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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  March 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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we'll have a lot more sunshine in your first alert forecast today. dep pler is sweeping clear across miami-dade and down through the keys. it will be a few days before we bring rain chances to your local forecast. the cloududover is not quite as thick first thing this morning. that will lend itselflfo more sunshine across the area. clouds extending on the southwest coast. here on the southeast coast, a few extra clouds down through the keys. but again all of us dry. the ocean breeze will bring in passing clouds from time to time. the winds not changing much. these are the 5:00 a.m. observations which are relatively unchanged from 4:00 a.m. everyone is at 73. winds off the atlantic waters running 15 to 20 miles per hour gusting up to 25or so. it's going to be another breezy but bright day. first alert weather on the drive in, 72, partly cloudy skies, 80 by the lunch hour. a breezy, warm afternoon with highs of 82.
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>> good morning and thank you for starting off your day with us. we're staing off our day with a couple of things on the road. we take a look at your screen. we already have an accident on the palmetto expressway westbound around the area of northwest 17th avenue. you can see the flashing lights. one of the lanes completely blocked off because of an accident that happened roughly 15 minutes ago. no major issues as you're making your way eastbound towards the golden glades interchange. we have a car fire on the palmetto expressway. it is on kendall drive and palmetto expressway northbound. we also have construction going on on i-95 northbound and hallandale beach boulevard. two lanes completely blocked off as well as that on-ramp. >> thank you so much. presidential politics taking center stage in this morning's headlines. >> we're five day away from a critical primary test.
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trying to make a splash. >> democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off in a high stakes debate and it happened right here in south florida, julia bagg joins us live in the studio. julia, it's not just what went on during the debated that's interesting. it's what happened after the debate getting a lot of attention, too. >> both candidates driving home their messages to a population that cares a lot about education. remember this happened at miami-dade college, the college with the largest enrollment of its kind in the nation. among other things, education. hillary clinton and bernie sanders tangled over immigration, cuba and who best to represent latinos. sanders says his surprise win in the michigan primary is proof his message is resonating, but front-runner clinton is still keeping her distance ahead and local democrats pointed out how last night's contest felt more presidential. >> they're both battling on who can do more to help the american people. but when you watch the
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not like that. 's a big difference. >> i was glad to see a debate where the candidates were talking about issues, not body parts. >> sanders and clinton also took questions at miami-dade college over how to help students pay back loans and how education should be free. we will hear more from south florida witnesses. social media lighting up as people react to the democratic debate, not only here in florida but across the country. here at home many students watched at the miami-dade college campus. immigration a hot topic, some of them saying hillary clinton and bernie sanders have changed their stance on the topics throughout their campaign. sanders has done well with young voters. a portion of yesterday's crowd say they're still undecided. >> i think hillary clinton she has a value -- some actually
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undecided. before i was very pro bernie. this debate has opened my eyes on certain issues i wasn't aware about. >> one promise made by senator sanders that all students seemed to like was free state college tuition for everyone. >> i love the one comment we just heard about, it was nice to hear them talk about the issues and not body parts. interesting, talk about being, quote, more presidential. during last night's debate, immigration a hot topic for the candidates as well. >> i think it's important that we move to our comprehensive immigration reform, but at the same time stop the raids, stop deporting. >> the idea that a mother is leaving here and her children are on the other side of the border is wrong and immoral. >> now both clintonp and sanders commenting on president obama's
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undocumented people living here. they say children shouldn't be deported and familyies should be kept together. >> marquee rubio hoping to gain momentum on his home turf. michael spears is in coral gables where it's all set to happen. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning. immigration a big topic for democrats. could be the same tonight as gop candidates prepare to square off. final touch is being made this morning for tonight's 12th kbop debate. we have four gop candidates. front-runner donald trump heading in with quite the lead. the other side of this, making a lot of stops in florida, south florida, ahead of the march 15th primary, winner takes all. a huge one, hoping to stop some of that momentum for trump. we had rubio and hialeah making stops. ted cruz at miami-dade college where the democratic debateas held. luge one tonight as far as what's being discussed, and leading into it there were
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of the race. he addressed those yesterday. some candidates not going so far as to tell him that. rubio saying you can forget about that. back out here live, a huge day head, big primary coming up on march 15th. check out the nbc 6 news and weather app to read more about tonight's debate. live in coral gables, michael spears, nbc 6 news. surprise endorsement for ted cruz in miami. >> very pleased to introduce to you somebody you know very well, ms. carly fiorina. [ cheers and applause ] >> speaking at aally at miami-dade dej college's downtown campus, fiorina called cruz a reformer. tellinin that front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton are one in the same. fiorina believes ted cruz will be the only one dotop either of them in the general election.
