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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 13, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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okay. both victims stable at this hour. investigator do's not think alcohol was a factor. we are told owners of the boat are going to wait until high tide, that's 1:00 a.m. to push the boat out of there. continue following the story for you. bring you updates on nbc6 news and weather app. >> somebody got shot. a crime scene down@here. >> deadly spring break weekend in miami beach. a young man is dead. to night, police are working two separate crime scenes. two separate shootings. minutes apart. block as way. in the middle of spring break crowd. nbc 6 reporter erika glover joins us from police headquarters with brand new information. >> here in miami beach ey say they're interviewing a person of interest tied to the deadly shooting incident. we are learning more about the victim. 20-year-old antoine decade. both parties were residents of miami-dade county and knew each other. early sunday morning, along the 900 block of ocean drive, miami
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shot once in the chest. right in front of a large spring break crowd. >> on the phone, she heard the gunshots ring out. shee started screaming. hey, somebody got shot. a crime scene down here. >> police say they responded immediately. rendering aid, blocking off portions of the 900 and 1,000 block of ocean drive. asking businesses to close early. the victim later died at jackson memorial hospital. >> they were fighting it first. came out here in street. a little bit. went back on the sidewalk. got out of hand. >> for those who call south florida home, spring break brings nothing but bad news and frustration. >> because you know that feel are going to be fighting and people aa going to be drunk, right? you think twice before you can come to south beach. >> detectives are also investigating a second shooting, sunday morning, around the same time. in the 700 block of ocean court. in this case, officers found
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no suspects or identify the victims. from friday nights unruly crowds. forcing police to shut down parts of ocean drive, to sunday morning's deadly scene. locals and tourists say enough its enough. >> i'm here forfun. i'm here for pleasure. i'm here for the beach. not here for this. >> you can't see it where we are standing now. on ocean dre, there is a high police presence. officers say they're really encouraging everyone to enjoy spring break celebration and be safe and responsible. roaring in miami beach, erika glover, abc 6 news. >> to an update on the jet skier who disappeared yesterday from blue lagoon lake. crews will search for 40-year-old jose montez deoaka. rescuers found his jet ski. still looking for him. he hasn't been seen since last moh. and swc says he was not wearing a live jacket. there is speculation he may have suffered some sort of heart
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we're told, montez deoaka has a three young children are holding on as much as they can. turning to "decision 2016" primary. candidates kicking it into high gear. crisrossing the u.s. a new poll has donald trump ahead here in the state of florida. appears the brash billionaire will let nothing stand in his way. nbc's jennifer johnson reports an ugly, violent and downright dangerous weekend on the campaign trail. >> reporter: friday night in chicago, a donald trump rally is canceled after violent protests. saturday, dayton, ohio, a protester storms the stage. secret service agents protect trump. saturday night in kansas city. police use pepper spray after a trump rally and make arrests.
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a violent weekend. trump says he may help the 78-year-old hitter pay his legal fees. on sunday amid tight curity, trump's rallies were quiet as he blamed bernie sanders for the trouble in chicago. >> this weren't really protesters, they were disrupters, they were look professionals they had bererie sanders signs all over the place. >> sanders denies any nvolvement. >> i am afraid on this occasion he is lying again. >> trump says people are angry. his gop opponents say, trump is fanning the flames. >> responsibility starts at the top. it is not beneficial when you have a presidential candidate like donald trump telling his supporters punch that guy in the face. >> despite the controversy, trump is ahead in primaries. acccding to an nbccerairst poll -- on the democtic side -- both clinton and
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the delegate race. hundredsore delegates up for grabs tuesday when five states hold their primaries. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. from the buckeye state to the sunshine state, pardon me, trump touching down in florida short time ago. d in just less than an hour expected to address a crowd in boca raton. nbc 6 reporter, laura rd reodriguez joins us. unruly crowd followed him around the country. any protesters there? >> no, not right now. i did see a few about two on the other side of the security gates. everything seems to be running smoothly. right now, people patiently waiting for trump to arriveve in just over an hour. a little under an hour. there is a heavy law enforcement presence here. dozens ofsheriffs deputies are parked outside. many walking around the amphitheater. secret service agents are patrolling the area. we saw protesters with signs that say "stop the hate."
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to bring ithe home made signs. a trump volunteer tells me they're also taking home made signs awayay from supporters. moments ago, we speck to some local residents who are excited to hear what trump has to say? >> worth the wait to find the leader for the people. not for the politicians. a man that is standing up for america. >> i don't think he hadad anything do with the chaos at all. i think it was brought on by other people. >> and donald trump will be in tampa tomorrow. but we have learned he has postponed a rally in doral initially scheduled for tomomoow night. his campaign saying he will be in ohio, instead, and if everything is successful on eleion night he plans to celebrate in doral. waiting gor donald trump to arrive again in a but an hour. we will have the very latest coming up. reporting live, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. >> see you at 11:00. early voting in florida comes to an end today.
