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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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and so welcome to this day, the first day after we spring forward. keeping the warm pattern going for t t next few days. we had showers yesterday and starting off our monday morning with dry conditions, and a slim chance we couldee a shower develop later on today. broward county and miami-dade for the time being, free of any wet weather. look at the sky conditions from the first alert camera into miami, a few scattered clouds up above. out west a little patchy fog developing and should not the be a big problem for the morning drive, and we will blow through that and get to the sunshinene and a rapid warmup. wararr, 76 in key west. a warm and humid pattern here for mid mah. temperatures around 70 early this morning and a very warm afternoon.
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the emphasis here on the bright south florida sunshine. good morning. ryan, south florida, thank you for joining us. we have something i-60, and hopefully we will get a camera to show you how it will affect sour drive. dark and early, if you are waking up, from coral reef to tamiami trail, a 10-minute ride ahead of you, and traffic moving along between 55 and 60 miles per hour, and bird road to dolphin expressway, a 4-minute commute, and we have construction in that area blocking a couple lanes. golden glades to downtown miami, a 10-minute ride. breaking news out of hollywood. michael spears just got to the scene of an overnight crash. you just got the trying to
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happen. >> we just spoke to hollywood police one person died here after crash into the publix here. the car, according to police was heading westbound, and you see the light, the glow right there, if i pointed it out, that's the taillight, a cadillac and the car is obviously still inside of the building and the driver was pronounced dead and the passenger was taken to the hospital and we are working to get an update on that person's condition, and hollywood boulevard blocked off, and as i look down east hollywood boulevard, it's blocked off. east young circle, and the car crashed into the publix portion of the building and one confirmed dead and we are trying to get@ updated information on what happened.
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here and they are working to get information, and we will have an update shortly. we will tweet updates and post to facebook as well. michael spears, nbc 6 news. we're going to do things that never haveve been done, and we're going to straighten our country out and going to do it fast and it will be did not properly. the billionaire businessman touched on issues, and the big ones were trade, immigration and unemployment. >> he took jabs at marco rubio and ted cruz, right in our backyarar >> addressing a packed am amphitheater amphitheater. >> a politician would say it's
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and vote, doesn't matter, and i say it's very important to vote only if you are going to vote for donald trump. >> he did not wait to attack his gop rivals. >> little marco. marco doesn't vote. you have to go and vote. >> one protester started to chant and trump continued to speak. >> we're going to bring jobs to the united states, and when you are here legally other people are not going to be taking your jobs, right.
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>> trump will be pamtampa today, and his rally scheduled for doral canceled. reporting in boca raton, nbc 6 news. and the reporter that said she was assaulted by donald trump's manager has resigned. the editor also tweeting out his resignation over that incident as well. and early voting projected for nearly half to vote on tuesday's primary. the latest figures released
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1.1 million voters. marco rubio still pushing for support in his home state and he was addressing a crowd near tampa, a hector accused him of stealing his girlfriend. >> that's all right. hey, we don't beat up our hecklers in our events. >> and rubio's response an indirect jab at donald trump. he spoke to a crowd of a retirement mmunity about the tone of the presidential primary and he is hoping his efforts will pay off. and then a deadly shooting on south beach. police say they interviewed and released a person of interest,
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and the shooter are from miami-dada county and knew each other before the deadly altercation over the weekend. shots rang out early yesterday morning and it forced police to close portions of the area and night early. some locals think the spring break parties altogether are community. >> you know people are going to be fighting and drunk and belligerent, so think twice before you come to south beach. >> i am here for fun and pleasure and the beach, and not here for this. >> police also working on another crime scene blocks away from the other, and they found shell casings but no evidence anybody there was hit. and then canals, high levels
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leaking. there were lels up to 215 times more. a tallahassee judge ordered for the canals to be cleaned up. s nbc 6 investigator has reported on this story, and you can see his stories on the nbc 6 news and weather app. and trying to get to the bottom of what they are describing as a sex crime. a woman was walkinglong near southwest 13th avenue when a man attacked her and made off with some of her things. apparently the victim got a good look at the thief, so that's a good thing.
