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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Saturday at 6am  NBC  March 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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school. a new discovery bringthe o.j. simpson trial back into the spotlight. breathe, breathe, breathe. >> presidential candidates are gearing up for another day of voting. find out which states are on the line today. good morning everyone. welcome to nbc 6 "south florida today" today". i'm sharon lawson. we have carnival on the mile today. how is the weather going to look? we'll get you started with the first alert fororast and meteorologist erika delgado. >> good morning, south florida. 66 degrees in miami as well. in homestead around 64, 65 degrees for this time of year. average temperature is what
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64 degrees right now in the kendall area. i want to take a lookokt our live first alert radar. right n n from south beach into ortions of miami beach. some of the showers working their way acrosss the area and into coastline across portions of downtown miami. keep that in mind. maybe want your umbrellas handy as you head out the door this early in the morning. your first alert forecast for your saturday, temperatures in the 60s, mostly cloudy skies. a few coastal showers we saw on our dar. if you're headed to carnival on the mile, a nice day, have your umbrella handy, a few scattered showers late they are afternoon. now disturbing surveillance video that seems to show a south florida girl running for her life trying to escape an alleged kidnapper. erika glover is outside the broward sheriff's office with
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>> reporter: one south florida girl running for her life. video. you can see the 13-year-old girl running down the street trying to get somewhere fast. what the girl doesn't detail is she's running from this suv. deputies say wednesday afternoon near 14th avenue in pompano beach, the teen was walking home from school when a male driver got out of the vehicle, grabbed her the waist and tried to pull her inside. >> fortunately the girl screamed, broke free and ran away. the manhen pursued her in his vehicle but she was able to elude him. >> the man is in his late 40s to early 50s with reddish-brown hair with a thin frame. his vehicle may be an explorer.
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crimestoppers if you have any information. coming up in the nextalf hour, you'll hear from parents and students who are pretty spoopd by this entire incident. erika glover, nbc 6 news. we're learning more about the fiu basketball player accusing her head coach of sexual misconduct. we're toast destini feagin was suspended from the teen. she accused first year head coach marlin chinn of pursuing a sexual relationship with her. feeg inclaims chinn suspended her for four games as punishment for resistingexual advances. an e-mail from campus officials was sent to the campus which reads in part, quote, we want to reiterate that at fiu there is no tolerance by misconduct of an employee or a student. we'll pursue the truth to the best of our abilitying while
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ensuring due process for all involved. > miami-dade detectives say four people operated out of a rendel home where cops found fuel pumps, skimming devices and more than a dozen water growing pot plans. lazzaro chalton is accused of using counterfeit cards. a cork from a champagne bottle open apparently damaged the passenger's iia. miami-dade rescue got the call and rushed the passenger back to land.
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turning to decision 2016, presidential candidates are gearing up for another full day of primary sies primaries across the country. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders are vying for support in nebraska, kansas and louisiana. today, early voting starts in broward county starting at 9:00 a.m. you can go to any of the early voting sites and cast your ballot. you can check out the list of the 20 sites on broward voters can vote using a touch screen machine through march 15015th150 15th. time 16:06. we're learning more about the zika virus and especially
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plus what local officials are saying we should do to protect ourselves. all right, south florida. expecting a nice day, especially over the atlantic waters. no advisories in sight. winds shifting from the east-northeast. a light chop all day.
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what about there was an announcememnt last month the author died. his novels featured painful childhood experiences. the governor of south carolina nikki haley took to twitter to express condolences says the words and love for south carolina will live on.
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books was "the prince of tides"." conroy was 70. this morning we have new clues about the zika virus and how it affects unborn babies. scientists at florida state university say the virus can quickly infect and harm developing fetal brain cells. the study does not prove that zika causes the birth defect called microcephaly but researches believe it inaffects a stem cell that later forms the part of the brain responsible for intellectual capabilities and higher mental functions. zika is spreading rapidly in latin america and caribbean nations, but there are no known locally acquired cases in florida. yesterday nova southeastern university held a panel discussion on how to fight zika. browardounty county mosquito control says it does a good job controlling the mosquito that spreads the virus.
