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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News Sunday 9AM  NBC  March 13, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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>> you're absolutely right. last night we did spring forward. hopefully all of you turned yoyo clocks ahead one e ur. 9:00 is the time right now, not 8:00. keep that in mind. 75 degreesin miami, it's a mild start to te day, 723 fort lauderdale, lower 70s near the homestead area, aeady in the mid 70s from oakland park all the way down into pembroke pines. we've been dry to far for miami-dade and broward county, now we are beginning to see a few of those spotty showers between marathon and also duck key. all of this continues to push towards the north but very slowly. let's put things into motion so we can see what we're dealili with right now. you will see the showers lingering across much of the florida straits. in miami-dade and broward county things are okay, nothing we need to worry about. these showers are popping up out of nowhere, the moisture is in place. with the light wind we could see a few spotty showers throughout the remainder of the day.
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gulf of mexico this is being triggered by a system that remains across portions of the georgia area and heading to the carolinas that could trigger a few showers for us later in the day. a mix of sun and clouds, already in the lower 80s come notime. this morning rescue crews still searching for as missing jet skier. skerch crews are trying to find a 40-year-old man who was riding this jet ski how marked at antonio maceo park. he disappeared around 7:00 last night. police say he met up with friends to right around blue lagoon lake, then went missing after dark, only his jet ski was recovered. we're told he was not wearing a life jacket. >> he is a 40-year-old hispanic and does have a pacemaker. not learning a life vest obviously does not help the situation. >> stay tunedto nbc 6 both on air and on our news and weather
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the heated campaign season boiling over in missouri. protesters. the countdown is on to the second sup tuesday and the stakes couldn't be higher. protesters are takin aim at donald trump rallies with at least a dozen interruptions during his speech in kansas city last night. as barry errant reports all eyes are on trump in an increasingly tense campaign season. >> reporter: in kansas city more tough talk from donald trump and another night of protests. just hours after a man jumped over a barricade and tried to get on stage at a trump event in ohio. >> jumps over, tries to make a rush at me. i was ready. i don't know if i would have done well, but i would have been out there fighting, folks. >> reporter: it happened at an airport in dayton as trump was addressing the crowd. secret service surrounded the republican front runner as other agents intercepted the protester and rushed him away.
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dimassimo, he has been charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic, both misdemeanors misdemeanors. >> and the secret service guys hit him like you wouldn't believe. >> reporter: the c/mments come a night after trump canceled an appearance in chicago, protesters there skrirm i wished with trump supporters both inside and outside the arena. police arrested five people, two officers were injured. every other candidate quickly condemned trump's rhetetic towards protesters. >> this is a man who in rallies has told the supporters to beat up people in the crowd and he will pay their legal fees. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. >> reporter: trump blamed the protests on sporters of democrat bernie sanders. in a statement sanders called trump a pathological liar. hillary clinton labeled trump a bully. >> if you see violence you should condemn it. anan if you see a bully you should stand up to him. >> reporter: but will the rising tensions around trump affect the
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we'll see tuesday as five more states hold primaries. barry errant, nbc news. and continuing in the race tohe white house, a third win for rubio in washington, d.c., the senator picking up 10 delegates in yesterday's caucus win. runner up john kasich was just 50 votes behindarco rubio at 35%. he will get nine delegates. ted cruz winning 9 of the 12 delegates at stakeke in wyoming. another 14 will be awarded at the gop state convention next month. on the democratic side hillary clinton pulled in four more delegates at a democratic caucus in the northern marianne in a islands near guam. a brand new fau polls shows part-time palm beach billionaire donald trump ahead by double digits right here in florida. even more shocking, ted cruz who just recently started spending advertising money here in the
