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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 11pm  NBC  March 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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voters go to the polls and could potentially end a few campaigns. just before the rally, he appeared on an exclusive msnbc town hall. >> i fully concede to what everybody understands, secretary clinton is the candidate of the establishment. >> reporter: sanders also focusing on ohio and illinois. he's trailing hillary clinton in floridid >> to send a stroo message that love trumps hate. >> reporter: clinton attacking trum on msnbc. >> there's a disturbing amount of divisive rhetoric in this campaign that is playing on people's fierce. >> reporter: in total delegates, hillary clinton still figures to best sanders in five states. on the republican ticket -- >> we need to bring power back to the people. >> reporter: ted cruz trying to narrow his second place status and maybe the republicans' best hoho at slowing down donald trump. >> at this point there is one
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that has any possibility of beating dald trump. >> reporter: but in florida, donald trump appears to have a wide lead. a quinnipiac poll shows support from 46% of likely republican voterk. rubio trailing with just 22%. trump cancele a rally in doral to campaign in ohio where the race to the nomination is a little tighter. >> go home, get sleep, get a good rest and go out tomorrow. you got to beat kasich. >> reporter: ohio home to governor john kasich hoping to throw a wrench in the count. >> i think we're aheadd and we're going to win tomorrow. >> reporter: the polls open at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. all you need is proper dent fick ace. you do not have to have your voter i.d. card. but you must go to your assigned precinct. jamie guirola nbc 6 news. a north carolina sheriff's office has decided not to file charges of inciting a riot against donald trump. when a trump supporter elbowed a
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rally in fayetteville. the man who threw the elbow is charged with assault and communicating threats. the sheriff's office says there isn't enoughh evidence to warrant charges against trump or his campmpgn. marco rubio spent the day rallying in his home state dodog whatever he could to make a final push for his nomination. now with the primary just hours away, he's relying on florida to make sure that his campaign continues on. nbc 6 reporter laura rodriguez joins us live fom west miami/dade where rubio just held his last rally ofthe day and it laura. >> reporter: it is, jawan. and this is where rubio launched his political career. he spoke at length about his ties to this community and amid technical difficulties, he stood with confidence, expressed his message and told everyone to go out and vote for him tomorrow. standing on a pickup trucknd
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phone, marco rubio received a warm welcome where he began his political career. >> i'll never be able to express enough gratitude to the support that this commmnity has given me, not just now but over the last years. >> reporter: the senator's making one last push to get voters to the polls r florida's winner take all primary, a defining moment in his bid for president. the west miami audience cheered on as rubio talked about a white house kitchen filled with croquettes and the to roast a pig. he posed for pictures and signed autographs as many tried to ke their way as close as possible to catch a glimpse of him. >> there's literally over 100 something people still calling. >> trump has a lot of support here in florida, but marco rubio is our senator. he's from here.
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we actually believe in him. >> reporter: and rubio's campaign has planned a primary night celebration tomorrow at florida international university. reporting live in west miami/dade, laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. the countdown to florida's primary is officially on. for republicans a winner take all battle for 99 delegates. what doo winner take all mean? whoever gets the most votes gets all 99 of florida's delegates. for democrats the delegates are given on a proportional basis. we're tracking the delegates so far. trump has 460. 1237 delegates are needed to get the democraticrepublican nomination. hillary clinton holds 1,234 while sanders is far behind with only 579 delegates. and we want to see your pictures
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send us your pics using the # nbc 6 and we may use your photo on the air. the weather app will be your go-to guide for tomorrow's primary. you can track results as they come in. class was not in seion after a south florida school after a burglar breaks in leaving behind a very big mess of broken glats and ransacked roo here. and the crook got away with a safe. but what was inside that safe was worth even more to the students that go there. cameras captured alleged thief casually walking out of the presbyterian school with a safe on wheels. inside that safe, $5,000 in student field trip money. the principal arrived at the private school this morning to find shattered glass, scattered books and a ransacked room. >> wow. this criminal basically comes in this school, like it was his own home.
