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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  February 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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all happy monday. >> time is 6:00 on the news. let's get you over to meteorologist, ryan phillips, with a look at your forecast. >> what a beautiful weekend we have had. we have been rain free for several days. nothing out there at this hour. would not be surprised if we saw a sprepbinkle or two trying to brew up during the morning drive. we have not had any wet weather overnight. we had an excess of cloud cover that moved in while you were sleeping. shower activity will hold off if at all. clouds begin to clear ouou and
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63 in oakland park, and 64 in miami. a warmer start to our day and a much warmer afternoon versus what we have had for the last several days. your first forecast high at 77. good morning, south florida. taking a look at your drive, we had an accident on the macarthur causeway. these are your westbound lanes of 395 and the eastbound lanes looking better, so if you are heading towards the beach go aheaea and take the macarthur causeway. a couple of your lane blocked off because of an accident that happened roughly 15 minutes ago. if you are making your way out the door, the dolphin expressway westbound ramp completely blocked off at northwest 107th avenue, and that has been
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accident on southwest 8th street westbound, and we have traffic lights out on the palmetto expressway southbound at southwest 40th street, andreat that as a four-way stop sign. there's a mattress on the palmetto expressway northbound around the same area, so be careful around there. and then a teem being arrested for the shooting death of his friend. his lawyer is speaking out about the way his client was handled while in police custody. michael, they a a saying this is a tragic accident. >> reporter: those are the words from the attorney that represents the 14-year-old accused in all of this, and i can tell you grief counsellors will be on hand for not only friends of the student, but also for teachers. talk about a very horrible situation. a 14-year-old, you see him here, tau sraurious rhodes shot and
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that teen was arrested and his attorney, however, argues that the charges are too severe for an accidental shooting. at this point, everything we heard from police there's no mention of accident shooting and that's why w say apparent accidental shooting, and the attorney questions the police tactics use with his client. the 14-year-old brought another gun over to the home where the victim was staying and it discharged. the 14-year-old rushed to the hospital but later died. >> it was an accidental shooting. they took advantage of a 14-year-old kid who was in shock. >> reporter: accident or not, the superinndent tweeted this out, guns, children, homes don't
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an accidental shooting he adds is plaguing this community. the 14-year-old has not been identified because of his age but has been released from custody. it's four minutesast the hour. a new arrest in the abduction of a 2-month-old baby, and a 14-year-old is chared in connection with the case. stephanie augustin remains in jail after police say she broke into the home near ft. lauderdale and stole the 2-month-old, and his name is taraji emp. bu they say augustin had help from her 14-year-old cousin caught and arrested also in miami, and we found augustin and the baby's mother are cousinin they are trying to figure out who will get temporarily custody of taraji kemp.
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have something to celebrate. at the funeral of king carter, there was a surprise twist, take a look. that was king carter's father proposing to his mother in front of hundreds of family, friends and community leaders gathered in a final farewell to carter. he was hit by a stray bullet while playing outside his apartment complex. carter's parents didn't want the day to end in pain. carter's teammates even bringing laughgher to the funeral. >> my favorite moment with king -- >> very mature words coming from that child.
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bars in connection with little carter's shooting death. a a hand glider made a hard landing early yesterday morning. while the pilot didn't appear to be hurt,t, medics took him to the hospital and they say all of that is just a precaution. just a day away from super tuesday. if you live in mmi-dade you can start casting your ballots today for the march 15tht primary. julia bagg is live at the election headquarters in doral. >> reporter: like you were saying, super tuesday, you can beat super tuesday stting at 7:00 a.m. here. that's the door if@ you are coming here to doral to cast your vote this morning, that's where you will enter here starting at 7:00. let me show you what happened
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poll workers, they were hanging out here and some getting here as early as before 5:00 a.m., and waiting for somebody to let them in. and lots of them fanning out to the 20 early polling sights tes acrcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcrcr county. poll workers tested each of the 1,500 polling machines and test it three different times to make sure you get your ballot right. here is what you need to keep in mind. it's a closed primary election, so you can only vote if you are registered democrat or republican, and if you are in miami-dade you can vote starting at 7:00 a.m. this morning through sunday, march 13th, and even on the weekend. broward, you will have to wait until next saturday, that's when you can ote. the primary is on march 15th,
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until then you can beat the crowds. you can check out the app and help you know whaha is the closest polling place to you. >> we'll talk to you again at 6:30 as well. you can find a list of all the polling sites in miami-dade as well as extensive coverage on the campaign trail on our nbc 6 news and weather app. up-to-the-minute results at your fingertips. the candidates hoping super tuesday will help separate the competition. >> he last time i saw this video, i held back because i didn't know what i was looking at. >> yeah, no pants, no problem in the pga.