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rubio both at 21%, kasich is behind at 9%. 5% of republicans polled are still undecided. still rubio supporters are holding out hope making a final push to get the word out before tuesday's primary. dozens gathered in southwest miami-dade last night, banging pots and ns to bring attention to rubio's cause, including the senator's eldest daughter. >> i think that the fact that my dad still in the race, even though all these people are saying, oh, you are not going to make it as far, i look at that and think that is just so inspiring. >> rubio's son anthony also attend td the gathering. >> and the rising star in the republican party also in south florida in support of rubio, utah congresswoman mia love hopes her bckground will sway haitian voters. she is the first haitian
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>> we need a leader at says i understand that america is made up of all sorts of people that left in a oppressive country that came h he to the land of the free. >> love saysepublicans don't need an angry leader, rather someone who can give a roadmap of how to make things better. donald trump's campaign heads back to the sunshine state today ahead of tuesday's primary. the billionaire will speak at the sunset cove amphitheater in boca raton at 6:00 this evening and monday a rally is schedule in doral at the trump national hotel. we will have all the details on the nbc 6 news and weather app and on tuesday w will bring you live results as they roll in. head to the decision 2016 app. nbc 6 is everywhere. police in northwest miami-dade looking for the driver who crashed into several parked cars. neighbors who live along
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heard a loud screech around 6:30. then went outside and saw all the damage. >> if it wasn't for the truck, that car that hit my truck would be going in that house itsf. >> and take a look, you can see at least one of the cars is totaled right there. anyone with information should call crime stoppers, the number right there on the bottom of your screen. this morning more than 100 guns are off the streets and o o of the hands of anyone who could be dangerous. as n 6 reporter erika glover explains yesterday gun buy back event in northwest miami-dade was dubbed a huge success. >> this here is american made, the great state of new jersey. >> reporter: the exchange is anonymous, no questions asked, no identification necessaryry >> and you will receive $50 to $100 depending on a rifif or handgun.
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miami, the biscayne gardens chamber of commerce and the city of miami police and fire departments are partnering for prevention in hopes of keeping illegal and unwanted guns out of the hands of children. >> everybody is on the same page. we're tired of all this violent crime. >> reporter: officers with the ty of miami police department say getting even one firearm off the street makes an impact. >> we have had a few from hialeah, one woman who was waiting for us to open up at 8:45 from hallandale. >> reporter: this three-hour gun buy back at jordan grove missionary baptist church is also a chance to build relationships within the community reminding and up. >> there's no such thing as snitching spaeshlg when six year olds and 12-year-old and 13-year-old kids have nothing to do with this. if your kid or relative got shot you would want somebo to come forward and tell. >> hundreds of guns collected and more than $6,000 in gift cards distributed. >> today in the city of miami
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bottom line. >> reporter:? miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. and get this in all the miami police depament collected 128 guns and gave out $6,400 in gift cards. a success indeed. and the day is finally here, almost 2 million locals and visitors from all over the world will take over calle ocho, the historic strip of southwest 8th street in little havana will shut down today. it's the biggest hispanic street festival stes. you will be able to enjoy a taste of multiral dishes from all over latin america and the caribbean. nbc 6 will be there so be sure to stop by our booth later today and snap a selfie with us. here is a look at who will be there to greet you throughout the day. enjoy the feststal. time right now almost 11
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still aheadad a gun goes missing at an airport where police find the stolen weapon and who is ptus. >> i'm at northeast high school in oakland park. what does this robot have to do with saving lives and rip currents and what do these kids have to do with it? we'll show you coming up. >> you can expect temperatures in the morning to be in the 70s. it wililbe feeling humid out there, we could see a spotty shower possibly leadadng to an isolated shower or two later
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and learn about a free trial offer at breaking overnight out of france, french investigators issued a report today about what led to last year's germanwings jet crash. in it they say co-pilot andreas lubtiz was using anti-depressants at the time. a doctor had referred lubitz to a psychiatric clinic two weeks before the crash. willl year ago lubitz intentionally crashed the german wawaes plane into the french alps killing all 150 people on board. a man in alaska is facing criminal charges after hitting several dogs and killing one of them that were competing in this year's eye did rod face.