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over an hour going room to room, vandalizing the building. >> reporter: police say this man wearing a yankees cap broke into the school around 1:00 a.m. and the principal has an idea how that man came inside. >> they maybe came through a roof top and down an air vent. >> reporter: here's another look at the man trying to break the camera inside an office where he found the safe. now school officials are devastated that the alleged thief made it out withth their students' cash. >> we have to trust god. we have to trust god and know that everything's going to be fine and eventually we'll make it up somehow. >> reporter: if you recognize the man in this videocall miami/dade crimestoppers 305-471-tips. divers searching for the miss ing missing missing surfer had been missing since saturday night when he took off on a jetki without a life jacket.
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on to hope stakin out the area near miami international airport until they got the bad news. >> being out here with no sleep, not eating, just standing out here waiting for, you know, hoping for the best, wishing for the best but expecting the worst right now at this moment. >> reporter: he leaves behind his wife and three young children ages 3, 5 and 11. we're told he had a papamaker, so there's speculation he may have suffered a heart condition while out on the water. police say that he exposed and fondled himself in front of women and children on a south orida beach. christian malo was scheduled to return to canada next month. instead he's held on bond following his arrest last there's. the sheriff's office said he was sitting on the sand at pompano beach when he reportedly exposed himself. witnesses told lifeguards they saw him masturbating. he's facing several charges tonight. a woman is still recovering in the hospital after an early morning crash that killed another man.
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morning in the 1700 block of east youngs circle. the driver was speeding on hollywood boulevard when he lostst control, struck a median, then crashed through the wall next to thth loading dock. a 24-year-old was killed. his passenger remains in critital condition. firefighters saved the day in miami beach. crews moved people out of their unit as they invesgate what could be producing high levels of carbon monoxide. an elderly woman who claimed she hadn't been feeling well for days alerted them to the situation. firefighters responded where they found slightly highgh levels of the poison. that woman is in the hospital as a precaution and her neighbors are stayink in other parts of the building. new details on an atck that left one officer dead. investigators are revealing who actually killed that officer. a sexual attack and a robbery have cops on the lookout here in coral gables.
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crazy and crafty crook who made his own entrance into a gas station. he's accused of bug larizing. the weather sure turned muggy in past wewekend. it continued that way today. will we see any changes? plus, ladies did you feel more tired the after the
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there's a reason for it. welcome back. we're not talking basketball here. surveillance video shows a man inside a texaco gas station on wilton drive earlier this month. he hehes himself through the cash in the register then rummages through thehe cabinets before leaving the same way he camemein, through a hole cut into the wall. call 954-493-tips. a terrifying attack on the street.
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battered and robbed in a coral gables neighborhood. amanda plasencia is live with more. amanda? >> reporter: yes, jack, this is just a frightening story. another on the loose here in coral gabls. a woman said she was walking along granada boulevard when she was sexually attacked and then obbed. >> it's just terrible. >> reporter: and scary. cops say a woman was both sexually attack and robbed in coral gables. >> you just don't think it's going to happen in an area like this. it make you think twice. just awful. >> reporter: the victim said she was walking along the 1300 block of granada boulevard sunday morning when a man grabbed her, assaulted her, then took off with her property. residents now keeppg their guard up. >> probably this lady was walking byherself. i worry about that. >> reporter: police are searching for a bald latin man around 35 years old described as
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brown eyes and bushy eyebrows about the suspect was also possibly driving a white sub or van. but this isn't the first sexual encounter in the coral gables area. just a few days ago a serial groper was arrested. 22-year-old rodolfo coretores was arrested for fondlg women. and richard scandro was arrested for battery after touching himself and touching a woman's rear end at the campus. >> if it can happen around here in coral gables, it can happen anywhere. it's just awful. >> reporter: neighbors hope cops get this latest suspect off the streets, too. >> i hope he's brougugt to justice. >> reporter: police are urging everyone to keep an eye out for this creep. if you know anything that could help, call crimestoppers 305-471-tips. amanda plascia, nbc 6 news. 1500 neighbors rally for