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are things you can do to protect yourself. >> what you can do to help, make sse there's no water around your house where the mosquito can breed, cover any trash container, water ar. >> if you have any doubt about what to do, the experts say you should follow the recommendations of the cdc and epa. florida lawmakers making a move in medical marijuana legislation. nearly two years after passing the law to allow limited types of medical pot, the house approved a more far reaching plan th week. the bill would revamp the 2014 law and legalize full strength marijuana for terminally ill patients. while opponents think the measure could lead to substance abuse, some believe the bill's benefits are undeniable. >> this bill will make sure that we finally deliver on the promise we made on 20, and that probably is the most
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the 2014 law was supposed to make non-euphoric cannabis available to patients who suffer from cancer or epilepsy. tt substances still haven't reached paents because fights between nurseries and the florida department of health. the legislation aimed at ensuring law enforcement agencies have standards for using body cameras. the bill doesn't require cops to use the cameras, but does establish procedures for the use and maintenance of the equipment and the data it records. state representative sherman jones is the bill's sponsor. he says the measure would help the officers and the people they encounter stay safe and take responsibility for thr actions. finally spacex's unmanned rocket was s sccessfully launched into space. >> three, two, one, zer liftoff. >> there it went.
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from the cape canaveral air force station. this was the fifth launch attempt over the past week and a half. sunday's try ended with an engine shut down seconds before liftoff. although the launch was a susucess, the rocket crashed when it landed on a drone ship in the atlantic ocean. >> mcdonnell's, i'm lovein' it. south florida, 6:13. we finally made it to our weekend. we are dealing with a few showers we need to get through first. let's jump right in. our live first alert radar picking up on showers across portions of key biscayne and further to the south across portions of south beach and miami beach.
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everywhere else, you'll notice it's the only placee're dealing with showers right now. broward county things looking good for you. elsewhere in miami-dade, nono too bad. we're waking up to temperatures closer to seasonable. 66 in mime, 65 in ft. lauderdale. upper 60s d dwn into the keys. we're expecting warm temperatures aga this afternoon. not as warm as we saw the past few days but definitely should be hitting the 80-degree mark. we're dealing with a few clouds streaming in from the gulf of mexico. this is associated with a system that remains over the gulf of mexico. because of that we will be seeing that cloud cover and the moisture will be present. for your first alert forecast on this saturday, sharon and i will be at carnival on the mile from 12:00 to about 2:00 p.m. hope to see you out there. have the umbrella handy because we will see a few scattered showers.
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80s. not a washoutt of a day, but dealing with that. high pressure remains inn control across much of the southeast. there is that front thatoved through. so we have the east wind thanks to high pressure and you'll see this cloudiness over the gulf of mexico. that will filter in across extreme southern miami-dade county, leaving some areas mostly cloudy. sunny for the remainder of the afternoon. uv index will be on the higher end of the scale, the momentof sunshine we are expecting. we could see a few showers an forecast. i'll leave that on the lower to moderate end of thecale. taking a look ahead, once we deal with spotty showers today, everything will dry out and it looks like we'llll remain dry for the next six to seven days. >> good to know. erika, thank you. president obama may be leavng office soon.
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economy has i'm proftd duringmproved during his time at the white house. >> there seems to be al an alternative reality out there. right now. >> the president says republicans may be making doomsday plans about the economy, but he's looking forward to rebutting their claims. he dedivered his assessment of the economy yesterday as a new laor department report showed another strong month for job growth. employers added more than 200,000 workers. the fbi continues. now a prosecutor was saying the unlocked phone could i.d. another possible unknown san bernardino attacker. they say the information inside saeed farook's locked phone could answer whether there was a third person involved in the terror attack that killed 14 people. police say all evidence points
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possibility of a third attacker hasn't been ruled out. there were two 911 calls reporting three attackers during the shooting. 6:16 is the time. still ahead, a group of robbers pick the wrong women to mess
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how these florida he caught the wrong girls on the wrong time. >> a group of robbers behind bars after the two women they targeted decided to fight back. the women say they were inside their suv outside deltona. they say the chase was on until police arrived. for nbc, chris hush has the story. >> i went crazy. look what i did. >> all maggie wanted to do was protect her 2-year-old granddaughter. >> he caught the wrong girls on the wrong time.
