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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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your time is 5:00. i am eric harryman. >> i amplm sheli muniz. happy birthday if it's your bibihday, you get to celebrate. for once. every four years, right? >> ryan, you are only 12rerely, right? >> it's not my birthday, but if you do have a birthday you can go to pizza hut and show your id and get a free pizza. take advantage of your leap day accomplishmentthere. the 29th of february, and we have a beautiful winter weekend in south florida. now we turn the page and we have warmer weather. i would not be surprised if we sea sprinkle or two. sunny skies yesterday, but loo at all the cloud cover that moved in overnight.
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atlantic breeze and clouds coming in up above. the temperatures are very mild this morning, and lower to mid-60s will do it. slowly the temperatures have been creeping up in the last day or two, and they keep going this week. first alert forecast high of 77, and a little more sunshine this afternoon. 5:01, and kelly blanco is back with the traffic. >> good morning, south florida. if you are headed out the door on i-95 southbound, this is your drive. southbound and northbound. the good news is, we're accident free in miami-dade and broward county. this leaves you with a 12-minute ride from the golden glades to the expxpssway, and those are 50 cents as you ke your way out the door. if you are headed out the door from coral reef to tamiami trail, you have a 10-minute commute with traffic moving along from 55 to 60 miles per hour. we will talk about broward
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still a lot of questions surrounding the death of a 14-year-old boy that was killed by one of his friends. nbc 6 spoke to the lawyer of the teen accused of pulling the trigger, and he calls it a terrible accident. what are investigators saying about this case? >> reporter: investigators charged the teen with manslaughter and we spoke to the suspect's attorney and he tells us his 14-year-old client was still in shock when the police intetviewed him, and he said the accidental shooting is a tragedy, but in no way should they face the manslaughter charges. the 14-year-old boy identified as rhodes, and he was shot by another teen who was showing off a gun at a family friend's home. rhodes was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced
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was jailed and bonded out of jail, and we can't r rease his name because he is 14 years old but faces man shrautslaughter charges. the 14-year-old's motherer was not in the room when that the questioning happen, and the victim of the family said they don't even know where this gun came from. >> teenagers, t ty're kids, they're babies. >> this morning, the shooting drawing e en more focus and attention to gun violence in the community. we heard from superintendent and the police chief about teens and guns and guns in the hands of teens. we'll hear more about that at 5:30. the time is four minutes past the hour, and mourning another tragedy. we're talking about king carter here at the funeral of
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was a surprise twist of events. >> king carter's father proposing to his mother in front of hundreds of people gathering for the funeral for the 6-year-old. although it was a very sad day for every one there, carter's parents didn't want the day to end in pain, so his teammates bringing a little laughter to that funeral. >> my favorite moment with king is how no matter i would run, he would say you won the ace, and that's great for him. >> right now we know that three teens are behind bars in connection to little carter's
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a new arrest in the abduction of a 2-month-old baby, and that child came back home and a 14-year-ld charged in connection with the case. police say she broke into a home near ft. lauderdale and stole a 2-month-old, and they say agustine had help@from her cousin who was caught and arrested in miami,nd agustine and the baby's mother are cousins, and they are trying to figure out who will get temporarily custody of the little one. a rough ride for a thrill seeker in southwest miami-dade. a hand glider made a landing yesterday morning, and while the pilot didn't appear to be hurtrt
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to the hospital as a precaution. a hole opened up on the causeway, and the p pize tag is running upwards of 12 million bucks, and a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held this afternoon on the causeway, and a miami ke shop is organizing a ride over the bridge for 6:00 tonight. rapping up budget talks. they are working on individual items. they met over the weekend to work out spending in key areas like transportati and health care. > this morning, miami-dade residents will have a chance to head out to the polls and have their say in 2016. julia, there are a few thhgs
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make that happen for you later this morning. >> reporter: eric, let he show you what is going on now. oor a dozen poll workers waiting outside the elections department and they are waiting for the building to open. they are up early and tell me, hey, this is what we do. in just under two hours from now, that's when early voting officially gets started here in miami-dade. you will have a chance to do that for two weeks. yoyo can only vote in the primary if you are a registered republican or democrat. you can and check your nbc 6 news and weather app for details on where the polling locations are, because there are 20 locations across miami-dade. broward county, don't go to the polls just yet. things are different for you,
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hour, we will tell what you you need to know. as that early voting gets under way in miami-dade, presidential candidates are working on the last-minute push for south florida. >> hear how two presidential hopefuls got high profile support here in south florida. >> if you are a leap year baby, today is your day to take advantage of sweet deals created only for you. at 5:08, clouds moving in overnight. we start our day with a mix of sun and clouds and could see a
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we are now officially less than 24 hours away from super tuesday. tracie potts i i in washington, d.c. with a preview of what is expected to happen over the next 24 hours or so. >> donald trump heads into super tuesday with his first sate endorsement, jeff sessions. his opponents are hitting hard. >> friends do not let friends hope for con jobs. >> you don't call somebody of achievement, you don't do that.
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for not condemning support from the former head of the ku klux klan. >> we should all be united in saying the klan is reprehensible and has no place in politics. >> super tuesday is looking good for hillary clinton coming off her huge win in south carolina. >> bernie sanders feelinghe burn of the south african-american voters. >> i will need your help to win the tkepldemocratic nomination. >> clinton, focused on trump. >> i don't think in a campaign you make wild promises and insult everybody and then people wonder, what does that person really stand for. but clinton could find herself on defense. the rest of her e-mails are being released today. tomorrow night three main candidates will watch the super
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donald trump will be in palm beach gardens where he lives half of the time, and marco rubio will be at his home in miami-dade. miami political heavy waits cheered marco rubio campaign here, and many were there just the name a few. thee 42nd presesent attended a grassroots event over the weekend. and he talked about hillary's vision of building up the economy.