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continues all day here on nbc 6. this afternoon anchor jackie nespral is speaking with democratic national chair debb wasserman schultz. breaking news overnight out of pennsylvania, five people are dead, three others are hurt after a gunman opened fire. it happened at a back yard party just east of pittsburgh. three women, one man found shot to death on a back porch of that home. another w/man pronounced dead at a local hospital not long after that. two men in critical condition and a woman is instable condition. no suspects right now in custody as of this hour this morning, investigators are saying ballistic evidence saying two guns invved here. a south teener is waking up behind bars, how he allegedly manipulated classmates to get them to do what he wanted. a new strain between the u.s. and venezuela, while
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diplomat out of washington, d.d. at 5:08, another breezy start to our dayay this time around it will be much brighter as you head out on the early morning drive. a few extra clouds in pembroke pines. 73 there. pompano beach sustained winds over 20 miles per hour. another dangerous day on our beaches.
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and look welcome back everybody.
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homestead senior high school in shock as one of their classmates accused of a serious crime. lice say this teenager threatened his peers and their amilies to get them to do things they didn't want to do to begin with. erika glover live in homestead with a look at how these students and school officials are reacting in a big way to what this teen allegedly did. >> reporter: the judge denied bond for this homestead senior high school students. officials want to know if you recognize him because there could be more victims. 18-year-old terry fenelon is an accused sexual predator. the teen's alleged victims are 15 and 16-year-old girls. investigators say he threatened teenagers and forced them to perform sex acts on them, using the kik messenger app using the
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he threatened to share those photos unless he got his way. >> he'ss a predator on these kids from the school, at homestead senior high. he's threatening them, he's going to harm them and their family if they don't perform sexual acts and send nude photos. >> reporter: the school district released this statement saying the incident serves as a good reninder that parents need to monitor their children's social media activities and warn them of negative consequences when it is used improperly. miami-dade detectives say that the crimes took place between november and december of last year, but that the girls just recently came forward to officials and school administrators. coming up in the next half hour, i'll tell you more about the multiple charges this teen is facing. we're live in homestead, erika
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coral gables police say they caught the man groping women. rodolfo col torres was charged with battery and assault after half a dozen women claim a man touched them inappropriately as they were jogging. two victims reported the suspect ttew rocks at them. they nabbed him in the area where the crimesshappened. new surveillance video showing a suspect approaching her and just asking her a question. that's when the second person unzips her purse and grabs her wallet right out of that purse. the duo immediately went to a best buy and used her credit card. we posted this video on our nbc 6 news and weather app. you can get a better look, share it as well and hopefully help police track this down. nine firefighters recovering after an exosion in seattle leveled several buildings in the city. according to fire officials the
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ofof a natural gas leak when a large explwsion occurred. the blast sent debris across the area with windows shattering as far as two blocks away. all nine in the hospital have cuts, bruises and burns. >> weather on nbc 6 is sponsored by mcdonald's. mcdonald's mccafe coffee made just for you. mcdonald's. i'm lovin' it. south florida's only live doppler radar sweeping clear this morning. a quiet start to our thursday. we're going to keep that trend going into the weekend. the weekend will have a subtle change to c cme your way. in the meantime, just contend with the breeze which has been ever present on the beaches. it's been a rather refreshing breeze if you don't have plans to go out to the coast. let's talk about what's going on first and foremost at the bus stop. a brighter and breezy start to the morning. yesterday contending with clouds.
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sunshine to greet you as you head out early. sunrise now backed up to 6:35 temperatures at about 71 to 74. not a bad morning. kind of a refreshing breeze. but the breeze only gets stronger as the day goes on. how about the offshore breeze in naples driving temperatures down to 64. because we get the influence of the atlantic waters, temperatures are much warmer by about ten degrees. 73 in ft. lauderdale and miami. 74 in opa-locka and pompano beach. wind speeds sustained at about 15 to 20, gusts easily -- let's we've got. wind guftds off the atlantic nearing 30 miles per hour in pompano beach. don't really see that changing. wind gusts today between 25 and 30 miles per hour. quick stop down through the keys. lower 80s will do it.. east and southeast winds at 20 miles per hour. lower 80s and bright sunshine. we like that.
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rige of high pressure across the western atlantic. low pressure not too far away on the other side of the gulf waters, the wester gulf seeing a ton of moisture leading up through the lower mississippi valley, tennessee and ohio valleys. future tracker keeping that channel of moisture well removed off to our west. as our area of high pressure breaks down leading into the weekend, we're going to see the moisture at least advance a little closer to south florida, but not necessarily taking over our forecast. that ridge pretty strong. it's going to take a lot to break it down, to even begin to think about rain chances over the course of the next few days. i'll highlight when that comes to play. let's talk about your thursday. breezy and brighter this morning. about 72 early, the southeast winds ramping up again. highs at 82 this afternoon. strong wind gusts, can't emphasize this enough. high risk for r r currents, dangerous rip currents that could be hazardous on the beaches, at least in the water.