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friendlies is a perez say they were in their suv in this grocery store parking lot off howland boulevard on friday, a man jumped in their vehicle. >> he had a gun to my head. he told me, give me your purse, give me your purse! he started cursin i said no! rfr then he >> reporter: then he pointed the gun at the 2-year-old. >> he had the gun and i managed to turn it on him and put i i straight at his forehead. i was pulling the trigger. >> both of us kind of elbowed and fought him. >> reporter: it was enough for the man to run to the getaway vehicle. when the suspe took off, mahias followed. as perez called police, she rammed the suspect's vehicle. the suspects jumped out of the
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only wesh 2 was there to capture the massive search launched by deputies. eventually all three suspects were caught not far from the grocery store, one of them taken out of the woods off howland boulevard. the victims say thankfully the gun neverfired. >> i'm happy! less trash on the street. >> terrifying situation therf. that was chris hush reporting. no word yet on any chars. deputies say although the women's actions were heroic, they strongly do not recommend fighting a suspect. instead, comply and call 911. 21 is the time. still ahead, a grammy award winning artist coming out of retierpt. while phil collins is kicking
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previewing the kiwanis club celebrating 40 years of giving back. a nicece day for carnival on the mile. if you're expecting to spend your day on the water a low risk of rip currents on the atlantic beaches. you want to have the umbrella handy just in case. highs reaching into the lower 80s.medley served with sirloin steak. the sizzling sound of esh florida vegetables mingling together; saut\ zucchini, squash, bell peppers, and tomatoes in golden olive oil. garnish with fresh parsley andserve with juicy sirloin steak. that's how easily pan roasted florida vegetables complete a delicious meal. visit for more great recip. and remember,
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five-time grammy award winner phil collins warming his pipes for return to music. >> best of all is happening here in south florida. the musicianan announced yesterday he's coming out of rerement. collins got his start as a drummer for the band genesisi and then became a star. he said his kids are the reason behind singing again. it's hard to forget his hits like "in the air tonight" and "can't hurry love."
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the way. >> there's a possibility of doing more. they want me to write some more music. it's a bit of a jump, i haven't done it for a long time. >> you can check out the man behind the music next week. he'll perform at the little dreams foundation gala on march 11 at the fillmore theater. >> boom, boom, boom, boom. i can feel it coming this weekend a can't-miss cultural experience in coral gables. >> 6 in the mix host roxanne vargas joins us with more of mile. >> reporter: art in every form takes oor the mile in cal gables. as the which khan nis club of little havana celebrates 40 years of giving the the
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year of karn valecarnaval. the ultimate honor of being named poster artist goes to this local artist, carlos who created dawn of the carnaval. >> i had little haf rana on my mind and i also wanted to capture memories that iad of seeing the old posters from visit havana and the carnals and that stuff. there's the red coach that you see there, alludes to the first meeting that they had at the old red coac in in miami. >> keep an eye out for actor, director, producer, musician, andy garcia. three concert stages, over 30 musical groups from all over the country bringing the best latin
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oh, and food is definitely art, too. all new this year, cork and fork, south florida's best chefs under one tent serving up delicious bites, cooking demos and excellent pairings during carnival on the mile this weekend. >> do not miss it. carnaval on the mile happening this saturday and sunday. nbc 6 and our sister station telemundo51 proud sponsors of this amazing event. we'll be hanging out alongside the lejeune stage. roxanne vargas, nbc 6 news. >> i'll have to check out that cork and forkrk yes. nbc 6 is a proud sponsor of the event. come and meet us on the lejeune stage. here i a schedule of who will be there today including us there 12:00 to 2:00. always a good time. >> we'll be there to take pictures, dancing.
