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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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police are looking for a grab of people behind a shooting at miami gardens. we are live at the hospital with an update on the victim's condition. we have fiery highlights from the democratic race. good morning, everybody. 5:31. i am eric harryman. >> i am shellsplm sheli muniz. good morning, everyone. >> hopefully you are feeling
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like we just had. you wake up and e everybody's pictures with them at the beach and with family. >> hopefully spring lasts a long time. spring is pretty nice. south florida, things are very nice as you head out the door this morning. if you have not done so this morning, you won't feel as bad waking up early. temperatures are comfortable, but no rain anywhere in sight. taking a look at the temperatures, we are waking up to upper 60s across the board. ft. lauderdale and to miami-dade county, we have the east wind and temperatures are still cooler than the ocean temperature, but heading down to the keys looking like clear skies out there, and really nice out there. we a a expecting breezy conditions, and for now things are relatively q qet and you can see across much of the sunshine state, there's the cumulus
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areas, and you can see the first alert forecast calling for plenty of sunshine once that sun does rise. let's look at the monday roads with kelly blanco. >> good morning, south floriri. thank you for joining us. as you are making your way out to work, maybe school, orange drive from that u.s. 441 to the turnpike, it's closed off. emergency crews are on scene block the lanes from u.. 441 to the turnpike. let's take you to i-95, southbound and northbound lanes of copans road. an accident eastbound that was blocking all of the lanes on the ramp and it was an earlier rollover accident and that has cleared up, and if you are still at home, lucky you, you don't have to worry about that any longer. and northwest 122nd street, no issues as you make your way
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and head into broward county, no accidents and traffic heading up to speed on the palmetto expressway. it's 5:33. as we speak, police are on the hunt for three people that were seen leaving a shooting in miami gardens. michael spears is live for us at jackson memorial hospital where we know the 16-year-old victim here is recovering. >> reporter: police say they need the community's help in stoppppg what they call nonsense, nonsense that put another teenager in the hospital this morning. t 16-year-old recovering from multiple gshot wounds, and as far as the suspect, that search continues this morning. luckily the teen is stable this morning and expected to live, but another teen falling victim gun violence.
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identified and remain at large and it's not clear why the teen was shot in the first place, and in the last year violence led to numerous rallies and forums from the community pushing back from the violence that left family after family heartbroken. as i said, the search continug this morning, and those suspects have not been identified, and a motive unknown, so the police needing the community'y' help, and if you have a tip that can lead to anrrest and you may be eligible for a reward through crime stoppers. breaking overnightut of australia, a hostage situation in sidney left a man critically hurt with two others. the standoff lasted for six hours and we understand nobody is sure what sparked the shooting,and it's not terror related. police have taken one person into custody in connection to
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police need your help to solve a deadly shooting that happened in miami-dade, and a car may be the key to figuring out the person that pulled the trigger this one. miami shore police were called to the motel shores along biscayne boulevard and 5th street. a man with a gunshot wound was pronounced dead at the scene. police are looking for a black '90s cadillac seville, and there may have been two men inside that car. the search on for the driver that hit a pedestrian and killed them in miami beach and kept going. do we know anything about this driver or the car they were in? >> reporter: good morning. officers are hoping to get more information as the search continues this morning.
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north miami beach, they say incidents like this one are going on more and more, sadly. officers do not have much to go on right now, and they are hoping to get information from the community get a possible description of the vehicle or a description of the driver. the victim was pronounced at the scene. this happened innnorth miami beach. we spoke with one homeowner that lives near the sne and was at work at the time, and he says the driver could have helped. >> just stop and call 911, just stop, just stop, please, please. it could be one of your family, like i said. >> again, officers here say the search is on for the driver. if you have any information you are urged to call crime
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for now we are live in north miami beach, erika glover, and nbc 6 news. out of idaho, a pastor shot multiple times. the shooting happened a day ter he introduced presidential candidate, ted cruz, at an event. here is a look at the shooter overnight. andrew odom. the question is why he did this, why he opened fire in the first place. police found the pastor in the church parking lot and he is now is in stable condition, and odom is still out there and on the run this morning, and we will keep updating you on air and online about this shooting. tempers flare in flint, michigan, ahead of tomorrow's primary in the state.
