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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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different ton on stage last night. >> the candidates still attacking but the issues and not each other. good morning on this friday morning. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. it's one minute past the hour on this friday, march 11th. we have a complete breakdown of the debate. brand new interviews this morning from the spin room from right after those cmeras were turned off. >> nbc 6 meteorologist erika delgado is here with a look at the fgrecast. >> we finally made it. rain-free on this friday morning. live first alert radar looking pretty quiet. this is good news as we head out e door this early in the morning. taking a look at conditions from ft. lauderdale into key west. dealing with just a few clouds. as you can see mostlyloudy in ft. lauderdale right now. a few clouds in miami and we're waking up to mostly clear skies down into the middle and lower keys. milstart as you can see. it is a breezy start to the day. looking like the breezy conditions will stick around for
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why are we dealing with clouds across the area? we'll look at the moisture over the gulf of mexico creeping into weekend goes on. in the meantime we're expecting a nice start to our weekend. that goes for friday aswell. first alert forecast reaching the 80 degreemark. let's take a look at the friday roads. here is your first alert traffic report with kelly blanco. >> as you make your way out the door in miami-dade, i have good news and bad news. we have a traffic alert blocking those express lanes. i know this is bad, but it looked worse about five minutes ago. if you're headed out the door, hopefully this clears in the next few minutes. this is i-95 southbound approaching state road 112. you still see the flashing lights off to the side of those express lanes. off. that's cleared out of the way. this is that one traffic alert. the good news, 836 drivers
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avenue, we had a crash with injuries blocking two lanes. also more problems on the dolphin expressway making your way eastbound before northwest 45th avenue. a left lane was completely blocked off. these two accidents on the up. you have nothing to worry about in broward countyty and in miami-dade just the one accident on i-95 southbound. just about 6:03 on your friday morning. the gop takes the stage, but this debate for the most part was very unlike the others, at least to this point. >> the candidates were on the attack, but over policies out. studio. a different approach this time from debates past. >> a lot more decorum. i think everybody was happy to see that, even the republicans. this morning each candidate's team trying to make the case for their man in the last four days heading up to the florida primary. that'u what's happening with what we're hearing. three of the four final
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other destinations like st. louis and chicago and other states, also voting on march 14th. marco rubio is sticking to his home state to keep it frfr becoming his last stand. meanwhile ohio governor john kasich is heading to his home for him. this morning, his national spokesman is applauding the buckeye state governor for his performance hnd his example in miami. >> i don't think anybody scored any knockout punches. it seses like the other three candidates learned from john kasich when you're running for president, you have to act like a president. >> a big chunk of delegates supp for grabs next tuesday. 367 in all. remember, florida is a winner-take-allstate. dealing with radical islam was alsoson issue. donald trump said in the past
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listen to how candidates reacted. >> i will tell you there's something going on that maybe you don't know about and maybe a lot of other people don't know about but there's tremendous hatred. >> i think you can be correct without needing to be politically correct. we will have to work with eem in the muslim face as islam itself faces a seer use crisis within it. the answer is not to yell china bad, muslims bad. you've got to understand the nature of the threats we're facing. >> nbc 6 is everywhere. our coverage of the gop debate. you're looking at a little piece of it ere, taking it across the university of mii campus where students were watching. a lot of these students were hoping the finally make up their for. some already stumping for gop front-runner donald trump. outside the event, it was a differentcene with protesters boulevard.
