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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> you don't, but you will. we are going to take everything that was great yesterday, including all of the facebook pictctes of you and your family beach, and transfer to monday. >> yeah, the weather was perfect and we are hoping it stays around forever. >> yeah, felt like a beach day, and a lot of the rain we have been dealing with has gone away. >> you are right, it was a beautiful day. i made a few phone calls over the weekend and it looks like its going to stick around. waking up to rain free conditions, and it's rain free everywhere, nowhere in sight. quiet conditions on this monday morning, and you can see, 69 degrees in miami and ft. lauderdale. cooler down into the kendll area, and seeing temperature
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we are waking up to east-northeast winds, and you can see them streaming on through especially near coastal areas. feeling quite nice. calling for a few clouds was head out the door this morning with upper 60s and we'll see increasing sunshine throughout the morning hours with teteeratures in the 70s. we'll take a look at the roads now with first alert traffic reporter, kelly blanco. >> good morning, south florida. happy westbound back with you, and a special thanks to see you at the carnival this past weekend. you are at u.s. 441, this is your drive here. at 6:02, accident 43 on i-95, the palmetto expressway and turnpike, and still a 12-minute ride from the golden gladede to the airport expressway southbound.
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southbound northwest 113th street. 836 eastbound drivers just after northwest 45th avenue, one of your lanes completely blocked off because of an accident and in broward county we still have the traffic alert, orange drive from u.s. 441 to the turnpike completely blocked off and take griffin road. this was a car into a canal and one person has been taken to the hospital, and we'll have more information on that later today. >it is an all too common occurrence happening again in south florida, and police hoping you saw something. a person is dead and this morning a hit-and-run driver out the on our streets. and erika glover is live at the police department. neighbors outraged. >> reporter: one neighbor says he was at work athe time and he had no idea what was going on once he got back home. the vehicle description informrmion about the driver, officers here in north miami
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because their search continues. let me show you the video from a ene on early sunday morning. officers believe the vehicle involved with the hit-and-run was traveling northbound at the intersection of northeast 19th avenue and northeast 177th street in north miami beach early sunday morning. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. we spoke with one homeowner near the scene who was at work, like i mentioned earlier, and listen to his reaction to the deadly scene outside of his door. >> that's just soo bad for people to kill somebody like this and just driving. he might can saveve his life if he just stop and call 911. it could be his dad, it could be one of his family. >> again, officers here this morning are hoping to get more information about the driver or he description of the vehicle. they say if you have that information they are urging you
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crime stoppers will give a cash reward for any information that leads to an arrest in this case. for now we are live in north miami beach, erika glover. breaking out of australia. a six-hour standoff at a sidney factor ended with two people dead and two recovering in the hospital. the gunman turned the weapon on himself as police were approaching the scene, and we don't know the motive behind this, and police emphasize this is not part of a terror plot, and the country has strict gun laws and one of the lowest murder rates in the world. a teenager waking up in the hospital after shots rang out and this morning detectives are searching for a couple people that they say jumped in a a car and took off from the scene of that shooting.
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we know the teen is 16 years old, and he is recovering okay? >> porter: he is still recovering here at jackson memorial hospital, and going to be waking up in the hospital as others wake up and go to school. this morning police in miami gardens still looking for three suspects that shot this teen on multiple times on sunday. it happened on 25th avenue, not too far from wre police investigated an accidental shooting of a 14-year-old last week. as far as this case, the suspects were in a red pickup truck when they opened fire on the 16-year-old hitting h multiple times. at this point it's not clear why this teenager was shot in the first place. >> it was an unfortunate incident that continues to happen not only in the city of
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citiessand the county, and we need the public's help to stop the nonsense. >> reporter: nonsense is what police are calling it, and a lot of people have the same aessage, this is nonsense and it needs to stop and police say if you have information, give them a call, and information that could lead them to the whereabouts the suspects, and call police o crime stoppers. for now we are live outside jackson memorial hospital, michael spears, nbc 6 news. this morning an all-day miami alert out ofiami ended but the trouble is far from over. police found logan and his momoer in texas, and his mother abducted him from his caregiver's home and took off. no word yet on when she orthe child will be brought back to
