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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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inside the chest of this man is the heart of a south florida teen killed in a wrong way crash. today that family meets him. i'm bobby brooks. that story coming up. but first it's decision day. at stake, hundreds of delegates as voters cast ballots in fe states. right now numbers are coming in, things looking very good r ted cruz. nbc news has projected him as the winner in kansas. he takes in 51% of the votes. trump is just behind with 24%, followed by rubio at 15. john kasich at 9%. still early in the game here, but cruz is ahead with 48% of the votes in maine. rubio with 8.6%. kasich with about 7%. good evening, i'm keith jones. cruz throwing a wrench in
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to widen his margin. republicans competing for 155 delegates, while 109 are up for grabs for the democrats. for nbc 6, chris pallone joins us from the campaign trail. >> reporter: voters are going to the polls in five states. louiana, kentucky, maine, kansas, and alaska. it's the first chance to gauge the mitt romney effect, whether the former nominee's broadside against donald trump can convince voters to abandon the party's frontrunner. in kansas, trump fired back. >> they made a tremendous mistake when they chose mitt romney four years ago. he's a stiff. >> reporter: ruruio was criticized for skipping an annual gathering of conservatives in washington. >> this is the american nservative union. it's usually reserved for conservatives.
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kasich still refuses to engage in insults. >> i'm wit harry potter. we're not going to the dark side. we're going to win ohio. that's going to create a whole new ball game. >> reporter: democrats saturday tried to draw distinction between the tone of their nominion fight and the republicans. >> what we are seeing in the republican presidential process is like a sixth grade food fight that you see in a cafeteria. i would hope that most sixth graders understand that we don't behave like that. >> reporter: bill clinton compared the last republicc debate to a sixth great schoolyard fight. the presidential campaign rolling uncensored tards the convention. chris pallone, nbc news, new york. donald trump is spending the weekend in the sunshine state, rallying in orlando this afternoon, telling the crowd
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rubio's home state right from under him. tonight trump will hold a news conference in west palm beach. tomorrow he'll be in doral. the latest points have trump ahead of rubio by 20 points in florida, ted cruz behind with 10% of the vote. according the public poll poll, the "orlando o sentinel" endorsed rubio yesterday, saying it could be the last chance to overthrow donald trump's chances. brord and palm beach began heading to the polls today. most early voting stations across the state will stay open prior to the election. some others will keep them open until two days prior to the election. aay after dropping out of the race, ben carson says he's not endorsing any candidate for the republican nominion although he talked to all the candidates this week. the retired neurosurgeon says
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is ethical, accomplished, has well. he ended his bid for the white house yesterday, saying there was clear political path forward. he's now working on a project to encourage encourage encourage religious values voter to participate in the election. for ws on decision 016, download the nbc 6 news and weather app. surveillance video shows a 13-year-old running from a driver in an suv yesterday after he grabbed her and tried to pull her into the vehicle. the man has reddish brown hair, a thin frame, and appears to be in his late 40s or early 50s. he may have been driving a tan ford explorer.
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parents are accused of using a stun gun to discipline their children. joshua louis and roxanne paduani were allegedlu using tasers on their four children. the ages of the kids are still unclear. agencies team up to save boaters stuck n a vessel. they all responded this morning to a call of a boat that was taking on water. at least six miles off of the inlet. the agencies teamed up to tow the boat to the boat ramp. no one was hurt. the enormous toll in our lives won't be filled. >> nine years since a a south florida man was captured in iran. today dozens are gathering in coral springs to bring attention to bob levinson's case.
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american civilian hostage. his family refuses to give up hope that one day he will be home. nbc 6's stephanie bertini is live with more. >> reporter: keith, march 9th will mark nine years. and the family says they are not giving up. they want this man home. those who support the family join them today in a gathering right here that wrapped up just about an hour ago. >> my husband is the bravest man i've ever known. >> reporter: for those who call robert levinson dad, ittill hurts. >> he's the most kind, generous, decent human being you'll ever meet. >> reporter: in march of 2007, levinson went missing o` the other side of the world. >> we're reminding people he'll still not home.
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behind the family, who is from coral springs. they call him bob. >> we want to help get him hope. >> reporter: levinson was repopoedly working as a paid contractor for the cia when he went missing. >> we served together here in miami. and so my heart is aching, given the circumstances. i hope and pray and continue to hope and pray that h will be released and returned to his family. >> reporter: hope is something the famqly is holding on to. >> i'll be graduating from college with a degree. >> reporter: still holding on to memories of robert levinson, they look forward to new ones. >> i hope myather can make it home. >> reporter: you can imagine how difficult that must be.