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and school discipline in the wake of rising teen dehs. i have decided to call for justice >> members of people acting for community together join local politicians and community leaders at the new birth baptist church in miami. the organization calls for the use of youth programs and better practices in schools to teach children conflict resolution rather than allowing them to take matters into their own hands. >> every week we've seen one of our children die in our communities because of petty problems that could have been resolved one on one, and come to a resolution right then and there instead of another death, other mother burying her child. in the wake of the florida state primary, the organization hopes that officials make commitments on taking action. police are lookng for three armed robbers and are releasing some remarkably c@ear video of the suspects committing the
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surveillance video capturing them walking into a houston auto finance store and pointing guns at customers including a man and his baby and then ordering them to the ground. the three stole their cellphones, wallets and purses before fleeing. new details into the tragic shooting death of a maryland police officer as preliminry evidence suggests that the officer might have been shot and killed by friendly fire. during an emotional press conference, prince georges county police chief said at least six other officers were engaged in a shoot-out with suspected gunman michael deandre ford when the detective was shot. the chiefefrg ued it was the gunman and his brother that shot video on his cellphone of the deadly confrontation who are responsible for the circumstances that caused colson's death. members of the prince georges county fraternal order of police were outraged by the discovery of the cell phone video. >> he was presented with a situation he didn't ask for, and he reacted. he reacted to protect his fellow
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and while doing so, we have individuals videotaping him as if it's a game. as if it's something we're going to put on youtube. >>olson was a four-year veteran of the police department. he worked narcotics and was in street clothes at the time of the shooting. whether a man who surrendered in iraq is a member of isis. video shows the man turning himself inn kurdish forces near a town retaken by forces last year. he identified himself, a palestinian americananrom virginia. he was apparently carrying a rge amount of cash at the time, mobile phones and three ffms of identification including a u.s. driver's license. u.s. officials are trying to determine if he actually fought alongside isis and how he ended up in iraq. well, a former south carolina state trooper pleaded guilty to shotting an unarmed
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troop the trooper is accused of shooting and battery of lamar jones. it showed him shooting jones just moments after he demanded to see his driver's license. the officer shot him four times as he reached into his car. jones did survive and the officer faces 20 years in prison. the murky waters are everywhere thanks to heavy rain last week. it's a sight similar to last summer. homes with water up to the rooftops, cars completely submerged and livestock on islands clinging to the last bit of dry land. the national guard is working to ug the area with sandbags but a major river that flowsws along texas and oklahoma isn't supposed to crest until the end of the week. now, first alert weather with chf meteorologist john morales, south florida's most accurate forecast. out there in louisiana it is a true deluge. 24 inches of rain fell on louisiana last week and into
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right now in south florida, no rain. but we did get showers earlier today. i'll show you some of those accumulations in a second. let's take a look at the chances for fog overnight. last night we had a little bit of this f in places like homestead and kendall early in the morning. it looks especially thick out driving towards the west on tamiami trail or alligator alley perhaps not quite as thick along the coast. but if you live inland west of the turnpike, there might be fog tonight which could quickly dissipate by mid-morning tomorrow. currently temperatures in miami 76, ft. lauderdale 75, 72 degrees in kendall and marathon at this hour. it's ab humid, too. this has led to some showers yesterday and today. impressive rainfall accumulations. 0.16 in ft. lauderdale. yesterday, princeton, miami/dade county whh is right around here, got over 2 inches of rain
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high pressure is very distant from florida out in the atlantic. you notice how for us the winds are either light and variably or if anything they're soutest. a southwesterly breeze means high temperatures for us. i'm forecasting 87 for tomorrow. with the only hope that there won't bes much humidity as there was sunday and today and, therefore, it might be slightly more tolerable. let's take a look at the future tracker for tomorrow. you can plan your day and you can see the clear start to the day with winds generally light and variable. here we go into the midday hours. just a few scattered clouds. then in the afternoon a few clouds start to crop up on the futuretrackck by tomorrow afternoon. i won't put them in the forecast but the futuretrackerer thinks that they'll occur. 87 for my high tomorrow where the average high is only 80. so way above normal. look for wednesday and thursday to be warm as well.
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is this upcoming weekend as a fronttarts to approach. now, this front would be stronger than the ones we've seen of late. think back to the ones that we ght have seen perhaps in january. hopefully without the severe weather, but we could see thunderstorms on sunday, then after that front moves through, it will become cooler. some relief to the humidity and the heat but that won't be until monday of next week. we're all feeling a little bit slower thanks to daylight saving time, but some are feeling slow are than normal. women need more sleep than men nearly every day.