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they we welcome back. morning. we are officially less than 24 hours away fromuper tuesday, 12 states' whose votes can alter way. all of these candidates, no matter who they are, are going to need a big success story on super tuesday if they want to keep up with the frontrunners here. >> i know florida is concerned about marco rubio, and marco rubio is concerned about florida, becauau florida could become do or die for marco rubio if thihis don't go his way on super tuesday, as he goes after the frontrunn. donald trump heads into super tuesday with his first senate endorsement, alabama senator, jeff sessions. >> i hate to say it, i'm becoming mainstream.
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hitting hard. >> friends do not let friends vote for con jobs. >> you don't call somebody of achievement, you don't do that. >> ted cruz is slamming trump for not condemning support from the former head of the ku klux klan. >> we should all be united in saying the klan is irreprehensible and has no place in politics. >> hillary clinton coming off a huge win in south carolina. bernie sanders feeling the burn the south african-american voters. >> i will need your help to win the democratic nomination. >> clinton is leang nearly 2 to 1 in key states, focused on trump. >> i don't think in a campaign you make wild promises and insult everybody and then you wonder what does that person really s snd for.
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defense in just a few hours. the day before super tuesday, the state d dpartment is due to release the rest of her e-mails. be on the look out for that later today. live from washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. >> we will be watching and certainly we will not be alone in that process. tomorrow night three main candidates will watch the super tuesday results from here in south florida. donald trump will be in palm beach gardens, and marco rubio will be watching from his home in miami-dade, and hillary clinton will be here as well. a then the ohio native already earned two purple hearts for being wounded and five bronze stars for heroism. he is t t first to receive the
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war. after a wonderful weekend across south florida we are off and running with slightly warmer temperatures. we have cloud cover up above and a warm trend coming your way for the week ahead. we can't keep repeating the beautiful weather we had for the last three days, but it was nice while we lasted. a slow climb. don't forget, you can get this anytime by downloading our free mobile app. let's start with the bus forrast. there's a hint of coolness in the air with mid-60s. that's not bad, not bad atall, but gone are the 40s and 50sperienced in the last few days. coastal locations could see a sprinkle this morning.
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not a bad morning shaping up with a live look in towards the freedom tower. here's the cloud cover moving in while you were sleepg. there's still cloud breaks that could go over the top of us. it's not going to be a gloomy morning, just not a sun-filled sky that we got used to over the weekend. 64 in ft. lauderdale. good morning to you. and 65 in pompano beach. and we will warm up with the atlantic influence breeze. and all the energy is way up here. these fronts will not have success coming into south florida. no cooldown coming for you. slowly moderating temperatures, and in and out of cloud cover and the precipitation chances limited in the next few days,
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see in future tracker. mid-60s this morning. feels nice. mm of sun and clouds. start to thin the cloud cover out as the day progresses, and a mild afternoon feels good, and your high at 77. next several days, warming temperatures up and a touch of humidity in the air, by wednesday with a high of 83. for the most part, try all week. next weekend, trending nice, paly cloudy with highs at 79. here's kelly with first alert traffic. happy monday as you make your day out the door. an accident on 395 and it just cleared s sconds ago, chopper 6 just over the scene, 395 westbound and you can see that headed out the door, and that accident is clear and you no longer need an alternate. palmetto expressway southbound exit at southwest 40th street,
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treat it as a four-way stop. you will find a mattress out on the roadway so drive careful around that zone. and then an accident blocking lanes of the southwest 8th street. a world famomo golfer helped to close out the wine and food festival. norman says he approaches wine making in the same way he approaches live, attacks it with gusto. >> not just putting a signature or label on the bottle, you are producing quality wine year in and year out. >> he says the wine and food festival has been a key part to
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palate. and then the first ever state championship since 1979. the school joined dillard to complete a sweep over the weekend. the first time there has been three broward county state champs in a seon. >> i would be wearing thathiny medal for a week. to school, absolutely. happy birthday to all the leap day babies out there or not. if you are a leap day baby or not, you could find a deal.
