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tv   NBC 6 Impact with Jackie Nespral  NBC  March 13, 2016 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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we spoke about cuba, donald trump and if he feels the democratic national committee has treated his campaign fairly. take a listen. senator sanders, you said you're a self-proclaimed socialist. as you can imagine hehe in south florida, it is a sensitive issue with the cuban-american community. how do you define social snichlism? >> democratic socialism which has been in europe for decades and in many countries resulted in a high standard of living for working people, very democratic society. >> where in europe? >> scandinavia, throughout europe, almost every country in europe and scandinavia has democratic governments whihi represented working people. democratic socialism has nothing to do with authoritarian communism. i think moso people understand that. so what we are striving for is a government here in the united
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us and not a handful of wealthy campaign contributors. and what we are fighting for is to create an economymy that works for working people, not just the 1%. >> do you thinin fidel castro was a good leader for uba? >> i think fidel castro was an authoritarian communist who denied people the oppornity to participate in a democratic society. i think in cub you have a health care system which is quite strong for a poor country, a strong education system, but clearly their political system is authoritarian and not democratic. and, by the way, i have, to manyfor many, many years worked hard to support relations with cuba. >> with president obama's executive decision to normalize relations with cuba, you would continue the policy? >> yes, i think it is good for the people of cuba. i think it is good for the people of the united states.
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over the world, and yet somehow wrong. i want to see improved relations between cuba and the united states. >> let's talk about the significance and importance of florida for your campaign. let's talk about florida specifically. >> we got 50 states in this country. each of them are very important. i'm very proud that up until now primaries. just this last week we have won three caucuses with rather large margins. double digit victories in each of them. we are fighting to win this nominanaon. we have come a very, very long way since we were 3% in the polls and 60 points behind hillary clinton. today, national polls have us 7 or 9 points behind. bridging the gap. >> we're closing the gap and i think we're going to -- florida has a whole lot of delegates and that's why we're here tonight. we have a great turnout in miami. we'll do well in other parts of
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>> south florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schulz, do you feel she's been fair to your campaign? >> i like debbie. it is no secret the establishment supports hillary clinton. not debatable. and the establishment dominates the dnc. i think we could have done a lot better job in having debates, for example, that were timed to get maximum viewing, which was not the case. but we are where we are and we look to the future and we feel very good about the future. >> do you feel she's been fair to your campaign? >> we look to the future. i think we could have done better there could have been debates that were placed at times where the viewing audience could have been greater. do i think it was an accident? no, i don't think it was an accident. >> let's talk about climate change, big issue for you. you have spoken very much about that issue. of course, florida is one of the victims. >> that's right. >> let's talk specifically miami
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flooding and high rise. the mayor of miami beach is a big supporter of hillary clinton. you have been so vocal about that. do you think that's almost like a slap in the face? >> look, we are -- in every state that i've been, we won new hampshire by 22 percentage points. we have the entire new hampshire establishment against them. in my own state of vermont, i got 86% of the vote. 86%. and i have the establishment against me and my own state. so in every area, every state, we go to michigan, florida, of course we have the establishment, we have the big money interests, but on the issue of climate change, which is to my mind one of the great crises we face not only in america, but around the world, if we do not listen for the scientists and apparently republicans are prepared to reject science, if we do not transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, and energy efficiency and sustainable energy, coaoaal areas like
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over this world will find themselves underwater. and we have gotto understand the severity of the crisis and move as boldly as we can, not just alone, but with china, russia, india and countries throughout the world. >> last question, many people say that you and trump are more alike than you would care to admit. how would you respond to that? >> in verytrong disagreement with that assertion. trump, what trump is trying to do is take the anger and the disappointment of the american people and use that anger by scapegoating minorities, by insulting mexicans, for example, calling mexicans who come into this country rapists or criminals or drug addicts -- drug dealers. that is simply an outrage. or insulting muslims. what our campaign is about is bringing people together to take on the big money interests, whose greed has done so much
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an economy that works for all, it is a very, very different -- >> senator sanders, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> as you saw senator sanders had strong words for the dnc. so i also sat down with the national chair and local congresswoman debbie wasserman schulz this week. here is her reaction. let's talk about bernie sanders, i spoke to him this week, and he had this to say, i asked him if he felt the dnc had not been fair to his campaign. and this is what he said. it is no secret that the establishment supports hillary clinton. this is not debatable and the establishment dominates the dnc. they could have done better. there could have been debates placed at better times where the viewing audience could have been greater. do i think it was an accident, no, i don't. how do you respond to that? >> well, first of all, i think we're long past a discussion over debates. we just had our eighth debate in the democratic primary and i'm -- like i said, i'm very proud of the way that our team
