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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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chaos in the courtroom as several teenagers disrupt a hearing and end up leaving in handcuffs. >> a teenager faces a judge after accidentally shooting and killing his friend and the victim's mom breaking down in court. good morning to you. 'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. happy wednesda morning. we're going to be saying a lot of super tuesday, but it is wednesday. >> a lot of numbers coming in from overnight. we'll talk a whole lot about that. first les get your updated forecast in ryan. dry conditions all across south florida. another day where we're rain-free. no big changes to your local forecast for the next new days
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llve look inland. the miccosukee. the visibility is just fine. we've had cloud cover move in. it looks more aggressive i i the satellitee imagery than it is in actuality. we'll see the clouds streaming in from west to east. the cold front won't cool us down. with an offshore breeze, it's going to help to warm us up. feels great. oakland park and pembroke pines at 62. 67 in miami. look where the temperatures go this afternoon. from the 60s this morning to a very warm 85 for your afternoon high on this wednesday. more weather in just a bit. right noww your first check on traffic. here is joe brennan. >> good morning, ryan. not a bad ride at all. taking a live look at things north of mime golden glades interchange. not much traffic and what there is is moving through easily in both directions.
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dade county. the same around palmetto expressway. looks good. had a crash westbound on 112, the airport expressway on the approach to lejeune, okeechobee road area. that has been moved to the shoulder and no longer causing a problem. front-runners hillary clinton and donald trump rack up the most wins, but bernie sanders didn't come up empty-handed. >> florida senator marco rubio takes his first stead, but it's ted cruz who actually takes the big win. for nbc 6, steve handelsman is at cruz headquarters just outside houston, texas. >> reporter: he didn't win the most states, but texas senator ted cruz is a republican super tuesday winnr, taking not just his home state, but oklahoma. >> i congratulate donald trump on his victory tonight, but we
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beaten donald trump once, twice, three times. >> reporter: donald trump held a low-key news conference at his florida home. >> i'm a unifier. once we get all that finished, i'm going to go after one person, hillary clinton. >> marco rubio scored his first stop, minnesota. >> i'll campaign to make suu i'm the next president of the united staas. >> reporter: democrat bernie sanders targeting more wins next week and beyond. >> we are going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace to every one of our states. >> reporter: but hillary clinton won bigger states. >> trying to divide america between us and them is wrong, and we're not going to let it work.
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the democrats front runner gets overshadowed by republican ted cruz. cruz stopping trump looks impossible with rubio, ben carson and john kasich staying in the vote. many in the repubcan establishment hate cruz as much as they hate clinton. >> the way it shook out, sort of wins for everybody at different levels. three of these candidates we're talking about here are waking up in front. donald trumptaying at home in palm beach county. mar rubio and hillary clinton are in miami-dade. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is looking at what those numbers mean as we move forward for all of those campaigns. >> a lot of voting left to d d this week. on saturday democrats and republicans will vote in louisiana primaries and kansas caucuses.
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kentucky and maine while democrats will caucus on sunday. what turned out to be obviously based on what you're seeing and hearing is chaos in the courtroom as several teenagers shout and curur during a hearing and it was a hearing for their piers. michael spears is live in flawed with more on what sparked that disorder. michael, usually it's a place where people are reststined. definitee not the way it turned out this time. >> not at all. sixteens were cuffed and led out of the courtroom after this happened. [ shrouding ] >> not only screaming, but also cursing. it brought court to a halt. this morning two of theixteens are now charged with contempt of
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in juvenile di detention center. they were in suppcourt to support three teenagers held on grand theft auto. we showed you is video yesterday morning. officers say those teens were chased d wn by investigators. four teens in two different stolen cars befo they bailed and led police on a foot chase through a lauderhill neighborhood. we learned from that appearance that two teens received 21 days in jenile pretrial detention. the third is on house arrest until trial. this morning the search is still on for a fourth suspect. we don't have names for you because these are minors. if you knownything about the whereabouts of the fourth suspect, police give them a call or you may be eligible for an award through crimestoppers. cops arrested ricky fermenter.
