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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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nbc 6 reporter julia bagg breaking down what the candidates had to do in the war room following the debate. >> just as interesting as what happened during the debate. michael spears live on the university of miami campus where tonight republicans will be taking that stage. >> good morning to you, thanks for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. your time is 6:00. all that political coverage of what happened last night, that's coming yoyo way in two minutes. first let's get you over to meteorologist ryan phillipssith a look at your thursday. a very, very close to friday forecast. >> very close. i don't think the weather will change much going into the weekend. that's good news if you're stuck in the office. dry conditions across the area. live first alert dooler sweeping clear. no rain in sight until the weekend. we'll talk more about the timing of that. cloud cover has been an issue at least pour the last few days. this time around we'll see more sunshine. mid and at least high level
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we're about 45 minutes outside of sunrise. once we get into sunrise i think progressisily, more sunshine to greet you early this morning. the winds haven't gone anywhere ill in play in the east and southeast at 15 to 20. teeratures haven't moved all night long either. 73 in miami. first alert fororastor today, broward county, miami-dade and the keys, lower 70s, partly cloudy skies, dry, breezy and warm. your high today 82. t's get our first look at traffic this hour. here is kelly blanco. >> thursday morning. if you're headed to work or school, we have one accident and one accident only and it's in miami-dade. 826 westbound. this is where we have the lanes of trafficly blocked off. this accident happened roughly an hour ago. crash with injuries. now only one lane is blocked off. you can still see crews on the scene causing a little slowowwn here on your westbound lanes of the palmetto expressway. so it's going to take a little time to clear up. the good news is, if you're headed eabound towards the
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have no issues. it's the westbound lanes affected by that earlier accident. let's take you over to our maps. construction has cleared out of the way. we have an earlier car fire on the palmeto expressway, that cleared out of the way as well. if you're headed from the golden glades to downtown, ten minutes. we have construction i-95 southbound at e exit to brickell avenue. > 6:03 on your thursday morning. certainly no holding back at thisppoint. hillary clinton and bernie sanders, if you watched, hit the stage in sth florida tonight. it was blow for blow here. brand new for you this morning, we're hearing from both campaigns inside the war room. julia bagg live in the studio this morning. julia, often what happens immediately following these debates is just as interesting as what happens during the meat of that debate. >> it is, eric. supporters are feeling invigorated on both sides. fresh off his upset victory in michigan, bernie sanders is
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message resonating among younger voters. he and democratic front-runner hillary clinton faced questions in english and spanish at miami-dade's kendall campus. they gappaled over immigration, paying back loans and who will best stand for latinos. the democratic faithful say they're confident clinton and sanders can take on trump or any other candidates. >> i'm proud of boo of them. i think either one of them being theominee would move us forward. >> clinton took tough questions over her infamous e-mail controversy. candidates have five days left to make their case to florida voters. sheli, we will be tracki that every day. >> julia, thank you so much. we'll keep with the debate for a quick second here. during last night's debate, immigration a hot topic for the candidates. it probably goes without saying. >> i think it's important that we move to our comprehenuive immigration reform, but at the same time, stop the raids, stop
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>> the idea that a mother is living here and her children are on the other side of the border is wrong and immoral. >> so both clinton and sanders commented on president obama's deportation of more than 2 million undocumented people living here in the states. they say children should never be deported and families@ should always stay together. >> social media lighting up. democratic debate trending not only here but across the country. many students watched at the miami-dade campus. some students saying hillary clinton an bernie sanders have changed their minds on the topic throughout tir campaign. sanders has done well with young voters. a portion of yesterday's crowd says they're still very undecided. >> i think hillary clinton she has some value, some actual good
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before i was very pro bernie. this debate has kind of opened up my eyes. >> one co@mment that all students seemed to like made by sanders was free state college tuition for everyone. republicans will take the stage at the university of miami cacaus. our team coverage continues with nbc 6 reporter michael spears. michael, people are saying a lot of things about what's expected. one of the big things they're saying is this potentiallyly could be a last sta for our hometown guy, senator marco rubio. >> reporter: that's right. marco rubio himself stressing he will fight until the end, eric, no matter what thenumbers say leading into the march 15th primary. tonight a huge night. republican debate, 12th republican debate here at the university of miami. the candidates are hoping to draw in those florida voters leading to the primary.
