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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Sunday at 7am  NBC  March 6, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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emotional closure for the family of a girl killed in a traj a tragic crash three years ago. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 6 south floriri today. it is sunday i, march 6thth. m sharon lawson. a great saturday out there on -- where were we, carnival on the mile. i'm still asleep. one more cup of coffee and i'll wake up. good morning, erica. >> i think it will be two for you this morning. it's okay though. because it is sunday and we had a great day yesterday. we had a great time and today is expected to be even nicer 0 out there. things look good to far. picking up on a few showers over the atlantic waters. winds shifted from the north this morning. the showers push further tthe
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nothing we need to worry about but we will keep an eye on it. there's a front through south florida this morning and that will bring chchges to our forecast. 65 miami, 64 ft. lauderdale. 63 oakland park and that goes for pembroke pines area, as well. look at the rest of the sunshine state. everything is lovely. remember the cloud deck over the gulf of mexico, that is gone. good news for us.. we will keep it mostly sunny for the afternoon hours. sharon. >> thank you. we begin with the latest in decision 2016. >> while we're at it, let me say, god bless kansas. and god ble maine. >> a game-changer in the race for the white house. ted cruz wins two supersaturday states and gains a sweeping number of delegates.
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racking up wins in kaaas early on and didn't stop there. cruz took maine as well despite the governor there endorsing donald trp and it wasn't all bad for the brash billionaire. he picked up kentucky and a louisiana. he clinched the state by a few hundred votes. tough night for rubio who came in third or fourth place in all four states. on the democratic side, supersaturday for bernie sanders who picked up kansas early on. he took nebraska. hillary clinton picked up louisiana and she's way ahead of bernie in the delegate count. yesterday's contest, the first since mitt romney's blistering attack on donald trump. nbc 6 has more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: on super saturday, ted cruz picked up 17 delegates winning kansas caucus and 12
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combination of super tuesday, the last two debates together has been more and more unifying republicans behind our campaign. that's an encouraging sign. >> reporter: cruz picking up a symbolic win at a straw poll. it is usually a key stop for republicans hoping to win the nomination. donald trump is playing by his rules to campaign in florida in where a bounenty of delegates is up for drabs. >> i have taken more questions from reporters than any human being who has ever lived maybe. >> trump said it was time for the republican field to thin. >> marco rubio had a very bad night. personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. i think it is time now. >> rubio b bshed off that suggestion. bernie sanders was hoping to pick up momentum entnting the day with half of the delegates
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he won the kansas and nebraska caucuses but clinton had a sounding win in louisiana and has her sights set on michigan. >> we have to win this election and we all know, we all know the stakes get higher than rhetoric we're hearing from the other side keeps sinking lower. >> saturday more delegates on the line with contests in hawaii, idaho, mississippi on tuesday. >> for a list of polling low karks upto the minute results and everything you need to know about decision 2016 head to nbc 6 news and weather app. >> it's been nearly nine years since a south florida man w captured in iran.
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bring attention to bob levinson's cace. he is the longest held american civilian hostage but his family refuses to give up hope that one day he will be home. stephanie is at the coral springs center for the arts with more on their mess am. >> my pop was the most incredible man i have ever known. >> reporter: nine years later it still hurts. >> he is the most kind, generous, most decent human being you would ever meet. >> reporter: march 2007 he epiwent missing on the other side of the world. he was last seen on an iranian island of kish. >> we are reminding people with this rally he's still n n home. >> reporter: hundreds showed up to stand behind the family. >> it means a lot to support the family and get him home.
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fbi agent was workjng as a paid contracr for the cia when he went mising. >> we were good friends and served together here in miami. my heart is aching given the circumstances, but i hope and pray and continue to hope and prayyhat he will be released and returned to his family. >> reporter: hope is something the family is holding on to. >> i in the next mon i will be the final child to graduate from college with a free florida state university. >> reporter: still grippg on to memories of robert leaveniv levinson, they look forward to new ones. >> a gunman on the run after shooting a man in northwest miami-dade. the victim is recovering at the hospital. erica glover has the latest.
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officers are working to learn more about saturday's shooting as we learn the condition of one man taken to the rider trauma center. there are a lot of unanswered questions regarding this altercation but know it was 900 block of northwest 146th street where investigators believe there was a possible altercation between two men who led up to the gun fire. one of the men involved was shot. the other took off on foot. the victim was taken to jackson memorial hospital, conscious and alert. police are looking for the man who fired the shots and this is an ongoing investigation. officers say, if you have any information call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. two southwest florida parents face child abuse charges accused of using a stun gun to discipline their children.