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pizza cut will bring a free pizza, but bring your id. and you can get a deal still if you are not a leaeaday baby. krispy kreme, you get one dozen and get another dozen for $2.29. hotels and travel companies also offering nice leap day promotions as well. >> sayi february 29th sounded funny, because we have not said it in four years. oscar night, full of surprises and comedy and otions inside and outside of the theater. we break down theinners and controversy. and multiplee cars ended up
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breaking news out of north carolina, two people killed after a car hit a propane tank leading to a massive explosion near two homes. >> family members confirmed to our nbc station in charlotte that a couple inside one of the homes near the explosion did not make it out in time. we understand two people have been killed and we will continue with the breaking news just happening out long ago outside of charlotte. it was a night rocked with fashion, awards and, of course, controversy. >> the's one guy you would never expect, he wouldn't shy away from it no matter the
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the charge here, and not afraid to address the elephant in the room. he did it right from the very beginning. take a look. >> well, i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. do you realize if they nominated hosts, i wouldn't even get this job. so you all would be watching neal patrick harris right now. >> rock ended the show by inviting everybody in attendance to the bet awards, and he invited girl scouts up there to sell girl scout cookies, and what a better way to guilt people who would end up in "people" magazine if they
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coming your way right here this morning in about 15 minutes. so the first time i saw this video i stopped dead in my tracks. this golfer answering t age-old question while on national tv, boxer or briefs. his tee shot found its way in the water, and so he decided to take off his shoes and socks and pants and hit the ball from the water. it was not for nothing. turned out well for him, and hit the shot out of the water and he went on to par that hole. >> thank goodness this is not a port where you have to run. >> let us all be thanknkl for the small things in life. he didn't have to rn anywhere. speaking out, the lawyer for a 14-year-old arrested after
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was a tragic accident, now blaming police for how the investigation is being handled. black and gold to the
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from sacking welcome back, everybody. your time is 6::30. breaking news to tell you out of miami-dade. >> a traffic alert to tell you about, so let's get over to kelly blanco for the latest. >> a traffic alert on northwest 11th avenue and lejeune road. multiple cruisers blocking that entire area, and we'll keep you posted on air and online and on our app. 836 and the palmetto expressway, traffic moving up to speed.
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roadways in miami-dade. broward county, we have an accident on i-95 southbound around griffin road. you can tell that right shoulder is completely blocked off. that's your first alert forecast, with your meteorologist4 ryan phillips. >> we start off our monday morning on a dry note. just cloud cover moving in, and a pleasant morning overall. a live look in towards the aaa and down towards bay side. and we start off our morning and it's a sun-filled weekend, sweeping clouds here across the peninsula. not just for us, and we will continue to thin clouds out in the afternoon hour. we have temperatures in the lower mid-60s. feelss hraoeupbg out there, 63 into the west kendall area. 63 also inin homestead. 64 in miami, as well as ft.