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stopped in hialeah speaking in spanish and english stressing he'll fight until the end. donald trump who heads into the last debate with a sizable lead. criticized rubio for not leading in his home state. trump intonight will be heated. rubio stopping by fiu. >> in terms o o things that have to do with personal stuff, at the end of the day, it's t something i'm entirely proud of. my kids were embarrassed it. if i had to do it again, i wouldn't. >> reporter: here live this morning, prey busy on campus behind us. final preparaons made for tonight's gop debate. for now, live in coral gables, nbc 6 news. >> michael, thank you for the update. our team coverage of decision 2016 c ctinues all day on nbc 6 and online as well.
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is talking withdemocratic national committee chairwoman debby wasserman schultz and later with the republican national committee chair. all morning we've been monitoring breaking news out of pennsylvania, a mass shooting outside a home in pittsburgh. it all started with a back yard party, and we just got a fresh update from nbc at the scene right now. take a look. >> police say eight people were shot during a barbecueoments before 11:00 outside of pittsburgh. five of those people dead, three wounded and being treated at city hospitals. as for leads, there are @ew. police say there are believed to be two gunmen who fired from different angles while these people were in this back yard. police say they tried to flee back into the house, most of them dying on the porch in the
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i'm joe holden, reporting in wilkinsburg for nbc news. stilllahead this morning, more flights coming in and out of ft. lauderdale. we'll tell you which airline is expanding and where you'll be able to go more easily. this morni one homestead student is accused of sexual battery and making threats. this morning miami-dade police
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nbc 6 reporter erika glover is live in homestead where a teenager is being charard with sexual battery and extortion. what are police saying he did.
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tell you the j!dge denied bomb for this homestead high school student because they have a warning because they say there could be more victims. they wantyou to take a second look at him. 18-year-old terry fenelon is now an accused sexual predator. the teen's alleged victims are between 15 and 16 years old. investigators say he threatened the teens and forced them to perform sex acts on them, alleging using the kik messenger app to demand nude photos. in the instances where the victims sent photos, he would threaten to share those pictures on facebook. wednesday his attorney argued why the teen should be able to bond out of jail. >> he's a predatorn these kids from the school, homestead senior high. he's threatening them, he's going to harm them and eir family if they don't perform
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>> reporter: the school district called this case extremely disturbing and released this statement saying the incident serves as a good reminder that parents need to monitor their social activity. miami-dade police say the crimes took place between november and december of last year, but that the teensust recently came forward to tell officials and school administtors. we'll tell you more about the multiple charges that this teen is f!shion. live in homestead, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> thank you so much. we will talk to you again at the bottom of the hour at 6:30 with more on that case. you heard a lotabout the zika virus and the dozens of travel related cases statewide and in fact internationally. now the nbc 6 investigators have been fielding calls from people concerned about that mosquito breeding grounds, where mosquitos breed and could be carrying the virus.