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debates, our candidates talked about substantive issues. in the primary season,here are always going to be complaints partisans about the establishment or the party being pro or con of a particular candidate that happened in 2008. the last open primary when howard dean was chair, with all due respect, i have tremendous respect for the senator but we have been managing this primary in a neutral way. >> could something have been done differently? >> not really. our debates were mostly up untill we had -- added the additional ones were mostly on broadcast debate. we were unable to get the netwos to schedule those debates and interrupt their primetime week day schedules. one was on a sunday night at 9:00, the largest viewing audience of the whole week. so i'm very proud of the mix of debates and networks we had. last night our debate was on
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they had an opportunity to host a debate ever. and it was important to engage that hispanic viewing audience and our candidates, our presidential campaign ss are focused on making sure they can represent everyone in america and we have given a wide variety of opportunities for them to do that. and i respectfully disagree with the senator and we'll continue to run the campaigns fairly. >> let's talk about the super delegates. a lot of controversy surrounding this. do you think that could have been changed to make it? >> no, let me shut this down right away. we had unpledged delegates, what super delegates are called in reality, the media calls them super delegates, since 1984. there isn't a single democratic nominee who has been elected or selected as our nominee by anything other than pledged delegates, elected by voters. so to suggest that somehow something changed this election,
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>> you think it is fair for both candidates the way it isnow? >> how could it not be? the unpledged delegates process has not changed. they have the opportunity because they are party leaders and other elected officials, they have the opportunity to vote and choose who they're going to cast their delegate vote for, all theay up until the convention. some have chosen to do that now. some haven't. let me explain to you why we have unpledged delegates. there is really a misunderstanding. let's say that, you know, an average person who wanted to participate in our convention, wanted to be a delegate, they have to run in their congressional district. let's say we had the election for delegate in this room, that's what happens, people want to run come and they bring ople to come and vote for them that are registered voters. can you imagine how hard it would be for someone not well known, who simply want to participate in the convention, to run against a member of congress or former dnc chair or state legislator? we'll make sure we can get real
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diverse representation which i what you see at our convention floor looks like, our convention floor looks like america. we don't have to put our diversity up front in the frontnt row because no matter where you look, there is an extremely diverse delegation. and then we give our elected officials and party leaders who have been in the trenches and helped the party for so many years, we give them an opporounity in a limited way because we shrunk the number of super delegates after the last presidential election, open presidential primary down to a much lower number. and we give them an opportunity to participate as delegates as well. >> you mentioned the reality show that is happeningn the other side and of course we have to talk about donald trump. he has said and admitted he donated to many candidates in the democratic party, including hillary clinton. how do you feel that he is presenting right now the republican party? >> i mean, the fact that you have the republican prary has
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result of their enabling and buying into the extremist tea party rhetoric they said for the last six years. they allowed this to happen. they made their bed and now they're lying in it. after the 2012 election, ey issued an autopsy. and said if they were never going to win another presidential election unless they stopped alienating groups of voters like hispanics, like asian-americans and you can see tpat they have done the opposite because they have lost control. their base has spiraled ever downward. they are -- they have a front-runner in donald trump who has said we should ban an entire religion. just today he said -- justt in yesterday's interview he said that he thought islam hates america and islam -- painting the entire religion with the same brush, he said we should - we should deport 11 million undocumented immigrants who are simply here to make the better way of life for themselves. he said mexicans were rapists
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this man is disgusting. and bigoted. and appalling. and he is hurdling towards beeningbeen becoming the republican nominee. >> how do you energize the dimmicdim ic democratic party,. >> it is an apples and oranges comparison in terms of turnout. when you come to the general election electoratend primary electorate. they have a train wreck going on the othereride of the aisle. >> still to come on "impact," the republicans weigh in on thth fight for florida. what the hometown presidential hopeful told nbc 6 and the head
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next. early this week, republican front-runner donald trump gave an exclusive interview on the nbc 6 morning newscast. restoring of dipmatic relations with cuba. >> we're living in the mldern age and now it is time to do something. but certainly i would be open to it. i think many people, you know, as i know, i own doral and many buildings in miami, i employ thousands of people in florida. and a lot of the people -- i quiz my people on it, they're really open to it at this point.
