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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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out tonight. on the run, bailing out anan taking police on a wild chase. >> a group of four suspects responsible and tonight police only have two of them in custody. nbc 6 marissa bagg is joining us tonight. >> reporter: this was a very busy night for law enforcement.. multiple agencies involved trying to piece together several different crime scenes and the ghthtsn't over yet. there's still a suspect being questioned as two more remain at large. a police c chase turned into a foot race through the streets of oakland park. four suspects bailed out of a stolen car to make a run for it. chopper 6 followed two of them as they got into a second car outside a nearby apartment complex. they got about a mile away where they bailed out of that blue suv. police were close behind running
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this woman says one of the suspects ran right into her neighbor frightening her. >> she was walking the dog and he he run up to her. i think she said police told her to get inside. >> rerter: with the first suspect in police custody, this one kept running through backyards and over several fences. minutes later he surrendered to a canine. >> i saw the helicopters. my heart dropped. i don't know nothing about no carjack carjacking. myittle brother been doing good lately. >> reporter: as police comb the second crime scene looking for clues, they cleaead the scene from the first bail out. this car tripped officers off to
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they ran the tag from the dark blue car using license plate recognition cameras to find it was stolen. >> reporter: the suspect that went to the hospital has nonlife threatening injuries and waere're told he's a juvenile. investigators ququtioning the suspect that's hoping he can lead them to the two that got away. surveillance cameras capture a peeping top and accused burglar in the act. that act includes some bizarre sexual havior. nbc reporter is joining us with more on who police is searching for. amanda. >> rerter: this is just a very disturbing story. cops say that a creeper seen right here in this police sketch was caught on camera touching himself outside of a home. one home had a rude awakening at 4:30 in the morning.
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at their doorstep. the bizarre behavior was so graphic we decided not to show you all the surveillance video. the homeowner described the details to us over the phone. >> masturbating on his way up to my front steps. proceeded to look through the living room window then he humped my front door. >> reporter: the bearded man was caught on camera touching himself as he rang the doorbell and started peering through the window. in it's not normal and not common for someone to walk up to a property and begin masturbating. obviously, this individual is sick and we don't know whh his intentions are. >> reporter: it happened on february 21st. after trying to open the front door, the man went over to the car, he broke in and started the ram sack thehe vehicle. the homeowner ran at the creep. he said the man acted strange and thought it was his car.
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>> he was in my car, got out and saidhis isn't my car. i told him to get the f t of my property. he said it's not my mousehouse. i said it's not. >> there was a guy in front of his door touching himself. >> reporter: neighbors are spooked knowing he's on the loose. >> i usually just open the door but now i ok. >> reporter: police are looking for a man with a long beard around 5'10" and 180 pounds. police need your help. if you think you've seen this man call. a south florida family devastated after an accident shooting. the family of the 14-year-old charged in that tragic shooting out out about the incident.
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>> reporter: police continue to ininestigate what happened over the weekend. we saw the 14-year-old charged with manslaughter when we spoke with his mother today. tonight this entire community is coming together to try to stop this violence. music to heal the soul and help the spirits of mily coping with the aftermath of violence taking the lives of their loved ones. at this miami gardens church, the families, residents and pastors came together for a single purpose, stopping the violence. the father of king carter had a message. no one should fear coming forward and aiding police to mak neighborhoods safer. >> we asking everybody to start snitching. start snitching. >> keep the guns away from the kids.