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we're talking about tires that could be upside down. tonightality 6:00 we'll tell you what to do if y y see abandoned tires, maybe your neighbor has a green swimming pool they're not taking care of. we'll tell you what you should do to prevent zika from spreading. >> . it's thursday morning, 6:15. hope your day is off to a good start. we had to fight through clouds on your morning drive on wednesday. today we'll hav more sunshine. still about 25 minutes or so. we have finding extra cloud cover ase head along the dolphin expressway. a lot or sunshine coming to play
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the bus stop, lower to mid 70s for the kids. as w w get through the next few hours, we'll break down the cloud deck and we'll g g back to full sunshine. we've got a really nice day aad, but contending with the breeze. when is the breeze going to shut down. i think it will take time likely into the weekend beforerthe winds start to chill out. breezy weather to finish off the workweek. that means a high rip current danger across the beaches and the southeast coast. with spring break on full swing, these dangerous rip currents that we have to spread the message on. slight chance of rain coming into play this weekend. i don't think it's going to be a great chance, we don't want you to changegeny plans with the rain chance. we'll talk about the timing in a moment. these readings are above average because of the ocean breeze. 72 in west kendall, wds sustained at 15 to 20 all night long. w we'll just ramp it up with gusts possible to 30 thi
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breezy conditions through the florida keys. 82 in marathon. i think the high today in the well. fifit alert weather, emphasis on brighter skies and a rapid warmup. 80 by the lunch hourur 82 the afternoon high. near the pool, not bad. stay away from the beaches because, again, rip current risk is very high. keep in mind the uv index very high as well. 82, mostly sunny, the breezeot days. first alert weather leading you into the end of the workweek and the weekend. saturday 82 then, sunday, 88 a slight chance for an afternoon shower. otherwise keeping temperatureses into the lower 80s for the weekend with lots of bright sunshine. back to first alert traffic with kelly blanco. >> we have a traffic alert out of broward county, a brand new cident. this is i-95 northbound. you see the flashing lights,
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pembroke foad to i-95 northbound. it doesn't seem to be affecting the local lanes. you have to squeeze by the entrance ramp which they have not clososd. this car about to go onto the left-hand side. i-95 northbound, pembroke road. let's take you up a ave and check out chopper 6 over i-9-9 where it meets the 836. traffic seems to be moving up to speed. the express lanes under a dollar at this time. no issues on i-95, state road 112. but we do have one construction alert still going on at 6:18. it just popped into our system, i-95 southbound right at the southwest 7th street brickell avenue exit. a right lane is blocked off because of emergency road work. >> kelly, thank you. police on the hunt for two people who targeted a 92-year-old woman in cooper city. new surveillance video you see approaching her. it seems like he asks her question. that is whennother person unzips her purse and swipes her
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the duo immediately went to a local best buy and used her credit card there. posted this video on our nbc 6 news and weather app so you can get a better idea of what they look like. if you can help police, call them. 6:19 now. public view innings for former first lady nancy reagan will continue today, lying in repose at the reagan presidential library in soututrn california. people have been stopping by to pay their respects over the last few days. her official funeral service will be tomorrow. she'll be buried right next to her husband outside theibrary in southern california. she died on sunday at her los angeles home of congestive heart failure. she was 94 years old when she passed. she was a polarizing person in her community for decades. stay tuned right here on nbc 6. an exclusive interview with patty davis, nancy reagan's daughter. she opens up to maria shriver about her mom and her legacy right after our newscast
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chipping it forward for morgan. what an absolutely spectacular al! 2-2 game for alex morgan! zblp incredible goal from soccer star alex morgan in a game against germany and boca raton. in case you missed it, here it is again. a player sets up morgan with a long pass. she lobs it to herself to get by the defender. the u.s. winning the game against germany 2-1. >> she makes it look so easy. the fact that sheobbed it to herself up over her opponent's head and smaed that thing in there, incredible. >> that's why she's a star. >> she's a star. that's some skill right there. 20 minutes past the hour. security concerns in brazil. what the country's leaders are doing to ease the minds of the tens of thousands of people that will be showing up in rio for the august olympic games.