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families began to investigate after receiving a tip they were using tasers on their four kids. investigators in lee county say the children had scars to prove it. the ages of the children are still unclear. several agencies teaming up to save boaters stuck on a sinking vessel. the coast guard, miami-dade fire rescue and marine patrol all responded to a call of a boat taking on water at least six mill off the inlet. the coast guard removed two people. the agencies teamed up to haul the boat to the rap. no one was hurt. 7:09 is the time. still ahead, a she of support for brazil's former president hauled away in handcuffs op friday. find out who is behind him now. setting the record straight. stern words from the white house ahead of president obama's historic trip to cuba. if you plan to spend the day
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beautiful out there. you want to spend it outside. small craft advisory will remain in effect and al over the bay small craft should exercise caution. winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour out of the north northeast
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fee braking overnight out of massachusetts. one person is dead and several hurt following a shooting in chelsea. it happened t is morning just before 3:00. the six suiving victims have nonlife-threatening injuries and are expected to be okay. police have not made any arrests at this time. stay tuned to nbc 6 and we will update you as information is available. an indaj nous leader and environmental activist has been laid to rest.
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calling for justice for her murder. she died on thursday after gunmen broke in her home and shot her four times. she w awarded the 2015 goldman environmental prize for her role in fighting a dam project. she was 45 years old. show of support in brazil for a popular former president now caught up in the biggest corruption investigation in that country's history. a day after his home was raided as part of a two-year iiestigation in to corruption involving the state-run oil company, the walked through a crowd of supporters yesterday outside of his home. he was joined by the c!rrent president later. his foundation they say received millions of donations from
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they were tied to bribes for an inflated scandal. he denies wrongdoing. the white house says cuba will not have a say in who president obama meets when he visits the island later this month. the president has made meetings with democracy activists one of the conditions of his two-day trip. there were reports that john kerry cancelled a solo trip to cuba because of haggling over human rights issues and meetings with dissidents. they said a solo trip by kerry is unnecessary because she traveling with the president to cuba. the national security adviser will travel to miami next week to meet with leaders about the upcoming trip. back here at a home, what can we expect for day two of carnival not too bad yesterday. what's on tap for today? >> we were lucky yesterday. a few spotty showers but along coastal aas and the atlantic.
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the day. other than that it was mostly cloudy, which is@okay because we were there for so long. right now a few showers over the atlantic waters. you can see our live first alert radar, dry for broward county and miami-dade. a few showers over the atlantic waters. if i zoom out and put things in motion, you will noticecewe don't have to worry about it. everything moving nooh to south. good news there. dry conditions to the keys, as well. either way, remember, if you are heading out the door, vis is our nbc 6 news and weather app. you will find our radar there to keep an eye on the showers if it makes yoy feel better this morning. temperatures are seasonable, 64 ft. lauderdale, 60 miami and 63 in pembroke pines area. in the keys mid to upper 60s. a nice start to the day. a cold front over us right now. it is looking nice over miami. looking outside of our first
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the american airlines areen nachl beautiful start to the day. more sunshine and different from yesterday at this time. you can even seet here on satellite. all of the oud cover remain over the atlantic waters. it is shaping up to be a beautiful day. the sunday fun daycome out and visit us at carnival. look frgt nbc -- look for the nbc 6 booth. another cold front remaiai over south florida will push to the south. winds shifting from the north northeast later today a a picking up. that is why we have the advisories o or the atlantic waters. look at the dry air. sign of things to come this afternoon. expect plenty of sunshine. high winds today, you can expect rip currents, marine conditions,
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keep that a in mind. we begin a breezy pattern turning windy and will last until next weekend. look at this, sharon, you notice there is no rain anywhere in sight. >> yea sglmpblts. >>ood news with all of this. >> thank you. hallelujah. still ahead, a scare from
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a florida scuba diver sucked in (music playing) i feel pretty (west side story) not every cake can be handcrafted in store by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake it'll be remembered for all the right reasons.
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>> a scuba diver says he's lucky to be alive after he was sucked in to an intake pipe at a power plant.