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care, childl all these issues that the working class people, that are important to us, those are the issues that we want them to focus on. >> so no matter who the students choose to vote for, the organizers of the watch party say they're happy that they're watching because they want the younger generation to also be involved with this election. that, mind you, is what's going to make it very interesting come that final vote. >> on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders expected to be in three states today. north carolina, ohio and illinois. as for hillary clinton, she'll spend part of her day attending nancy reagan's funeral. yesterday clinton surprised staff at the fountain blue in miami bch. sanders attended a rally in tampa, kissimmee, gainesville. we'll have a live report from wad in the next ten minutes. nbc 6 getting an update from police. while you were sleeping
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own ir taking matters into her own hands. she got an alert on her cell phone there was an intruder in her house. police say the 54-year-old woman was using her surveillance vis tell when she got an alert on her phone. she went home and found a 17-year-old boy running out the back door of her house at northwest 19th avenue near 72nd street yesterday afafrnoon. the homeowner pulled a gun on that burglar. he died at the hospital. you can catch the full report from erika glover in our next half hour. in opa-locka taxpayers dancing in the street. crowd gathered when fbi agents raid city hall. this morning those agents looking for more potential corruption and victims. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live in opa-locka. michael, no one seems to be surprised here. former ziti leaders say this is long overdue. >> reporter: not at all, sheli. the tax parps we spoke with see
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a federal public corruption investigation that could lead to sweeping changes here at city all. this morning fbi can tell you we'll have menplenty of evidence to dig into. you can see video from chopper 6. you'll see here fbi agents raiding city hall and carrying out box after box of apparent evidence. we'veeeen working to confirm evidence in this investigation. up until now the fbi has been tight lipped about the specifics.% we also know the newly appointed city manager steve shriver was ousted after exposing the city was millions in dead. taxpayers are damages. they rejoice as the raid was carried out. we spoke to them and also that former city commissioner. >> we don't carwho they are, we want them to go to jail. >> at this point the fbi said no one has been arrested.
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mayor, mira taylor as she left. she left right after this raid began. we weren't able to get a kmont from her. coming up at 6:30, you'll hear from the ousted city manager about what he's saying about thehe city's finance system. we'll play it for you in the xt half hour. live in opa-locka, michael spears, nbc 6 news. michael, thank you so much. we'll talk to you again at 6:30. heavyweights stepping out of the ring to help get guns o south florida streets. we'll see how a violent sport is actually look 20g make some peace. springing forward can leave a lot of people lagging behind on monday.
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that hourur welcome back.
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across south florida today. >> last night was much better than debates in the past. tracie potts live in wrd. a key endorsement expected to come today.
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the >> reporter: a moment of civility in what continues to be a tense race. now the democrats are following them, too. usy day for bernie sanders, starts out in north carolina, ends up in illinois with a stop in ohio. ohio is where hillary clinton is hoping to make her midwest comeback after that devastating loss in michigan. live in washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. later today we will be streaming live as ben carson officially endorses donald trump.
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page,, or on the nbc 6 news and weather app. following breaking news overnight, this time out of berlin. that's where a 23-year-old is in custody after falsely claiming to have a bomb inside his suitcase. police say it all started when this guy was turned away at the tour door of the u.s. embassy. he got upset about at, he got violent and said he had a bomb in his suitcase. a police robot brought in to open up the bag and look in it. they only found personal items, clothes and other things. police did continue to say ere is, quote, many indications he is psychologgally disturbed. all right, south florida, 6:15.
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dealing with a few clouds, but right now mostly clear skies. that will be the trend on and off as the day goes on, especially with that breezy east-southeast wind. this is a look outside our first alert camera. that's the american airlines arena. mostly clear. conditions. morning. our live first alert radar quiet across much of ft. lauderdale down into miami-dade county. we're also waking up to mild temperatures, 72 in the miami area as well as ft. lauderdale. 71 in kendall, closer to average, more seasonable outside our viewing area. nanaes up and down the gulf coast. we're dealing with a few clouds. the majority ofhe clouds now over the guks. for us things looking g gd so far. we're waking up to quiet conditions. for your first alert trafficforecast temperatures into the mid to lower 80s under breezy
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risk of rip currents along the plik atlantic beaches. down into the keys we're expecting mostly sunny skies, breezy again with the wind out of e east-southeast allowing temperatures to warm right back up into the mid to lower 80s this afternoon. our zoomed-outlook, high pressure has been anchored off the carolina coast the past few days. now it is beginning to weaken, pushing further and further int the atlantic waters allowing for this moisture to creep back into our sunshine state. we'll see that overnight tonight tonight and especially into this weekend. the dry air, for our friends in the bahamas, things looking nini. all the moisture over the gulf of mexico will leave us a mix of sun and clouds this weekend, especially sunday into monday. breezy conditions, one rip current risk, two, marine conditions. we are expecting the uv index to be on the higher end of the
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sunscreen handy, low 80s, isolated showers nday and monday, isolateed at bes at calle ocho, keep hydrated. it will be warm. we hope to see you out there. we will be there all weekend long. here is first alert traffic reporter kelly blanco. >> hope your morning is off to a good start. 826 on-ramp to 36th street is complety block add off due to a crash. let's change sources where we also had a crash on i-95 southbound, and i showed you this camera about t%n minutes ago. it definitely looks a lot worse. happy to report that accident is finally off to the shoulder, not bot@hering you any longer. the southbound lanes looking good. northwest 54th street, the express lanes have opened back up. let's change the camera and show you we do have a broken down car. this is 395 eastbound. you see the broken down truck blocking the entrance ramp around the area of parrot jungle trail.