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arrested for luring a venezuela removing the to diplomat it has in washington. that's because president obama renewed sanctions on some of the country's officials. last year they were accused of human rights violations and public corruption. all the people sanctioned were part of the branch of government responsible for cracking down on anti-government protests. those protests rocked that coununy. brazil ramping up security ahead of the 2016 summer olymic games. it's creeping up fast here. the brazilian government plans to have 85,000 security personnel on duty including forces. a lotf b bazilians have been taking the the streets in the last few days because of t political and economic unrest country. some groups have promised to be protesting during the ompic
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those displaced by olympic constructiti projects. more choices for you if you're flying out of ft. lauderdale. jetblue adding a new non-stop rouou trip flight to new orleans starting in september and several non-stop flights to nassau in the bahamas. to celebrate the expansion, jetblue offering a special fare of $49 between ft. lauderdale and new orleans if you travel during the first month of the new service. >> i i you have waited until now to put in your vacation requests, maybe now is a good time to do it. $49 is very good. >> it is 6:25 on your thursday. creeping ever so close to friday. a florida teacher arrested, and wait until you hear what she'g accused of doing in the classroom. it's one of tho stories that lickly will have you saying only in florida. >> roads turned into rivers and more rain on the way in the southeast. we'll show you brand new video that shows how bad the damage really is.
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another bright and breezy start to our morning. right now looking into the aaa area in downtown miami. a few clouds ub ap abe. the winds have not let go all night long. temperatures haven't moved. we're locked at 73. a warm, breezy forocast.
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chances all coming a major public traffic study has confjrmed our worst fears. every time miami beach holds a local trade or consumer show instead of a fly-in convention/ an additional 3,200 vehicles come barreling into toto. creating a mess on our roads. but independent experts say a new convention center hotel could fix this. . people could walk not drive to conventions. on march 15th, vote yes for a world class covention center
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right now the at 6:30. we continue to follow breaking news out of pittsburgh where five people were killed and three others hurt after gunmen opened fire at a back yard party. making your case, less than a week before the democratic primary the candidates took to the stage in south florida. many wondering if florida sesetor marco rubio will be able to win over his home state.
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these stories.s. we'll catch up with them in a few minutes. high school students in homestead will go to class this morning. one of their classmates stays in jail facing very serious charges. nbc reporter erika glover is atthe school where parents are being reminded of how dangerous social media can be. we'llalk about all that. right now we want a first check on your traffic and your weather together. so off we go outside. this is a live look over downtown miami. looking at the red boat we're waking up to a breeze in the air. for most people, that little bit of a breeze is something that's welcome for a lot of us. >> it's actually very refreshing, especially if you're awaw from the beach. we'll have more sunshine to go along wour breeze. the only hazard is for the beachgoers. you want a nice day in the surf, but another day with a high rip current risk. live first alert doppler the only live radar. miami-dade and browarcounty
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you can get to the live weather on our app at any time. everglades holiday park, a few mid level clouds out there. the sun coming up. you see the reflection down here in the water of th beautiful colors up above. winds not quite as strong inland. towards the beaches, a little more cloud ver. a few more clouds in miami-dade, everyone locked in at about 73. if you don't have much of a breeze just yet, you will as the day goes on. brighter skies this morning, first alert forecast, 72 this morning to 82 this afternoon. we'll talk about when the winds might shut down in a little bit. right now let's get to traffic with kelly blanco. >> hope your morninin is off to a good start. good news, if you'rere heading out thth door, we had a crash that on the on ramp blocked at i- and pembroke road. this is what's left of it. that ramp is now open. you can see traffic is getting by just fine on your northbound and no issues on that southbound lanes in broward county.