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ener and light. >> christopher start with one passin. >> my whole life, fishing, scuba diving. >> over the years he's added fofr more. on july 12th, he was enjoying all of them. boating and scuba diving with family and friends off the island. >> we were going rockh pile to rock pile. and we saw a massive buoy. >> their silhouettes could be seen from high above. >> i had no clue. >> it it was amazing to see. >> they tied their boat to the buoy and dove in to check it out while their families stayed besgliend were there any warning posted anywhere. >> none whatsoever. >> since the plant has been built the buoy read stay back
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there was no indication of danger until it was too late. >> i swam up to the structure. it looked like a building underwater. i felt a little current and i said this ain't right. >> he got sucked in like a wet noodle. gone. >> what were you feeling at that point? when you saw him get pulled in? >> i saw my friend die. >> he surfaced in apanic. he yelled chris is gone. >> chris is gone, chris got sucked in. >> brittany thought he was joking until she saw him grabbing his face. >> did you think he was gone? >> yes. >> deep beneath chris was holding on. >> itelt like i got sucked over a waterfall and instant darkness, tumbled around and around and trying to hang on to my mask and regulator and as far as you can see just black. >> the pipe he wawain is 16 feet
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sucks 500,000 gallons of water a minute to cool the plant's nuclear reactors. >> 4 1/2 to 5 minute ride. gou get to do a lot of thinking. all i could think of the horror movies, the big turbine and i'm coming forward. going to chop me up and kill me and i contemated do i pull out the regulator out of my mouth and die. start thinking of my family. you know, how are they going to survive without me? >> up above brittany was thinking as well. >> called the power plant and then the turbines came to my mind and i lost it. >> a quarter mile awaw christopher realizes his turnjourney is about to end. >> the littlest light and then
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water, sunshine, i was like is this heaven? >> reporter: he pulled himself out of the reservoir at the plant and spoted an employee. >> i'm yelling help, help and he said how did you get in here? i said i came through the pipe. he goes, what? >> tattered and bruised, can he think of only one thing. >> i said i need a phone. i hhe to call my wife. >> reporter: brittany was on the phone with 911. chris left this message. >> hey, it's me. i went through a [ bleep ] pipe. i'm okay. >> but he keeps calling. >> something is telling me to pick up the phone. so i did. and it was him. >> she picks up and she goes hello and i said, i'alive. she couldn't believe it. >> what a story. glad he is okay. >> 7:23. still ahead, it was truly a
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how much of that had to do with mitt romney? (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey cabdidates. enough talk.
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welcome back. yesterday's primaries and caucuses werethe first since mitt romney's blister ing attack on donald trump. romney will be on "meet the press" this morning. moderator chuck todd is joining us with a preview. good morning to you, chuck. realistically did romney's speech disavowing trump calling him a phony and fraud convince any republican voters? >> w%'ll see. obviously this waunt great night. saturday wasn't a great night for donald trump. though he did okay. he sort solve split the night with ted cruz but ted cruz won a couple more contests and won more delegates for the night than trump did. i don't think we will know what pact romney has until we see what happens on tuesday in mississippi and mississippi.
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should dominate. if he struggles. we have to conclude that mitt romney has contributed to a little bit of down fall. >> interesting to see what happens. kevin spacey who plays frank underwood on house ofh cards will be in the studio to talk about the new season. how does the show mirror today's politics, and does it? >> it's scary. i think the season mirrors things eerily so as far as house of cards is concerned. this is one of the fascinating aspects of political dramas these days and whether it is house of cards, scandal, other shows like that. they paint politicians as basically evil geniuses in some form. incomhent evil geniuses and you can't help but wonder does that reinforce what the public thinks of real politicians and
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while it is entertaining and fun you can't help but wonder does it help to poison the well even more. >> interesting. i will have to watch. >> that will be part of the conversation i have with kevin. >> looking forward to that. we will be sure to tune in. folks at home, you can catch "meet the press" after impact with jackieere on nbc 6. more news ahead in our next half hour of news. coming up, calls for justice frfr thousands of miles away. organizers march in coral springs for the release of a man
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the search conninues for a good morning. welcome to nbc 6 south florida today. it is nday, march 6th. i'm sharon lawson. a great day on tachl we will get started with the first alert weather forest. >> you are right. it is a great a day on tap. things looking good so far like yesterday broward county is dry. miami-dade is dry as well. a few showers over the atlantic waters but it is moving north to south. winds have shifted to the north and northwest. good news for us. no rain to worry about throughout m mt of the day. other than showers over the
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closer it couou skirt some areas. other than that a relatively dry this morning. winds from the northwest five to ten miles an hour. little breezy to the south near kendall and homestead 10 to 15 miles an hour. at will be the trend later today. we expect conditions to turn breez behind the cold front. 65 in miami. 64 ft. lauderdale. still mid to low 60s for the inland around broward county and that goes for pembroke pines. around 63 degrees. things are looking good. ms. s ms. skies especially as the day goes on. brighter skies 0 out there with temperatures hitting the mid-70s om come noon. we begin this half hour with the latest in decision 2016. >> while we're it, let me say, god bless kansas and god bless maine. >> a game changfr in the race for the white house.