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mid-60s on the morning drive in. could see a sprinkle and otherwise partly sunny skies and warmer readings this aftftnoon and more sunshine. your first alert high today, 77. i know they push around my 14-year-old kid. >> the attorney for a miami gardens teenager arrested in the deaths of his friend speaking out this morning to nbc 6. michael spears is live at the miami gardens police department. that lawyer saying his client was not treated ptoperly while in custody. >> reporter: more specifically, the attorney is raising concerns this morning about the tatctics used during the arrest. this morning grief counsellors wi@l be on hand for friends, students and teachers who knew the 14-year-old victim, rhodes. he was shot to death over the
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over to a home rhodes was staying at. the gun went offhen the unidentified teen showed it off striking rhodes who later died at the hospital. this morning that teen is in custody but is charged of possession of a firearm by a minor and a manslaughter charge. >> i know they push around my 14-year-old kid and they force him into some kind of statemenen >> reporter: miami gardens police tweeted this out, another life gone too soon. we are working to find out more about the investigation. it's still not clear how that 14-year-old got the gun in the first place. ff now we're live in miami gardens, michael spears, nbc 6 news. police investigating a shooting in northwest miami-dade. somebody fired shots in the area of northwest 50th street and 27th anue. when officers got there they
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riddles wh bullets. nobody was hurt and police are looking for the gunman and we are still waiting to get a description on them.m breaking news out of north korea. the pictures we just got into the news room. getting our first look in the student detained in north korea for apparently trying the steal a political banner. he admitted he tried to eal a banner from the hotel where was staying because a member of a church back in ohio wanted it for a trophy. hehas been arrested for two months. and then we're talking about the venetian causeway, finally going to re-open today. but the bad news is for those hoping to use it for the morning commute, you are not going to be able to do that. it's opening, but not this early in the morning. >> it will open today, but like you said, not in time for the morning rush. you may remember back if 2014
6:35 am
causeway, the renovations causing upward of $1212 million. drivers will notice the lighting in the area as well, and a ribbon cutting ceremony will be held around noon before opening. and then a bike ride being organized over the bridge as well. super tuesday is now less than 24 hours away. that's when about a dozen states are going to head to the polls or the primary election. what happens at the polls could have a huge impact on what happens going forward. >> voters in miami-dade could already head to the polls starting today. julia bag is live at the election headquarters in dorell. >> reporter: you can only vote in the primary if you are a registered r@publican or democrat.
6:36 am
they are getting all set up. you see the cones, they just put these out here to welcome early voters here in doral. we are now less than half an hour to go until the polls actually open up for early voting acro miami-dade county. we're talking about 20 different polling sights, and that's a fraction of what will be available on march 15th, that's when there will be 600 polling sites. in the last hour we have seen elections department headquarters and taking supplies and fanning out across the county to the sites. if you choose to vote in early voting you will do it on one of 1,500 machines that havebeen tested three times to make sure you get your ballot right. here is when you can go. in miami-dade through sunday march 13th, and you can vote on weekends. if you live in broward county, your chance to start early voting is not until next saturday.
6:37 am
6 news and weather app. in the meantime, this is probably the best time to vote, early voting, so you don't have to get stuck in the crowd on march 15th. >> thank you so much. the campaign trail is getting nasty as the candidates are fighting for every single vote, of course, ahead of super tuesday. donald trump and marco rubio very much in attack mode with superuesday 24 hours away. the issue is being used in an attempt to bring down trump. that's coming up in the big 6. the six stories you need to know before youhead out this morning. an amber alert with a happy ending. officers here in broward say this se is far from over. more information on their second arrest coming up. after a sun-filled weekend, your monday morning, waking up to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures settling into the mid-60s.
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welcome back. the after parties may now start winding down in hollywood, or maybe not. >> probably not. the 88th annual academy award are officially in the books as far as the awards ceremony, anyway. jennifer is live. thank you for taking a break from the post parties. we appreciate that. two, the greatest takeaway we have been talking about since we spoke with you, is basically the blackmail process of $65,000 worth of girl scout cookies sold in the show. >> yeah, $65,000 worth of cookies they sold in the middle
6:42 am
