost, but it was a good (pho ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hd, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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welcome back, adam kuperstein live at the amican airlines arena. and if there was such a thing as a good loss this was it for the miami heat. they have the best player in steph curry and that is how tough this one was, whiteside came out strong, 15 points, seven rebounds, heat up by 12. then after golden state took the lead, dewayne wade grabbing the inspection interception, fantastic tonight, wade had 32 points for miami, this comes down to the final minutes. he loves it there. me tied at 104. the crowd is already hyped now about to explode. hassan whiteside, everybody is wondering, is this really going to happen, he had 13 points, six rebounds, the ball goes back to
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of course he hit it. 42 points for curry, the heat lose, 118-112, curry so good, whiteside after the game was like man, i was so close. >> i wish i didn't block it as hard as i did. i wish i would haveve just tipped it, grazed it. unfortunately, it was a great bounce to a player that can really shoot. >> he made two daggers, man, we couldn't play any better than we did. a big time player, steph made a big-time jump. >> official tip of the hat to a great competitor. his looks belie how competitive he is, he rises to the question when it matters most. >> and an update for chris bosh, with a blood clot.
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asked him to sit out. the coach will not comment,
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between chris bosh .
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continue to follow that breaking news on i-95 nthbound where an accident has pretty much shut down many lanes of traffic there at northwest 135th street. >> well, there are several lanes open but traffic has begun to move but again backed up for [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: fr studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taraji p. henson, mike birbiglia, musical guest fka twigs. and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 424 compton. >> steve: and w, here he is,


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