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with a bald head and bushy eyebrows. coming off of another fabulous weekend. >> yeah, everybody had a lot of fun, but just a little warm. a lot of asphalt and people all day long. >> yeah, with that, you know, the last few years we had warm days when the event has taken place. we will keep the warm weather trend going for the next few days. had some showers yesterday, and a lot of the activity movingg across northwestern miami-dade into broward county, rain free this morning, and should see a slight chance to come back into the pattern. here is visibility. a reduced v@sibility down to homestead in florida city, which went down to two miles of visibility to one mile in the last five minutes. the fog is not a widespread problem, but you will find
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what we are seeing, a few locations, southwestern broward and miami-dade. loloer 70s will do it. a look over i-75 over broward county, 70 this morning, we will e the bright sunshine taking over, no records today, but still very warm. 86, your first alert forecast high. let's check the roads. here is kelly. >> we have police activity on i-95 northbound right at srling road. just up until a couple minutes ago you had three lanes of traffic completely blocked off and now you have two, and traraic is moving along and we also have construction andrive times aren't looking so bad. you have a five-minute drive ahead of you, will traffff moving along fine at 55 miles per hour.
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miami, 10-minute drive. and three lanes shut down for construction until 5:30 a.m., and the palmetto expressway completely blocked off at tamiami trail. >> serious cash being offered to catch a group of crooks that targeted a check cashing store in kendall. heavy rain caused deadly flooding and a whole lot of destruction. maryland police leaving no
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for clues rooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. with eight times more fragrance control, the new air wick scented oil warmer lets you dial up or down. for the perfect amount of fragrance. no matter the size of the room. air wick . home is in the air . 4:44 on your mondad morning. police in miami-dade are hoping you can help them find a missing 76-year-old woman. take look. she was last scene yesterday afternoon and she suffers from memory loss. her family worried that she
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wondered away from her home, and she was last seen around 2:30, and anybody with information as to where she might be or if you have seen her in passing, you are asked to call police. millions of people still under the threat of flash floods, and six people have lost their lives and this morning the region is on high alert for possible tornadoes. we get more from nbc's sarah doll kwruf. >> reporter: after days of relentless rain -- >> to seat roads washed out like this, it's incredible. >> reporter: the threat of more rain on already saturated grounds. >> it has been bad. hopefully will not get worse, but it doesn't look good. >> reporter: 2 million people in four states are under flash
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family fleeing as the sabine river overflows. people out here are evacuated. deweyville, texas, the only way out is by boat. >> 4,900 homes damaged in louisiana, and more than 800 in mississippi. >> when you walk down here for the first time and saw the water went back up again, what went through your mind? >> oh, no, not again. >> she escapedy boat but returned too a basement filled with water. the city spared from the storm, but the floodwaters could be toxic. >> if you look at all the crash and everything floating through the houses, there's gasoline that got to the water and all different toxics and that's
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houses. monday morning, 4:47, and hope you had a good weekend. across south florida we had spectacular weather. in our forecast today, what everybody experienced, warm weathernd that's going to stick around for the next several days. mid march and temperatures trending above average and i think we will be shy of records but awfully warm. a quick c`eck on the radar, all is quiet. no rain in sight. we do have patchy fog developing. we look down towards the freedom tower and aaa where all is quiet. notice winds from the south,
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in today's warmup. mid-70s down through the keys, and 75 in marathon, and 76 in key west. 70 in west kendall, and 71 in pembroke pines. and florida city homestead along the turnpike and the corridor there, and across i-75 and points west into southwestern and western broward county. not a wholelot of activity, we have a few isolated showers move into the tampa bay area, nasty weather, as we were just showing you in the story just before your weather segment here, nasty flooding and severe weather across the southern plains moving into the middle, tennessee and middle mississippi valley here. for today, in the meantime, in the south, we end up with a south wind and these storm systems dropping in across south florida, and we're not looking for any cooldown to come. we keep warmrmng things up with the south wind and it's a big
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keep in mind tha we have adjusted the clocks, 7:00 a.m., still in the dark, and rapid warmup, lunchtime temperatures at 83, and that's above our average high right there, and then we'll take it to 86. a slim chance we could see a stray shower here into the afternoon hours, but not too worried about that. mid-80s, the rule here for the next few days. and 84 on saturday, and then shower chances on sunday. let's get a check of first alert traffic and here is kelly blanco. >> right now accident free on our major roadways, and what you are taking a lookk at is palmetto expressway. we have construction blocking three of your right lanes and 826 northbound, we had all lanes blocked off and those have re-opened but still a couple
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that will clear up between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. right now looking outside at the palmetto expressway, and no major issues here. again, we are accident free in our major roadways, and broward county, nothing to worry about. here is a look outside, i-95, southbound and northbound at griffin road, police activity northbound in stirling has cleared up. your time is ten until the top of the hour. big cash up for grabs for anybody that can help solve a burglary caught on camera. m scott financial is offering 10,000 for tips to put a group of thieves behind bars because of what they did. they made their way into the check cashing store in kendall, and they think it happened sometime over the weekend. you can see more on our nbc 6 weather app and you can get a better look at the people inside here.
