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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  March 15, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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>> reporter: good morning. no lines here in sweetwater but a fairly steady flow of voters throughout the morning since polls up at 7:7: a.m. five states v#te today. no doubt the most talk about is ohio and us here in florida where marco rubio is fighting to keep his campaign alive. he's hoping to pull off a miracle in florida. >> it's something y have to do. >> reporter: voters headed to the polls early tuesday in miami-dade. this man says he's president -- followed the presidential hopefuls closely and he's far from alone. >> i all made it an republican voting card. >> rubio is behind trump inhis home state. donald trump hoping for an upset in ohio today by portraying john
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comparing him to trtrp's own friend, new jersey chris christie. mitt romney is defending kasich. >> unlike the other people running,g,e has a track record. >> trump under fire for violent rallies. three more protesters tossed out in florida. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty stuff that's going on with these quote, unquote, protesters. >> reporter: ted cruz was interrupted in illlois, but unlike trump -- >> i'm not asking anyone to punch you in tpe face. >> it's so unfair. >> reporter: while rubio is behind, hillary clinton is up 20 points in florida, but after losing g chigan, she no longer trusts polls and she's got strong words for trump. >> a demagogue, an inciter,r, showman, who is fanning the flames. >> reporter: bernie sanders also
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he's 20 points behind in ohio but much closer in illinois. in all, more than 1,100 delegates at stake today. most for democrats. we're live in sweetwater, nbc 6 news, michael spears. the gop front run er says he expects to do well. donald trump talked about why he think ohio governor john kasich doesn't have a good chance of winning in his state. >> he has not won one race in terms of presidential. he's 0-for-22. i don't see it happening. i'veveeen with the people of ohio. they hate the fact that their cl industry and steel industry is gone, and i think we're going to do very well in ohio. >> but polls in the buckeye state show that kasich is beating trump, but just slightly. polls open tere just a few hours ago. as for the democrats, hillary clinton leads over senator bernie sanders, but ohio, a lot
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shked with a win. it's now a waiting game for all the candidates. the majority of the candidates are waiting for the final results to come in tonight right here in south florida. donald trump from his maralago property in palm beach. marco rubio holding a rally at fiu, clint ton at the@ convention center. ted cruz watching from his home state in texas. senator bernie sanders in arizona ahead, o ocourse, of next tuesday's primary there. >> voting in broward county getting off to a rough start. pompano middle school had to be evacuated due to a bomb threat, and it also serves as a polling place.
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>> nothing dramatic here. this is the pembroke pines recreation center. we've seen a steady trickle ofof voters. has the pollarizing nature of the campaign system, the circus atmospheree've seen, will that propel voters to the polls or will it make them stay home because they are disgusted by evererhing. haven't seen enough to really answer that question, however, we have garnered a bunch of opinions this morning. here they are. >> for me, hillary clintntn. >> i believe it's more dramatic and more celebrity than it has been in the past. i think trump has really taken away from what this election is about. i think it ---ou know, i feel really strong about my democrats and i think they have t best opportunity to give the american people better jobs a a better opportunities. >> i love donald trump. weweneed somebody other than the establishment. the politicians, they are all
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>> vote for the person they feel is best for the president of the united statat. >> who did you vote for? >> i keep that confidential. about the issues and army boots aa nah nah nah nah, that kind of rbage. every four years, we go through it. >> you feel good? >> i hope my guy wins. >> who did you vote for? >> trump. mud slinging voting for the candidate arguably who has created the most mud slinging in this campaign, donald trump. obviously, florida is a big state. obviously a lot at stake here. if the polls are to be believed and trump and clinton will win, but voters don't let the polls dissuade you from coming out to the actualoting places and precincts because polls are wrong sometimes. vote for whoever you want to be the next presididt of the united
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we're live in pembroke pines. ari oddser. >> voting not going smoothly for nearly 200 locations in duval county in jacksonville area. a computer glitch forced them to identify everyone's identity by per and is causing dig- -- big-time delays. the process should not affect the ballots because duval county always us only paper ballots. if you were joining us this morning in our 6:00 hour, you know we talk with nbc political director chuck todd. he gave us some insight what ses. >> if trump does lose ohio, then -- and even he wins florida, he will still be, i
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he's going to need and he's not going to be able to win all the delegates necessary that he's going to need to have the majority before the convention. but if rubio gets out, his delegates go up for grabs, and then trump could get them early. >> in a nut shell is if marco rubio stays in as an active candidate he will look to gain enough delegates to stop trump from securing a nominanaon. >> we've got brand-new poll numbers to show you. you are looking at nbc news survey moey tracking poll released a couple of hours ago. what you are looking at here.. these are national numbers. not by state. so here we go. as for the democrats, the race is getting ghter. clinton is leading the way. sitting at 54% right now and bernie sanders sitting at 41%. the other side here, no real shock for republicans, trump is still the gop frontrunner. sitting rht now as of this midday at 44%. cruz in second place with 24%,
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>> no matter what your plans are this evening and well into tonight, make sure you got your nbc 6 news and weather app handy on your mobile device that way you can check with us throughout the evening for instantly up dated results not just for florida but for the other four states heading to the polls today. sarah palin had to leave florida to bebeith her husband after a bad snow mobile crash. the former vp candidate was campaigning with donald trump. overnight, pay -- palin posted on her facebook page that said her husband hadad multiple surgery. ahead of president obama's historic trip to cuba, the u.s. announced it's going to loosen its rules on traveling.