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what's going on with chopper 6. right now they're over the palmetto expressway where it needs the 836. traffic still moving up to speed. if you're headed out the door, no issues here. we have a couple of problems. nothing that's going to be too serious. let's take you to our maps, emergency road work, construction going on on i-95 right now southbound and southwest 7 kt street blocking the left lane. we had an earlier accident on 836 westbound at 87th avenue. no emergency crews on scene. this accident off to the shoulder and we're not seeing any delays because of it. enjoy your day. the latee quinnipiac poll shows senator bernie sanders has work to do here in flourd. >> sanders hoping the latest debate in miami will help boost those numbers. in the meantime, tonight republicans will get their chance on the south florida stage. >> we have team coverage this morning of decision 2016. nbc report michael spears is live on the university of miami
6:32 am
republicans are preparing. >> julia bagg breaking down last night's democratic debate. when the cameras were rolling, both these candidates had a lot to say. when the cameras stopped rolling, that didn't necessarily mean they stopped talking. still a lot to say here. >> certainly plenty to say, eric. both candidates really taking each other to the mat over immigration. keep in mind this happened in a forum airing in english and spanish live from miami-dade college's kendall campus. clinton took aim at sanders for repeatedly voting against the 2007 comprehensive immigration reform bill. sanders struck back at clinton for opposing a move to allow undocumented immrants to obtain driver's licenses. still for supporters of both candidates, the face-off was a welcome reprieve from republican slug fest that hit below the belt. >> what you saw is two people thth want to kind of not have two americas, they want one america where everyone has opportunity to live the american
6:33 am
>> i was glad to@ see a debate where the candidates were talking about issues, not body parts. >> sanders and clinton also touted their takes on where tuition should be free and how to help grads pay back college loans. with just five days left in the florida primary, we're watching to see in clin thereon remain the favorite or if sanders can pull off another upset. one moderator was blunt lala night when discussing the issue of trust and transparency, sparking high emotion from hillary clinton when he asked her about her e-mail controversy. take a look. >> there was no permission to be asked. it had been done by my predecessors. it was permitted. i didn't have to ask anyone. >> if you get indicted, will you drop out. >> oh goodness. that's not going to happen. i'm not even answering that question. >> there are many cuban americans who tuned in as it was also broadcast in spanish. they heard both candidates
6:34 am
government. the two agree with president obama's move to warm re lags with the country. >> i hope some day there will be leaders who are chosen by the cuban people, and i hope that democracy will be deeply rooted in cuban soil. >> i think we have got to end the embargo. i believe that we should move towards full and normalized political relations with cuba. i thi at the pd of the day it will be a good thing for the cuban people. >> as you know, this san important night for both candidates. it was the last chance for them to get in front of the national television audience and press their positions on the important issueshead of next week's primary here in florida which is less than a week away. >> i will be on that ballot on tuesday. i will campaign as lg and as hard as it takes. >> florida senator marco rubio certainly not going down without a fight. a lot of people saying the
6:35 am
stand in order to move forward here. there's a question mark there. our decision 2016 team coverage contitiues this morning with nbc 6 reporter michael spears live on university of miami campus. miccel, obviously a lot to be said here tonight for tonight's debate. a lot of these candidates or at least a couple of these candidates will beeeting with jeb bush. the question is exactly what they'll be talking about at tha meeting ahead of the debate. >> reporter: that's right, eric. jeb bush plans to meet with three of the four gop candidates, donald trump not one of them to no one's surprise. this comes as the gop candidates ready for tonighgh's debated here at university of miami. at this point it is not clear what exactly will be discussed, whether or not these meetings will lead to endorsement by the former governor who dropped out of the race following the south carolina primaries. we do know and we stress this in the weeks leading up to march 15th just how important florida's gop primary is. it's winner-takes-all which
6:36 am
quite busy in our state. tonight's gop debate could be a deciding factor for many factors, not even here in south florida, but across florida. rubio has been criticized by front-rner donald trump for lagging behind in the polls. he made stops in hialeah, also fiu where he said in an msnbc town hall meeting he once entirely proud of personal attacks he recently made against trump. >> marco rubio is experiencing his near @death. the question is is it near death and is this bottom and comes back in florida and moves on. >> reporter: we'll see how tonight goes. we know how heated these gop debates can be. with the florida primary only five days away, we'll know whether or not rubio continues. he's stressing he will fight until the very end. as far as tonight's debate, it begins at 8:30. live in coral gables, michael spears, nbc 6 news.