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visiting cuba at the end of this month. i had a chance to sit down one on one with senator and presidential candidate marco rubio following this week's debate. he spoke candidly about his hopes for the future as well as some of his regrets. senator, thank you for joining us. let's begin wi last night's debate. it took a whole different tone. some analysts were saying you were back to being yourself, being inspirational. was that a conscious effort on your part? >> first of all, i think it was a reflection of the questions we were asked. let's be cleler, the debate befoo, i think 13 of the 20 questions i got were about donald trump. so i think we have to also say that last night's cnn deserves credit. they asked policy estions. that's why you saw the debate headed in that direction. in the end, that's what i've been about. that's what i wanted it to be about. and that's what it will continue to be about. aspirational in the sense we have real challenges, i think america has a chance to be
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we have to do the right thing in the election. >> did you feel externrn or internal pressure to change your strategy and the attttks on donald trump? was that something that you felt pressured to do? >> no, i don't know about pressure, two separate issues. one i the donald trump business practices, which i think are legitimate. and then responses to his personal attacks with personal attacks. that was the human side of me saying if you're going to make fun of me, i'm going to make fun of you. i'm not going to do that anymore. i regret doing that. in doing so, i don't think it reflects well on my faith and what it teaches me. it is s ot who i am. it is not who i want to be. so i'm not going to do that anymore. i wish i could take it back and do it differently, but i can't. on the policy issues, and on the issues that have to do with his record, that's fair game. i'll continue to talk about that. >> speaking of donald trump, he's receiving another endorsement from dr. ben carson. this will be the third endorsement from previous candidates. telus your reaction on that.
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he has a right to endorse someone. i too received my fair share of endorsements. everybody will have endorsements here. if it was up to endorsements, i would have won a long time ago. what is more important is what the voters decide. neither ted cruz or john kasich have a chance to win in florida. >> you have many endorsements, that's for sure. you don't have the endorsement of the former governor, jeb bush. you met with him. what came out of that meeting? >> i don't discuss private conversations. jeb and i have been friends for a long time, worked together for many years, throughout the campaign, i never once said a negative thing about him and on the contrary i said i still had admiration for him, what he did as governor of florida and we remain friends. >> reince priebus says the party will be behind the nominee. >> i think it depends who the nominee is. i think if the nominee is ted
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i think if the nominee is donald trump, it is impossible. there is a significant percentage of republicans who will not vote for him. they won't. they'll stay home before they vote for him. they find him to be offensive and vulgar and not a conservative. a man who never voted in a republican primary in his life and now wants to be the nominee for the republican party. if 15 or 20% of your own party doesn't vote for you, there is no way you can win a general election. we're ready behind as it is given the last two elections. we need someone who can nite the party, but also who can grow it. >> has thereeen any discussions to join forces against donald trump? >> no. that is stuff that people dream up. like something out of house of cards. i'm running for president. if that works out, i hope it does, with god's will, i'm prepared to do the job. florida is critical. whoever wins florida in my opinion, whoever wins the primary on tuesday in florida is probably going to be the republican nominee. >> you said if it doesn't work out. if you're no the winner on tuesday in the state of florida,
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until the convention? yet. and hopefully won't have to make that decision because we'll win florida. i do believe -- do, the winner nominee. it is a state that awards 99 delegates and one big chunk. up to this point, for example, in virginia, i lost to donald trump by a point and a half but i got 16, he got 17. in florida, if i win by one vote, i get 99 delegates all atat once. that's how important florida is. >> every vote counts. > every vote counts in florida. and that's why we need high turnout in south frida especially. >> let's'salk about a brokered convention. what does that mean and what % would happen? >> that's a misnomer. there is no such t`ing as a brokered convention. you have a contested conventn. nobody has majority of the delegates, so second ballot is open up to the delegates. that's how it won in 1976 when ronald reagan challenged gerald ford there are rules in place for what happens. that's what will follow.