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i'll be dancing, sharon will be singing. >> we're right by the stage, it will be so much fun. can't help but dance and sing. >> maybe they'll invite us on the stage. >> maybe. 6:27 is the time. still ahead. surveillance video shows the moments after an attempted abduction in pompano beach. who authorities need your help looking for this morning.
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new questions in good morning and welcome back to nbc 6 "south florida todada" it's saturday, march 6. i'm sharon lawson. we'll get you started with first alert forecast and meteorologist erika delgado. >> unfortunately dealing wth a few showers. the good news is it's only concentrated across miami-dade county. if you're in the south beach area, showers barely moving, kind of snags nair because winds are lightly blowing out of the northwest and will be shifting out of the east as the day goes on. zooming out, there are no showers anywhere in sight across broward county and elsewhere across miami-dade. everything lingering around the
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good news there, but bad news as far as that specific area is concerned. right now seeing temperatures close to average, 66 in miami, 65 in ft. lauderdale and 67 degrees down in the keys. some areas even seeing the upper 60s down into the middle keys. dealing with a lot of cloud cover especially across extreme southern miami-dade county. we can thank this guy right here, this area we're keeping an eye on, basically providing plenty of cloud cover across the southern half of our sunshine state. unfortunately that will be the trend as it continues to swing to the south of us as the day goes on. next few hours, first alert forecast, calling for temperatures reaching the 70s and any time showers are possible, at least pour the first half of the day. >> erica, thank you. now to disturbing surveillance video that seems to show a south florida girl running for her life trying to escape an alleged kidnapper. nbc 6 reporter erika glover is outside the broward county sheriff's officicwith more on who deputies are looking fo.
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girl running for her life trying to escape an alleged kidnapper. check out the surveillance video. you can see the 13-year-old girl trying to get sbr fast. what she doesn't show is he she's trying to get away from this suv. deputies say the teen was walking home from school wednesday afternoonlong northeast 4th street near 14th avenue in poem know beach. that's when a male driver pulled up beside her, got out of the vehicle, grabbed her by the waist and tried to pull her inside. parents and students are thinking twice about their safety. >> it's scary that i live in t area, right over there. it's scary the fact that people are around here. >> when i was ung i remember something happened around the neighborhood and my parents sat us down. that's definitely something i advise all parents and i'm going to do myself when he starts to walk to school.
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be in his late 40s to early 50s with reddish-brownish hair and a thin friend, his vehicle was possiblyilver in color and may be an explorer. officers are asking if you have information to call crimestoppers. the number is at the bottom of your screen. in the next half hour you'll hear from parents and students pretty spooked by this incident. erika glover, nbc news. new details surrounding a simpson shocker. it's the possible piece of evidence that's been trending all night on social media. a knife found at the former cstate of o.j. simpson, that knife w in the hands of los angeles police detectives. the big question, is there a connection to the 1994 murders of simpson's wife and her friend. nbc's chris pallone has more. >> reporter: los angeles police say a small knife is being tested to see if it's connected to the murders of o.j. simpson's
6:34 am
simpson and her friend, ron goldman. >> they're going to study and examine it for all forensics. >> reporter: police report the story first reported by tmz a florida lapd traffic cop turned the knife over to detectives, claiming he was working off duty on a m mie shoot near simpson's former home 12 years ago when a construction worker gave him the knife. >> he claimed an individual who claimed to be a construction worker provided him with this knife, claiming it was found on the property. >> reporter: a jury acquitted simpson of charges in 115. since then the case remained open, the murder weapon never found. investigators are treating this discovery with skepticism. >> we need to, one, first of all, determine is this evidence and, if it's not evidence, how do we prove one way or another that it's not. the only way we can do that is by being able to challenge the
6:35 am
was recovered, where it was alleged to have been, et cetera. >> reporter: o.j. simpson is in prison for an unrelated conviction. under the constitution he can't be retried for the murder regardless of whether the knife is connected to the case. chris pa@lone, nbc news, new york. hialeah police are hoping someoeo will recognize a church vandal and help put him behind bars. surveillance video captured the barefoot man outside that church yesterday near east 4th aven and 11th street. cops say he tried to make his wa_ inside smashing the front doors without any luck. that's not all. he moved on to a u.s. century bank next door hoping to get inside. reinforced glass kept him out again. if you think you know who this guy is call miami-dade crimestoppers and 305-471-tips. an accused pickpocket is behind bars this morning. police say he stole fm a