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candidates are doing in florida right now. donald trump leading marco rubio in the sunshine state 45% to 22%. according to a new quinnipiac po ted cruz has 18% to john kasich's 8%. our team coverage of the republican debate starts at 5:00 with anchor jackie nespral.. political reporter steve litz and marissa bag all live on the university of miami k578 pus. every morning we add social media to had depth to our stories. some people are using digital resources like social media for a much more sinister reason. nbc 6 reporter erika glover is live in homestead where a high school student is facing serious charges for allegedly threatening to use social media in what's being described as a wicked way directly against his classmates. >> reporter: that's right, eric. good morning. i can tell you the 18-year-old facing multiple charges is a student here at homestead senior high school.
6:38 am
officers are warning that there could be more victims. they say t crimes went on last year from november to december and that the girls finally told police d school administrators recently. the school district calls the case extremely disturbing and released this statement saying the incident serves as a good reminder that parents need to monitor theirchildren's social meepd yeah activity and warn them of negative consequences when it is used improperly. terry fenelon is a homestead senior high school student and his alleged victims are between 15 and 16 years old. investigators say he threatened teenagers and forced $them to perform sex acts on them. fenelon allegedly used the kik messenger app to contact his victims using the name dre and demanded nudephotos. in the instances where he would threaten to use the photos on facebook unless he got his way.
6:39 am
why he should be able to bond out of jail. >> he's a predator on these kids at homestead senior high, threatening them. he's going to harm them and their family if they don't perform sexual acts and send nude photos. >> reporter: fenelon faces multiple chargesd of sexual battery by coercion and allegedlyhreatening the victims. officials say there could be more victims. if you have any information regarding this case, you are asked to call miami-dade police. for now, live in homestead, erika glover, nbc 6 news. breaking overnight, a back yard party turns deadly in pennsylvania. several are dead, others injured. we'll hear from witnesses in just a bit. a community breathing a sigh of relief after an alleged serial groper is caught. the big 6 stories you need to know before you head out the door. we have new details about a
6:40 am
and assault a 5-year-old little girl. why he may be linked to an unsolved murder mystery. temperatures into the lower 70s. even though some of you with more cloud cover than others, i think it turns out to be a fairly bright day. brighter skies for the morning drive. a breezy drive home. temperatures at 80. no ponies on the road. that's a nice start to our morning. a quick check on traffic with kelly. >> no ponies. nothing actually. no accidents either on i-75, pines vul vard to palmetto expressway, a nine-minute drive. 826 from the big curve to the okeechobee drive, eight minutes traffic moving around 29 miles per hour around miami lakes drive.
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do we have any o weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in part by mcdonald's.
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mcdonald's mccafe coffee. mcdonald's. i'm lovin' it. >> first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> coming up on 6:45. dry conditions. despite the cloud cover that's moving in for some of you, skies briefly looking kind of gloomy. no rain in sight. free and clclar of any wet weather. we'll give live first alert doppler a break before rain chances sneak back in the forecast. off to the clouds now, a liv look over m.i.a. an the dolphin expressway in the foreground. looking into the skies with passing clouds overnight. our first alert camera into miami-dade county. let's check that and see what's going on out there.0 we've got traffic moving along just fine with dry conditions. kelly will be along with a look at the roads in a moment. poem know beach, the winds have not come down all night long. sustained at around 20. gusting to near 30. that will be commonplace towards
6:45 am
miles per hour winds to greet you. our temperatures just stuck, flat-out stuck into the lower 70s. 72 to 7474 this morning. 74 specifically in pompano. 73 in miami and ft. lauderdale. 72 homestead and florida city. not much has changed in the last 24 hours. high pressure further to the east, keeping us dry and breezy. it's all locked in here across the western gulfoast and into the lower mississippi valley, all the wet weather heading into the great lakes and the ohio valley, not into south florida. for the next fewdays that ridge remains strong. that means we stray dry. however, we remain breezy for the next few days. it's probably sunday that we may see more moisture returning, some shower chances ba in our local forecast. there are low clouds out west, everglades holiday park camera in the background.
