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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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canal on orange drive, and from u.s. 441 to the turnpike orange is completely shut down because of the emergency crews out on the scene, so avoid the area and take other routus instead, and then i-95, copens red eastbound shut down. we do still have three lanes completely blocked off on i-75 southbound and sheraton street was of construction, and another construction site at southwest 8th street and 826. our live first alert radar, quiet. that's how we like to see it and so far that goes into broward
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69 degrees in miami is what we are dealing with, and 68 in pembroke pines and oakland park area. cooler further down into the kendall area, and we are seeing temperatures in the mid-60s, 64 down into that area. taking a look at what we are dealing with right now, 50s across central florida, and still in the upper to mid-60s across the keys, and first alert orecast calling for a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures will be in the lower 70s bi mid morning, and plenty of sunshine, rain ee, but it will be breezy all day. >> thank you. the search is on for the driverrwho hit and killed a pedestrian in north miami beach and then kept driving. and good morning, erika, and what can you tell us who police are looking for? >> reporter: good morning. police believe the driver was
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morning when that person struck that pedestrian. they are hoping tips will lead to a possible description of the vehicle or the driver involved. this is the scene early on sunday morning. this morning the search is on for the driver that struck and killed the pedestrian and kept driving. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. the hit-and-run was at the intersection of northeast 19th avenue in northeast 177th street in north miami beach. we spoke with community members here for their reaction. >> that is so bad for people to kill somebody like this and just driving, and they might can save his life if they just stop and call 911. it could be his dad or one of his families. > reporter: this morning officers are urging anybody in the community that has tips or
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can you do that by calling crime stoppers, and crime stoppers will pay a cash reward for any information that leads to an arrest in this case. erika erika glover, nbc 6 news. a six-hour stand off is over at a sidney factory. police are saying this guy turned that same gun on himself and that's how he died. cops were called to the area after@receiving reports of gunfire, and once they got there they found three men had been shot and one died at the scene hospital. after the standoff were a over, police found three other people hiding inside the building and escorted them okay. and police are saying they do not believe the shooting is in any way connected to any type of
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posting updates on the story as soon as we get them. an all-day amber alert ended and the trouble is far from over. police found a 1-year-old hernandez and his mom in texas. logan's mother abducted him from his caregiver's home and took off. no word yet on when she and the child will be brought back to florida. parently this is not hernandez' firstun in with the law, she was charged with child negligent involving one of logan's siblings and theft. a man from texas fell 100 feet from the 10th deck of the "navigator of the sea" ship. he was identified, and the coast
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square nodautical miles off the coast of key largo. and nancy reagan passed away and will be buried next to her husband in california. the two were married for 54 years, until the former president died in 2004. governor rick scott weighing in on the first lady's passing saying throughout her life, nancy's incredible commitment toto her country and family did not falter and she will continue to inspire us to all live bravely and selflessly. and the #reagan still trending with hundreds of photos, and her time as an actress and in the white house. you can find our album on the nbc 6 news and weather app. and still a whole lot more ahead, including the
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anmore interesting by the hour. the democrats gearing up for michigan, and here in florida, the winner takes all. south florida, if you are dropping the kids off at the bus stop early this morning you can expect the temperatures to be in the upper 60s, and cooler in the kendall and homestead area, and maybe a light sweater at best, but it's breezy so feeling a
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seeing on the board, and so the welcome back. tomorrow its michigan's turn, both democratic candidates in flint duking it out. tracie potts has the latest predictions. >> i voted to save the auto industry, and he voted against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> auto jobs and the flint water crisis, big topics in tomorrow's michigan primary. >> people are not paying a water bill for poison water. >> both democrats want michigan's governor to resign. our nbc wall street journal marist poll showed hillary
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and rubio won puerto rico this weekend. but he is trailing back home. >> i have not given up on florida yet. >> neither is ted cruz and he is closing i i on delegates and he does not want a contested convention. >> you have to unite. >> t2ump thinks republicans will unit behind him. >> i am very much a unifier. >> the next test, tomorrow in michigan. mississippi, idaho and hawaii also vote tomorrow. despite rubio's win in puerto rico, dold trump is insisting he should drop out o the race. he is making his entrance by helicopter in doral, and he insists he is popular among hispanics, and he says he feels confident head into the florida primary.