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severe weather moved into parts of southwest ohio. police near dayton reported this video as a funnel clolo raced across the skies. the area was under a tornado warning, ough it hasn't been confirmed that one touched down. so far no reports of any injuries, just damage. well, several passengers were hur when a transit bus crashes into a bank in philadelphia. take a look. talk about breaking the bank here. a bus slammed intoothe front of the building around noon. at least seven passengers were treated for minor injuries. no one inside the bank was hurt. and it appears that the bus driver just lost control, but it's not clear why. women, here's a good reason to catch up on your beauty rest. an english study says our brains are wired differently so we have a greater need to hit the sack for 20 minutes longer. professors think it's because we multitask and use more of our
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guys, listen up. the study says it led researchers to decide that wowon who miss out on a good night's rest have greater feelings of hostility, depression and anger. >> we don't want you to get angry. not at all. a disturbing video from inside a kellogg's factory that will make you cringe. the food and drug administration is investigating because of this footage that captures a manurenating on one of the assembly ines. we've chosen not to show the graphic porti that appeared online. the video was recorded back in 2014 at its memphis location. the company claims that it immediately alerted authorities and believes that any product that would have been affected are past their expiration date. this is disgusting. >> that's totally disgusting. what would possess someone to do that? >> that's the question. why, why, why?
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>> chris bosh upte. good news. you'll see that in a second. they were so exciting tonight. fans couldn't help do things like this.
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we'll explain. on the night we feenlle saw chris bosh back in a miami heat
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his team map mates making you forget that you haven't seen him play for a long time. he's been at these games but just notin plain view until now. the heat and nuggets had a high scoring affai tight game. fourth quarter. look at justice winslow stealing a layup. but watch josh richardson. are you kidding me? and a great dunk deserves a great reactn. one more time from that guy. yeah, nice and slow, too. still a qight game late. richardson flashes the defense. and watch what he des after the block, too. sets up the offense, finds joe johnson. open three. man, he's been a great addition to this team. heat up by five. after a quiet night whiteside explodes in the fourth. the incredible hulk clinches the win. 12419 the final score. seven heat players had ten point ors more. here's d. wade on seeing bosh ban on the bench. >> cool to see him back out there. i didn't know he was coming out. when he came out, it was like a
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but he's getting closer and closer into what we're doing. he started slowly and now he's getting into it. that just makes us feel good too see him there. >> meanwhile, panthers, a brutal collapse on the road against the islanders. he had them up 2-0 with this goal. but in the final eight minutes the islanders scored three times. that's a putback right there from josh bailey makiki it 2-2. watch this play. it just hurts. florida falls 3-2. a win would have put them in firstplace, too. university of miami men's basketball team a three seed in the ncaa tournament. their first game thursday against buffalo. tonight, though, the women learn their fate. the canes are a fifth seed. they'rereappy because they're headed west to california. their first game saturday
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congratulations. why is ronda rousey eating an apple newsworthy? well, after she got her face smasasd in a loss back in november doctors told rousy it would be three to six months until she could eat an apple again.
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chomp away. hot hot hot. >> and muggy. that's the part i don't like. the humidity is up. tomorrow will be warm again. hopefully not quite as humid, but nevertheless 87 degrees. and mid-80s through friday. that's when rain chances sart to increase as a front approaches. that front could yield thunderstorms but then cooler weather for next week. >> come on. 87. we shouldn't be seeng that number in march. >> i know. so soon. >> seven degrees above normal. 80 would be better. >> much better. >> thanks for joining us. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- shailene woodley. eugene levy and catherine o'hara. musical guest, aurora.
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roots crew. >> questlove: 432 midland texas. >> steve: and now, here he is,# jimmy fallon! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome. please, please, welcome, welcome, welcome. guys, welcome to "the tonight show"! this is it! [ cheers and applause ] you madedet. this is it. oh, feels good to see you. hot show tonight. i'm your host, jimmy falloloand i want to warn everyone to not get too rowdy or donald trump


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