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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  March 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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this time the discussion was for kids, some as young as 8, so they could talk about what they know and what they're scarededf. checkers. connect four. video games. the fun stretched across the new beginning church parking lot in miami gardensednesday night. but the reason it's here is very serious. the sermon centered on gun violence. dozens of boys, elementary age to high school, were at full attention. sadly, many of them raised their hands when they asked if they knew someone who had been shot. there was a victim in the audience. >> this could be your last day, and you can't see tomorrow. when i got shot, i thought it was my last day. >> reporter: william's pain struck a chord with the group. >> people make the wrong decisions and go to jail. >> reporter: and you want to learn from that? >> yeah. >> reporter: this discussion
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police recovered the car reportedly used when 6-year-old king carter was gunned down outside of his apartment. and weeks after bullets flew outside of three schools forcing them to shut down. the adults encouraged kids to speak out if they have crucial information. but the instincts not to snitch is strong. >> i ain't going to say nothing. try to get me caught up into that. >> reporter: green hopes these kids will feel more and more comfortable to speak up in the future. >> if they see something and no one is taking out the time to talk to them about it, then they don't know or they're wondering, they're curious about what to do. >> reporter: green says this is
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in fact, a church plans to have a monthly meeting like this with youngsters from now on. police were there tonight to talk to these kids and they'll be there in the future. >> marissa, thank you. a south florida teen already accused of impersonating a doctor will have to undergo a mental health evaluation after being arrested again for grand theft. he walked out of jail today after a judge granted him supervised release. he is now charged with abusing an elderly woman's checking account. he was arrested last month on charges of practicing medicine without a license after he gave physical examines and medical advice to unsuspecting victims. tonight, the restaurant manager accused of recording customers in the woen's bathroom has been released on
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he's facing criminal charges after a customer found the camera under the sink. investigators now have the camera in their custody and are reviewing any possible footage. new tonight, an act of defiance by north korea. they've fired several short ange projectiles into the sea, just hours after the united nations security council approved the toughest sanctions on north koreaa in two decades for its nuclear test and long-range locket launch. it's not clear what north korea fired, but south korea says it could have been missiles or rockets. north korea has a history of firing we upons sweapons when angered by international countries. presidential hopefuls are soaking up last night's results while looking ahead to the next time voters hit the polls,
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we're live tonight with what's next for the candidates. jamie? >> reporter: well, a lot of number crunching today, and one thing is for certain, florida will have an undeniable impact on the path to the nomination. >> i voted for marco rubio. >> reporter: florida's junior senator wants to make the jump from congress to pennsylvania avenue cast his ballot today. >> it's my home and we're going to win florida. >reporter: rubio carried one ted cruz's three and donald trump's seven. >> he is a lightweight. >> reporter: rubio and trump closed out the big election in south florida. >> trying to divide america between us and them is wrong and we're not going to let it work. also here. she took home seven states. bernie sanders cashed in on four, whh makes those all-important florida delegates,
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but most of the uncertainty goes to lhe republican roller coaster. >> i think the only problem for marco rubio is, how long these other candidates stay in the race. >> reporter: rubio and cruz old both benefit tomorrow as they set their sights on trump and try to stop him before he gets closer to the white house. >> if you don't know where you stand on the klu klux klan every time you'' asked, i have a real problem supporting you. >> rererter: and tomorrow, before the debate, mitt romney, the republican presidential nominee from 2012, endorsed by donald trump, expected to give the state of the 16 presidential election, where he's expected to rip into donald trp and try to stop him in his tracks. reporting live, "nbc 6 news." >> remember, everything you need to know about decision 2016, includingng earlyoting information leading up to the
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news and weathe app. at least eight carriers have submitted applications to the u.s. department of transportation outluning the routes they would like to fly to cuba. the government will spend the next few months reviewing the request and reward an airline with the coveted destination to havana this summer. the agreement signed last month allows for up to 110 additional flights a day. several airlines are competing. right now, an investigation sund way after human remains were found in a wooded area of oakland park. detectives say the remains before badly decomposed. officials believe that the deceased is a male. miami-dade police are o o the hunt for two suspects who stole tires off a vehicle. this is video near southwest 128th avenue a a 53rd street, where officials say the two
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the suspects began to remove t tire sockets to steal the tires. anyone with information is asked to call miami-dade crime stoppers. new tonight, a fiery scene on i-75. a car erupted into flames on the south bound lanes. witnesses quickly rescued the man from the burning vehicle. firefighters showed up shortly after and put out that blaze. witnesses say the driver was dazed and confused but not hurt. city officials recognized a man tonight for saving a man's life in parkland. this is all new tonight. >> reporter: the near death
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parkland equestrian septemberercenter, and a trainer saved a student's life because he knew cpr. >> to recognize megan green for her life saving efforts. >> reporter: she saved 66-year-old richard appen. after jumping lessons at the equestrian center in januaryry he stepped off his horse, sat down in a chair, slumped over, and became unresponsive. megan green, arainer at the center, checked his pulse, called 911, and under direction from the dispatcher, she immediately started cpr. >> i was scared, but 911 was on the speaker and said to start compressions. >> reporter: she said she was certified four or five years ago and never thought she would have to do it on anyone. >>e came back very easily. i've practiced on a dummy before and it's similar.