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states and gains a sweeping number of delegates leavi his opponents in the dust. last night was about the unexpected. ted cruz and bernie sanders racked uppins in kansas early on and didn't stop there. cruz took maine despite the governor there endorsing donald trump. it wasn't all bad for the brash billionaire. he picked up louisiana and kentucky. a toughhight for marco rubio who came in third or fourth in ul all four states. bernie sanders picked up kansas early on. he also took nebraska both of which were caucuses but behind hillary clnton in the delegate count. >> we will soon be in the winner-take-all process in larger states like florida and
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as we move forward. >> senator rubio feeling confident as he campaigned yesterday. he spoke at a rally near san juan and shook hands, signed autographs and shook hands with supporters. florida primary around the corner, folks. early voters began to cast their ballots yesterday. polls in miami-dade and broward will be open until two days before the next on march 15th. for a list of polling locations, up-to-the-minute results and everything you need to know about decisioning 2016, head to the nbc news and weather app. a gunman on the rupp after shooting a man in northwest miami-dade. the victim recovering att jackson memorial hospital. that's where we find nbc 6 reporter erika glover with h e latest. >> miami-dade police are working
7:34 am
we update the condition of one man take on the the ryder trauma center. right now a lot of unanswered questions regarding this altercation. with kw it was in the 900 block of northwest 146th street. investigators believe there was a possible altercation between two men which led up to the gun fire. where investigators believe there was a possible altcation between two men who led up to the gun fire. one of the men involved was shot. the other took off on foot. the victim was takeno jackson memorial hospital, conscious and alert. police are looking for the man who fired the shots and this is an ongoing investigation. officers say, if you have any information call crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. erika glover, nbc 6 news. coast guard is searching for
7:35 am
david mossman fell 100 feet from the tenth deck of royal caribbean navigator of the seas yesterday morning. a helicopter and plane are being used in the search. the search continues this morning. in other news, a man tried to kidnap a girl last week. surveillance video shows the girl running from a driver who was following her in an suv on dnesday. this is after the driver grabbed her by the waist and tied to pull her in to the vehicle. she was able to get away. the broward's sheriffs office released a sketch ofthe man with reddish brownish hair, thin framend in his late 40s to early 50s. he may have been driving a tan ford explorer. if you have help call the number on your screen. pleading for the release of a
7:36 am
years ago. hundreds gathered yesterday to remind the world that robert levinson has not come home. he disappeared from the iranian island of kish. his family insists he is alive. his case drew renewed attention in january when he was not part of prisoner swap between the u.s. and iran that freed four other americans. iran has long denied knowing where he is. 7:37 is the time. ahead, find out which nfl player was kidnapped and released in his hometown and who police have in custody right now. an unusual driver steering up floubl the streets. how a dog ends up behind the wheel of a semi truck. looking nice this morning so far.
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welcome back. police have arrested a man in connection with the kidnapping of wolf. this after his hometown paper reported the jaguars safety was abducted by a group of gunmen lasten monday and later returned unharmed. police are not sure if wolf was targeted they have arrested on one man who faces several charges including rob ry with a dangerous weapon and first degree kidnapping.