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ago, back in january,y,hen iran and the u.s. engaged in a prisoner exchange, levinson absent from the list of americans that made it home. the family said that was unfair. they want the u.s. government to do more. the u.s. government officials hav said they haven't been able to pin down where levinson is, and the iranian government has said the same. i'm reporting in coral springs, live, stephanie bertini, nbc 6 ne. an emotional day for the family of a victim killed in a wrong way crash that made national headlines. she was killed with h best friend in 2013. today her family finally met the woman who now has her heart, literally. nbc 6's bobby brooks was there. >> reporter: keith, good evening. i can tell you, when the two women met, it was a very emotional moment.. i myself had a hard time holding back the tears, especially when her mom was able to listen to her daughter's heartbeat inside of the recipient's chest. again, this is the first time
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it was a special day for the mother, one full of emotion. she cleaned her house, tieddyied up. today she prepared to meet the woman who has her daughter's heart, literally. >> she'seating in someone else. she's still alive. she's still living. >> reporter: and then the doorbell rang. she walked to the door and opened it. this was a moment two years in the making. julia aillverado has the teen's heart beating inside her. her mother wanted to hear it. so did her sister ashley. she andn her best friend were killed in a wrong way crash in
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the driver of the other car is infamous now for tweeting out, "too drunk to care" right before the crash. she had been convicted and sentenced to 24 years in prison. after the crash, t t family was faced with an excruciating decision. >> having to admit there was no hope for my daughter. so ashley and i talked abobo it. >> reporter: the decision to donate the organs saved julia's life. she had a rare disease transmitted by a mosquito. her heart was failing. she only speaks spanish but tells us she was pronounced dead before the heart arrived. now she's better than ever. christine says she's not surprised. >> that's what my daughter is, vibrant, vivacious. she was about living and life. >> reporter: back out here, you heard the mom.
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go through a situation like this. if you would please consider organ donation. you saw firsthand today theind of miracles that can create. bobby brooks, nbc 6 news. >> a great story, bobby. still ahead here on 6, setting the record straight. stern words from the white house ahead of president obama's historic trip to cuba. > let's play ball. an iconic terror attacksattraction in cuba. plus a perfect day for the annual street festival taking over coral babies. pretty comfortable@ outdoors some clouds. right? most of the showers steering clear of us.
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what i'm most excited about. the white house says cuba will not have a say in who president obama meets when he visits the island later this month. the president has made meeting with democracy activists one of his conditions for making the trip. there were reports that secretary of state john kerry was going to cuba. the white house now says no, that trip wilj be unnecessary. a cuban diamond will have a
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president arrives later this month. the latin american stadium is getting a makeover for the game. build in 1946, the venue is considered the yankee stadium of cuba. the president will attend that game and is expected to throw out ththfirst pitch. certainly some clouds out there today. i mentioned last night that we could be looking at a couple of spotty showers. exactly what we're seeing. nowhere near a washout for anybody. but a few showers certainly across parts of miami-dade county. let's dive in there and see exactly how these showers are moving around. it's saturday. if you guys want to know what's going on for the next couple of hours as you're heading out, around homestead, you're doing pretty well. towards south and east, you're probably seeing ominous looking clouds. these showers, just not a lot of movement with thth right now.
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for a dry evening. thth miami-dade and broward look again. very little movement with these showers. if they stay in the areas they are right now, most of us should escape the evening without getting wet. let's flash forward to tomorrow and talk about your boating forecast. winds are going to be picking up a little bit and starting to turn to the northeast. that will get the rip current action up there a little bit. we're talking about a high rip current risk tomorrow. also choppy on the bay, not the perfect day on the water but a lot of sunshine. i'm not saying you can't head out there, just keep in mind, a little choppy. even right now, winds along the coast line are up there a little bit, 5, 10, even 15 miles per hour. here's the surface map, no major systems in our backykyd. what we're finding across floda is a cold front that moved through last night. north of it, where we are, we're getting a subtle northeast wind. we're seeing a fewf those showers out there.
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pretty comfortable, 74 degrees. 73 in fort lauderdale. cooper cooler in naples, around 68. 10% chance of some of these showers with that north and northeast wind, certainly not a washout. 69 for your 1:00 a.m. seven-day forecast, temperatures go from 69 down to a aut 65 to start the day on sunday. carnival on the mile, we'll have more sunshine. i'm not calling for any rain over the next seven days. this is unreal. even though it's dry season, it's been anything but a dry season. but watch those winds next week, pretty strong out of the east. rip currents will be a huge issue pretty much every day next week. future tracker, a couple of clouds out there through the day. sunshine working in. 65 turns into 81. that's quite typicalal for this time of the year.