6:36 am
grocery shopping at a pine crest publix. nbc 6 reporter stephanie bertini is outside the store with more. >> reporter: an elderly man walking through a publix. police say the 94-year-old was pickpocketed by 56-year-old derrick hope. >> this is from a publix in p pne crest. >> reporter: hope stood before a judge months after police arted looking for him. surveillance cameras in the store caught this man who police say is hope, walking in arorod 2:40 in the afternoon. police s that was right after the elderly victim. in the video you can see this man trailing behind the 94-year-old and then follow him down an aisle. police say that's when the pickpocketing occurred. >> sir, d you have any money to pay for a private lawyer? >> no, ma'am. i will appoint the public defender's office for you. >> reporter: police say hope
6:37 am
victim's wallet with $65 in cash and credit cards, afterwards charging more than $6,000 on the cards. missing.g. people who shop at this public regularly say pickpocketing is not something they would expect. >> there's always a lot of pele here. it's kind of scary. >> reporter: police say hope is linked to similar incidents in other areas and was behind bars in unrelated charges when he admitted to targeting the 94-year-old. the list of charges in connection do the crime include ppty theft, grand theft and several fraud-related charges. reporting in pine crest, stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. an update this morning in a hazmat invectigation that shut down a pembroke pines bank. crews say nothing in the business posed a threat to the public. it all began around 4:30 yesterday afternoon at a wells fargo bank near johnson street and north university drive.
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reaction to white powder on the ca of a customer. the bank employee is doing just fine and the customer won't face any charges. 6:38 is the time. still ahead, a souh florida man seeks to have senators marco rubio and ted cruz removed in the ballot saying they're not citizens. see how federal agents foiled an unusual human smuggling ent. maybe you want to hit the greens today. temperatures in the 70s. expect a few spotty showers in the forecast, turning more scattered in nature later this afternoon under partly cloudy skies. temperatures will remain in the
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the question s today it's florida flatbread with fresh tomatoes and bell peppers. let's start by spreading oliveoil and garlic on our flatbread. then we add cheese; but whatreally makes this dish special are the florida bell peppers, and juicy tomatoes. when the cheese is melted and bubbly it's done. just cut and serve. and that's how easily florida flatbread with tomato and sweet bell peppers can become a meal time favorite. look for the fresh from floridalabel when you shop. remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. now turning to decision 2016. >> even though i might be leaving the campaign -- there's
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they just won't vote for me. it's okay, it's not a problem. >> ben carson made it official. he announced the end of his presidential campaign during a speech yesterday at the conservative political action conference in maryland. it marked the end of a campaign that saw carson surge in the polls during the fall, only to see questions about foreign policy and other areas stall his momentum. a broward judge tossed a lawsuit that sought to remove republican candidates marco rubio and ted cruz. the lawsuit was brought by mike beltz who argued in court that neither cruz or rubio are natural born american citizens. he's a registered republican who filed a similar lawsuit in 2012 challenging barack obama's eligibility. that se was also dismissed. republican frontunner
6:42 am
trum trump has come under heavy criticism for the killing of terrorists and waterboarding. arguments he defended during the republican debate. now he says he understands the u.s. is bound bylaws and treaties and he would not order the military to violate those laws. trump also announced he will not attend cpac this weekend, instead campaigning in kansas and florida. today trump is hosting a press con friend in west palm beach at the trump international golf club starting at 9:00 in the morning. meanwhile, with the florida primary less than two weeks away, democrat bernie sanders is ramping up his campaign in the sunshine state. yesterday afternoon his supporters held a rally outside the freedom town in downtown miami. it's not f from wynwood where he opened a campaign office, one
6:43 am
as he hopes toull the upset on march 16. polls show rival hilry clinton with a double-digit lead in florida. the democratic front-runner spent the day campaigning in michigan whihi holds primaries on tuesday. she toured a detroit auto parts maker. her husband, former president bill clinton will continue campaigning for her today in michigan. michigan is the biggest prize before the primaries in florida and jai-alai. presidential candidates are dealing up for another full day of primaries and caucuses across the country. on the republican side, donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich will be competing in maine, kentucky and louisiana. today early voting starts in broward county. starting at 9:00 a.m., you can go to any of the early voting sites and cast your ballot.