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on their own as long as they fill out a form to say the trip is for educational purposes only and ese new measures allow u.s. banks to pcess cuban government transactions. all of this is coming five days before president obama making his historic trip to the island nation. we'll be covering that extensively. you can read much more about this announcement that came out a couple hours ago on the nbc 6 news and weather app. the bomb shell statement that is blowing apart the nfl longstanding position that the force of football is safe. how dozens of people are coming together to uplift what turned out to be a very troubled community. we started off with low clouds and fog, sunshine is returning. we look back down toward bayside and aaa. 80 already in miami. 79 in p key west. wait ti you see where the
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first alert weather coming up next. that is so cool. rapping in the rose garden, see more of the viral video has the commander in chief doing back up. you can post yourselfies with your i voted stickers using the #nbc 6 and hopefully we'll
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like this live on the air. now to a first from the nfl, a high-ranking league official now acknowledging a link between football and brain disease. >> reporter: a landmark admission from america's biggest league. for the first time in its history, the nfl admitting a link between the brain disorder cte and the repeated head trauma football players suffer. the statement came monday in a congressional committee from jeff miller. >> mr. miller, do you think there is a link between football and degenerative brain disorders like cte? >> wel certainly research shows that a number of retired
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cte, so the answer to that question is certainly yes, but there is also a number of questions that comemeith that. >> that research, dating back to a study released last september found cte in 87 of 91 former pro players. the autopsies show former players had the disorder. >> the broader point and the one that your queuetion gets to is what that necessarily means and where do we go from here with that information. >> the admission is a departure from years of league policy. in 2013,the nfl settled a class action lawsuit with former players, paying $765 million. and pledging future research on the subject. but the league did not admit any wrongdoing, nor that football was the cause of the retired players' disorders. in a statement to nbc news overnight, the league reiterated miller's point that a lot more questions need to be answered, adding we want the facts, so we
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and that's why we're deeply committed to advancing medical research on head trauma, including cte, to let the science go where the science goes. and that was willie geist reporting for us. one of the scariest aspects about cte is it can only be diagnosed over -- after death. it's being looked at as a lot of people as a positive sign for those looking for change in the future zblxt police in one south florida community want to warn you this comes after a terrifying attack. a woman was sexually battered and robbed as she was walking along the 1300 block of granada boulevard in coral gables. the man grabbed her, assaulted her and took off with her belongings. police are looking for a bald latino man, described to be between 5' 8", possibly driving
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a ft. lauderdale man accused of slapping a homeless man is expected to begin his official trial today. cameras caught victor ramirez pushing and slapping a homeless man. 58-year-old bruce laclair said he was trying to use the restroom when officer ramirez arrested him. he's been relieved of duty for now without pay. one of miami-dade's oldest communities is getting some tlc today. >> lots of hands involved in this. police recruits, dozens of them, joining forces with an overtown community initiative. their goal is to make their home a better place to live. we're talking about manpower and a vision. you put those two things together, you are golden. >> reporter: you get this. what a difference a few hours makes. do you recognize this slice of
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8th street in downtown miami. if you don't, because it looks a whole lot different from when the sun came up this morning. miami police recruits are kiging -- digging into a different kind of assignment. it's one they designed themselves. just off the northwest 8th street entrance ramp to i-95. >> we planned it out and we're trying to make it as best as possible. >> reporter: their mission, make a patch of ground a little prettier in the inner city, but that's not all. >> we are police officers but we're still human too. >> reporter: team building with tools while saving target practice for another day. the strulkter says it helps them fit into the neighborhood. >> we can get out here and we can pull weeds and cut grass. can smile. >> reporter: people who carry coral rocks, follow orders and rake up a dusty welcome the same
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protott this city some day soon and the project does not end here. next, these officers-to-be will fan out into the streets around here. they will talk to neighbors about what they have been doing and hopepe to build trust and respect among the people who live here. live in overtown, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. thank you very much. what a beautiful day to be working outside. of course, they have got the protective gear on with a lot of sunshine up above. you need a hat. we're not fighting through any shower activity. live farst alert doppler from key west to key largo. let's go to the beach right now. hollywood and hallandale beach. a whole lot of sunshine moving through the area. clouds laying low this morning breaking through that. the rest of the residual cloud cover will soon be gone. here's the time apse.