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night, maybe make outdoor plans. >> thank you, sir. a can't miss cultural experience in downtown coral gables with another year of carnival. that's where we find nbc 6 reporter erika glover. >> reporter: local business owners and visitors say this weekend-long event will definitely keep you busy. three packed stages with more than 30 musical purchaseerformers. >> the weather is beautiful. >> porter: more than 100 fine artists. >> it's hard to pick one thing. this festival embraces all aspects. so i would say to try to@ sample it all. >> reporter: those strolling up and down this busy street are stopping to enjoy everything. carnival on the mile has to offer.
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people, types of art, types of entertainment. >> reporter: in coral gables business owner looks forward to this weekend every year. >> we've got wines and beers outside for sale for people that are going to eoy the mile and walk around, grab a beer, grab a gls of wine, and have fun. >> reporter: for him, this event means giving back. >> it's all about community involvement, just being out there and having facetimeith people. >> reporter: each artist is select by coordinates to participate. for these senior high school students, it's an honor to showcase all their hard work. >> this is actually the first time we've beeee here. we're very excited. >> reporter: a chance to explore anan get creative. >> yeah, checking out the work. it's great. we get inspired and we can have more inspiration for different projects. >> reporter: in coral gables, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> nbc 6 is everywhere and a proud sponsor of the events.
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going to be there tomorrow.
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always head welcome back. big day for the seventh ranked miami hricanes. a win and a north carolina loss would make them the acc regular season champs and the number one seed for the conference tournament next week. but it really wasn't miami's day over in blacksburg visiting virginia tech. this game was all hokies. justin robinson and hudson, an early sign of what was to come. there was a sign of life from miami in the second half. 7-0 run. that was really it for the canes. the icing on the cake came off a pass fom day. miami fall to the hokies 77-62. they'll most likely be the number two seed in the acc tournament. miami heat one of the hottest teams since the all-star break, a record of 7-2 in those
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sixers made it four victories in a row as they find themselves in fourth place in the eastern conference. despite the absence of chris bosh, the team has been playing its best of all season. last ght's win was a prime example of which s ven players scored double digit points. they face the same team on sunday at home. how has this team been able to keep winning? >> guys come out of the all-star break, having to play without chris, having to play without me for the first two games, it built the confidence of everyone. it's all coming together. it's shaping up to be a pretty complicated off season for the dohins. with so many needs and decisions to be made, the defensive line situation needs to be wrapped up quickly. olivier vernon can still be taken for the right price. today, recently waived buffalo bils defensive end mario
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dolphins at their facility in davie. his fourth season was a huge letdown. never quite fitting into rex ryan's system. at age 1, he's looking to visit four or five teams before making a decision. miami gm mike tannenbaum trying to get creative with limited space and a lot of holes to fill. from the gridiron to golf. the third round action at doral. it was all rory mcilroy today, the second ranked golfer in the world, from 211 yards, just 7 feet from the hole. that's a nice shot. now from the sand. yeah, he p pcked that one too. he's in first place with 12 under par right behind rory is that guy right there, dustin johnson. you can catch the final round live from doral live tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. right here on nbc 6. two months ago the panthers were in n he middle,of a 12-game win streak. the record shot the panthers to the top of the atlantic division.
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posted a 10-12 record, not so good. the struggles of late have allowed the tampa bay lightning to make up ground and now they're tied in the standings. they take on a struggling arizona coyotes squad tonight. they've lost their last seven. puck drop set for 9:00 p.m. th will do it for sports, keith keith. very good. a picture perfect day out there. >> if you wanted more sunshine, it didn't work out for you. still nice. a little bit of a breeze.
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>> "nightly" is next. on this saturday night, the showdown, five states in play tonight as trump hopes to march further toward the nomination, despite a bruising back dlt back backlash. rubio and cruz try to
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sanders fights for a comemack. unlocking evidence. a struggle over releasing iphone data police say could be critical in dozens of unsolved criminal cases. in a world of high tech security, a return to old fashion horsepower to track down smugglers. step by step. a father finds a way to bond with his autistic son by sharing some commomo ground. "nightly news" begins now. >> decision 2016, this is "nbc nightly news" with jose diaz bellard. this is another big night in politics with five states holding primaries and coke us s caucuses. in kansas,,bc now projects that ted cruz is the winner. today's contests are a chance for donald trump a hillary clinton to strength their position as


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