6:44 am
the 20 sites on voters with disabilities will be able to vote using a touch screen machine at any site. early voting runs through march 13. bring a picturei.d. with signature like your passport or your driv's license. for everything you need to know about the road t the white house or to find your early voting location, open the nbc 6 news and weather app. it's all at your fingertips. erika and i are both headed to carnaval on the mile later today. hopefully the showers will be out of the way by noon. what's the situation, erika? >> they'llremain spotty throughout the morning hours. more scattered in nature laar this afternoon. reare dealing with a few showers across miami-da. this is all we're dealing with. that's good news. right now if you're anywhere across the beach, possibly heading towards the causeway. ep in mind there is a shower moving through the area and anooer shower very close to the coast. there's a very light northwest
6:45 am
these showers aren't moving all too quickly. i'll zoom out and show you what is going on across south florida. the showers are barely moving, and a few showers to the east of key rgo. everything else looking pretty quiet on this saturday morning. 're also waking up to seasonable temperatures, 66 in miami, 65 in ft. lauderdale. that goes for pompano beach as well. 64 in the kendall area. we are dealing with just a few clouds. as you can see, those are the showers way to the south across portions of miami-dade that we areeealing with right now. this is over the westin diplomat. you can see there is a light northwest wind. today we won't be dealing with rip currents. so good neos if you have plans to get out in the water today. if you want to see us at carnaval on t mile, temperatures in the lower 80s,
6:46 am
possibly because of the cloud ver. scattered showers in the forecast. want to have that umbrella handy just in case you happen to encounter a shower while you're out ththe. there's the cold front that swung through, high pressure in control across the southeast. a very nice day across northern florida, georgia, mississippi and alabama. you can see all this cloud cover across the gulf of mexico. that's a system we are continuing to keep an eye on as it continues to trek towards the east crossing the the south of florida. unfortunately the moisture associated with that system will definitely affect us throughout the day today. uv index on t t higher end of the scale. showers on the lower to moderate end. marine conditions even lower. no advisories anywhere in sight. the weak front swings through later today and expecting temperatures in the lower 80s. plenty of sunshine for the next five to six days. expecting windy conditions for
6:47 am
turkish police used teargas and water cannons to carry out a raid on the country's top selling up in. hundreds gathered outside to protest the action. turkish authorities seized control of facility. federal agents foiled an unusual human smuggling attempt. listen to this. u.s. customs discovered an undocumented brazilian man hidden in the gas tank area of an suv at a port of entry along the mexico-california border. officers were cooucting an intensive inspection using the maging system when they discovered something odd in the vehicle's gas tank and under the rear seat. both the driver and the undocumented man were arrested. 6:48 is the time.