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normal and westbound lanes leaving the miami beach area towards the mainland is fine. a brand new accident on the palmetto expressway around the area of northwest 103rd street blocking a couple lanes. direction is still unknown. i'm going to make some phone calls for you. as soon as i get that information, i'll send out a push alert so you can avoid that area. the parents of a baby tossed into a dumpster by a funeral home. this happened back in 2014 when a homeless person foun the body in the garbage bin. the baby was eventlly laid to rest. a local boxing gym stepping into the ring to get guns off the streets. the plan is to give $100 gift cards for each working gun they turn in. the heavyweight factory gym donating $100,000 for the
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you can bring the gun no questions asked. they take it from you. police s s every gun they get off the streets has a tangible impact on reducing gun violence. your time is 19 minutes past the hour. the cdc is pressing congress for soremone money to fight the zika virus. more than 200 cases reported in united states so far with several in south florida, all of them picking up the virus while traveling abroad. the cdc is asking for $2 billion to fight the virus in latin mayor canned help it from preventing it more -- in puerto rico the virus is spreading quickly. there is growing evidence that t zika could be linked to birth defects in newborns. s s consider this. this is your heads-up. if you set your coffee pot on monday morning so you wake up and your coffee is ready, donot forget we're going going to spring ahead over the weekend. if you don't set that clock, your day on monday is going to
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>> we lose an hour of sleep. losing an hour of sleep will lead to a lot of grumpy people. chronic sleep deprivation can raise the risk of much more dangerous things. doctors say the solution makak sleep a bigger priority. sleep experts recommend adults get seven to nine hours of good quality shut eye each night. >> don't wake up grumpy. then you show up to work grumpy and everybody else is grumpy. >> even if you don't get seven to nine hours of sleep -- >> even if you only get four. 6:21 on your friday morning miami heat star talks about his health. what the big man had to say about a possible return to the courts. mother says she stumbled
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cvs laying out a plan to debt you to stop smoking. >> the chain will spend $50 million over five years to make what they call the first tobacco-free generation of americans. the push comess more than a year after cvs stops selling cigarettes. more than two dozen blocks blocked off for calle ocho. while the food is most definitely a highlight, the i can wanis club says it's about supporting the hispanic community across the united states. nbc 6 will be there. good news for heat fans. forward chris bosh may return this season. bosh says he does not have a serious blood clot. in a statement bosh said, quote, together with the miami heat i am working with docto exploring the best precautionary
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sure i'm healthy for myself, my family and my tem. he also says he continues to remain positive he will return this season. he didn't say if he is on blood thinners. later today, sheli and kaley and myself and erika delgado will be repelling down the side of the sonesta hotel all for a good cause. sheli is still a little apprehensive about jumping off a perfectly good building. we're pushing her along here. >> i signed up as a cheerleader and somehow was roped in. so we're doing it to support gilda's club, a charity that helps families impacted by cancer. the memberss are wonderful and the organizers are great. if you're interested in going over the edge or want to support the charity, you can go to their page right thtre. >> go to their facebook page, it's amazing. it's so fun. today is media day so we g to take part. hopefully that will encourage you to take part tomorrow. they raise good money for a