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and wildlife commission says the biggest python caught was 15 feet, and he tookhome the prize for the largest haul of snakes, capturing 33 pythons altogether, and 106 caught. we're coming up on 5:15. a check on weather and traffic foremost. live first alert doppler clear. not looking for any widespread precipitation. skieie mostly cloudy, and that's what will be in our wayay first thing. warmer readings this morning as the sun comes up at 6:45. looking for temperatures between 64 an 68.
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coming out towards the beaches thanks to the onshore breeze. the cloud cover, rather expensive initiully this morning. a little later this afternoon, the sunshine ends up taking over as we get through monday. 64 on monday. 65 in pompano, and lower 60s out west. mid-60s down through the keys, if you are an early riser, you will notice the difference when you head out, temperatures warmer than what we experienced through the weekend. winds not a big issue. still working their way down the peninsula. we're starting to see warmer readings each and every day. gone will be the really low humidity and bright sunshine. we have more clouds around. i will leave an isolated shower chance in your forecast, and if you have to run the windshield wipers one or two times, you
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we start to work in more sunshine over the cloud cover as the day continues to go on. we will stay partly cloudy and 77 this afternoon, and that's a warmer forecast. the nights ahead will be warmer as well. partly cloudy to mostly clear out west, and look at what happens here as we get through each and every day, and even some humidity here. 81 on tuesday, and 83 on wednesday. don't have any really great rain shower chances coming our way anytime soon, and just in and out of the cloud cover and a warmer breeze in place. 83 on wednesday and 81 on thursday, and another 83 on friday. next weekend, trending dry with highs in the upper 70s. good morning, south florida. hope your morning is off to a great start. we are accident free in broward county. all construction cleared up as well. this is a live look from the first alert camera from i-95, your northbound and southbound
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we have emergency crews blocking the rampn dolphin expressway to northwest 107th. they will be reopening that ramp, so good news as you are making your w out the door. from coral reef to tamiami trail, a 10-minute ride ahead of you. from bird road to the dolphin expressway, a 4-minute commute. . >> if you are a leapay baby, participating pizza hut locations will give you a free pizza, andhotels and travel
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a world famous golfer helped to close out this year's a festival. he says he approaches wine making in the same way he approaches life, attacks it with gust gusto. >> it not just putting a signature on the bottle and a label on the bottle, you are producing qualityy wine year in and year out. >> the wine and food festival has been integral to bringing the wines to the event. >> must be doing something right if he was invited to the wine and food festival. you are doing something on target. the time is 5:19.
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i thank you all for this amazing award tonight. >> social media obviously is still buzzing this morning over that guy, leonardo dicaprio getting his first oscar. there was controversy over the all-white acting nominations. the big winner of the night "mad max" took home the most oscars. we will have a live report from hollywood, california, with more on the oscar winners and that political controversy that goes along with it. if you are a fan of the show, "the voice," we are getting wordthat "the voice" is back tonight. and christine aguilera back in the coaching fold.
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>> the blind auditions almost always make the biggest prices. >> you do not look like your voice, fyi. >> he was nicknamed the unicorn. >> the unicorn is only a unicorn if you don't come across one very often. >> adam levinee not only won the season, and also broke the record for song downloads. night the coaches here a new batch of auditions. >> the people i turn around for are those i feel have something different. >> something just happens and you don't know why. that's why it's improbable to say why. >> somebody nots good, they just have mething, a thing,
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and see who that is. >> you have somebody, i am good, and boom, there comes blake. >> we developed a new level of rivalrlr this year. i don't know why, but she copied me. >> she will try tl copy blake's success on the new season of@ "the voice." >> you watch for the performances because they are so great. you never know what you are going to see from the judges. >> the few times i have seen it, it has a very positive twist and feel to it when it's over. i like that. 5:24 on your monday rning. early voting is about to kick off in miami-dade, t broward. we have the scoop on what you need to know if you are planning to head out to the polls later. just when you thought flying
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again, lawmakers working on a new feature to ease the pain of legal room troubles. we are waking up todry weather across the area. we could see a sprinkle this morning, and that's not the (phone ringing) u can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates
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now at 5:30, a teen boy accidentally shot and killed, police say, at the hands of a 14-year-old. why lawyers are now questioning the case. this morning a new twist to a baby napping case that began in south florida, who police say also played a role in the crime. the big winners and bold conversation about diversity at the oscars. good morning, everyone. yoururime is 5:29.
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>> i am sheli muniz. happy birthday if you were born on february 29th, you get to celebrate today. >> it's the leap day forecast. people have been waiting a long time. >> i have not delivered it in four years. we have high clouu out there, but no rain in place. we are going to move the c cuds and the day will get better as we go. a batch of clouds developing in the gulf waters and moving overhead while you were asleep. as we start your monday morning, warmer and cloud cover in place but sunshine coming our way, and a warmer pattern not only establblhed today. we warm up progressively, and 63 oakland park, not bad. 65 in ft. lauderdale. light winds, winds not a problem this week. let's talk about what you ca expect for the day ahead. a beautiful look into miami. first alert camera, there could be a stray shower.
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a warmer andrighter day. first alert forecast high of 77. let's welcome back kelly blanco and get a check on the roads. >> i am back, but my voice, not so much. as you make your way out the door, traffic lights out on the palmetto expressway so treat that area as a four-way stop sign. an accident with injuries on southwest 8th street and southwest 122nd avenue. the dolphin expressway westbound ramp completely shut down because of the emergency crews blocking northwest 107th avenueue and that ramp now re-opened. the miami gardens teenage err facing charges for shooting and


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