carpet is rolled up, and the pinnacle of glam back there, what was, isis now teaming with teamsters and the party is over. it had a few big surprises. >> "spotlight." >> the title describedhe moment. the center of tention, "spotlight," a surprise oscar winner for best picture. >> this gave a voice to survivors. >> "the revenant" still won big. >> i can't believe this is happening. >> a first career oscar for leonardo dicaprio for best actor. >> thank you for this amazing award tonight. let us not take this panet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. >> and thank you to the fans and moviegoers. thank you for going to the
6:43 am
>> best supporting actress went to the first-time nominee. >> and there was an upset for supporting actor, beating out favorite, sylvester stallone. "mad max" took home the most oscars, six overall, all in technical cacagories. demonstrators blocked the way protesting the academy's lack of diversity. >> otherwise known as the white peaoples peoples's choice awards. >> chris rock did have to walk a pretty fine line throwing in some pretty snappy commentary, and also making people laugh all
6:44 am
>> that's all we stayed up for. thank you. if you watched the ceremony, you know it was filled with political statements, and political candates what a take money from weirdo millionaires. we much more on the facebook page. entertaining for a lot of people is the fashion, who are you wearing and what are you wearing, the oscar talk this morning. here are the best dressed trending right now. we will have who did the right and wrong thing and that's at :30 after our midday newscast, and we have a special section on the fashion you are looking at
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weather app. starting off with mostly cloudy skies first thing this morning. could see a sprinkle in the coastal locations, probably unlikely, but just want to throw that out there just in case. we will have an ocean breeze coming back into play. overnight, meanly dry conditions and a lot of cloud cover ming in. you can get live first alert doppler on the free mobile app. can you check your local forecast. let's look outside and see what we are dealing with. we will have a decent week of weather. we will be in and out of cloud cover and see warmer temperatures, but the cool readings did not keep anybody off the beach this weekend. it was nice to be sun filled. just in a matter of hours, bringing back the cloud cover across south florida. that's a live look from our diplomat resort and spa camera. let's go into miami-dade county
6:46 am
overhead holding back our morning sunshine. there will be gaps in the clouds out here across the gulf waters. this is all moving f fom west to east. eventually more sunshine cominin back into the skies across south florida and the keys. 68 in mararhon, one of the warmer locations. 65, good morning to you in key west and pompano. 64 in ft. lauderdale and miami. let's walk you through your day as temperatures continue to climb in t lower 70s, even as soon as 9:00 or 10:00, and then in the upper 70s for highs this afternoon, and i think we will touch 77 which is warmer than we have seen in the last sfpruleveral days. mid-60s, that's what you will find this mororng. here's the isolated shower chance initially. it's a matter of bringing back the sunshine, which will happen progressively as the day goes on. 77 your high today, and then tomorrow, 81. we have not seen the 80s in a
6:47 am
several days now. 81 to 83 will do it most afternoons here. no significant chance for rain activity. could see a stray shower as the week goes on, and i think it's just sunny and warm, but still pleasant, kelly, by next weekend with highs at 79. goodmorning, south florida. thank you for joining us as you make your way out the door. a couple accidents in broward county. our first alert camera froze, but you can see the flashing lights and rove rangers. your right lane blocked off. let's switch over to 595 eastbound, things looking good, eastbound lanes and westbound lanek, but there's an accident on 595 eastbound approaching federal highway that right now has two lanes completely blocked off. it's a crash with injuries and you will find emergen crews on the scene. no major accidents in
6:48 am
the side street accident near tamiami trail has cleared out as well. the latest twist in the case of a 2-month-old kidnapping while the mom wasas sleeping. >> the good news is, 2-month-old taraji kemp and her mother have been reunited. we are learning more about the second arrest, this time involving the 14-year-old. when augustin stole 2-month-old taraji kemp from her parents, detectives say she was not alone. one 14-year-old male was by her side. he is facing two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and armed burglary of a dqelling. augustin is being held on multiple charges, and being held
6:49 am
the 14-year-old is augustin's cousin. the whole experience is still hard to believe. >> terrible. lord have mercy on mercy, lord, have mercy. >> devastating to have a baby snatched in the middle offhe night or whatever. i don't know what i would do if it happened to me. >> the officers tell us the teen is in the custody of the juvenile department of juste. a central florida basketball coach behind bars after police say he was caught trying to leave the country while facing chiid molestation charges. u.s. marshals arrested white in texas over the weekend. officials say he tried to avoid being arrested by escapi to mexico. a child reported inappropriate behavior while spending the night at his home earlier this month. diplomacy said white often hosted sleepovers for his basketball team and kids' friends.
