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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  March 10, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EST

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>> thank you for joining us. we're keeping tabs on all the candidates ahead of florida's primary come next week. reporr michael spears is live in miami bea where clinton is making an off the record stop. >> we join julia bagg live in the studio. >> florida taking the national spotlight tonight. it's the republicans getting ready to rumble. >> the final four are headed for a showdown at the universrsy of miami tonight. the gop debate in coral gables could be marco rubio's last stand. >> it's going to come down to florida for me. we need to win here. >> meanwhile, local democrats are still growing from a contest they see as more presidential than what is expected tonight. >> i was glad to see a debate where candidates are talking about issues, not dy parts. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders tanglgl over health care, college tuition and immigration. one issue where they ultimately agreed.
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our country, i do not want to see them deported. i want to see them on a path to citizenship. >> i would not deport children who are from the united states of america. >> can you promise not to deport immigrants who do not have a criminal record? >> i can make that promise. >> what you saw is two people is not to have two americas. they want to have one america. one america where everyone has the opportunity to live the american dream. >> democratic presidential hopefuls took aim at donald trump who is so comfortable with his florida lead, he's campaigning in north carolina. >> i think what he has promoted is not at all in keeping with americacavalues. >> i think that the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mexicans, who insults muslims, who insults women, who insults african-americans.
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the moderator probed her about it point blank. >> if you get indicted, will you -- >> oh, my goodness. that's not going to haen. i'm not answering thaha question. >> the republican candidates will say that they each deserve all of the 99 delegates in a winner take allstate. the next big endorse many in the republican race could come from jeb bubuh. he is expected to meet individually with ted cruz and john kasich. bush has yet to endorse anyone since dropping out of the race for the white house altogether. that was last month. ted cruz already has the nod from another former presidential candidate. that being carly fiorina. >> let's take you live to gainesville where bernie sanders
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university of florida fresh off his debate here in south florida with hillary clinton last night. he's set to speak to his most important voting block, young people. >> we find michael spears at miami beach. i know you just met with hillary clinton and you are being busted over to another location. >> hillary clinton held a surprise stop at the fountainbleau. we had a chance to be there with a bunch of national sporters. she stopped by the fountainbleau to meet the staff at the hotel. she took a bunch of selfies to mingle with them. she was joined by the mayor, phillip levine. one of things she said she's ddinitely familiar with the hotel. her first stop was in 1968. but driving home the message to
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to rally people, to come vote. both the republican and democratic primaries are five days ahere in florida. we're talking all week how big the election is and how important it is. people are very excited to meet her. there were a lot of cheers and we spoke to one gentleman, a chef at the hotel, after meeting her, a done deal. she is heading up to tampa for a rally. we're putting together some more videos. we're live on the charter bus in michael spears. let's take a look at where the candidates are standing as of right now. break it down by the numbers here. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders 62 to 32%. on the republican sidehe latest quinnipiac university
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marco rubio in the sunshine state. ted cruz has 18%. john kasich 8%. so far, nearly half a million people have voted early in florida. another 985,000 have return their absentee ballots. you could also see the breakdown of republican and democratic voters right here on your screen. team coverage continues all afternoon long on nbc 6. this afternoon, jackie nespral is speaking with debbie schwartz, the democratic chair. we bring you in-depth team coverage ahead of tonight's republican debate. we're following some breaking news out of erfield beach this time. deerfield beach mayor gene rob
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allegedly misusing her position. there's probable cause that she accepted a prohibited gift and received unauthorized compensation. she received $1,000 to two charities of her choice from the ownererf a luxury car dealership in exchange for favors. she also allegedly used her position for benefits for her church and pastor. a coup of minutes ago, the fbi went into the opa-locka regional service center. chopper 6 is up over the areaas the agents went inside and came out carrying some boxes. we have a crew at that building right now gathering information, asking questions to investigators, trying to figure in the boxes. we'll bring you an update as soon as we can and on the air and using our nbc 6 news and weather app. we'll give that information as soon as we have it. > students back at school reacting to a classmates arrest.