6:46 am
morning, dry, breezy. first alert forecast at 72. 80 for your lunch hour. another day where we emphasize dangerous rip current risks on our beaches with wind gusts near the beach at about 30 miles per hour. here is what we're lookiki at leading into your weekend. we finish the workweek with bride skies and warm readings, 82. up to on saturday. by sunday afternoon a chance of afternoon showers. big event sunday in little havana. we'll keep temperatues into the lower 80s. saturday into sunday we spring forward, we lose an hour of sleep. we see more sunshine shifting than into the evening hours. overall weekend forecast looking good. an isolated shower sunday afternoon. let's see how the morning drive is shaping up. here is kelly blanco with more. >> moving slowly but we're moving. accident-free in both miami-dade and broward county. good news as you're making your weigh out the door. things are looking nice andd
6:47 am
station. this is i-75 around m mamar parkway. space coast camera giving us a look at your northboundnd and southbound lanes. no issues in broward. let's change sources and take you over to a busy i-95. this is right near the golden glades interchange, camera at i-95 and u.s. 441. let's take you up above and see t delays we're spotting. the delays on southbound at ivev dare ri road, express lanes $3.00 at this time. if you're heading out the door and running late, you haveto pay $3.00 for those express lanes. you can follow me @kellynbc6. i'll be posting updates all morning long. in pennsylvania five people dead, three more hurt aftft a shooting at a neighborhood outside pittsburgh. >> pretty brutal here. all this happened during a back yard party last night, about 11:00 in teaching. four victims found dead on the back porch. the fifth victim died at the hospital.
6:48 am
you're looking at the house right there right in the center of your screen. we want to call your attention to the back yard. the gunmen came from either side, converged on the back yard fire. well. what we know so far, breaking it down very quickly here. multiple gunmen, multiple people broke into this back yard party, opened fire, ambush-style ak attack. investigators are saying right nou ballistic evidence is show involved. that's what they think so far early on. when the partygoers heard the shots being fired, it appears they tried to run inside the home. witnesses say everybody at the party in shock. >> this street is always quiet. nothing but kids on this street. to see that it's probably shocking to everyone else up here. i'm shaking. it's pretty bad. >> any time you're dealing with kind of thing described as an ambush-style attack. you know they were taken were
6:49 am
right now police are still looking for the two gunmen. as for the three victims hurt, two remain in critical condition while the third victim is in stable condition. police still trying to figure out a motive behind all this. we're getting updates in the newsroom and we'll keep you updated on air and in the nbc 6 news and weather app. a mother thinks this man might have killed her son. we told you about him earlier this week, he was accused of sexually abusing girl, luring her with candy. he was once suspected of k kling latara randall who was shot to death by two masked men while golfing with a cousin five years ago. that murder caseis still open. the family shoeping mayweather's latest arrest will be another
6:50 am
her son's case. >> we're trying to believe that they will eventually do what needs to be done, that we'll get the result we should. >> randall's photo hangs on the wall of his family's barber shop. it's a reminder of his unsolved case. >> nine minutes to the top of the hour. nine firefighters recovering after a huge explosion leveled a couple buildldgs in seattle. take a look at this debris field in this video. we brought you this story as breaking news yesterday morning. look at the results. according to officials, thesese firefighters were responding to a report of a natural gas leak. that large explosion happened. the blast sent debris across a huge area, windows shatterinas far as two blocks away so you can have tpe idea of the magnitude of the blast. all nine firefighters are in the spital with cuts, bruises and burns. new video of flooding in louisiana taken by a drone.