7:40 am
the public relations manager for the jaguar took to twitter saying wolf was doing well mentally and physically. wolf was drafted in the fifth round. he is a defensive back on the practice roster of the jacksonville jaguars. two people a were shot in minnesota aftfr an apparent argument over a new pair of air jordan basketball shoes. witnesses told police two people were arguing inside the brooklyn center foot locker over the shoes. the fight spilled in to the parking lot and someone fired a shot. police say the victims will make a full recovery. the suspected shooter ran away. no arrests have been made as of yeye a man from maryland is behind bars after shooting and killing his co-worker. authorities say the 47-year-old man turned himself in yesterday. he had been on the run since the shooting thursday morning at a public works facility in baltimore. authorities say the two men knew each other and the victim was
7:41 am
the suspect face a's several charges including first and second-degreeurder. a california woman died after the car she was in drove in to floodwaters on a local highway. police said the car she was in drove around the blockades on the road. they found themselves submerged in six feet of waemp the man driving was able to get out of the car. officers said the woman was under water 15 minutes and drowned. the flooding was due to a strong el nino weather pattern that brought heavy rain to parts of california. as a you can see by the video several inches of rain accumulated 40 miles north of sacramento. heavy rain is needed in northern california as the area has been in a severe drought for the past sseral years but right now a flood of troubles there. here atathome, we don't have to worry about anything like that.
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a lot of folks came out and said hello at carnival on the mile we love when you guys come out and say hello. >> we get to interact and dance. >> shed us the moves. there she is again. >> i don't know what that was. >> we're going to move on and forget that happened. we're sorry you had to see that. [ laughter ] i will never be able to erase that. >> some kind of shuffle. >> we will go with the shuffle. all right. as we shuffle in toto sunday things are looking good so far. first alert radar looking good. we are dry down to the keys. showers over the atlantic waters associated with a cold front that is over south florida. nothing we need to worry about. winds have shifted north. anything far enough from the coast will move north to south. good news i there. as far as temperatures are
7:43 am
this time of the year 64 in ft. lauderdale. 65 miami. loving key west. north wind on the breezy side in to he keys. looking at the sunshine state, dryretty much everywhere. a few showers over the atlantic approaching the bahamas. that's associated wi@th the cold front spinning through. nothing to worry about. so far so good on this sunday fun day morning. if you are heading out to carnival on the mile look for us and say hello. we had a great time yesterday. we won't do have to worry about the rain or clcld cover. you want the sunscreen handy and the ca. if you are not heading out there, maybe your plans involve the water, we are expecting breezy conditions. hh risk of rip currents along the beaches and hazdous marine conditions are expected. there's the front. high pressure to the north. everything else is quiet. we will be squeezed in between these systems later today and
7:44 am
breezy for us. hour by hour let's get you out. i know a lot of us are brunch scheduled for the late morning hours. showers off shore. nothing to worry about as the day goes on by 2:00 p.m., plenty of sunshine. showers push to the south. things looking nice for us. a beautiful day in store for us as far as sunshine, dry conditions, comfortable temperatures. it will be nice. anything that involves the water, keep in mind will be dangerous out there. that goes for rip currents, marine conditions, not only in the atlantic but over the bay and of course we will have sunshine. we will need that the sun screen handy. windy conditions will prevail for most of the workweek. a father and daughter are lucky to be alive after the plane they were in parachuted to a safe crash.
7:45 am
aring the runway at the airport when the small aircraft lost engine power. he deployed the plane's parachute and safely dropped to the ground. fortunately no one was hurt. he said they got lucky. >> how lucky to come in that close to that building. >> ry lucky. >> indeed. >> he said he and his daughter were returning home from a trip to the university of rhode island. who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? this dog in minnesota learned how to drive but not too well. take a look. an idling truck was apparently put in to gear and went across a parking lot hitting a te and parked car. then a passerby discovered a golden retriever sitting in the driver's seat. when he jumped in to the truck to stop it.
7:46 am
took the picture and the unusual driver and posted it on twitter. that's crazy. police say the truck was taken off the rorod. the driver left it unoccupied running in a nearby parking lot an the dog wanted to take a little drive. didn't get too far though. still ahead -- >> inside of that woman's chest is the heart of a south florida teen killed in a wrong-way
7:47 am
7:48 am
today that woman meets the welcome back. art in every form taking over miracle mile this weekend. carnival on the mile featuring more than 120 artists. there are three concert stages and more than 30 musical groups from all over the country. if you can't make it out yesterday, no worries. nbc 6 is a proud sponsor of the event that contines today.