6:48 am
of students working at greatness, also known as "swag on 6." this morning we'll introduce you to one student who deals with adversary every day of his life,
6:49 am
6:50 am
from being at theop of the next time your kids complain about their problems, tell them about terrence nicker son. this man lives alone in a homeless shelter with no family for support. he heads to college in the fall. he's a student working at greatness. education on 6 reporter ari odzer has his story. >> reporter: terrence nicker son doesn't just walk to school. he walks away from a homeless shelter to his happy place. >> right now i'm in a shelter. ght now that does not define me. >> reporter: call him a striverer
6:51 am
senior at miami jackson high school. just don't label terrence as just another homeless kid with no hope for success. >> if you think about the fact that you're in a shelter, that you don't have a home each and every day, you let the bad catch up to you and it holds you back. >> reporter: terrence's mom died five years ago. his stepfather kicked him out. he has no family support structure, no parents to help with homework or to prod him along. jackson high is his family. >> inspiring. this is a kid who has every reason in the book to drop out t of school, to not do the right thing, to getinto trouble. he doesn't do any of that. he sticks with it. he perseveres. he's here every day. he's smiling. >> reporter: even when he's chopping onions in the culinary class, he's still smiling. >> he's an outstanding kid. he's been through so much in his
6:52 am
still manages to do well in school. always has a smile on his face. >> reporter: terrence is the living, breathing definition of self motivation and his friends are inspired by it. >> he wants to better himself so he won't end up like this anymore. >> he's always happynd positive. >> reporter: if there's an ounce of self pity in terrence, you'd never know it. he'd rather give advice. >> reach out and other doors can on. it all starts with you helping yourself. >> this kid is going to go far. we'll see him five years, ten years from now doing great things. >> reporter: terrence nicker son is on his way, charting his own path, determined to keep moving forward. in miami, ari odzer, nbc 6 news. >> what an impressive young man. coming up, a look at our big 6 stories. first, a live look at hollywood from our first alert camera.
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erika will have a final check now, the big 6 stories you need to know. >> a 13-year-old girl was nearly ab ducked while walking home from school in pompano beach. hialeah police are looking for a church vandal. surveillancevideo captured the barefoot man outside that church yesterday. cops say he tried to make his way inside smashing the front doers without any luck. if you know anything, call miami-dade crimestoppers. police arrested a man they say pickpocketed a 94-year-old veteran inside a pine crest publix. it happened on december 29th. police say 56-year-old derrick hope stole the elderly man's wallet and ran up a $6,000 tab on his credit cards. a simpson shocker. a knife found at the former estate of o.j. simpson in '98 was turned over tol.a. police by an officer after retiring
6:56 am
the knife is being tested in connection with the 1994 murder of nicole brown and ronald goldman. presidentl candidates are gearing up for another full day of primaries and caucuses on the republican side. trump, ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich will be in maine, kansas, kentucky and louisiana. clinton and sanders will be in nebraska, kansas and louisiana. early voting today in broward and runs through march 19th. be sure to check out our nbc 6 news and weather app for full details on all the stories we're covering as you wake up. as you wake up, you may notice a ffw showers. >> just a few. the good news is, very spotty if nature. we're just dealing with them across portions of miami-dade and broward. if you're in miami beach, possibly near the causeway or even into downtown miami, keep
6:57 am
keep the umbrellas close. scattered showers are expectedd later today. other than that, a nice weekend with temperatures in the lower 80s.
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wewell see y the bigger t t burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new granddedeurrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. good morning. getting closer. presidential front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton hopingngo tighten their grip on their party's nominations today, as voters in five states head to the polls.
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will stop him, while on the democratic side, hillary clinton holds her lead over bernie sanders, despite the e-mail scandal thatontinues to plague her campaign. >> i'm happy that everyrody now has been cooperating and giving ysion. >> we're live on the campaign trail. news that a knife was fnd on the grounds of o.j. simpson's former estate explodes into the headlines. >> what has been submitted to our lab. they are going to study it. >> could it be the murder weapon in the deaths of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman or just another sideshow more than 20 years later? zika warning. a new study shows the zika virus may be even more dangerous than originally thought. researchers now saying the virus is linked to a host of birth defects alt all stages of pregnancy. and unmasked? the artist known as banksy has spent his career anonymously


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