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three men and one woman. a maryland officer shot and killed outside of the police department in what officials are calling an unwarranted attack. the officer was 28 years old and a four-year veteran of the department and one of the suspects was also hurt and the other arrested after running from the scene and police a a look into a motive. and then men killing 16 people sending tourists running, and the country's president said 14 civilians and two special forces personnel were killed over the weekend when gunmen strmed the beach there, and al qaeda claimed responsibility for that attack. and then kicking off his million jobs victory tour.
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are bragging about another south florida school, and so we are headed to miami. >> that's right, this wcomes students from all over the place. >> we will get a look at their dual language programs, and catch our live reports beginning at 11:00 a.m. 4:42, and premade meals getting popular as life gets more and more complicated, but just because it's easy, does it make it worth it in terms of how much it cost you? >> i think we all wonder about this, and so we spoke to a dietician to find this out. >> if they say, they love to cook, i am, like, wow, that is not the norm these days. >> no, they want meals to go, and the convenience looks better.
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to go. >> packed with turkey and salmon, but if it's loaded with white potatoes, it's wrong. >> what i like about the grilled chicken, it's the appropriate size, but calorie wise, we don't know how the potato salad was prepared. >> the major pitfall here, no nutrition label and we know this one has way too much sodium. this is two-thirds of our sodium for the whole day. >> if you go for low sodium, she is not opposed to picking up sushi. >> you got your protein and carbs. >> and then at take home kitchens like these are low in sodium and the food will be
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there's a lot of variety and diversity. >> that was haley hernandez reporting for us, and a lot of people look at sugar and calories and fat and forget to look at the sodium of it. sometimes it's worth it. we don't have time, so we are not going to cook tonight. innovative technology helping disability kids forget about their problems. it's a new and exciting world. >> and then having to do with every day consumption of ultra processed foods in the american diet. we will talk about what we are talking about here in just a bit. ly a 10-minute ride with traffic moving between 55 and 60 miles per hour from coral reef
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and a 10-minute ride from golden glades to downtown, no delays. there's the dolphin sprays, and 836 remaining dry. a warm start to4the day, 71 in ft. lauderdale, and 72 in miami. partly cloudy skies this
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day and we if you are an adult and have to go to the hospital, you know it's'sn incredibly scary thing so you can only imagine in terms of being a child what you have to encounter when you get to the hospital, and it cod be frightening. the next story is neat because it helps some of the sick kids cope with a reality that is, unfortunately, part of their every day life. >> for a little guy like brody scott, being in a hospital is tough. but in an instant, all that changes, hospital walls virtually disappear, and brody is flying free on a roller
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>> how fast were you going? >> fast. >> a few floors away, david rivers transformed into a hero in a mid evil adventure, without ever leaving his hospitit bed. >> everything just goes away and you think about having fun. >> it's all thanks to virtual reality. they bring the technology to the children's hoital at the university of michigan. >> even kids in a wheelchair or kids that cat move any part of their body can ride a horse or fly an airplane or walk. >> gerald clooney is battling cancer, but today he gets to be just a regular kid. >> i'm upside down. >> what? >> there's a moment in time when
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>> kids once confined to beds now can't stop moving, even swallowow the hope is some day all hospitals could bring this type of joy to patients who often have little to cheer about. >> without that technology, without the people that help bring the stuff to this hospital, how many kids are going to pass away without knowing the experien and thrill of a roller coaster ride. >> thrills,for those that need the most. >> for a little while, at least, reality seems a whole lot brighter. kristin dahlgren, ann arbor, michigan. >> so exciting to see kids. >> yeah, that dad put it into perspective, giving kids those
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yes. right now at 5:00, breaking news this time out of hollywood where police are investigating a deadly overnight crash. we e live with michael spears at the scene. and then a chance to see donald trump, but one of his events today in south florida is canceled. > a message for voters today after an accidentn key biscayne, what authorities are saying went wrong on the water. good morning, everyone. >> it's 5:00, if you have not changed your clocks forward. >> hopefully you can, or you could be in trouble. >> we were probably feeling losing that hour. >> some people, it impacts them for the rest of the week, and i don't know if it's for the rest of your life..
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a check of the forecast. >> at least we get it back into the fall, and there is the equilibrium. the hour is gone, let's move on. we're going to aust the time trend in the daylight so you actually have sunshine this evening. dark out there, of course, and dry as well, and first alert doppler sweeping clear. here's a live l#ok into miami at this hour, and freedom tour to aaa, a few scattered clouds. patchy fog but i don't think it will be a big day. homestead area visibility one mile or so. the emphasis on the warmer temperatures, 70 in pompano.


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