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assault and criminal mischief for hitting the dogs. he admimied he was returning from a night of heavy drinking when he killed the animals with his snowmobile yesterday morning. >> i turned around because i was concerned and i just had so much adrenaline and it may seem like i was driving erratically but i felt really bad. >> he admitted to policethat he was the driver. once news got around of the sled team's attack in his community. &police are investigating a shooting in california but the victims apparently are not willing to help find the shooter. officials say two gunmen in oakland fired shots into a moving party bus yesterday. four people were hurt during the shooting, only one has serious injuries but is expected to survive. auttrities say the passengers in the party bus refused to give witness statements or provide
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they say one of the officers on scene each got assaulted and kicked by one of the victims. a janitor is behind bars this morning after stealing a pilot's gun in a bathroom at philadelphia international airport authorities say. also adding that an armed federal flight officer went into the men's restroom but forgot his gun inside. officials say the janitor was the only airport employee seen on video who entfred the restroom while the flight officer's bag was unattended. when the pilot went back to the bathroom he couldn't find his bag or gun. he notified police and air marshals. authorities found the begun in a closet inside the restroom. creeks and rivers continue rise after torrential rains pounded the deep south. take a look at is video. the downpours part of a system that has submerged roads and cars, washed out bridges and forced residents to flee homes. at least three people have died@
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nbc's sarah dallof is in louisiana. >> reporter: the water rose fast and furious, trapping people in their homes and cars. tional guard screws have rescued more than 2,100 people in louisiana. in some areas 2 feet of rain have fallen forcing families to flee. >> this water is up to my waste. >> reporter: in bogalusa they feel helpless. >> nobody in this area has had to have flood insurance. >> reporter: tina burrell is trying to salvage what's left. >> we are just basically here trying to get things cleaned up and see where we can go from there. >> reporter: the back breaking cleanup is just beginning. the widespread floods have damaged 2,500 homes in louisiana and 400 in mississippi. >> as you can see it'sxcuf got about a foot and a half of water in it. >> reporter: in greenville brent
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find water inside his house and woke up his young sons. >> lost the house, the car, beds, furniture, everything, all the belongings. >> reporter: 18 million people are under flash flood warnings and watches across seven states. back in louisiana bogalusa mayor says she has never seen anything like it. >> what is it it lolo like for someone just passing through the day? >> it was a third world country. it didn't look like a city had belonged here at all. you couldn't see there was`a city. it was just all water. all right. south florida, 9:18 onhis sunday morning. our live first alert doppler radar has been dry for broward
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although this morning we did seeee a few spotty showers over the atlantic waters. we arereontinuing to keep an eye on a few showers down into the keys. let's put things into motion for you. you will see they are barely moving but slowly moving towards the north with that south-southeast wind. anywhere between marathon and the keys you could encounter a shower within the next few minutes. there are showers across the florida straits moving towards the north.h. this afternoon we could see a few isolated showewe. temperatures we are in the mid 70s in miami, 75 there, 73 fort lauderdale, 77 degrees and pompano beach area and opa-locka. a mild start to the day with temperatures a few degrees above average. this is outside of the westin diplomate we are beginning to see rough seas moving on with that south-southeast wind this morning, brrzy between 10 and 15 miles per hour just a few moments ago this camera was shaking just a bit.
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reas yet again today. we're dealing with clouds along east coast areas. taking look out west you can see clearer skies out there. forn your first alert forecast we're going to keep a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day with isolated showers in the forecast l ler this afternoon. we are expecting rip currents to be one of the threats for your sunday. high pressure that has been anchored just off the carolina coast now pushing further and further into the atlantic waters and weakening as it does so. that's allowing for gulf moisture to creep into our area. one, we're definitely feeling the difference in the air, it feels on the heavy side, muggy and each afternoon we're reaching into the 80s and today will be no change again. we are expecting another breezy day. of course, high risk of rip currents along atlantic beaches will remain and the uv index will be on the higher end of the scale. the temperatures, we will be reaching into the mid 80s, again, with the humidity in place could see a little warmer than thbt. today if you're heading out to
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be there all day and looking forward to meeting you and sasang hello. isolated shower today and into tomorrow, but as t tngs dry out for tuesday and into the rest of the workweek we will remain in the mid 80s up until the following weekend, it looks like no more cool downs for us at least not for the next eight to nine months. >> okay. erika. well, all good things must come to an end. thank you so much. in today's education on 6 report 4,000 student steams entered the solve for tomorrow contest now there are 15 national contests including a team from south florida. the contest celebrates the best in innovation, engineering and practicality. the team from northet high school in oakland park was inspired by a tragedy. education on 6 reporter shows us how their idea could save lives. >> reporter: brainstorming session in progreres.