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earlr, the mother of a 14-year-old charged with manslaughter in the death of teen tavarus rods was expressing her anguish. her son shot him over the weekend when he came to visit. >> he's t feeling good. he's hurt by it. it's killing him. it's hitting me two ways. my son and for the other side. >> reporter: sources told nbc 6 it appears the 14-year-old charged has been attempting to take photos with the weapon to post on social media when the gun went off killing rhodes. police who responded found rhodes on the couch in the living room. those here say t ty're tired of what happened to rhodes, king carter and the potential fatal danger that's a reality for
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p all these families and the ministers saying enough is enough. they believe it's an accident and not a crime. this 14-year-old will be in court on tuesday. m. tomorrow is super tuesday. if you belie to political pun yn dits it would be the day they put themselves on the way to nominations. the republicans will fight it out for 595 dell dpats. p polls show donald trump had it all. the day's biggest prize is a
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heavily at his own state. clinton is so confident heading inin tomorrow, she will spend d the night here this florida. early voting is under way in parts of south florida. the polls are open this miami dade and will remain so ththugh march 13th. you must be a registered democrat or republican to cast your ballot. anyone who chooses to wait can head to theolls on march 15th. the date of the actual primary election. m. bittersweet news for ft. lauderdale tonight reunited after her baby when police say
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newborn. she crred in court today. a judge held her in jail without bond for charaes that could keep her behind bars for life. detectives saythat she and a 14-year-old cousin broke into a family member's home armed with ns to kidnap the baby. cops arrested augusta and her teen cousin this miami. they found the baby safe in orlando. >> smiling. as soon as she saw her mom she lit up. >> they have no idea why they kidnapped the child. deputies are hope you can help them put a one handed burglar behind bars. take a look at the photos on security camera. deputies say this guy used bat to smash through a glass door
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cameras rolled as he walked into several rooms but cops don't think he took anything or left anything behind. he mae have fled in a silver nissan path finder. if you know who she, call crime stoppers. take a look at this video. a white range rover comes crashingcrash ing into a sushi place. police plooef that the male driver confused the gas for the brakes. no injuries were reported here. one student was hospitalized. p the crash happened in the 4700 block of southwest 195th terrace and involves a bus and another vehicle. one student was taken to memorial west hospital and four others were treated at the scene. all the injuries@were minor. authorities say the bus collided
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to rest in bushes. it stayed at the scene. officials say there were 18 high schoolers on the bus coming from west broward high. i hope you enjoyed the weather this weekend. this workweek off to a nice start out there. i'll let you know how long this nice weather will last, coming up. a south florida woman fighting for her life while her accused attacker tries get out of jail. millions of dollars in unclaimed cash and some could be yours. how to check to see if you're owed a pay out, next. so embarrassed and so
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>> the state has more than $1.5 billion and you have the right to claim your property at any time. >> nbc 6 investigator has the story all new tonight. >> he's flying around on hair rorce one. >> reporter: also a tad busy, the jeb bush family has it flew through 100 million or$100 million or so campaign dollars in a failed attempt to put a bush in the white house. >> i'm suspended my campaign. >> reporter: you might expect when marco rubio and jeb bush of coral gables have not got around too collecting their share of $1.5 billion in unclaimed accounts held by the state of florida. it would be anything. >> unclaimed bank accounts, checking accounts, cds. mutual funds, stocks, bonds, utility deposits.
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a chicago man found $5 million and a woman near gainsville found $4 million. >> we have a lot of large accounts. i means tens of thousands of accounts well over 50 to 100,000 there are and even greater. >> reporter: they are the exceptions. miami-dade and broward counties have two million unclaimed accounts with more than $600 million in them. that's an average of about $300 each. like a dwyane wade run away dump, it's money. yes, wade is on the list of unclaimed accounts too as are the daughters and companies of this guy. >> i borrowed a tiny amount of money. it's much worth much more than $10 billion. >> reporter: maybe it will be worth more if he gets around to claims what they owed.
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list you can go to the nbcews app. you'll see what he calls the florida treasure hunt. a south florida come continues to fight for her life after a brutal attack as a man accused of crime tries to get out of jail. >> i think he's a sociopath. that's why he's so calm and can lie so easily. that's why he thought he could get away with it. the family of daniel jones can't believe that byron mitchell wants out of jail. she's been in coma the last 16 days. prosecutors argue he's the man behind it. he answered the ad for roommate. tried to kill her two weeks later. mitchell maintains that the pair wawa dating at the time when an argument turns physical. cops s s they he admitted to choking her and bashing her head
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andrews broke down in tears during her system inside a nashville courtroom. the sport caster testified how a blogger friend called her in 2009 and told her there was a video circulating that showed her naked in the hotel room. she said she suffered from depression, anxiety and panic attacks because of a video taken while in hotel room and shared online. she's seeking $75 million from the operator of the nashville marriot. >> it was my private time. i never thought a hotel would let somebody next toe without telling me. >> michael barrett was convicted of stalk her and rodding her. he spent 30 months in jail following his conviction. french officials are investigating a body found at an
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the people discovered the badly decomposed body in the garden. the body was covered by free branches that had beenen placed there. the autopsy did not determine the cause of death but put it at one month or more. we have daytime t@mperatures in the 70s. during the weekend it was chilly at night. not now on this new workweek. the night time lows will be in the 60ss0s. i do expect to see some showers. they're staying offshore for now. the main trend this week will be warming temperatures. it's expected to be in the 80s begininng tomorrow and remaining that way for the rest of the workweek.
