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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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inside, but things did not get violent here. most of the peopoe here were excited to hear from the businessman. >> we love florida. beautiful. >> reporter: addressing the packed sunset cove amphitheater, donald trump urged everyone to vote in florida's winner take all primary. >> a politician would say it is very important to vote, go out and vote no matter who you're voting for. i don't say that. it's very important to vote, but only if you're going to vote for donald j. trump, okay? >> reporter: he attacked his gop rivals. >> little marco. marco doesn't vote. you've got to go vote. >> reporter: one protester began chanting during the rally, but trump continued his speech as supporters tried to knock down the man's sign.
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but there's not freedom of disruption. >> reporter: immigration also struck a chord with the crowd. >> we're going to bring jobs to the united states, and when you're here legally, other people aren't going to be taking your jobs, right? >> the nation is about to be divulged wh a tsunami of support for mr. trump. >> reporter: trump is scheduled to be in tampa tomorrow. a rally in doral for tomorrow night has been postponed. reporting live in boca raton, nbc 6 news. the crowd may have been calm here in florida, but this weekend has been ugly and violent. protesters and arrests in chicago to kansas city.
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sanders who has flat out called trump a liar. >> reporter: donald trump calling for the arrest of violent protesters at his rally now saying democrats are orchestrating them. >> t`ey had bernie sanders' signs all over the place and they were me by bernie sanders' people. >> we have ner, ever once told anybody to do anything like that. the truth is this guy really is a pathological liar. >> reporter: trump today threatening retaliation tweeting this, bernie sanders is l ling when he says his disrupters aren't told to go to my events. be careful, bernie, or my sort supporters will go to yours. >> i've been getting death threats sincehe trump rally. it's something that came with the territory. these are the type of people that are supporting donald trump. they've been calling me "n" words.
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democrats are locked i a tight race. clinton has a commanding double digit lead here in florida and ohio, but in illinois topping sandererby only six points. >> i don't know where he was when i was trying to get health care in 3 and 94. >> reporter: prompting a sanders' aide to post this video from 1993 showing sanders standing behind the then first lady in one of her spcheses the clinton team insistsing it proves their point, that they were leading the fight. >> i've been a leader in congress from day one in the fight for universalal health care. >> reporter: like him or not, new polls show trump numbers ahead.
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ted cruz onlyehind by 1%. trump also leading illinois, but in ohio john kasich holds a six-point lead over trump. early voting here in flolida came to an end today and early voting projected to count for half of the total number expected to vote in tuesday's primary. republicans account for more than 1.1 million early voters while roughly 819,000 democrats have voetd edted. she doesn't like at me the same way anymore. >> that's all right. hey, we don't beat up our hecklers in our event.
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trump whose recent rallies have been marred by violence. rubio got back to business and on track. he spoke to a crowd at a retirement community about the tone of the republican presidential primary. he's hoping hisis efforts will pay off on tuesday. mitt romney planso hit the campaign trail tomorrow with john kasich. on tuesday, we'll bring you live push results as they come in. new details tonight in a deadly spring break shooting in south beach. police have inrviewed and released a person of interest in the death of 20-year-old antoinne decade. the gunfire rang out near ninth street and ocean drive just after midnight this morning, forced police to shut businesses in the area. >> you know that people are going to be fighting and people
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are going to be drunk and belligerent. you think twice before y/u come to south beach. >> i'm here for fun. i'm here for pleasure. i'm here for the beach. i'm not here for this. police found shell casings a block over, but no evidence someone was hit. a woman was walking along grenada boulevard when a man attacked her, made offith her belongings. the vicm got a good look at the perp as well. he is a latino in his mid 30s. no taller than 5'10", but 170 pounds. he was last seen wearing blue and yellow sneakers and may have taken off in a white suv or van. a boating accident in key biscayne sends two people to the hospital. a 32-foot boat with 13 people on board hit a sandndr.