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you can also go over there to cheer on the folks off the beach. 6:26 is your time. restoring relations with cuba, a hot topic issue during the latest gop debaba. a look at what the candidates are vowing the do. o o northwest miami-dade homeowner took matters into her own hands when respondingngo a possible burglary. officers are reminding the public why scenarios like this one can quickly turn deadly. more details coming up. south florida, if you're dropping the ds at the bus stop, we'll look at the forecast one more time. mild temperatures, mid to low 70s. no sun and clouds just yesterday. once the sunrises, we are expecting mostly to partly sunny
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at least we're rain-free so the future is what's going to make us even greater. this convention center hotel alleviates the problem of traffic. all of which areregonna help the citizens and
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welcome back. we'll gel you started with live breaking new chopper 6 over the situation. what you're looking at is in ft. lauderdale, northwest 1st street and 30th avenue. what it sounds like we'fe dealing with here, very early reports, information still coming in about a reported shooting there. in turn, police officers have set up a perimeter. again, these are live pictures from chopper 6. you're looking at northwest 1st street and 30th avenue. >> perhaps a bailout that stems from a shooting police activity. looks like there's a residential area. we did seee businesses around here. chopper 6 will keep you posted as soon as we get a new update. first a check of youou first alert traffic and weather together, starting from our hollywood diplomat and resort camera. ryan is off. erika is in.
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great event. hopefully the wind won't be a factor. we're going to jump off a perfectly good building for a good cause. >> do you want good news or do you want the truth? >> lie to me. >> winds will begin to die down as the day goes on. the breezy conditions will stick around for the next few hours. as you can see, we're already waking up to breezez conditions. winds out of the east-southeast to 10 to 20 miles per hour. gusting as high as 25 miles per hour later this afternoon. mild start to the day. temperatures in the lower 70s. waking up around eight, ten degrees above average for this time of year. but at leaste're waking up rain-free. live first alert radar, quiet conditions so far this morning. dlouds over the gulf of mexico already leaving flooding rains across the mississippi valley. for your first alert forecast we'll have a mix of sun and clouds.
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70s mid to late morning hours. at least breezy conditions, rain-free all morning long. let's take a look at the roads with first alert traffic reporter kelly blanco. >> we have a traffic alert in miami-dade. take a look at your screen. maybe you're getting ready for work, for school, making breakfast, getting the kids ready. thiiis going to be a problem. this is 826northbound. if you have our nbc 6 news and weather app, you got the push alert. this is northbound right before northwest 122nd street. around the area of northwest 103rd street. you'll find two lanes blocd off. your typical morning tie-ups on your southbound lanes. this is on the palmetto expressway northbound. no word on the this is involving a patrol car or not, but you can see two cars here off to the left-hand side. let's take you over to the maps
6:33 am
eastbound at 57th avenue. this accident is a brand new crash on the dolphin expressway. the other two that we had have cleared up. >> kelly, thank you so much. fight night for the republicans turnrnout to be pretty tame compared to other debates. the candidates focusing on the issues, not so much each other. this morning we have brand new reaction from the campaigns following that debate. julia bagg is live in the studio. some callink it a two-man race. others saying not so fast. >> guess w is calling it a two-man race? donald trump, of course. even before last night, ted cruz told me that, too. donald trump a little less subtle saying last night in a thinly veiled reference to his rivals marco rubio and john kasich that, quote, there arar two of us that cannot. we saw auch more tempered trump that left aside those nasty insults as they chalnged
6:34 am