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apaarently this is not the first time hernandez had a run in with the la she has been charged with child negligent and grand theft. the coast guard suspended its search for a cruise ship passenger that went overboard near key largo. he fell about 100 feet from the tenth deck of this ship, and this happened over the weekend and he has been identified as davidmossman. and crews covered nearly 1,000 square nautical miles off the coast of key largo. and condolences continue to pour in for nancy reagan. the former first lady passed away at her los angeles home of congestive heart failure. the two were married for 54
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president died in 2004. florida governor, rick scott, weighing in on the first lady's ssing, saying throughout her life, her incredible commitment to hercountry and family did not falter and she will continue to inspire us to live bravely and selflessly. look at these pictures here. reagan's name still trending in miami and across the country with hdreds of photos throughout the years, and her time as an actress and in the white house and after politics. you can see the pictures of nancy through the years in a special album we put together on the nbc 6 news and weather app. no rest on the campaign trail. a busy weekend leads to a major primary tomorrow. our team in washington, d.c. tracking all of the candidates, where they are right now and what they are saying this morning. looking for a family
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off on the horizon, they see florida as quickly approaching, and for nbc 6 this morning, tracie potts in washington, d.c., and you have your hands on numbers and things are progressing quickly as they head on florida in the next couple of days. >> the republicans focused on florida, and we know why it's so important, and we talked about the importance of marco rubio to hang in the race, and his delegate count is low compared to the two republicans ahead of him. before florida, the stop in the midwest, the democrats and republicans in michigan tomorrow where the issues are about water and jobs. >> it has been a long time, and i voted to save the auto
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the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> auto jobs and the flint water crisis, big topics in the michigan primary. >> people are not paying a water bill for poison water. >> both democrats want the michigan governor to resign, and hillary clinton has a 17-point lead there and far ahead in the delegate count after last weekend. donald trump's topping polls in michigan and already targeting florida, marco rubio's home state. rubio won port auuerto rico this weekend. >> you have to unite, and that's what we are seeing happening. >> trump thinks republicans will unite behin him. michigan.
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tomorrrw. we also have mississippi, idaho and hawaii voting on the same day. live from washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. >> 99 delegates at stake in the flo^ida primary on march 15th and the winner takes all. rubio says he is confident that he will win, and many say it's a make your break situation for the senator. early voting is underway right now, and most voting stations across the statee will stay open until march 12th, and stattns in miami-dade and broward county, until the 14th. as far as liveresults and minute by minute updates from the campaign trail, go to our nbc 6 news and weather app. we have a traffic alert. 6:15 a.m. chopper 6 on its way to orange drive, and it's just before pembroke road. three of the right lanes
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one, two, three cars involved in the crash, and a messy tie up on the southbound lanes of university drive. no issues as you make your way southbound, and chopper 6 just flying over the scene on university drive southbound before pembroke road. avoid it if you can. the car into a canal on orange drive from u.s. 441 on the turnpike, this area completely blocked off and one person was taken to the happen. we will keep you posted on line and on the air and on the news and weather app. and 836 eastbound, afer northwest 45th avenue, two lanes completely blocked off and we are starting to see the delays on the eastbound 836 eastbound.
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morning. south florida, things are looking pretty good so far. dry conditions from broward county all the way ito miami-dade. the keys looking good so far. a quiet start to ourday, and beautiful out there so want to definitely get out there. temperatures comfortable in the upper 60s. 69, ft. lauderdale. 69 in miami. still cooler down into the kedall area, and we are seeing temperatures around 66 degrees, and low 70s already down into the keys. look atwhat we are dealing with as far as clouds are concerned. some of the clouds over the atlantic waters streaming through, espececlly along coastal areas. and things looking nice across the sunshine state. no rain in sight where we need to worry about this morning. and your forecast on this
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currents one of the threats, and highs reaching up into the 70s and we could see gusty winds at times. in the keys, in the 70s, and a breezy east win up to 20 miles per hour. high pressure still in control, and that's what is leaving us another gorgeous day across the southeast and down into florida and across the bahamas, and that's what is giving us that breezy east wind. breezy east wind means rip currents along the beaches, and small craft advisory, and with all the sunshine you want to have the sun screen handy all day long. taking a look ahead at the next few days, majo changes. we have not had a week like this for sometime. we are expecting a breezy afternoon today, but winds will continue to pick up as the workweek goes on, so we are calling for a windy workweek for the next few days, and the good news we can't see rain anywhere in sight, and the next system