6:51 am
that has hit the pelican state. you can key people breaking out kayaks and canoes. the national guard has been called out to help residents evacuate as the water continues to rise. some people are already forced from their homes following that flood. torrential rains dumping more thanan foot of water on the area near shreveport, expecting even more. crews are worried the waters could overflow causing more damage. alredy three people have been killed as entire subdivisions have been swallowed up by rising water. a big name from the boxing world on hand for a huge gun yback announcement. his name is riddick bowe. he'll be part of a news conference talking about how to make their communities safe by getting rid of illegal and unwanted guns. the buyback will happen this saturday at jordan grove missionary baptist church. as i memeioned, no questions
6:52 am
you will get, though, inin return a gift certificice that will range between 50 and $100 for turning that in. this morning a substitute teacher is behind bars. police say she showed up drunk to teach the class that she was a substitute for. she's 52 years old. you're looking at her here. her name is holly joel. he is facing a number of charges including disorderly intks case. a school secretary and another staffer at the school got a little suspicious of joel while she was supervising a class of second grade students in sanford. school staff say she was struggling just to stand up inside the classroom. they say she was unable to answer what day of the week it was. police say when they caught up with joel, she had a bottle filled with pink-colored booze. they're not saying what was in that bottle. >> now the big six stories you need to know. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off at miami-dade
6:53 am
the candidates spoke about a range of topics including immigration, a big topic for cuban american voters across south florida. in the latest quinnipiac poll, clinton leading branches among democratic primary voters. >> reporter: a big day ahead at the university of miami campus where the 12th gop debate will take place tonight, hoping the draw voters ahead of the march 15th primary, a huge one, winner-takes-all. we'll have comprehensive coverage on nbc 6 and of course our nbc 6 news and weather app. a a shooting outside a neighborhood in pittsburgh leaves five dead, three injured. police say shooters barged into the party, went into the back yard, opened fire and opened re in an ambush style attack. the three injured are in the hospital this morning. an 18-year-old aceused of
6:54 am
police say he used the app kik to demand nude photos from homestead scene senior high and he threatened to share them on social media unless he got his way. coral gables police say they caught the woman groping women. 22-year-old rodolfo col torres. the two victims report the suspect also tloour rocks at them. public viewing for former first lady nancy reagan continue today. on "today" an exclusive interview with her daughter patty davis. good morning, south florida. hope your morning is off to a good start. if you're headed out the door, we are not seeing any problems except for your typical morning tie-ups. we are accident-free in miami-dade and broward county. from pines boulevard to the palmetto expressway, you have a nine-minute ride ahead of you. of course, seeing those typical
6:55 am
the big curve to okeechobee road. traffic moving slowly at around 19 miles per hour around the area of miami lakes drive. right now on i-95, last time chopper 6 was over the golden glades, $ .3.00, they just changed to $3.50. skies becoming mostly sunny. extra cloud cover this morning. sun is up and i think we've got a nice day ahead with the exception of the breezez bus stop lower to mid 70s. cloud deck thinning out a touch. oking back towards the freedom tower and a from our royal caribbean camera. here is what i want you to take away, the onshore breeze leading the dangerous rip currents on our atlantic beaches. stay out of the surf. i think we see more ofit today, rain.
6:56 am
73 degrees in oakland park, ft. lauderdale and miami. up to 82 today. we'll keep it dry but breezy. that's how we end the workweek. we get into the weekend, mostly sunny skies, a slight chance for an aftftnoon shower on sunday. low 80s pour the next several days. >> nice to have that breeze blowing around a little bit. >> it helps. >> ponchos at kai
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
good morning. breaking news. gun men open fire in an ambush style attack in a backyard party in pittsburgh. right to the point. hillary clinton faces a tough questions about her eail controversy during last night's heated presidential debate. >> if you hadeen indicted. >> i'm not answering that
7:00 am
donald trump ss he is going for the knockout in winner take all primary in florida and ohio. catastrophic, historic flooding leads to at least three deaths, thousands of power outages and more evacuations across the south. nearly 30 million people facing a new threat today. and a group of women brawl in the aisles durin a cross country flight. police greet them as they arrive los angeles to the delight of fellow passengers. >> this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1 a. >> welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. we have balloons out there.


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