6:50 am
there are more victims. white is expected to be extradited back to the county. and then making his first court appearance after the deadly shooting of a police officer in virginia. theheofficer was working her first field shft, her first one, when she was killed responding to a domestic dispute. the staff sergeant accused of killing her worked at the pentagon,nd two other officers were hurt in all of that. and then leaving apastor dead inside his own church. this man was right in the middle of his sermon when the shooter got out of the pew and started following him. witnesses heard shots fired while the choir was singing. the shooter is believed to be the pastor's brother and a motive has not been revealed. this morning hearing from victims in the kansas shoototg
6:51 am
as you know, it involved a miramar native. ford looked cold and evil as he walked methodically in the plan the where he worked, and the women said he was determined to kill anybody he came across. ford went on his rampage 90 minuteafter receiving a restraining order from his former girlfriend. this morning another woman charged with supplying him with the guns he apparently used in that attack. a cruise ship field with pittsburgh athletes helps to rescue a group of migrants stranded at sea on a raft. harrison posted these pictures on his instagram account. the carnival "sensation" found 15 men and one woman in the gulf of mexico. their small boat was spotted 50 milesesorth of cuba and the migrants were immediately
6:52 am
and will be turned over to mexican immigration offials at the next stop in mexico. and then we will be showing you multiple generations of families that have gone through one school to much success. and not just to mention the state championship soccer team they have has well. >> and also their emphasis on spirituality. that's coming up at 11:00 a.m. the miami gardens teen accused of ooting his friend by accident is out on bond. the -year-old allegedly took the gun to his home and while showing it off, the gun went off. the boy died in the hospital. and looking at the american
6:53 am
fo trying to steal a banner from the hotel where he was staying because he is a member of a church in ohio and he wanted to bring it back to his friends as a trophy. he has been under arrest now for two months. afterer nine months of renovations, the venetian causeway will be opening back up, but not in time for the morning rush hour. a ribbon cutting ceremony will be happening thisafternoon. all the presidential candidates not wasting anytime- the gop candidates are attacking frontrunner, donald trump, over everything from his texas business connections and all the way down to his foreign policy an everything in between. on the democratic side, both candidates campaigning heavily ahead of tomorrow's showdown. >> reporter: minutes away now from early voting right here in miami-dade county. one of the places you can do it,
6:54 am
other locations across the county. let me show yoyo what poll workers have been doing, setting up cones and getting ready for people to line up. you have to be a registered democrat or republican to cast your vote in the primary. for everything you need to know for here and broward that starts on saturday, check the nbc 6 app. and still buzzing overly tphaurd. the "today" show is live on the red carpet in just a few minutes. roxanne vargas will have more on the red carpet fashion on "6 in the mix."." back to work and school after hopefully a lovely weekend for you all. making your day out the door in
6:55 am
and there's a crash with injuries and you have an 8-minute ride from flamingo to u.s. 441. and pines boulevard to the palmetto expressway, 9-minute ride. and the slowdown is southbound, and if you are headed eastbound, a 10-minute ride. and bird road to the dolphin expressway, a 4-minute commute. we have a broken-down car as you are approaching the airport expressway. northbound coral reef drive to tamiami tril, a 16-minute commute. folks, check out your tv now. you can see the light winds out there reflecting the cloud cover up above into the waterways out there. it's a calm morning across here, even though the clouds moved in, we're rain free at this hour. we should get back to more sunshine this afternoon. and mid-60s will do it as the sun is coming up here to start a
6:56 am
it will be a warmer workweek ahead. temperatures this morning, not bad. 62 in pembroke pines, and 63 in oakland park. first alert weather, in and out of the cloud cover this morning, and could see a sprepb kul out near the beches and the emphasis, getting the cloud cover out of here and bringing on the sunshine, which will happen this afternoon. temperatures r rching 77, and that's pretty close to average. we warm it up as the week goes on. and at least we're not going to get into a stormy pattern here. we will pbbe in andout of cloud cover, into the lower 80s starting on tuesday. i think you will notice the humidity around a little bit by wednesday, and lower 80s, taking us through the rest of the workwk. and cold front, not having much success sweeping through to cool us down, but the temperature trend normal for this point in leaving out of february, and
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good morning. king of the world. leonardo dicaprio finally wins an oscar 22 years after his first nomination. >> i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> brie larsrs nabbing best actress. "spotlight," the surpriseinner for best picture. host chris rock takes on the oscars so white controversy. >> i'm here at the academy awards, otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> this morning, al and natalie are live in hollywood with all the highlights from the show, the red carpet and, of course, the after parties. klan controversy. why did donald trump refuse to disavow support from thekkk and its former leader david duke in an interview? >> i don't know what you're talking about.


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