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an elderly woon was ejected from that at, has back and neck injuries. a second victim a young female thrown into the center console of thatboat. she has broken bones, but otherwise okay. investigators say alcohol was not a factor. to an update on that jet skier who disappeared yesterday from blue lagoon lake. crews will search for the man. this is going to be through the night and into morrow. rescuers found his jet ski. the fwc says he was not wearing a life jacket at thetime. there's speculation that he may have suffered some sort of heart issue or ailment. he has a pacemaker. his three young children are holding on to hope as much as they can. big cash up for grabs for anyone who can help solve a burglary that was caught on
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amscot financial offering the reward. they make their way into the check cashing store in kendall. amscot thinks this happened late friday night, possibly early saturday morning. anyone with information about the thieves can call police. to an update on yesterday's plane crash near orlando. an official identified the two victims of florida and oklahoma. both men are licensed pilots. the two seater plane went down in anmpty field in clermont. this was yesterday morning. police believe the pair died on impact. it's still not clear where they were headed or where they were coming from. police hoping you can help find this 76-year-old woman. ida solano suffers from memory loss.
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her family worries she may have become confused. anyone with information call ami-dade crime stoppers. a new lease on life f@r a group of sled dogs severely injured all thanks to an event here in south florida. how she's helping the healing process. veteran police officer gunned down on the job in maryland tonight. the hunt for suspects. plus, under water. the south slammed with severe flooding, record floodinn actually. things could get worse before they get better. it was windy just a couple of days ago. temperatures comfortable after a warm one today. it gets really warm tomorrow. i've got your hour by hour forecast. stick around. it's another "sports final" sunday night. we'll recap a busy week for the florida panthers and the miami heat. in college ball, the ncaa
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are a high seseed. omar kelly is in studio to discus plus a closer look at the u.s. women's national soccer team's
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turkey's president vowing to bring terrorism to its knees following today's deadly car bombing. the blast targeted civilians at a bus stop. the death toll is now 44. kurdish militants carried outside the suicide attack. one of them was a womann
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to the streets in rio day janeiroo janeiro janeiro asking for the president to resign. > a maryland police officer has died after being shot outside of a police department headquarters this evening. the prince gorgeseorgegeorge's county police department says colson died in an unprovoked attacac the shooting happened at a community center which is right nekts next to the police station. another person who was not a police officer was wounded. tw suspects are in custody. joey feek passed away earlier from cancer earlier this
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bill gaither produced the tribute. the singer leaves behind her husband rory and their young daughter indiana. joey's sister talked about what she meant to the family. >> she taught me so much about myself. myself, about love, about living, and about sacrifice. thank you, rory. >> rory captured some of his wife's cancer journey in an online blog. a ft. lauderdale veterinarian was part of a team of volunteers who treated dogs in alaska when a snow mobile plowed into them. e treated two animals. one for shock. the other for a fracred leg.
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a third dog sadly didn't make it. tonight the man allegedly responsible for this tragedy is facing charges. police arrested him for assault, criminal mischief. this after he admitted he was returning from a night of heavy drinking when he ran into the animals. he apologized to t t owners today. >> i don't know how i can possibly make it right for jeff and allyie, but i hope they can forgive me. i didn't mean. >> two different sled teams reported the intentional attack. now the devastation in the south where millions remain under the threat of flash floods in four states. the death toll has now risen to six. tonight the region is on high alert for possible tornados. >> reporter: widespread and deadly floods reshaping the landscape across the gulf region ter days of relentless rain. >> to see the roads wasd out like this, it's incredible. >> reporter: tonight the threat
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of more rain on already saturated grounds. >> it's been pretty bad. it's hopefully not going to get worse, but it doesn't look good. >> reporter: two million people in parts of four states are under flash flood warnings and watches. >> right now, we're in the sabine river and people out here are evacuating. >> reporter: deweyville, texas, is cut off. the only way out by boat or helicopter. >> everything is gone. >> reporter: 4500 homes damaged in louisiana. more than 800 inn mississippi. >> when you walked down here for the first time and you saw the water had come back up again, what went throu your mind? >> oh, no, not again. >> reporter: linda parrish escaped her home by boat.