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springs fire department is looking to add their name to a growing list of agencies who signed up for an app called pulse point. among other things, residents can be alerted when someone is in need of cpr within a certain distance of your location and you could be notified where the clost defiplator is. >> that technology is very helpful. >> we should encourage our fans and employers to have people learn cpr skills. >> reporter: richard is already back on the saddle. as for the app, it's called pulsepoint. if you want to download it, logon to lalara rodriguez, "nbc 6 news.s. still ahead, catching on fire inside the operating room. >> thth nbc 6 investigators
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think. another twist. where the feds were theft. so far so good weather wise in south florida. but there is a chance of rain, possibly this weekend. i've got the forecast, next. and several birds stolen
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. a second man is arrested in connection with a multimillion dollar gold heist. he was involved in the high jacking of a tractor trailer in north carolina a year ago. the truck was headed to boston with nearly $5 million in gold bars when it was hit. today, a boat was towed from the home where he was arrested. e suspect family members say they didn't notice a change in lifestyle. >> he's had the boat for a long time. he had an older boat, then he got a better one. and i don't know this one, i don't know how long ago did he get it.
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more men in connection with the heist. aather man hasas been sentenced for trying to fence one of the gold bars here in south florida. aricey parrot stolen with several other birds. and the search is on for the thieves. we're joined live from miami with more. stephanie? >> reporter: the family says the bird was taken from their backyard right from its cage. the parrot has been inhe family for cades. and it wasn't the onlyly bird taken from this home for from this area overnight. >> it's about that big and green and yellow. >> reporter: thh is baby, a parrot that's been by her sidee for 33 years. >> like my child. >> reporter: she says the animal s stolen from her backyard overnight.
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>> reporter: she says her dog started barking around 4:00 a.m. her husband went outside to see what was going on. they soon found out baby the parrot and five other birds, two cockatiels and three parakeets were missing. the family called police. now investigators are working to find out who targeted this miami home, located at southwest fifthh terrace and 44th court. and just six blocks away,, miami police working a similar case here at southwest 43rd avenue and southwest 2nd street, thieves targeted this home overnight and made away with three birds. the homeowner says the birds, two parakeets and a messenger pigeon, belonged to his mother-in-law. this chain is what the bird cage was hanging from before the thieves hit. the family says the messenger
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she came close to a reunion with her pet tonight. a neighbor thoughttit was yours? >> yes. >> reporter: but it wasn't baby. what are youou going to do with this bird? he wants it back if it's not mine. >> r rorter: she believes the same thieves are responsible for hitting her house and the one blocks away. miami polili have not said if they believe the incidents are connected, but they are investigating both crimes. anybody with info is asked to call crime stoppers. 305-471-tips. reporting live, stephanie bertini, "nbc 6 news." a lakeland family came home to find an unsuspecting guest in their pool. a nine-foot alligator. his wife and 6-month-old baby werer inside the home at the time.
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the patio reen to enter the property. the family called a trapper who removed the algator from the popol. emergency in the operating room. when you head to the hospital to go under theeknife, you have a lot of concerns. >> but catching on fire usually isn't one of those concerns. a south from man ys that's what happened to him. and investigators found out that it happens more often than you think. >> dan crouch shows you this unknown danger. >eporter: in a matter of seconds, this is what could happen in the operating room when the wrong combination of oxygen and surgical tools are used around your face. thth is a demonstration. vince anthony lived it. i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. >> reporter: what was supposed be a routine surgery led to his face covered in second and third degree burns. >> it's been hell, you know.