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saturday into sunday, but still uncertainty with the systems. temperatures will be close to average in the low 80s, and then creeping back into the mid-80s for the weekend. thank you so much. if you own an exotic pet and can no longer take caa of it. saturday is exotic pet amnesty. which means you can gii up your exotic pet with no penalties. they are going to show examples of exotic pets and talk about the pets you can surrender, and amnesty day will take place this saturday from 10:00 to 2:00 pm. at zoo miami. on this monday, people in oregon taking it to the next level and then some, and they opened a beer-themed spa. it's not just about serving beer in the spa, and it's called hop
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attention as the nation's first beer spa, so this is what they do. customers can fully emerse themselves in a microbrew soak, and i hear it's great for your skyk, and they make beer into a solid and grinding it up, and it's like a bath salt made into beer, and i don't know if it smells like beer, and you soak in the hops and afterwards you are better for it, apparently. this is what they say. >> we know how good it is for our liver, so i'm sure it's best for the ree of the body. >> i am a firm believer in it over the weekend, but not so sure about takakg a bath in it. and you know the kids are going to be off and the longer you wait from here on out
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more expensive it's going to get. go online and figure it out,, and all other airlines offering great deals. as i mentioned, a lot of people like florida, and a lot of people love vegas as their top destinations this year. air fares are down about 6% on domestic flights and about 15% on international flights, if you really want to drop some coin. this is in part to lower gas prices, and orbitz travel says a lot of this in terms of lower gas prices is because about 65% of americans are p pnning to hit the road in terms of getting to their spring break destination no matter where it is. the celebration of art a culture, and kelly and erikaka h!d a great time taking pictures and meeting many of you, and we want to thank everybody that came out and simply said hello, and that
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fans, which i am sure many of us needed and yesterday the weather was fantastic. >> we are hoping yesterday transfers over to the beginning of the week, and can you start your week off that awesomom >> it was great. definitely feeling the burn, right? or maybe not, especially the one second from the end. miami heat mascot looking celebrate his birthday but didn't stick the landing.
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what officers are lo a legendary nfl quarterback expected to announce his retirement today, and of course we are talking about peyton manning. he is talking about ending his 18 year career. he just led the broncos to a super bowl victory earlier this year, and he called the team
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his plans. the sheri set numerous records throughout his career with the colts, which is where he spent his first 14 seasons and then the denver broncos. the miami dolphins took their international search for cheerleaders to the argentina. the team will also hold tryouts in mexico and columbia as well as right here in south florida. the final auditions are set for soon. watch video. bernie incitedvited some of his budds to try and break the record for the most mascots % flipped over during the break,
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landing. oh, boy, falling on two of his furry friends, including stanley, and it's just funny, and everybody was okay -- i think, anyway. maybe they are screaming at bernieiei don't know, but if you want to see the failed stunt in case you were not in front of your tv, and we posted it on our facebook. >> fun ship freddy for carnival cruise line, he got the brunt of it. >> he rolls and stood up and bowed. not the type of takedown he is used to, and police pulled out all the stops to take an nfl player into custody.
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welelme back, everybody. 6:30 and the breaking news here at 6:30 has to do th your morning commute. >> let's head over to kelly blanco with these accidents. >> in broward county, chopper 6 was on i way to see one accident when they spotted this crash. it's under cleanup now, but the three lanes are still blocked off for now on university drive southbound before pembroke road. you can see one of the cars in the crash on the tow truck, and can see the cleanup crews moving everything out of the way, but
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still blocked off just before pembroke road. let's change sources taking you over to the first alert affic, and this is a car that went into acal acanal, and one person taken to the hospital, and now a traffic alert in miami-dade. eastbound approaching northwest 57th avenue and just after that you will see a crash scene blocking two right lanes and give yourself extra time this morning. as far as the palmetto expressway, we have a crash there on your southbound lanes, and this is approaching northwest 103rd street. you can see the flashing lights off to the distance. we have a breezy east wind. it's really beginning to pick up in broward county and miami-dade.
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unty, 10 to 15 miles per hour onshore flow in portions of the miami-dade. it's only going to contie to get stronger, taking a look camera. we are dealing with a few clouds, and i know it looks a little overcast across some areas, and especially coastal areas, but none of these clouds have rain. you can see the things looking quiet so far. live first alert radar, dry conditions from ft. lauderdale down into the keys and a nice way to start our day. a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures reaching into the mid-70s. yet another teen recovering in the hospital this morning, following the latest shooting in miami-dade. police say the violence will not stop without the help from the community. nbc 6 reporter, michael spears is live at jackson memorial hospital. michael, detectives say it's simple if somebody comes forward and there can be an arrest.