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forcing them to perform sex acts or he would release new photos of them. we're at the jail. parents and students have a lot to say about what happened here. >> reporter: the teenager is behind bars earlier this morning and we stopped by holm stead high school. students heading to the high school are glued to their phones and very aware of the situation involving one of their peers. >> when you take a picture, you know -- you don't know where it's going to end up up. >> it shouldn't be done. it's not fair to anyone. it's not that girl's body -- she shouldn't be able to forced to
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>> investigators say his alleged victms are 15 and 16-year-olds. >> he's a predator on these kids from th school. homestead senior high. threatening the he's going to harm them and their fami if they don't perform sexual acts and send nude photos. >> reporter: he used a kik app, demanding nude photos. when the victim would send them, he threatened to put them on facebook if they didn't do the thing he wanted. the teen now faces multiple charges of sexual battery by coercion and for allegedly threatening the viviims. >> the school district called this case extremely disturbing. adding in a statement, this incident serves as a good reminder that parents need to monitor their children's social
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negative consequences when it's used improperly. >> reprter: officials believe there could potentially be more victims involved in this cas they are asking anyone with information to call miami-dade police. we're live in miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. the man police say has been groping women in coral gables is finally behind bar. this is rodolfo kol torres. police say two victims also said that col-torres threw rocks at them. a faaly homeless after their home went up in flames in hialeah. five people were evacuated from the house. luckily no one was hurt zblxt a big name from the boxing world is doing his part to knock out guns out of the street of south florida. >> rid dick bowe spoke about how
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>> ari odzer is live in liberty city. >> translator: it returns out riddick bowe is a man of few words. he dmon issued -- admonished everyone in s suth florida to stop. he was part of a big gun buy event that is held on the church on saturday. it's being led by reveren jerome starling. he's a veteran of the anti violence movement ever since his niece was killed by a stray bullet 19 years old. >> we need you guys to turn in guys. need the community from all over miami-dade to show up and shell out. because too many young people have been shot and killed by senseless gun violence.
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going to be held here where i'm standing at the jordan grove missionary baptist church. we are at 12th avenue northwest and 59th street in the heart of liberty city. this is going to be saturday from 10:00 to 1:00, and they are going to be giving out $50 and $100 gift cards. $100 if the gun actually works. these will be visa gift cards. last year, they collected more than 600 guns. they are hoping to do a lot better thisear with all the community outrage due to the shootings happening in this area. next for you this midday, and ironically coming out of what we were just talking about with ari, talki about this next story and th is a gunman who is on the run. an ambush turned a barbecue into a blood bath. killed five people. more on who survived this midday. a wild fight in the middle
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what caused a group of women to start throwowg punches. the nation's first uterus transplant takes a heart breaking rn. we approach midday in abundance of sunshine. full sunshine up and down the beaches but the wind still a big problem leading into the midday urs. sustain winds between 20 and 25 miles per hour. that i certainly rather rough here for the surf zone. upper 70s, lower 80s. a bright warm day, with the wind
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we'll talk about when they may served with sirloin steak. saut\ fresh zucchini, squash and tomatoes. it's sure to be a family favorite. visit for great recipes. delicious is always served fresh om florida. so that is not exactly what you want to see when you are trying to get off of a plane. an all-out brawl on a flight that just landed in los angeles. you just want everybody off that plane. spirit airlines said the two women who appeared to be drunk when the plane landed. were playing loud music from a boom box they had on them. the fightt broke out when other passengers asked them to turn e music down. >> they were throwing serious punches.
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to be honest, i felt like alcohol was definitely involved. somebody has to step in at that point before somebody seriously gets hurt. >> all right. so police removed everybody involved in that fight, but in the end, no one was charge for what happened on that plane. a tragedy in pennsylvania to talk about this midday. five people were killed, three otherswounded in a shooting at a house party just near pittsburgh. it happened very late last night and now police are looking for the two gunmen who they say carried out this attack. >> reporter: this is the backyard in wilkinsburg where police say eight people were shot last night. five died. three people are still alive and clinging to life at the hospital. it happened about 11:00 last night in wilkinsburg. franklin avenue is where the home actually sits but it's the alley, hazelway where they believe one of the gunmen was standing when he started opening
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the other group was in another backyard and started firing as well. four people died at the home. one at the hospital. the medical examiner has not released any of the names of the victim and police don't have a motive and they are looking for the public's help if trying to find what they believe are two gunmen who opene fire here on this backyard. this morning, we have an update on the first uterus transplant performed here in the united states. unfornately, that transplant has failed. doctors had to remove the donor uterus from lindsay, the experimental patient. you remember just earlier this week, a news conference was held to talk aboutut the seemingly successful procedure. so far, the procedure has been done nine times in sweden, with five successful preg yancys. you've heard a lot about the zika virus and the dozens of travel-related cases statewide buttnow we know one person contracted it through sexual contact. the first case here in florida.