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army veteran went in to get a cyst removed from his rehead. while under the knife -- >> oxygen and sparks don't mix. >> reporter: it caught the cloth wrapped around his face on fire. >> burned up my nose inside and out. my lips were cooked, my ear, my eye, verything. >> reporter: it happened to this great grandmother, too. she went to holy cross hospital for a biopsy in 2013, where a surgical flash fire burned more than 25% of her body. she died five monns later. >> fire, fire. >> reporter: fires like this are rare. but a big enengh concern for safety groups to warn and educate doctors about what not to do. and florida alone, there have been 125 operating room fires in five years. about 650 fires a year nationwide. >> at no time was i informed
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i never knew anything about it. >> reporter: our own cameras rolled as a fire department demonstrated how quickly the flames can ignite and spread. the oxygen, alcohol and cloth sparking the fire. >> you put your life in somebody else's plan and this is the result. >> reporter: for anthony, he has healed on the outside but says he still struggles on the inside. >> i hope somebody watches this and uses it to save their life. >> reporter: what do you have to say to anyone else going under the knife? >> it's a conversation you need to have with your surgeon. what do you do if it does happen, are you prepared? >> reporter: anthony settled a lawsuit with the out of state hospital. icourt documents, the hospital said it acted responsibly and with care. the hospital sent u this statement saying we assess the circumstances and introduced additional training and other
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holy cross remains committed to the safety and well-being to our patients. now, first alert weather with chief meteorologist john morales, south florida's most accurate forecast. no complaints about the local weather pattern of late. it's been great and warming up. over the next couple of days, we'll be in the 80s, no rain. but speaking of 80s, take a look at the highs today across our area. 84 degree readings out of pembrook pines. 83 for ft. lauderdale. cooler in the florida keys, influenced by the surrounding ocean. current temperatures are down to 67 already in kendall. 74 in miami and ft. lauderdale and 70 degrees at this hour in key west. here are your weather headlines. the front that arrived in florida yesterday is stalling near lake okeechobee. temperatures there@will be above
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a second front arrives saturday, possibly yielding a shower or two. so there's a front already starting to stall in th area. some high clouds are streaming into our region. more about that in second. here's the next system in the center of the country. it has a cold front trailing into texas and this fro will arrive in south florida on saturday. that's when we expect a chance of rain for our area. so as we zoom in here across the gulf of mexic and the florida straits keys, you notice a good deal of clouds. tomorrow, more cloudiness than sunine as far as the day is concerned. but no rain in my forecast for tomorrow, despite the proximity of that front, because generally speaking, the air mass in the lower levels is dry. so here's a look at tomorrow. we'll look at e future tracker and show you the clouds across the area.
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cluds stay for much of the day, afternoon. you notice also the future tracker picks up on couple of showers not in the mro area, off to the west in broward county. a high temperature of 82 degrees tomorrow after a morning low of 66. those temperatures are slightly above normal for this time of the year. up to 86 on friday. that would be our hottest day of skies. that front arrives o saturday, spotty showers. this is not a washout. i'm simply talking about some widely scattered showers across the area on satday. no reason to cancel plans necessarily for that day. it wille cooler. 78 degrees, clearing up on suay. next week looks like a windy week in south florida. >> okay, john. home sweet home. what president obama told u.s. astronaut scott kelly just hours after he returned to planet earth.
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see the minute by welcome back. take a look at this video out of southwest video. a dozen thieves caught on camera in a smash and grab of carter guns`and ammo. it's a mad dash inside to nab more than 50 weapons. cops arrested a few of the suspects, and expect prosecutors to file federal charges against them. scott kelly out of his space
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gravity after close to a year in space. the assonaut is finally feeling the wind on his face. for the last 340 days, he lived aboard the international space station, orbiting around earth 250 miles away. now nasa will compare scott to his identical twin back on earth. kelly's record breaking mission isn't flying under the radar. president barack obama spoke to the astronaut today from the oval office. the commander in chief thanked kelly for inspiring a new generation of astronauts and advancing space research. >> still hard to imagine. a year in space? >> in that shuttle for a year? >> amazing. good thing he's not claus phobic. lebron and miami. why is lebron in miami?
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a top team lebron just can't seem to stay away from miami. he escaped the cold weather for dwyane wade. here they are, posing for a pic in midtown miami, today. lebron did the same thing a year ago during his offtime with so wade says it's not really a
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>> he's one of my best friends, so it's not odd for me to work out with one of my best friends. if it was somebody i didn't know, it would be different. besides it's a nice place to come to get away for a couple of days. >> so lebron is not coming back. the miami hurricanes are a legit final four contender. the basketbalteam has never gotten that far in the tournament. but if they're going to do it, this is the player that can take them there. angel rodriguez putting on a show at notre dame tonight. he gives miami a huge lead early. the canes up 21-3. he was so good, even when he didn't score,we want to show you. he gets the steal, goes the other way, l les it, steals it back and goes behind the back, got fouled. that's worth another look. amazing pass from rodriguez. he's not done. rodriguez had 19 points, he made
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when he's taking good shots, they're really dangerous. notre dame cuts theead to nine, but mcclellan ice it for miami. miami wins 68-50, they're 24-5 on the seseon. 13-4 in the acc. nba players are used toto fans yelling and screaming during free throws. this is a new way to distract a player. look at the bottom of your screen. these houston fans, two women flashing the shooter. brian anderson could not be deterred. he made both free throws.
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that's alllor sports.
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only at your lincoln dealer. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephannoise) (donkey noise)
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we've got a man versus machine matchup. it's fido's first time meeting, spot, the robo do operating with cautious curiosity. >> he's the latest four-legged robot, and the only one outside of the military. >> why doesn't it have a head or a tail? >> he looks like of headless. >> i would be barking at that thing, too. >> a little scary.
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pretender. >> it's cool. >> it is cool, but a little scary at the same time. >> missing some parts. >> it's a prototype. >> thanks for watching. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tina fey, rachel maddow, musical guest santigold, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 429! woo! >> steve: and now, here he is,


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