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to that, they called this absolute nonsense. another teen victim here in miami-dade. what we are working to find out nowtis why, what led three people to shoot the 16-year-old boy, a teen still recovering here in the hospital this morning, a i can report he is stable and expected to live, but those that put him here are still out on the streets this morning. this is a shooting investigation sparked sunday. police looking for at least three people tied to this shooting who they say used a red pickup truck to carry out this attack. it happened on northwest 171st terrace. a motive, not clear. if there is one at all, this is the type of thing that led to forums on gun violence.
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gardens' police words, this is nonsense that needs to end. call crime stoppers. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> thank you so much for the update. 6:34. police need your help trying to solve a deadly shooting that happened in miami-dade. they say a car might be the key % to figuring out the person that pulled the trigger in this case. miami shore's poce were called to motel shore along biscayne boulevard and 105th street. they found a young man inis 20s with a gunshot wound and was pronounced dead at the scene. they are looking for a black '90s cadillac seville with maybe front end damage and a possible tag of w 20-29c. they tell us there may have been two men inside that car. breaking overnight out of idaho, we have been watching
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a pastor shot and the shooting happened a day after he announced presidential candidate, ted cruz. he is 30-year-old k ke andrew odom, and the question is why he opened fire in the first place. the police found the pastor in the alter church parking lot, and the 55-year-old later underwent surgery. as for odom, still on the run somewhere out there, and we have been updating the story all morning long, and we will keep you posted on air. north miami beach community filled with police cars. take a look at some of the video after a deadly hit-and-run happened there. this morning the driver is still on the run. nbc 6 reporter, erika glover, is live at the police depeptment. we know you had an opportunity to talk with neighbors there about what they saw or didn't see to help police figure out who might be responsible here.
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living here in north miami beach are fed up and want answers and are doing what they can to help officers find the driver responsible for the deadly hit-and-run, because they say this is going on more and more often and that something must be done. check out this video from the scene early sunday morning. officers do not have a lot of information, but they are hoping to change that and get information about the vehicle or the description of the driver responsible. the police believe the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run was traveling northbound at the intersection of northeast 19th avenue and northeast 177th street in north miami beach. the victim was apronounced dead at the scene. the community can help solve the case by reporting anything they know, and no tip is too small. the homeowner near the scene was
6:37 am
here is what he had to say. >> just stop and call 911. just stop. just stop. please, please, because it could be one of your family, like i said. >> your tips and information can be reported to crime oppers, and for now we are live in north miami beach, erika glover, nbc 6 news. and with months too before opening ceremonies at the olympics in rio, the growing concern is over the zika virus. they are working to find best practices for dealing with the mosquito-borne virus as the august games approach. good news is august usually is cool in brazil, so the mosquito population should be smaller. and new information in the news room about the mass shooting in sidney, australia overnight. what police are saying about a possible motive.
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in the aftermath of the amber alert for the little 1-year-old south florida boy found safe in mexico. for the first time in nearly a year, we are seeing a rise in gas prices. a look at the reason why and how much a gallon could cost you. one quick look, one last look at the bus stop as you are heading out the door. a comfortable start to the monday, and you will not need umbrellas as you head out the door, because we are rain free so far. the turnpike going slow between 26 and 40 miles per hour on the turnpike, and coral reef to tamiami trail, a 14-minute ride, and i-95 drivers, golden glades to downtown miami a.
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moving your time is 6:42 on your
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police had to use a taser to take down and arrest an nfl player here in south florida. mason is a los angeles rams running back that played high school ball not far away in palm county. he was driving over the speed limit in a 35 miles per hour zone, and police say he was a resisting arrest. he since has bonded out of jail. let's look at the reagan presidential library where many are mourning the death of a national icon. nancy reagan being remembered for strength and intelligence this morning, and tributes and condolences continuing to pour in. presidential candidates also taking the time to remember her on the campaign trail.