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account for at lest half the total number expected to volten tuesday's primary. nearly 2 million voters cast their ballots. figured released to day shows republicans account for more than 1.1 million early voters. while roughly, 819,000, democrats have votfoldd so far the tuesday, live results as they roll in. check out the 2016 section for minute by minute updates from the campaign trail. next on 6:00 upping the ante, cash offereded to catch crooks that targeted a check cashing store. [ indiscernible ] >> residents in brazil take their frustrations to the streets calling for the president to step down immediately. plus, hometown tlc, how a vet from fort lauderdale is making sure the injured dogs get back on their feet. warm, humid, breezy, and a
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we saw it all today, right? a great looking evening.
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but a few showers big cash up for grabs. for a a one that can help solve a burglary on camera. offering $25,000 for tips that put a group of thieves behind bars. check this out. they make t tir way into the check cashing store. near 120th street and southwest 127 avenue in kendall. think this happened late friday night or early saturday morning. the suspects are three men anan a woman. and any one with information about the thieves can call police. $25,000 its what you could earn. now to an update on yesterday's plane crash. near orlando. according to the daytona beach news journal. wfficials identifying, dane sheehan of florida, and james kose of oklahoma. both licensed pilots.
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the time of the crash. two-seater plane went down in an empty field yesterday morningng police believe the pair died on impact. not clear where they were headed or coming from. >> fort lauderdale veterinarian, helped treat dogs injured in alaska when a snowmobiler plowed into them. dr. lionel toche of fort lauderdale specialists was on site for the iditarodrace. they crashed. she treated an animal for shococ a fractured leg, a third dog didn't make it. tonight the man allegedly responsible for the tragedy is facing charges. police arrested him for assault and criminal ischief after he admitted returning from a heavy night of drinking when he ran into the animals. he says he feels badly. shouldn't have been out. and apologized to the owners today. >> i don't know how i could pos blae sibly make it right. i hope they can forgive me.
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>> two different sled teams reported the intentional attacks. the crash happened during the second encounter. poloce continue to investigate tonight a dangerous accident on a las vegas highway. over a doz epen people were hurt when the mega bus crashed. the police say a car caused the accident. changed lanes and hit the bus causinin it to flip several times, before it came to a stop. investigators arrested the driver of the car on sus pegs of driving while impaired. at lea one person hurt in this crash went to the hospital for a critical injuries. >> deadly explosion rocking turkey's capital city today. the ankara governor's office says the blast killed 27. hurt 75. believe that a car bomb went off closer to several bus stops near the city's main square. turkish news channel there, said several vehicles caught fire when a car slammed into the bus. in fear of a second explosion, police sealed off the area. there is more carnage today. this time in western africa,
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at a resort town on the ivory coast. the country's president said, 14 civilians, two soldiers are among the dead. ivory coast officials also said the six attackers had been killed. but it's still unclear if the gunmen were affiliated with any militanangroups. this happened at a weekend retreat. beaches, bars, hotels, popular with westerners. the u.s. department is saying no americans known to be dead or even injured. thousand of people taking to the streets in rio today to demand the impeachment the brazilian president rosa. they stormed the beach, carrying banners and holding dolls, depicting them as prison inmates. in the throes of the worst recession indecades, and the president facing fiscal mismanagement and approval ratings impeachment.
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crews running for cover here. two rival gangs brawled in melbourne's central business district there. cops used batons and pepper spray to break up the fight. arrested four. one of them, armed with a tase crews rushed one person to the hospital, with serious head injuries. this as police investigated other reports of robberies in the area. they promise to crack done on gang violence after this wild weekend brawl. thank goodness for the breeze. 85 in miami. the breeze helping. if you are at the coast it help even more. coastline is nice. compared to interior sections. if you look something cooler that is. some of us like the heat. day. live doppler. pretty calm. we saw showers earlier. see if we can zoom in to a couple areas. saw s sme of the showers.
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some of showers way out across the everglades. putting the radar in motion. extreme northern broward. fading there. we go to our rain amounts now for the day. look at that. about, .2 of an inch. also the same in kendall and maratatn. and then basically dry everywhere else. so, spotty showers. that's what i was calling for today. and it looks like that is pretty much how it pla\ed out. nice we get the forecast right. right. . 85. highs, 80. this is warm stuff. the breeze helps. there you go. 10, 15 miles per hour. some spots. gusting over 20. in fact, up to 30 miles per hour. across many areas, little bit earlier this afternoon. that helps whechbltn you are looking for something coole doesn't help if you are worried
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zoom it out. spotty showers. north of we do notice a plume of moisture well off to our west. this will make another run at us tomorrow. so, a few more in the way the spotty showers, possible again tomorrow. kind o o a lot like today. not something that is going to rain on your parade. all right. few cloud tonight. 10% chance of rain. ea hour on the hour. that is about it. sunset coming in. 45 minutes. getting the extra hour of day light. 74 degrees. between now and midnight. making a late night. comfortable out there. seven-day forecast. plays out like this. overnight low a. but the most comfortable part of the forecast. temperatures running really high. we're not talking any cold fronts any time soon. spotty showers on monday. then i think we dry out. turday, sunday. maybe another system bringing a few more showers. let's ta about your alibi forecast for monday. southeast wind. may bring a shower in. some of the moisture kind of lingering about. once we get on the other side off but noontime.