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it's the basic design for a buoy that would warm swimmers that rip current is nearby. >> we didn't know how it was going to,turn out but we put our ideas out there and it ended up turning out good. >> so good in that concept is taking the kids at northeast high into the national finals of samsung's solve for tomorrow contest. engineering experts told the team that its first design wouldn't work. >> so we jumped back to the drawing board and came up with a few better ideas. >> our research team brainstormed, investigated buoyancy, sensor, robots and ratios and worked to produce a model of our invention. >> reporter: the kids made this video and it floated them all the way to the top 15 out of 4,000 entries. the idea came to them after a classmate drowned in a rip current last summer >> it stems from tragedy, but we're using that tragedy as inspiration. >> and we wanted to find
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loss into something that could help others. >> reporter: the students learn how the spark of innovation can turn into something real and tangible. they also learn values such as perseverance. >> teamwork, that's the number one thing, just because you know one thing doesn't mean that you know everthing. >> anytime you can do something that's hands on with the kids working and building projects and using toos and it's not just a paper and pencil and computer it's preparing them for real life. >> reporter: the principal says the entire school is rooting for the kids. five teams will be declared national winners with each of their schools receiving $120,000 in technology. whatever happens, it's obous these students have already won. in oakland park nbc 6 news. congratulations to them. we wish you well. 9:23 is the time. here is a live look at, yes, the everglades from our first alert camera.
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final check of the weather. i said all good things must come to an end but we enjoy the heat, too. >> apart from isolated showers today and tomorrow it's looking like a nice workweek if you like it warm. at least we will be rain free. mid 80s. not bad. if you're heading out too calle ocho we hope you say hello, look for the nbcbc 6 booth. we're looking forward to seeing you. don't let that isolated shower stop you from going. temperatures will be in the mid
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we're dealing with breezy east-southeast winds today. finally this morning a video that's getting thousands o o clicks, a police station in western australl adopted an or fanned kangaroo. he is namedcujo. his mother was hit and killed by a truck. by the looks of things the orphan joey is adapting just fine. look at how -- they cut it off -- but he -- >> we'll do it again. >> you may not want to do that. >> he's climbing up to t t neck and gets right in there in his
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>> we said the same the future is what's going to make us even greater. this convention center hotel alleviates the problem of traffic. all of which are gonna help the citizens and reduce the taxes. the new miami beach convention center hotel. 1,400 jobs, less traffic on our roads, and no new taxes. it is a win for everyone. you can't think about today. you have to think about tomorrow. vote yes for our
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making an "impact" this week, the fight for florida hits the homestretch. i set down with bernieanders and the head of his party, debbie wasserman schultz. a one on one interview with a hometown hopeful and a discussion on the go state of the race. this is "impact" and i'm your host, jackii nespral. with earl voting rapping up and election day quickly approaching, i sat down with bernie sanders for a one on win interview in miami before one of
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we spoke about cuba, donald trump and if he feels the democratic national committee has treated his campaign fairly. take a listen. senator sanders, you said you're a self-proclaimed socialist. as you can imagine hehe in south florida, it is a sensitive issue with the cuban-american community. how do you define social snichlism? >> democratic socialism which has been in europe for decades and in many countries resulted in a high standard of living for working people, very democratic society. >> where in europe? >> scandinavia, throughout europe, almost every country in europe and scandinavia has democratic governments whihi represented working people. democratic socialism has nothing to do with authoritarian communism. i think moso people understand that. so what we are striving for is a government here in the united


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