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understand me and know me, and i love florida, it's my secend home. >> and breaking his second home down by the numbers, anyway, 99 delegates at stake march5th, and winner takes all. rubio says he is confident he will win, and many say it's a break or makak situation for that senator. early voting is underay right now, and most voting stations will stay op until march 12th, and in broward county they are open until thehe3th. you can head to the decision 2016 section of ouunbc 6 weather and news app. 5:12 is the time, and we have a couple traffic alerts for you this morning. if you are headed out the door and you take a look at your screen right w, you see the flashing lights off to the distance. i-95 southbound on the on-ramp
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because of an earlier rollover. it's the ramp is is completely shut down. if we take you to the first alert traffic map, we have another traffic alert orange drive is completely shut down from u.s. 441 to the turnpike. this is because of the reported car into a canal, and emergency crews are on the scene of this accident, and orange drive and u.s. 441 blocked off. and no accidents on i-75, and then palmetto expressway drivers heads up at sthwest 8th street and tamiami trail, all lanes will be completely blocked off and this is hopefully for another 15 minutes so expect detours there on the palmetto expressway northbound. now for your first alert forecast with meteorologist, erika delgado. >> at least we don't have to worry about the rain as you head out the door. dry conditions pretty much
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also waking up to very comeablee tpfrpblgty temperatures. and already hitting 70 degrees in the marathon area, and down into the middle keys, so very comfortable there. as i mentioned before, we are dealing with a few clouds over the atlantic waters because we have the east-northeast wind and because the air temperature is cooler than the ocean temperature, so the clouds do fom over the atlantic waters. first alert forecast calling for plenty of sunshine, and once the sunshine rises, temperatures reaches into the upper 70s. and because of the breezy east wind we are expecting. rainfall to last us all day, and gusting winds around the coastal areas. if you are headed down to the keys or if this is where your
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will be the high in pine key, and theheinds could be gusting as high as 25 to 30 at any given time. and high pressure over the carolinas, and that's what is in control over the weather pattern and the clockwise direction is that causing the rip currents. red is the dry air and green is moisture and that remains to the north and south, so we are expecting plenty of sunshine as the day goes on. i mention the breezy wind and i can't stress enough how dangerous the rip currents will be present. marine conditions, also small craft advisories, and that will
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atlantic waters. uvn index,on't forget the sun screen out the door. keep that cap handy and stay hydrated and don't forget the sun screen. we will deal with the strong east wind and with the rip currents and the hazardous marine conditions, and the good news is we will not deal with the rain. it's looking like we will have clear skies until friday and saturday. temperatures each afternoon this week will be in the lower 80s der a mix of sun and clouds and it will be perfection. and temperatures throughoutut the morning hours will slowly creep up and back into the 70s come late in the workweek. 5:16 on your monday morning.
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people responsibility for another teen shooting in miami gardens. michael spears is live at the hospital and we know the 16-year-old victim here is recovering. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eric. the latest teen to fall victim to gun violence was targeted by thee people according to police, who are still on the run. and the good news, as far as that teen's condition, police say he is stable and expected to live but shot multiple times, and can you expect a long road to recovery for the teen. police are looking for the suspects who are not named in the shooting, and it happened on sunday morning. police say they were in a red pickup truck when the bullets rang out from the truck hitting the 16-year-old multiple times, at least twice we know this morning. anan it's not clear about the motive, why this happened, but you can bet the police are working to get to the bottom of
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>> a unfortunateincident that continues to happen not only in the city of miami gardens, and we need the public's help to stop the nonoense. >> that's what we are hearing from the community leader and groups talking about gun violence in the community. if you have information about the three suspects, their whereabouts, you have to call police immediately. you may be eligible for a reward through crime stoppers. >> michael, thank you. if you own an exotic pet and you can no longer take care of it, you are in luck. you can give it up for free with no penalties on saturday.
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be there, and it will take place saturday march 12th from 10:00 to noon. and somebody in oregon opened up a beer-themed spa. hop the spa is soaking up attention as the first ever beer spa and customers can emee themselves in hop, and it involves taking brewed beer and rendering it into a solid and it's where they sit there and soak up thehe hops. >> how do you feel about that? >> it's odd to me. i would think of having a nice brew afterwards but not bathing in it. >> yeah. >> bath salts, beer salts, i think that's what they are going for. i don't know.
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school and approaching spring break and if you want to get out of town and you know you need to book a flighd to where you need to know, book a flight at the end of the week. >> many, of course, are looking at florida and vegas as a top destination this year. air fares are about down 6% on domestic flights and25% internationally, due to low gas prices. hotel rates are $113 a night.. >> orbitz travel says because of the lower gas prices, about 65% of americans are planning to hit the road in terms of getting to their spring break destination. >> many in south florida want to leave south florida because of everybody heading here. still a whole lot more ahead.
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welcome back. a legendary nfl quarterback expected to announce his retirement today, peyton manning, holding a news conference to talk about his decision tond his 18-year career. he just led the broncos to a superbowl victory this year. the sheriff set new records throughout his career, and he
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>> he was pressed at the super bowl to make that decision, and he was not making that decision then. and then mason is a los angeles rams running back that played high school ball, and he was spotted over the past weekend driving a porsche at more than twice the speed limit why a 35-mile-per-hour zone, and he was resisting arrests after the pullover and had to be tased. he has since bonded out of jail. the miami dolphins took their cheerleader search to brazil. >> a very latin-based community. why don't we go to latin america and find these beautitil women
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rhythm, and bring this to miami and have them be part of what we represent. >> the team also will hold tryouts in mexico and columbia as well as here in south florida. additions set for may 1st at southeastern university. and the mascot, bernie, is a year older this morning. maybe that year sort of affect ld his coordination. i don't know. this isn't good. bernie invited some of his mascot buddies to try and break the record for the most mascots flipped over during a break in the game, but he didn't quite make it. he is no gymnast. he did not stick that landing, falling on to two of his furry friends. i think the guy second the end
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if you want to see him hurt the other mascots again, and we posted it on our facebook page so you can check it out there. >> i love that, while the other ones are in pain, he gets up as if he nailed it. >> he rolled over and did a summersault and ended on his feet, and the other two are still limping this morning and trying to get out of bed. police on the hunt for a group of people that shot at a teenager in miami gardens. we have the latest on who police may be looking for. we are continuing to follow breaking news overnight out of sidney, australia, where a hostage situation turned deadly and what police are saying about the gunman. things are looking good, upper 70s for today. a breezy start to the workweek, but as you can see, winds will continue to get stronger as the workweek goes on. we are expecting a windy workweek with temperatures reach
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police are looking for a grab of people behind a shooting at miami gardens. we are live at the hospital with an update on the victim's condition. we have fiery highlights from the democratic race. good morning, everybody. 5:31. i am eric harryman. >> i am shellsplm sheli muniz. good morning, everyone. >> hopefully you are feeling


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