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next four days. >> do everything i can to win thehestate, work as hard as i can. we have been working hard for 11 months. i fe confident we're going to win florida. it is up to the voters now. i just repeat what i said earlier, i want all of my supporters to come out and vote. i need their vote. every vote will count. nd i would say to john kasich and ted cruz supporters, if you don't want donald trump to be our nominee and don't want donald trump to win in florida, the only one that can beat them and stop them in florida is me. i ask them to vote for me at least here in florida. >> senator marco rubio, thank you very much. good luck to you. >> thank you. >> senator marco rubio. now, justt before the republican debate at the university of miami, i sat down with the chairman of the republican national committee reince priebus to brea down the state of the race. >> florida's always been the epicenter of the political universe and here we are again in florida. you are so spoiled, so used to this. you can see you're spoiled or plagued, one or the other. florida, again, is the center and will be the center in november.
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look at politics as jimmy fallon
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impression gone wrong. to check out past episodes of "impact," go to our website
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nespral. click the links to the full episodes with all the major newsmakers sitting down with me here on "impact." finally this morning, our lighter look at politics as jimmy fallon takes aim at ted cruz in an interesting impression he made on the campaign trail. >> the campaign is starting to get really heated now. several candidates are nowow accusing ted cruz of not actually being a natural born american citizen. and if it's true, i i could mean he couldn't be president. cruz not happy about this. now he may be trying too hard to sound american. watch this. >> jfk said, some men see things as they are and that's why i see things that never were. and ask why not? >> couple of problems, yeah. one is that quote wasn't actually from john f. kennedy that was from robert f. kennedy. and technically the impression wasn't of john f. kennedy, it was mayor quinnby from the simpsons. >> that was funny.
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6 "impact." we'll have a special primetime live edition of "impact" tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m.
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everyone. (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it.
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you have to think about tomorrow. vote yes for our new convention center hotel. this sunday, fear, loathing and now violence on the trump campaign trail. days before make or break primaries on the second super tuesday, trump's opponents blame him. >> when you have a campaign that affirmatively encourages violence. >> and openly worry whatat will happen if he's the nominee. >> i still at this moment continue to support the republican nominee, getting hard every day. >> while president obama blames the republican party for trump's rise. >> how can you be shocked? this is the guy remember who was sure that i was born in kenya. >> my interview withonald
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his candidacy. ted cruz and john kasich join me as well. plus, the democrats, bernie sanders' win in michigan gives him new hope. and the clinton campaign new reasons to worry about the midwest. and brand new polls out of florida, ohio and illinois. there's a lot more uncertainty about tuesday than you might think. joining me for sight and analysis this sunday morning are republican strategist alex castillanos. influential radio talk show host hugh hewitt. welcome to sunday. it's "meet the press." from nbc news in washington, this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. good sunday morning. students in history know how familiar chicago is with violence at political events. in 1968 anti-vietnam war protesters clashed with police at the democratic national convention in chicago.


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