immigration and education. here is what donald trump had to say. >> a lot of substance. >> i think the contrast with donald trump was remarkable. mr. trump does not know what he was talking abt. marco rubio was right on. >> now trump is jetting off for campaign stops in st. louis and chicago. meanwhile, ted cr also headed for illinois. john kasich is going for his home state of ohio for his must-win contest there. meanwhile, marco rubio focusing on florida. he needs to be winner take all to stay competitive in this race. one of the popular issues in last night's debate specifically was cuba. some of the candidates condemning obama's deal with the castro rooejegime. >> i would probably have the embassy closed until such time as a really good deal was made
6:35 am
>> the embassy is a former consulate. 's the same building. second of all, i don't know where cuba is going to sue us. if thaw sue us in a court in miami, they're going to lose. here is an idea, cuba has free elections, stops putting people in jail for speaking out, cuba has freedom of the press. we shouldn't be allowing billions of dollars to go to nations that hate us, to go to cuba, that go to iran. >> a s srong amemeca is what the entire world is begging for. where has america gone? >> on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders expected to be in three states today, north caolina, ohio and illinois. hillary clintowill spend part of her day attending nancy reagan's pham funeral. she surprised staffality the fountain blue yesterday and made appearances in north carolina and illinois. senatgr sanders saying he's going to stay in florida, attending a rally in tampa and kissimmee. he made a stop at the university of florida wearing a gators hat,
6:36 am
and vote there. >> i know florida is big football country, right? [ applause ] unless you're in on the field, football is a senior political correspondent stater sport. democracy is not a spectator sport. >> speaking right to his audience there. both contenders gearing up for the big prize. floridarimary next tuesday with its winter nsh take-all delegatee up for grabs. an update in the case of the fatal hit-and-run that happened in miami beach. take a look here. police released these surveillance pictures they say hit and killed a woman this past weekend. the victim, 55-year-old lilia mejia pronounced dead at the scene of the crash. police say she was hit by an suv early sunday morning at the intersection of northeast 19th avenue and northeast 177th
6:37 am
the driver is still on the run out there. if you know anything about the driver or the vehicle, contact miami-dade crimestoppers, that number, 305-471-tips. this morning fbi agents will continue searching through evidence during a raid that happened at opa locka city hall. we covered this yesterday. nbc 6 reporter michael spears talked to a lot of people in the community who were very happy to the fbi only confirming this is agents spending much of yesterday raiding city behind us. that investigation continues. agents seen carrying box after box out of city hall. specifics. we do know last november, the
6:38 am
shiver was ousted after exposing the city was millions of dollars in debt. he released this video statement. >> i pointed out several irregularity ts. >> mayor mira taylor left as this raid began. no one answered the door at her home. no one has been arrested. michael spears, nbc 6 news. this morning we have new video of the woman attacked by her roommate she met on craigslist. she is waking up. this video was sent to us by her family. nbc 6 was the first to tell you about the story of danielle jones last month. the 23-year-old was attacked by her roommate who she met on craigslist. jones has been i i a coma since that attack. 35-year-old byron mitchell i i facing attempted murder charges. taking matters into herwn hands. a south florida homeowner confronts a would be robber inside her home. shots were fired. we'll tell you what happened out of that.
6:39 am
coming from a republican presidential candidate. who is next to team up with donald d ump? we'll have that and the six stories you need to know before you head out the door. your friday forecast, mild start to the day. a mix of sun and clouds now that the sun has risen. waking up to mild conditions. it will be rain-free for the majority of the morning. how are the roads looking so far. >> definitely looking better in broward county. miami-dade we have a couple of traffic alerts. if you're headed out 595 to u.s. 441, an eight-minute drive ahead of you.
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6:433 on your friday morning.