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bringing in rain chances not until sunday afternoon. look how consistent this temperature trend is. lower 80s all the way through. don't forget saturdayight leading into sunday, we spring forward. daylight saving time kicking in here. 82 on saturday and an isolate shower on sunday afternoon with highs of 83. let's get a look at trafc. here is kelly blanco. >> we lose an hour of sleep. >> i kn. i didn't want to say it. >> but i feel it. good morning south florida. as you make your wayut the door, we have a traffic alert on the palmto expressway. as we have three lanes of traffic blocked off 826 westbound. you're safe if you're headed towards the golden glades interchange. it's westbound around the area of northwest 17th avenue where you're going to have an accident with injuries. emergency crews on the scene blocking the three lanes. you'll need to give yourself extra time.
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the car fire on the palmetto expressway northbound is right at kendall drive, southwest 88th street. emergency crews on the scene of that car fire as well. dolphin expressway drivers, westbound, three lanes blocked off. that has cleared out of the way. also, construction on i-75, but we still have the turnpike extension southbound, all lanes completely blocked off at red road for 10 to 15 minutes. kelly, thank you so much. it's 5:19 on your thursday morning. you've heard about the zika virus statewide and nationwide. nbc 6 investigators have been calling about concern over mosquito breeding grounds and what to do about them. tonight at 6:00 we'll tell you what to do about that. venezuela is removing the top diplomat it has in washington. president obama renewed sanctions on some of the
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last year obama slapped sanctions on venezuela accusing them of human rights violations. north korea firing more missiles this morning. south korea's military says the north fired two short range missiles into the sea of japan. it's all happening as the u.s. and south korea are conducting large scale war games. a u.s. artillery brigade launched rockets about seven miles away from the heavily fortified border. brazil ramping up on security ahead of the olympic games. the government plans to have 85,000 security personnel on duty for the whole games including 38,000 members of the armed forces for that country. a lot of peele in brazil have been taking to the streets lately because of the political and economic unrest in that country. so that's not good leading up to the games.
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promimid to protest during the olympics, especially those who have been displaced by olympic construction projects. publicing viewing for former first lady nancy reagan continue today. she's lying in repose at the ronald reagan presidential lirary. people have been stopping by to pay respects. her funeral service will be tomorrow. she died sundayt her los angeles home of congestive heart failure. as you know, she was 94 years old. stay tuned on n 6. an exclusive interview with atty davis, nan reagan's daughter coming up on "today." davis opens up to maria shriver about her mother. that's after our newscast. a big change coming to at least one of south florida's busiest airports. it could make traveling in and out of our state a whole lot more affordable for you. the new trend in e
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forward for morgan. what an absolutely spectacular goal. 2-2 game for alex morgan!
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you can hear from the crowd she did something incredible. an incredible goal from soccer star alex morgan in the game against germany in boca raton. here it is. a player sets morgan up with a long pass. morgan lobs it to herself, up and over, and then she scores, tieing up that game. the u.s. ended up winning the game. it was a fight but they ended up winning the game against germany 2-1. more choices for@ you if you fly out of dplaud. jetblue ading a round trip flight to new orleans starting in september. several non-stop flights to nasa in the bahamas which will start in august. to celebrate the expansion, jetblue offering a special fare of $49 between ft. lauderdale and new orleans s you go during the first month of the service. >> you know what those new flights mean? they mean vacation. i don't mean anything bad by this, i love my job. this never happens to me. do you ever feel guilty for taking a vacation?
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a new study by alamo rent a car finds vacation shaming has become prevalent, especially along millennials. 59% felt guilty. oddly enough the study found millennials are more likely to say they shame their co-workers for also taking a vacation. >> i don't get it. >> i don't get it at all. i'm not a millennial. i would neer shame you for taking a vacation. >> i think people are posting ctures on social media as they're in the middle of the waters of who knows where, and then people at work are, like, oh, that's what they're doing, at the daily grind. >> sounds more like jealousy to me. yeah. republican candidates getting ready for south florida. michael spears has a live review in miami where gop hopefuls will face off.
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we'll bring you the . at 5:30, the bar of words between bernie sanders and hillary clinton at last night's miami-dade college. a south florida teen looking at jail time after what he allegedly did to several classmates. disturbing clams about a man who used candy to lure a 5-year-old girl. good morning everybody. your time is 5:30. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. hope everyone is having a fantastic week. a big day in politics in south florida.
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go at it last night. tonight it is the republicans. we'll be talking more about all the candidates and what's going today. you all the information. w. first we want to get you out the door and get you going with meteorologist ryan phillips with a closer look at your thursday forecast. >> a good shutout to our educational institutions, university of miami, florida international university and miami-dde college getting lot of play in the national media with all the politics here in town. good recognition for them as well. local forecasts going this way. dry this morning, dry roadways, no rain shower activity overnight despite the fact we have an ocean breeze which would bring on an isolated shower, nothing in the cards this morning. let's take a live look down to the bay side area and aaa. visibility is just fine. the cloud decknot quite as extensive. that way we'll yield more sunshine.


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