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officials warn the floodwaters could be toxic. >> if you can look at all the trash and all that's floating through the house, the houses, there's#gasoline that's got into the water. that's flowed through these people's houses. >> announcer: now first alert weather with meteorologist adam berg, south florida's most accurate forecast. just brutal conditions across the mississippi valley. for us, not much rain today. just a few spotty showers out there. right now the keys lookikg pretty good. let's bounce around the radar. we could be looking at a few more of these spotty showers as we head into the day tomorrow. nothing right now through miami-dade, so we're looking good. cutler bay, coral gables through hialeah up towards aventura, laudhill right to tht coastline coastline a-okay.
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going to be good. at least the weather is going to cooperate. mostly dry out there. temperatures by 8:00 a.m. up from the morning lows. probably getting into the mid 70s already will likely be midd to upper 80s for the daytime high. that's warm. by the time we hit 5:00 p.m., a few spotty showers throwugh the afternoon maybe lingering into your evening commute. maybe enough to get the windshield wipers going. 83 by 5:00 p.m. temperatures beautiful right now. 69 in kendall. that's pretty nice. it s warm today. temperatures 85 degrees. nice to see things ratcheting down a bit. just two, three days ago, maimiami had a wind gust of almost 40 miles per hour. now light southeast winds coming in off the ocean. our next rain threat this week what we call a trough.
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it's like a cold front in the sense that winds come together. they converge to get a little bit of lift, except no temperature difference on either side. that's what that dashed line is all out. again, we're talking spotty stuff here. how do we fare tomorrow morning? it'll be dry for the kiddos at the bus stop. temperatures inin the low 70s. very comfortable here. possiblbl upper 60s away from the coastline. warmer as we get to the coast. that same trend continues up across broward county. now we go to the seven-day forecast. warm. that's probably the best way to describe this forecast in one word. subtle changes. a little bit of moisture into monday. hence the spotty showers. i know the timing not great, but hey, we've had a nice dry stretch.
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let's squeeze out some hour-by-hour information for your monday. looking at conditions here. says sunday, but it's monday. trust me on this one. just a few light showers building here through the afternoon. that'sbout it. very similar to what we saw today. if you liked today, you're going to like tomorrow except even hotter. 85 today. 87, keith, as we go into monday. find your cool spot, guys. >> air-conditioning. all right. still to come here on 6, four final plus.
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lease a 2016 lincoln mkx for $399 a month only at your lincoln dealer. a group of marines honoring their f fllow servicemen. they're running 770 miles. this is relay with sacks on their back.
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national guardsmen died when their helicopter crashed. >> it's for t t families just to show them that they're still here for them and w w care about them. we love them. it's a family. >> the teams are carrying a marine paddle and a 35-pound plate with the names of those who lost their lives. calle ocho took over southwest eight street today for the 39th time. it is the biggest h hpanic street festival into the entire united states. it's ahance to hear latin sounds and take in the culture of latin america andthe caribbean. a lot of great food there. tell
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telemundo was there. [ cheerininand applause ] the miami hurricanes are dancing their way to providence. hello, welcome to "sports final." i'm stefano fusaro. what does miami think of their bracket? you're going to hear from members of their team. the heat wrapping up a tough week north of the border. a lot of changes for the
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we'll break down all of the rost roster moves. the u.s. women's soccer national team is on its way to rio this summer for the olympics, but not before paying a visit to fans in south florida. the number three seed in the south, the miami hurricanes. the first team in n e tournament that we're mentioning here tonight -- >> the 11th ranked kanes heading to providence. miami isn't taking this one lightly. >> first game is, quote/unquote,


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