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caught him f fdling himself outside the navarro family's front door on 28th road and gong through their car. cameras caught a confrontation between fermenter and the homeowner who stopped the man in his tracks. we've got an update in the case of a bso detention deputy who dragged a mentally ill woman across the courthouse floor. christopher johnson is his name. he's not going to be facing criminal c crges for this. the incident was captured on a cell phone a little more than a year ago. prosecutors are saying that ohnson did not commit a crime when he pulled rios down a hallway, diagnosed with bipolar disorder, is serving a one-year sentencecefor violating probation in a drug case. stunts in florida could be closer to seeing alternate tests in school. a bill to see something other
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assessment is moving through the senate. the senate voted this week for the bill. >> districts have the option of switching to tests like thehe s.a. tchlt s.a.t. and a.c.t. the bill moves to the full senate but it's not clear it will pass there either. >> a live look from our first alert camera in downtown miami. nice, bright wednesday morning. >> looks pretty nice right nono what do we have in store for the next couple da as we go towards the end of the work weak. >> we'll see a rapid warmup take shape, but we'll remain dry. we're into a period where the forecast will remain rain-free. there may be a change as we head towards the weekend. your wednesday m mning looks great. we've got live conditions on live first alert doppler. let's look at the big picture in terms of the cloud cover. clouds are streaming in overnight. not necessarily too thick here in to south florida. but they're on their way working their way into the west coast of
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these clouds as they traverse the peninsula block out our sunshine. down at the surface which i'll show you in about seven minutes, west winds will take shape. that's always a warm breeze in the two-county area. 65 in ft. lauderdale, 67 in miami. up to 81 middy, our high today 85. normal high at th point in early march, 79. well above average. not record breaking, but a steamier afternoon. we'll talk about whether the warm temperatures will stick around for the weekend but right now traffic with joe brennan. not too bad a ride so far this morning. nice and easygoing. accident-free on all the major horoughfare thoroughfares, not seeing big issues, the dolphin, the palmetto. clear in all approaches, as a matter of fact. trying to get the turnpike extension open again from that overnight road work.
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get back on the turnpike at red road. 95 in broward county, so far moving nicely through dania, in from hollywood, b around griffin road, taking a look up towards 595. no delays. that's traffic, back to you. 4:40 on your wednesday morning. still ahead, apple versus the fbi all the way on capitol hill. things are getting heated at this point.
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(donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a al plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. the senate appropriations committee decided not to hear the bills during its meeting right now, putting the proposals in jeopardy. up for discussion, the
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billion gaming deal with the seminole tribe of florida. some members of the senate think gaming legislation is too complex an issue to tackle right now and say they need more time to talk about the possibility. we were afraid this was going to happen. apple said it was likely going to happen. indeed it is, the battle between apple and the fbi is reaching all the way to capitol hill. >> apple is fighting the fbi's demand to unlock the iphone use bid one of the san bernardino attackers. both are asking the congress to play referee. >> if you'll please rise. >> reporter: the fbi director face add skeptical house judiciary committee over rooirg apple to unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino attackers. >> we're asking ap toll take the vicious guard dog away, let us try to fix the lock. >> reporter: he concluded only apple held the key.
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of government to compel or force a private citizen or committee to ask an agent of the government to do what the government can't do. >> reporter: if the fbi gets what it wants, the software could get into the wrong hands. >> we think protecting the security and the privacy of hundreds of millions of iphone users ishe right thing to do. >> reporter: some worry about keeping phones and evidence out of the ohio you can go into a person's body and remove bullets and you can't go into a person's iphone and remove data. i find it battling. >> reporter: there's a battle over access to a drug dealer's locked phone saying the government can't force apple to bypass the security measure it markets to its customers, something the judge said would be plainly offensive to the company. for now apple is on a roll, a
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up, next the san bernardino court hearing. >> now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> it is 4:45. i didn't mention the chair is vacant this morning. chelly blanco is off. but joe brennan will be in in a moment with a look on her traffic. she never pushes her chair in just right. i guess today won't be that day. kelly, we hope you feel better. >> we'll see dry patterns take shape for the next few days. your first alert forecast might have temperatures that surprise you. >> radar is good. let's talk about what lies up above and cloud cover moving in. it's been a long time, old friend. our miccosukee camera out there, bingo and gaming. out there on 41. great view of the city lights. we know the visibility is just fine.