6:43 am
john kasich, paid tribute to mrs. reagan, while marco rubio recalled on meeting the former first lady. >> i had been invited to speak at the reagan library, and it was an incredible honor because i grew up and am part of the reagan revolution. >> tune in to the "today" show for rememberingore of nancy reagan, and that starts in less than 30 minutes here on nbc 6. and jimmy carter no longer needing cancer treatment. doctors are saying he is done with his therapy for now. this comes after he started intensive treatment last summer in august when a small lesion on his liver and fourr small lesions on his brain were found. the 91-year-old say doctors will continue to monitot his condition moving forward and
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pops up. south florida, 6:44, on this beautiful monday morning. not only beautiful, but rain free. if maybe your morning commute takes you to the keys, you should have a nice ride. take a look at what we are dealing with as far as temperatures, 69 degrees in miami and ft. lauderdale. in pembroke pines, and cooler in the kendall area, 66, and we are seeing temperatures in naples in the mid-50s. 60s and low 70s in the middle and lower keys and now beginning
6:45 am
broward county and coastal areas seeingng 10 to 20 miles per hour breezes and this is the beginning, and we are expecting winds to pick up as the day goes on. teak a a few clouds out there, and we are dealing with the clouds but no rain to worry about, just clouds forming over the atlantic waters and the east win the dragging it out in the morning hours. first alert forecast reach into the upper 70s and we will see brighter skies this afternoon, and of course with the breezy east wind, we are expecting hazardous marine conditions over the atlantic waters. we have high pressure to the north of us right there, and the cold front that went through yesterday in the morning hours, that remains to the south of us and it's squeezing us in between leaving us in a tight gradient.
6:46 am
the kids off at the bus stop, we should be rain free as the day goes on. we will see brighter skies and moments of a little more sunshine, especially starting into the early afternoon hours, and once the kids are out of school at 3:30 you will see bright skies and a beautiful end to our day, and it will be nice. once you are heading home from work later today, you want to have the shades on, and the sun might be in your face. breezy conditions today, and that means a high risk of rip currents along atlantic beaches and a small craft advisory will remain in effect over the atlantic waters, and b bsically not a good day to be out on the water today, or in the water if your day is taking you to the beach. temperatur will be seasonable the next few days, low 80s. the good#news, we will be rain free until the upcoming weekend, and models still not in 100% agreement as far as the rain for saturday and sunday, and in the meantime, we will enjoy the beautiful workweek and it will
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let's take a look at the monday morning traffic >> we have a traffic alert, chopper 6 over an acccdent. this is 836 eastbound, and just after northwest 57th avenue you have a couple lanes blocked off. a couple minutes ago chopper 6 zoomed in on the car involved in the crash, and not in good shape whatsosoer. take a look. you don't even see t t doors of that car. the airbags, it's not a good look here. we don't know the injuries of the accident and the delays because of the crash are stretching back to the palmetto expressway, and a couple lanes blocked off eastbound after northwest 57th avenue. and let's go ahead and take you to the cameras on the palmetto expressway southbound. you see the flashing lights off in the distance andd right lane blocked off around northwest 103rd street, and let's switch youover to the palmetto expressway eastbound in the area of northwest 37th avenue, and this is around northwest 47th
6:48 am
approaching northwest 37th one lane blocked off because of an accident as well, and this is university drive southbound just before pembroke road, and still three lanes blocked off on your sosthbound side, so a busy monday morning. don't forg, we will be sending out push alerts all morning long on our nbc 6 news and weather app. we continue to follow breaking news overnight out of australia. a mass shooting at a factory in sidney. we are just learning that it might have been sparked by a business dispute between a motorcycle gang and a group of brothers. we have been monitoring images like these coming into our news room overnight and the standoff lasted six hours and in the end the shooter turned the gun on himself but not before killing one and injuring two others, and this is a rare occurrence in australia because its strict
6:49 am
and gas prices increasing over the last couple of weeks. the first significant rise since june of last year. and $1.87 last week, anan last week it was $1.82 for a gallon of unleaded, andn analyst say prices at the pump could be pushed more in the next few months. police say a woman drove drunk through the infield at the daytona international speed way. she plowed through the camping area injuring four people, and it happened sunday morning. the 43-year-old driver right now charged with dui and recmless driving. the civil trialetween hulk hogan and gawker. hogan is suing that website.