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perimeter set up by police because they do believe a suspect here, a posble shooting suspect has bailed out of a vehicle. this is northwest 31st street and 19th avenue. this is where the perimeter is set up because they believe a suspect has bailed out of his vehicle. >> we're talking about a possible shooptink as well. we'll keep you posted. here you go, chopper 6 over the scene where that perimeter is set up. we'll head over to kelly blanco with a traffic alert for us. >> on the palmetto expressway northbound, two lanes completely blocked off because of an earlier accident that right now has things slowing for you on the palmetto expressway northbound. just after -- just before rthwest 122nd street. again, around the area of northwest 114th and northwest 103rd strt. your southbound lanes looking busy. that's where we have no accident. it's your northbound lanes being affected right now, two left
6:44 am
give yourself extra time this morning if you're making your way out the door in miami-dade and on the palmetto expressway northbound. you know how it goes when we have accidents during rush hour. happy to report. stop and go traffic on the done shula expressway between the turrpine and killian parkway. >> now, first alert weather with meteorologist eri[a delgado, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> all right, south florida. dry conditions out there good news. the roads are busy as kelly mentioned. at least we're not dealing with
6:45 am
live first alert radar looking quiet. ft. lauderdale down into the city of miami. that goes for the keys as well. things are looking pretty good. mild start to the day, 72 in ft. lauderdale and pompano beach. 71 for the kendall area, mid to low 70s across much of the florida keys this morning. warmrm and more humid in south florida this morning. the next 24 hours won't be as breezy, but the rip current risk will remain on the higher end of the scale as moisture continues to creep up to south florida. that spotty shower chance returns for the weekend. your first alert forecast, a few degrees abgve average. a sfu clouds to start the day. it will be breezy. moments of sunshine and moments where there will be more cloud cover than sun out there. of course, with the breezy east-southeast wind, we're expecting rip currents to be a big concern for today. dry start for the weekend, warm
6:46 am
then a spotty shower comes for sunday, but really won't be a washout, isolated at best temperatures will be warm. if you're heading out there, come out to calle ocho and say hello. keep hydrated. ahead of the systemhat continues to pump in all this moisture from the southern plains into the lower mississippi valley, flooding rains again eected today. so definitely not good news for our friends out there. as the system continues to approach, we're expecting increasing moisture uv index on the higher end of the scale. keep it in mind if you have any outdoor plans, not only today but into the weekend. we talked about the weekend, spotty showers sunday into monday. warm temperatures stick around. looking like winter and spring never made it here. at least not spring.
6:47 am
summer the next few days. >> the south florida won takes matters into her own hams when she gets home to take a burglar in the act. erika glover has the latest on the vision. >> reporter: officers wa to remind people how things can turn deadly and whatnot to do. >> when the alarm went off at this home on thursday evening, officers say the 54-year-old homeowner was not there. instead, she was alerted of a possible burglary by the alarm company. police were also notified, but the homeowner was first to arrive. >> checking the home herself when she observed a subject exiting the home through the rear. at that point.
6:48 am
>> the homeowner shot the intruder identified onoy as a 17-year-old black male. he was transport to the rider trauma center and died shortly after. as this investigation continues, officers are focusing on the home where detectives say the teenager broke in. >> this incidnt brings a reminder for law enforcement to the public. police say, if you find someone on your property -- >> have the police go out and make that confrontation. that's what we're here for. >> reporter: at this point in the investigation officers are not releasing the name of the victim or the name of the homeowner. it is still unclear where the weapon came from. reporting in doral, erika glover, nbc 6 news. this morning, the mother aused of abducting her own son and taking him across state lines is back in south florida. 29-year-old leydibet hernandez triggered a nationwide amber alert after abducting her 1-year-old son logan. her plan was to get all the way to mexico.
6:49 am
hernandez's bond was set at $50,000. after that she'll be placed on house arrest until her trial happens. logan was hernandez's second child to be taken out of her custody. that little boy is now in the custody of the state. a central florida school bus driver is behind barps and so is her assistant. the two left a 13-year-o-o special needs student on the bus. we're not talking about once, but twice. polk county sheriff's deputies arrested gail brown and gwendolyn simms yesterday. the student was sleeping when everyoneelse got off the bus. thabus. brown then drove to another location, parked the bus and left with simmons. the student woke up, climbed out 30 miles home. police say the same thing happened earlier this month. a monster jam souvenir coming with a calling card for very creepy activity. this pink stuffed monster truck
6:50 am
event in rochester, new york. the symbol she's pointingg out, the heart symbol on the back of the toy can be a code for pedophiles meaning a little girl is ready to be traded for sex. there is a symbol for littl boys as well, very similar to that, a blue triangle. >> i'm absolutely sick. i bought this for my 2-year-old little girl. >> the company that makes that toy is based out of tampa and they have no idea what that symbol specifically meant. a spokesperson for the company saying they are shocked by this and have since pulled all those toys from all future events. the death toll o o the mass shooting in pennsylvania is at six. it's a story rewe told you about yesterday morning as breaking news. one of the victims was pregnant. prosecutors say the shooting at a back yard cook ourt was planned. two other people are in the hospital critically injured.