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been fielding calls from people concerned about mosquito breeding grounds and what they can do about this. tonight at 6:00 we're going to show you what you can do when you see abandoned tires or swimming pools where mosquitos could be breeding. interests a lot of standing -- there's a lot of standing water in luisiana after 3 more inches of rain fell last night. take a look at the flooding there. nearly 4,000 homes have been evacuated evacuated. three peoplpl have drowned in oklahoma. what's worse is that the rain might not end until tomorrow afternoon and you guys looking at some of these pictures, it sort of reminds me of south carolina not very long ago. they dealt with the same thing. that rainiterally fell so fast, there wasn't anything they could do. >> and they are getting even more rain.
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we are eecting more rain there and so those -- the water levels now will only continue to rise. certainly a dangerous situation there and will be a costly one as well. it ininresting the contrast because here in south florida, bright sunshine, no rain in sight. it's not too far away, though, that w've got a ton of rain. i'll show it to you in a few minutes. looking good out here. bright, sunny and dry forecast for the next few days. then we get into some changes as we get into the weekend. hopefully some positive changes especicily when it comes to the very strong breeze we've been experiencing. here's our first alertamera looking back into the baysyse and aaa area. if you stay with us a second, you see it bounce around. it's a tough go out there with wind gusts between 30 and 35 miles per hour. here's the concern. th bright sunshine, it's filling
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for the folks on vacation to get out on the sun for sun, staw identity of the -- stay out of the surf. 81 degrees now despite the strong winds off the atlantic southeasterly. bright sunshine. only fair weather clouds developing here across the atlantic waters and overhead across south florida, down through the keys. we'll say mostly sunny skies through theafternoon. 81 as i mentioned in ft. lauderdale as well as opa-locka. we're at 80 in pembroke pines: 78 in pompano beach and marathon. wind gusts now at 30 miles per hour even since last hour. pompano beach, pembroke pines, ft. lauderdale. we've had wind gusts 30 to 35 across miami-dade county as well. the winds continue. high pressure still keeping us dry.
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to eric and sheli about. high pressure across the western atlantic keeping us breezy and dry. high pressure across the gulf coast states keeping it very well. that stream of moisture from louisiana and arkansas, it extends all the way up to the great lakes. notice this arc here. that holds pretty strong for the next 24 to 48 hours. so keep the moisture heading off to our north. we stay dry,breezy. maybe by the time we get to the weekend, we start to see the winds relaxing just a touch. in the meantime, a warm dry, but very windy if not breezy pattern. the wind gusts, 82 today. dry on the drive home. rip current risk over 30 today. high temperatures on the wer at 79. down to 72. still breezien 0 the beach tonight and staying dry. we move into the next fewdays.
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touch leading into the weekend. 82 on saturday, and sunday. sunday, ahower chance maybe in the afternoon hours. other than that, pretty decen weekend stacking up. don't forget, it's this weekend daylight savings time kicks in and we move the clocks one hour saturday night into sunday morning. sheli, eric. thank you so much. moms, dads, y y are going to want to hear this. e next installment of diary of a wimpy kid has an official release day. >> it's produced two megafilms. the book will hit stories november 1st. we do know that the title character, greg hefling discovers what makes him unique. there have been 165 million copies sold world wide. anything that gets yo kids
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we've got some breaking news that we want to update you very quickly. this is a staple from the miami heat's chris bosh. i know there have been many questions regarding my health and when i will play again.
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been life-threatening. i'm feeling great and currently i do not have deep vein thrombosis. together with the miami heat i'm working with doctors exploring the best precautionary treatment options and taking every necessary step to make sure i'm healthy for myself, my family, and my team. so that is very good news there from chris bosh. >> that's awesome. >> tomorrow, eric and i w wl be living on the edge by going over the edge off of a ftlauderdale hotel. it's all for a good cause. gilda's cl. cancer. we hope to be here on monday. >> hopefully.
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the voice coach, gwen stephanie and blake shelton, continue.
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>> doesn't blake look great on@ the cover of that single of that album. that's blake's latest single,s his first since his break up with miranda lambert. the song is "came heretofore get." did you catch that line? girl getting over him and i'm getting her. the eyes have made it. ain't got to say a word. misery loves company. gwen admitted that her single "make me love you" is about blake e well. i love them both. speaking of loving love, bradley cooper, renashayk are putting to rest the rumor that they have split up.


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