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in, but dry conditions will continue in your first alert forecast. here are the clouds moving the the west. most of the night we've had mainly clear skies. that's had a big impact on our temperatures to get you started this morning. how about 62 in west kendall as well as pembroke pines. it feels really nice out. i've left the windows open at my house for the last few days. everyone will see an offshore breeze. that starts us off cool, but it's a rapid warmup as we get towards the midday hour. winds are light. here comes a toasty afternoon. here is why. a west wind continues ahead of a weak cold front. normally we get pretty excited, seeing a cold front just up the road. all the energy with this front way off to the north. we'll not see a big cooldown coming in with this front. the atmosphere is dry and stable enough that we don't even bring
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dying front. i think it fades away. any showers chance also be few and far between and mainly off to our north. we stay on the warm side of things. above average for the next few days. talking mid 80s today. that will not be a june-like mid 80s with humidity. we're talking a rapid climb from 64 this morning to 81 during the lunch hour, 85 this afternoon. and the warm but dry weather continues thursday and friday, 83 tomorrow, 82 on friday. your weekend forecast coming up in our next half hour. 4:47. here is joe with a check on traffic. >> i love that miccosukee cam as well. all clear there. pretty much that way all the over the place. in broward county you can see 95 and griffin road looking north towards 595, no issues. it's been a good situation in both directions on 95 throughout and 595 very lightly traveled,
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reported. just a few cars going by east d westbound. a few here from pine island looking towards the east towards university. an emotional day in court for the parents of a 14-year-old accidentally shot and killed while he and a friend played with a gun in miami gardens. nbc 6's willard shepard has more on what happened. >> reporter: the pain of a mother in court, a woman asked why the teen charged with killing her son, tavares rhodes gets to go home and won't be held in the juvenile court facility. police charged the 14-year-old with manslaughter over the ekend. sources told nbc 6 the teens were planning on posting photos with the weapon when the gun fired killing rhodes. his mother left the courthouse
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judge's decision. the alleged shooter gets to remain at home and attend school. >> i need to make sure he's going to appear in court and not be a danger to the community. >> reporter: the pain in court was also felt by the mother of the teen charged as she stood with her son just a few feet away from the victim's family. she spoke afterwards. >> i'm still hurting because the other side is hurting and i'm feeling her pain. i understand what she's going through. they just got to stop the violence, the guns t t children is touching -- >> prosecutors say they're considering charging the teen as an adult. >> the first argument and the first legal balt, so to speak, will be to try to keep the case here in juvenile court. >> reporter: the emotion in court clear example of the hurt the tragedy has left on both families.
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i wish i could have protect from it bng happen or i could avoid it but i wasn't there. i don't know. >> prosecutors now will begin to determine if they, in fact, will move to charge this teen as an adult. he hasn't been in any serious trouble before. the teen will be back in court on the 21st of march. in downtown miami, willard shepard, nbc 6 news. a florida internanaonal university women's basketball player is now accusing the school's ad coach of sexual misconduct. according to "the miami herald," 22-year-old destiny vegan said the university's basketball head coach marlon chin has been pursuing a sexual relationship with her. the student says she reported chin to school officials. she also filed an ncaa complaint about what she says happened. she also has provided evidence
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several text messages, details of $600 loan from chin and a recorded conversation with the 45-year-old coach. yesterday fuu released a statement saying in part, quote, based on the allegations the university has suspended coach chinn pending the outcome of that investigation. a anthem of the as is a luxury liner of royal caribbean, forced back to port. this time turning back because of the threat of severe weather and a norovirus outbreak. there have been nine to ten cases a day during the last seven days. the anthem of the seas was forced back to court after being sea. today the united states supreme court will take up abortion.