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showers working through. and then i think they fade by the evening. 87 degrees. average high is 80. what is going on here. much more on the forecect. fresh look any way tonight at 11:00. >> thank u, sir. happening right now. winding down in little havana. block party took over southwest 8th street@ for the 39th time. hosted 2 million locals making this the biggest hispanic street festival in the united states. a sclans tochance how to hear the sound and cuisine. and marks the end of carnival miami. women of tomorrow scholarshippand mentoring program. marking 15th year with a ritzy gala last night. hundreds turned out for the annual event at the mandarin hotel. the program was started at nbc 6 alalst 19 years ago. the goal to raise thousand for at risk garlz cross south florida. >> so we have given out almost $5 million in college scholarships.
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year. i mean it's -- it any just amazing. >> nbc 6 trina robertson, and more, attended the event. helps girls fulfill theirreaea of getting a college education. great work there. >> all right, this is. we're in march. probably the most unproductive month of the year at work. >> yeah, especially this coming week. the brackets are out. pool going in here. haven't seen that. little bit. >> get that action going. >> all right. >> i dent know how thatncaa baskeall tournament its set. after a good season, miami
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tell you where they lande welcome back. selection sunday in college basketball. bracket is set. 68 teams with a shot to win the title. the hurricanes headed to the big dance.
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play buffalo in providence, rhode island. after a 24-6 season. d the acc tournament, the canes have something to prove in march madness. meantime, last night was one for the heat. miami taking on toronto. without dwayne wade. double-double off the bench. 38 points. too much to overcome. despite the 112-104 loss. the collective game making them so dangerous offensively. >> unpredictable changes for us. going to have a big night. a lot of guys. very versatile. make plays offensively. efensively. i think it takes pressure off everybody. >> great save for miami marlins
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the return of jean carlos stanton. side lining the slugger. the team more than cautious with the star layer.player would that help the marlin tuesday. no, not really. nothing from theig man in this one. walking his first at-bat. and finish the day, 0-1. he wasn't the only one. they were heldo three hits today. one guy who came to play, r`ben tejada. brings in two runs. and kohler struggled. for the fish. four runs, five hits. 11-0. fifth ranked baseball team. miami hurricanes. able to take the rubber match against virginia tech. and thanks in pa to deep flies from jack collins. and wh the 1996 stanley cup finals teammate. center for last night's panthers game. the match up without the
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back and forth battle. philadelphia flayers,players. they came in the overtime period. ppthers fend off a four on three advantage. and more defenders. and the goalie. to a shootout we would go. and, didn't get the point goals. and alexander barcoff. two hard earned points. winning 5-4. >> big penalty kill for us. give us achance to win. three, four great blocks. mckenzie. and, i think a couple blocks and shots. that was huge. >> ownmiami dolphihs, new faces coming through the door. a lot of familiar ones. and trying to address their free agency. and sits down, dolphins fans. don't want to miss this. sports final toninit at 11:30
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back to you. >> thank you. huge crowd in scranton, pennsylvania for today's annual st. patrick's day parade. organizers say the second largest parade in the country. mo than 12,000 people marched in this procession. cheered on by tens of thousand of f rade watchers. organizers creret springlike weather that helped proceed this biggest turnout that they have had in recent years they say. i saw people in t-shirts. what's going on. they have our weather. >> yeah. i think -- weather fr south florida. >> 85. >> warm. >> going crazy. 87 tomorrow. 87 next day. >> and, these aren't records though? >> these aren't records. man is that warar >> advertise 80. humidity is up. 87 might feel closer to 90. so, man, here we go again. we'reot out of marchalking about temperatures almost summer like. >> the soup is on.
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>> no real cold front. over the next seven days either. and mid 80s all the way through. >> that's enough.
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and welcome to "little big shots." you have never seen kids like the ones who are coming out here today. it's good to be alive right about now they are talented, they are fun, they are funny, and they come from everywhere across this country and all around the world. have your friends said anything to you about this? one of my friends. homany friends you got? more than...10. so the other nine is haters. [ laughter ] hoo-hoo, oh, good, go, good you won't believe what these kids can do, and you probably won't believe what they gonna say. where are your balls? okay. [ laughter ]
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thqs is not a competition. we gonna have a great time tonight. she is gonna hypnotize some animals. that's it. bop, bop, bop. that's it. whoo-hoo, good, good, good this guy's only four years old, and he's already a genius on the piano. [ playing mozart's "rondo alla turca" ] [ cheers and applause ] i want to apologize to my seven children. obviously, somewhere down the line, i failed y/u miserably. this could have been you. [ laughterer but it ain't. [ auctioneer calling ] sold $1,500 to mr. steve harvey. harvey: america's youngest mayor -- three-year-old james! i am james. [ laughter ] and... um, i shake hands. [ cheers and applae ]


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