6:51 am
investigators say the shooters apparently targeted two of the victims and they hve not ruled out that drugs are possib a motive. 6:52 on your friday morning. former first lady nancy reagan being laid to rest today. the funeral takes place at the ronald reagan library in california. that's where she'll be buried next to her husband, former first president ronald reagan. what you're going to see today played out exactly how mrs. reagan mapped it out. they tell us she spent a lototf time planning her own funeral, had very specific things she wanted to have happen. throughout the past week, thousands of people passed the casket during a public viewing. the new prime minister of canada is waking up in washington. the white housebuzz amid a star-studded dinner last night. justin trudeau following the path of his father. trudeau is a former boxer and dra teacher.
6:52 am
after being vieting americans -- >> i have tremendous confidence in the american people and look forward to working with whomever they choose to send to this white house. >> there were more than 0 guests at the state dinner with celebrities likee ryan reynolds and blake lively. president obama and the pme minister talked ab issues like trade, defeating isis and imate change. this mornings marks the fifth anniversary of the tsunami that destroyed the nuclear power plant at fukushima, japan. more than 18,000 people killed. evacuate. to date, no one can go inside that power plant to assess the real damage because the danger is still very real there of radiation. the japanese government is hoping they can reopen at least some of the surrounding area by next march. republilins waking up this
6:53 am
miami performance last night. they grappled over social security, immigrgrion and foreign policy but without the nasty insults we've seen in the past. now three are jetting off to other states ahead of tuesday's florida primary. fourther states will also be voting. 367 delegaes up for grab. marco rubio hoping to score all 99 in florida to stay relevant in the race. you can expect a trump 9:00 this morning. as for the democrats, bernie sanders is in north carolina, ohio and illinois. hillary clinton will attend nancy reagan's funeral. both contenders are geararg up for the big prize. we've got new video of the woman who says she was attacked craigslist. waking up. this video sent by her family. danielle jones was attacked by
6:54 am
she's been in a coma ever since. right now fbi agents are looking for more victims as it investigates public corruption in opa-locka. federal agents swarmed city hall yesterday in an hours' long search for evidence. officials from the top down are under scrutiny are including mayor mira taylor. a shooting happened at northwest 1st street and 30th avenue. chopper 6 over the scene. these are live pictures right now. the shooting happened about an hour ago. the investigation continues. one victim taken to broward health medical center. bso gathering information and we even keep you posted on air and also on our nbc 6 news and weather app. it's a block party lik no other. calle open cha mirrors the latin street festival with hoot food being the highlight of the
6:55 am
it starts sunday morning at and runs through 11:00. >> make sure to stop by our tent. we have a traffic alert palmetto expressway, northbound around the area of northwest 103rd street. hopefully it clears up by the time you head out the door. you can still see one of your lanes completely blocked off. two lanes blocked off until a couple minutes ago. road rangers on the scene right now calling for a slow going ride. your typical morning tie-ups on the southbound lanes. let's see how slow things are moving. you're head friday the big curve to okeechobee, a ten-minute. trafficict 23 miles per hour. so slow going ride. 826 eastbound looking better. i-75 pines boulevard to the palmetto expressway, a ten-minute commute. expecting temperatures to be mild this morning. temperatures warm this
6:56 am
we're expecting mid to lower 80s later today. >> don't forget.
6:57 am
6:59 am
>> jumping off a good moing. playing nice. >> i cannot believe how civil it's been up here. >> the republican for shlpresidential hopefuls abandon nasty insults and stick to the issues at last night's debate. while donald trump addresses accusaons of growing violence at his campaign events. is he doing enough to discourage it? states of emergency. rescues in the south as the death toll rises from the flooding.
7:00 am
no relief in sight. final farewell. nancy reagan's funeral being held in california today. the former first lady said to be remembered by friends from washington to hollywood, as she's laid to rest next to her beloved husband. o canada. a star-studded affair at the white house honoring the canadian prime minister. the most talked about guests, the first daughters, malia and sasha, making their state dinner debut. friday, march 11th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> i'm matt lauer with tamron hall filling in for savannah. do you like baskutball? >> i love it. and i love the plaza.


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