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restrictions are for public health. however opinion poenlts don't believe serve any constructive purpose. for the first time ever the united states army has opened up 20,000 combat positions for women. >> they're not easy positions either. you're talking right in the middle of all of it. a combat engineer is responsible for the movement of friendly and enemy forces, that means they're involved in the detonation of explosives and destruction of ob salks. nbc 6's mckay yeah thurman sits down with one woman preparing to take on that very role. >> pretty exciting learning that i made it. >> reporter: jocelyn is a senior at smithfield senior hospital and actively involved in jrotc. she's used to be hitting the books, but soon will be hitting the ground running with the u.s. army reserve. >> i was ierested in the military since i was younger, and tis opportunity came up and i took it.
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her dream job as a combat engineer only became available to women days before she walked into the army recruiting office. the u.s. army opened up the position because of an ongoing campaign to dismantle in phases policies that have barred women from serving in combat units below the brigade level. >> the army is focused on putting the right people in the right places at the right time regardless of gender. >> reporter: offering over 150 different jobs. but jocelyn's recruiter said he made it a point not to tell her she could be one of the first women in the position until she knew what she really wanted. >> i didn't want her to choose that job for that reason. the best people in the best positions. >> reporter: now she say it is most important thing is reaching her goals. >> i like motivating people. >> huge barriers in existence for a very long time. good for her.
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the top of the hour on your wednesday. you clean your shower, right? or at least we hope you do. but what about the items that are inside your shower as well? we'll take a look at the bacteria that could be growing inside the items you use in your shower every day. coming up on nbc 6 news at 6:00, who is waking up a winner and who has a lot of work to do before the next set of primaries. julia baggbreak down the super tuesday result. >> everyone waking up with comfortable readings across miami-dade. clear skies, 62 at m.i.a.,nd 62 in west kendall.
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temperatures soar intohe 80 far be it for us to tell you what to dorks but it is spring. that means, of course, spring cleaning for a lot of us.
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that says maybe, just maybe you should start in the bathroom. >> nbc 6 haley hernandez has on where grime could be lurking. >> everyone's shower has something growing. >> the body scrub, i've had that for about a year. >> reporter: we're the one to blame. dr. shelly ingraham says there's a hard and fast expiration date that can lead to acne, folic lie tis and other skin infek shuns. >> like a giant petri dish. you ne to be aware of what's in there and keeping it clean and tossing things. >> reporter: the most frequently tossed tool should be the razor. >> after three uses, toss it. if you don't, it can grow bacteria. >> the same can be true with natural loofas.
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>> if it's synthetic, it can stick around for more if you dry it out within uses. >> keep it out of the shower, let it air dry. >> reporter: these are new guidelines. >> getting rid of the products that create mld on the bottom. >> reporter: by the time this gunk starts accumulate on your shampoos an conditioners, it's lrs been compromised. >> sometimes you'll see green or dark color asian around the edge of a product, you can open it up and see even mold or bacteria growing in the lid of a product. >> i'm so disgusted right now. >> if you take that advice, do it's kweetly, don't tell anybody. nobody needs to know how often they clean their loof fa, do they? >> how often do you clean your loofa? >> i don't use one.
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>> right now nbc 6 is everywhere. >> super tuesday showdown, a big day in the race for the white house coming to an end with big wins for t two front runters in. nbc 6 breaking it down. several teens end up leaving a hearing in handcuffs. the woman accused of kidnapping her cousin's newborn facing a judge. we'll learn the reasons behind her bizarre actions. good morning everyone. it's 5:00. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. you'll be hearing us say a lot of super tuesday, but it is wednesday. a lot of numbers coming in as we look at the results. >> since you went to bed, everything gets updated and finalized finalized. we'll keep you ep dated on everything super tuesday coming up. first let's get you over to ryan
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>> very warm weather moving in forecast. no rain overnight. most overnight, mostly clear. broward county, miami-dade and through the keys, your roadways are dry. keep it that way for the morning drive and all day long. let's talk about what's up there. a live look over the 836, our first alert camera here into central miami-dade county. toward the beaches, just a few clouds above. these clouds a rather extent sich. not low, dreary clouds, high, thin clouds that will lead to filtered sunshine. we've had calm winds for the last few hours. that's leading to delightful readings. 61 in oakland park, 63 in pembroke pines, 63 in m.i.a. during the mid 60s during the morning drive with bright sunshine. today's high 85, well above average. it's 5:01.


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