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dominating, and both candidates called for michigan's governor to resign or be recalled in the wake of the water crisis. and clinton saying sanders' vote against the financial industry bailout could have jeopardize the funding. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout where some of your friends destroyed this economy -- >> you know -- >> excuse me, i'm talking. i will be dmed if it was the working people of the country that have to bail outp the crooks on wall street. >> that was one of the heated comments that were made. there were quite a few. the candidates will be duking it out at miami-dade college this week on wednesday. with just a few months to go before the opening ceremonies in rio, the growing concern is over
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the olympic committee will have a meeting to talk about how to deal with the virus as the august games approach, and august is usually cooler in brazil, and so the infected mosquito population should be smaller. still ahead for you, the natn pausing to mourn a first lady. how nancy reagan redefines what it meant to be a first lady. a new clue in the search from a plane that vanish from the sky? could it be the big break investigators were waiting for. rain free start to the day, and roads won't be wet as you head out the door, and a few clouds out there and we are expecting a breezy day to stick k around. the roads are clear, and how are they looking, kelly? >> s srting to clear up as far as accidents and construction, which is good news. if you are making your way out
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former first lady, nancy reagan, being remembered for her strength and intelligence. across the country, condolences continue to pour in. the rmer first lady redefined her role in her time here. and rublican presidential hopeful, john kasich, paid tribute to mrs. reagan, while marco rubio recalleded meeting the
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>> i had been invited to speak at the reagan lie -- library, which was an incredible honor fo me. >> she will be buried next to her husband, ronald reagan, in simi valley, california. tune into the "today" show for more on remembering nancy reagan, and it all starts at 7:00 right here on nbc 6. jimmy carter no long needing cancer treatment. doctors say he@ is done for now, anyway, and this comes after a small lesion was found on his lesion and four small lesions on his brain discovered as well and doctors will continue to monitor his condition and will treat any
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up. 5:45 on this monday morning. no rain anywhere in sight from miami-dade into broward county.y. if we put things into motion for you, you will see what we are tataking about. the keys are clear as well. no rain anywhere in sight. the good news is, not only is it not raining but it's feeling quite comfortable out there. let's look at the temperatures right now, and 69 in miami, as well as in ft. lauderdale. 68 degrees in the pembroke pines area, and on the cooler side for the southern miami-dade county. taking a look at the winds, already pretty breezy, especially around broward coastal areas. we have the onshore flow and
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in patches of clouds from the atlantic down into miami between 55nd 10 miles per hour. a breezy start to the day, and therare the clouds i mentioned dragged in from the east wind. this is t case from the morning hours. the temperature right now still cooler than the ocean temperature and it causes these clouds to form over the atlantic waters. i mentioned the breeze, and it will be a breezy afternoon for us, and right now your first alert forecast calling for temperatures in the upper 70s0s later this afternoon, and very close to average. a seasonable afternoon in store for us. we are expecting hazardous conditions throughout much of the area. clockwise circulation is leaving us dangerous conditions over the atlantic waters. once the sun rises in less than an hour, we are expecting a few
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morning goes on andhat will linger into the afternoon hours. breezy wind, we know what that means, high riskeus currents. definitely not the best boating day for everybody to be out there. if you have outdoor plans possibly involving the water, keep the sun screen water, and uv index will be on the higher scale. i mentioned the upper 70s today and turning windy for the rest of the workweek, as you can see. and still, we are keeping an eye on that and we will continue to tweak our forecast as the weekend approaches. in the meantime, windy conditions and temperatures a few degrees above average. we are expecting low 80s for the afternoon, and temperatures will
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and it will be a nice oneat that. if you have plans to be in the water, please keep in mind along atlantic beaches, it will be dangerous. work on your tan this week, it's going to be a nice one, right, kelly? >> i can't be out in n e sun, you know that, because of my medication. but, yes, go ahead and tan, south florida. we have orange drive completely blocked off from u.s. 441 to the turnpike. there's a car in the@ canal and emergency crews are blocking that area, and let's go see what is happening in the palmetto expressway. southbound as you are approaching the northwest 122nd street, things seem to be fine. one lan partially blocked off because of overnight construction roadway debris.