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more blue sky up above and skies turning for mostly cloudy to mostly sunny. it's a beautiful trend carrying through the afternoon hours. we'll see fair weather skies for the rest of the day. we've got a warm forecast. our afternoon hours well above normal, our morning lows above normal. we're shy of breaking any records. a warm mid march pattern. the rain chances holding off until we get to the weekend. pompano beach at 80, opa-locka 80, miami and marathon in 80. it won't take much longer before you ju in the 80s for the lunch hour and mid 80s for shies. we have an on shore breeze tonight that will help in warming us. precipipition, is just minimal here in south florida. we'll see patchy fog leading into our wednesday morning and another sunny day tomorrow. holding back the rain chances for a few days.
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to repeat the pattern we experienced on monday. carrying that in tod with 86 this afternoon. whole lot of sunshine to go around. a few clouds and staying dry for the evening drive. sunset tonight not until 7:30. we get more daylight into the evening hours. out on the beaches we're looking for that low risk for rip currentsxas i showed you there on the beach there. looking great with a south wind. no concerns of rip currents, but with the strong sun, very high uv index. high tperatures at 85. 70 tonight, well above average. see some patchy fog by day break. should not be as extensive as what we experienced this morning. not much changed. 85 wednesday. st. patrick's day on thursday, much the same. by saturday and sunday, low 80s. we bring in some rain shower chances late on saturday. i think sunday the best chance
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otherwise we're dry until the thananyou so much. the vatican announced today that pope francis has formally cleared the way for mother teresa to become a saint. thiscomes months after the pontiff approved a second miracle attributed to her. mother teresa spent her life carrying for the poor and became he centerpiece for pope francis's year long focus. the canonization is set to take place on september 4th. the day before the 19th an vrsry of her death. word is princess mia and the land of jenovia will shine again in the box office. >> we're talking about the movie that starred oscar winner anne hathaway. it looks quite likely that the
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they were discussing bringing the n queen back to manhattan this time. these days, anne isvery pregnant. i get you,en anne, trust me. they have to wait until she delivers her baby to bring the queen back. speaking of star power. that's the gorgeous jennifer garner she's in town with the rest of the cast from "miracles from heaven." hehe what jennifer had to say.
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out on "the voice."
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"hamilton" took the white house by storm with an epic performance. they did for the president. >> the shows creator decided to a freestyle raptor the president. >> he's like really good. it's hard to tell. it looked like president obama was going through the lyrics or something like that. he handed the president cards, that's what he has with words related to the white house and all things president obam making sure to include every single one of them in the rap we just heard. you heard a lot of it. he ended up his rap by dropping the mike or pretending to do so. cover your ears.
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some of the pictures you're tweeting us throughout the day today. if you voted, you get a stickers that says i voted. i am awesome. maybe it doesn't say the awesome part. it says i voted. if you voted, send us a picture
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seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next present needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise)
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the late great michael ackson's life work has a new home. thank you for joining us here on "six in the mix." michael jackson's music cadillac -- catalog has been sold to sony to $750 million. it gives sony the full ownership of the king of pop's work add to go a roster that includes the beatles and bob dillon. the deal announced just yesterday will faature a maze of walkers that parkgoers will have
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we'll keep you posted. former friendss star matthew perry has signed on to play ted kennedy in the new mini series titled the ken dis after camelot. it will serve as a follow-up to the controversial katie holmm mini series titled "the kennedy kennedys." > is this cool or is this just weird? that's bob saget on the right, karyl rae jepsen. it's cool none the less.


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