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of the month of march and our temperatures will be trending up over the next several weeks. the next front headed towards florida will stall. we may have to wait until this weekend before we see ann actual front move through south flooda. our rain chance will b blow, 10% or less all week. you get cser to coast, an on shore breeze keeps trtss warmer. miami is at 67. you saw the 69 degrees reading there at key est. the on shore flow is very, very light. it's only about three or five miles an hour..% that will tend to become lighterer as the night progressfs and that's why we will end up with temperatures at the coast in the mid-60s. high pressure is a few hundred miles away over the atlantic to the north of the dominican republic. this pigh is strong enough to hold or halt, if you will, the progress of fronts that would try to head towards south florida for the next few days.
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this weekend when we finally see a front arrive in south florida and until then, we'll continue to see our temperatures rise ahead of that frontal system.m. a few clouds also tonight over the florida keys. high clouds mamaly not producing any rain. here's the forecast now. it will be partly t t mostly sunny tomorrow and a few clolos wednesday through saturday. notice i don't show any rain in the forecast. as i told you, maybe a 10% chance of rain day in and day out. here's the forecast for tomorrow as seen by our future tracker. a f f clods streaming in. showers remaining offshsre well into the afternoon and long periods of sun here. a few inland showers developing late into the day. all in all should be rainree across the metro area and florida keys. a high near 80 degrees not far from what's expected this time of year and up to 83 and even 84 degrees later this week. cooling downlightly for this upcoming weekend with that new front moving through. back to you.
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what a magistrate judge ruled in another case of a locked apple iphone and fbi gaining access to
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massive explosion in a welcome back. a woman said an electronic cigarette caused r car to go up in front flames. he said hwas charging the ecigarette inside the vehicle.
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exploded knocking out her teeth and starting this fire. by the time firefighters arrived the car was completely engulfed. she suffered severe burns and plans to sue the e cigarette manufacturer. today apple won a case that might help them in its ongoing battle with the fbi similar to the efforts being made in case of the san bernardino killers. a judge ruled the united states justice department cannot force apple to provide basic says to data with a l lked iphone in a routine brooklyn drug case. apple's opposition tactics has evoked a national debate over digital privacy rights and securty. a new study out there suggests that parents of problematic toddlers are more likely to use tablets or
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researchers from the university of michigan asked how often they allow the use of smart phones or tablets during different situations. they found that these devices are more likely to be used to calm children with difficult behavior. experts say that parents have felt frustration over their children. more likely to reach for mobile devices to calm them down. >> don't i know it. >> it's so easy. >> i know. >> distractitis. some wheeling and dealing going on with the heat. p.
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a a al plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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there's fo rule against it. essentially, teams are ub set the heat out smarted em. thanks. we appreciate it. the heat decided they have do them a solid because joe johnson signed with miami saturday.
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team in the top ten but they are not done climbing. the players have a new nickname for themselves. he chasers. saturday's win over louisville helped the cse. now the seventh ranked canes go on the road to face notre dame wednesday. to keep that going, the coach knows it's not that easy. >> they want to score. all they want to do is simulate curry's ball handling drills and three-point shooting ability. they want to be like kevin durant and dunk the ball like lebron. >> check out the effort on this play tonight. the game had a great finish. tie at 94. final minute, lebron passed it thompson with a basket.
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rodney blocked by thompson. that clinches the game. the year represented the nfl combine. hurricane speed already burns right here. clocked in to 4.46 40 yard dash. it's really fast. they hit a layup at the buzzer. now they get to celebrate. looking at hands from his head.
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