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looking good, about a 12-minute ride from the southbound lanes from golden glades to the express lanes. theheexpress lanes are 50 cents for now, and that will change once traffic picks up. you might have not noticed, but unfortunately it's happening, little by little, gas prices increasing over the last several weeks. the average in miami right now was $1.87, and last week it was about $1.82 for a gallon of unleaded, so it's slowly creeping, and analyst blameit on the bump in oil prices. this morning, the civil trial between hulk hohoan and gawker. hogan is suing the website for
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that a radio personality. hogan's attorneys are saying the video got 7 million views and the former wrestler claims the video was made without his knowledge. and then police say he went on a wild and violent crime spree. the 23-year-old allegedly attacked several people in new york city and lighting some on fire and attacking them with a knife, and after a manhunt police caught up with the suspect in the backyard of his home and he refused to drop his knife and he was shot seven times, and the man's family says he had mental issues and had medication. and then tomorrow marks the two year mark since the malaysia flight went missing.
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released white balloons tagged with the names of all 239 people onboard when it disappeared, and they are hoping authorities will keep searching past the official june deadline. and then tensions with north korea rising, and this is a reaction to military exercises that the u.s. and south korean military have started. as with most threats from the north, it's filled with bluster but not much action. joe biden and his wife in abu dhabi this morning, and he is there for the first part of his middle eastern tour. he is set to meet with the crown prince and will tour a mosque and other sites in that area, and the next two stops, jordan and israel. and that a drunk driver plows through the daytona international speed way injuring seven people. we will talk about the charges he is facing now bause
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also, coming upt 6:00, an amber alert for a missing child in south florida is over after police found that boy and his
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(donkey sound) (eleant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (tlephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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welcome back. one woman on bond this morning after she drove drunk on the infield of the international speed way, and she injured four people. it happened earlyly sunday morning in daytona beach. the 43-year-old driverr charged with dui and reckless driving. a close call for people on a shrimp boat. the coast guard saying two men onboard would not have made it help. the miami-dade fire boat worked with the coast guard not only helping to saa the men but towing their boat to shore. and then it's monday morning, and it's blanche ely high.
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that school's medical sciences magnet program, terrific as well. catch our live reports beginning righthtere during our midday newscast at 11:00 a.m. 5:56. looking at a whole lot more for the next hour of news. a teen in the hospital after being shot, and we are making calls to police to find out w detectives are looking for this morning. our team in washington breaking it down, and a whole lot to go through, where florida stands as the candidates start to fococ on the sunshine state. a beautiful day across south florida, and a really nice sunday and looks like monday shaping up to be a good one, too. no rain anywhere in sight. waking to a few clouds with temperatures in@the mid and upper 60s, and we are looking for breezy conditions. you are watching nbc 6 south
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>> more news, weather and
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minutes. good monday morning to you at home. i am shell geezi muniz. >> i am eric harryman. we have made the official decision -- because we have the power to do this. >> i don't know what is coming
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>> you don't, but you will. we are going to take everything that was great yesterday, including all of the facebook pictctes of you and your family beach, and transfer to monday. >> yeah, the weather was perfect and we are hoping it stays around forever. >> yeah, felt like a beach day, and a lot of the rain we have been dealing with has gone away. >> you are right, it was a beautiful day. i made a few phone calls over the weekend and it looks like its going to stick around. waking up to rain free conditions, and it's rain free everywhere, nowhere in sight. quiet conditions on this monday morning, and you can see, 69 degrees in miami and ft. lauderdale. cooler down into the kendll area, and seeing temperature


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