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well. for more information head to the nbc 6 news and weather app. ten minutes until the 8:00 hour. emotional day for the family of a victim killed in a wrong-way crash that made national headlines. the woman was killed in 2013. this weekend the family met the woman who has her heart. >> it was a special day for christine, one full of emotion. she cleaned her house, tidied up. she prepared to meet the woman who has her daughter's heart literally. >> she is beating in someone else but still alive. so, katlin is still living. >> then the doorbell rang. christine walked to the door and opened. this was a moment two years in the making.
7:50 am
beating inside of her. christine wanted to hear it. so did katlin's sister ashley. for those w don't know, katlin and her best friend marissa were killed in a wrong-way crash between universal and coral ridgdgdrive november 2013. kayla, the driver of the other car is infamous now for tweeting too drunk to care riit before the crash. she had been convicted and sentenced 24 years in prison. after the crash, christine and her family were faced with an excruciating decision. >> having to admit there as no hope for my daughter. so ashley and i talked about it. >> reporter: the decision to donate katatn's organs saved her life. she had a rare disease transmitted by a mosquito.
7:51 am
she only speaks spanish but tells us she was pronounced dead before katlin's heart arrived and now better than ever. christine said she is not surprised. >> she is there beating strong because that's what any daughter is, vibrant, vievaciousivacious. >> would you please consider an organ donation? you saw firsthand the miracles that can create. for now bobbie brooks, nbc 6 news. >> truly a heart-warming story. 7:52 is the time. coming up, a look at the big six stories, but first a look at the everglades from our first alert camera.
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by skilled decorators layered with fresh berries and frosted to perfection like our publix bakery chantilly cake ititl be remembered for all the right reasons. publix.
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a game changer in the race for the white house. ted cruz wins kansas and maine leaving his opponents in the dust. trump picked up louisiana and kentucky. bernie sanders won in k ksas and nebraska. hillary clinton takes louisiana in the primary there. a gunman on the run after shooting a man in northwest miami-dade. police say a possible fight between two men ended in if gun fire. one was shot and taken to the hospital. the suspect fled on oot. if you have any information contact crime stoppers. the coast guard is searching for a passenger from texas who fell overboard from a cruise ship off the coast of key largo. david mossman fell over deck yesterday morning. the search continues for a man who tried tl kidnap a girl in pompano beach last week. surveillance video shows the girl running from the driver who was following her in an suv on wednesday. police have released a sketch of
7:55 am
he may have been drring a tan ford explorer. a south florida family pleaing for the relaes of a man who disappeared nearly nine years ago in iran. hundreds gathered coral springs to remind the world that robert levinson has not come home. on march 9th, 2007, he disappeared on the iranian island of kish on a a cia investigation. carnival on the mile iss featuring 30 groups from all overhe country. nbc 6 is a proud sponsor of the event tat continues today. be sure to check out our news and weather app for full details we are covering as you wake up. really nice out there. blue skies. few clouds along the coastal areas. look at t r live first alert radar. looking dry. a few showers over the atlantic waters but nothing to worry about. winds have shifted from the north that.
7:56 am
as long as no showers form at the coast, then we will be okay today. first alert forecast as sharon mentioned, if you are heading out to carnival on the mile, keep the sunscreen han dichl. rain-free, upper 70s and low 80s. beautiful day out there. if your sunday fun day takes you out on the water, keep in mind the breezy conditions are leading for advisories over the ters and atlantic bay high risk of rip currents on the beaches. seven-day forecast, i'm proud of it. >> you better be proud of it. finally this hour -- - >> they should be proud of that. dozens of people competed in annual conch shell blowing contest. the preteens to seniors hoped to mama music with the conch shells.
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>> right there. good morning. split decision. donald trump, ted cruz and bernie sanders each winning two states on super saturday, while a disappointing showing for marco rubio has his republican rival suggesting it is time for
8:00 am
>> marco rubio had a very, very bad night. and personally i would call for him to drop out of the race. >> "snl" also weighing in, taking aim at the gop front-runner. >> i mean, everyone loves me, racists, other racists, people who didn't even know they were racists. >> this morning, where the roller coaster campaign goes from re. super soaker. at least one person is dead as el nino fueled storms hammer california and that massive syem now set to race across the country this week. we'll tell you what to expect. breaking this morning, reports that nfl superstar peyton manning will announce his retirement tomorrow as we head into the next chapter fresh of that super bowl win with the denver broncos. and polar plunge. from fallon to von to gaga and now dreyer. dylan gets ready for a chilly dip this morning in chicago.o. why she'll be freezing for a


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