6:50 am
gawker violated his right to privacy when they published a video. hogan's attorney say it got about 7 million views and the wrestler claims the video was made without his knowledge. police went on a violent and wild crime spree. the 27-year-old attacked people in new york, lighting some on fire and attacking others with a knife. after a manhunt police caught up with the suspect in the backyard of his parents' home. officers say he refused to d dop the knife and was shot seven times. the man's family says he has mental health issues and had stopped taking h medications. tomorrow marks two years since the malaysia flight went missing, and families of the people onboard gathering. they released white balloons tagged with all the names of the
6:51 am
disappeared and famies of the missing people are hoping the officials will keep searching after the deadline in june passes. and then north korea threaning to launch nuclear missiles at the u.s. and south korea. joe biden and his wife in aub abu dhabi this morning. later today he is expected to meet with the crown prince and royal military leaders as well, and then he will tour a mosque in the same area and other tourist sites, too. the next two stops will be jordan and israel. and tn the anti-money laundering conference. speakers will discuss how the u.s. is cracking down on money laundering using high-end miami
6:52 am
are boughthtith crime-related money and shipped overseas. it'smonday, which means we are bragging about another south florida school. this time it's blanche ely high, home of the tigers. >> we will be meeting the men's basketball team that is fresh off itit second state championship in a row, ande are checking out the school's medical science's magnet program. you can catch that on our midday news and "6 in the mix." right now police are searching for three p%ople that they say road around in a pickup truck and open fire on the
6:53 am
terrace and we are trying to figure out why. if you have tips for detectives, give police immediately or call crime stoppers. outside jackson memorial hospital, nbc 6 news. police looking for a driver that ran over and killed a pedestrian in miami beach. no word yet onhe identity of the victim. a pastor in idaho recovering after a man shot him multiple times. it's the same pastor that introduced presidential candida, ted cruz, at an event a day before that event happened. police are looking for the shooter that was identified as kyle odom. an all-day amber alert is over, and police found logan hernandez and his mom in texas. no word on when they will be brought back to florida. hernandez kidnapped her 1-yr-old from her boyfriend's mother's home, who iss the caregiver in miami.
6:54 am
primary tomorrow, voters focussed on two things, water out of flint and jobs. as for the republicans, they are focusing on the sunshine state right hairere in florida, as winner takes all. and the zika virus a concern for the summer olympics. they will have a meeting to finding best practices for dealing with the virus as the games approaches. >> be sure and check out our nbc 6 news and weather app for everything we are covering as you are waking up on this monday morning. as you head back to work and school on this monday morning, we have a traffic alert, 836 eastbound. three lanes were completely blocked off and we can see just a couple lanes are blocked off on the dolphin expressway eastbound. this is after northwest 57th avenue, and still those delays are stretching back. we are getting the delays that chopper 6 spotted stretching back to the palmetto expressway. give yourself extra time this morning, as you can see a
6:55 am
836 eastbound. let's take you to the maps and check out how the delays are going to be affecting your morning ride. you can see the delays from the palmetto expresswayowards the accident leaving you with a 17-minute ride from the palmetto expressway to i-95. and then big curve to okeechobee road. and big curve to-goal, an 11-minute ride with an accident off on the east side. dry conditions. a nice way to start our monday. from broward countytyo the keys and the atlantic waters as well, dry. temperatures comfortable, and already 70 degrees in miami, and 68 in opa locka, and a chilly 62 degrees right now into the kendall area. first alert forecast calling for temperatures to be in the upper 70s this afternoon.
6:56 am
we are expecting brrhter skies as the day goes on. and we're also expecting an advisory to remain over the atlantic waters. it will be rainin free and seasonable, and great tanning weather. >> yes. >> how many times can we mention sun screen, right? >> yes. >> remember, you apply every hour, that's the way it works.
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thank you for joining us served with sirloin steak. saut\ fresh zucchini, squash and tomatoes. it's sure to be a family favorite. visit for great recipes. delicious is always served fresh from florida. good morning. paying respects. police officers salute the hearse carrying former first lady nancy reagan from her home. a funeral being planned for later this week at t t reagan presidential library, where she'll be laid to rest next to her husband. a woman being remembered as a
7:00 am
force who redefined the role of first lady. we look back at nancy reagan's extraordinary wife and talk exclusively to her son ron today, monday, march 7th, 2016.. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edion of "today," remembering nancy reagan, with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. > still digesting the sad news of nancy reagan's passing, but what an incredible life she lived. legendary woman, iconic first lady and part of one of the greatest love stories of our time. >> i was reflecting on that this morning. so many people are finding comfort in thee thought these two will be reunited once again. nancy reagan, a picture of el


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