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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  March 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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watching tonight's results come in. nbc 6 reporter willard shepard is live from mar-a-lago where trump plans on speaking aboutut 9:00 tonight. willard? jawan. area. people driving by us here at the second home. he's scheduled to speak lter this evening. as laura rodriguez is telling us, that marco rubio is not going to get out of the race in spite of what happens here in florida. of course, donald trump has been saying that marco rubio should et out of the race and should have done it a short time ago. but mr. rubio still in the race. and now also, trumpn social media today tweeting out saying that he was getting reports, his campaign, that in some places, some places he wasn't on the ballot. he put a qualifier to that saying he hoped that was not the case. of coue, we will hear what he
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extremely important day on the republican side. 99 delegates at ste. winner take all here in florida. reporting live in palm beach county tonight, will hard shepard, nbc 6 news. >> john kasich is confident he'll do well tonight in the about uk eye state. >> i feel great. we're going to win. i feel terrific. it's great. do i seem like m nervous or uptight? i'm having a great time. >> the ohio goverror cast his ballot for himself in his state's primary today. he voted in westerville near columbus. he believes he probably missed opportunities to get attention early on, but believes he's positivity. ted cruz will be watching from his home state of texas. since he is unlikely to win florida or ohio, cruz wl be looking to pick up delegates tonight. >> hillary clinton will be watching the vote count for today's primaries. that's where we find steve litz,
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coverage from west palmbeach. steve? >> reporter: hey, jawan.. we know hillary clinton is going to come to the palm beach county convention center later tonight to deliver a speech. she expects a big win today. she's already in the neighborhood, dropped in at a dunkin do in doin' donuts store over here on okeechobee boulevard. hillary clinton grabbing a woman's phone and saying hello to her daughter. mrs. clinton shook some hands and greetd voters at the doughnut shop. she visited a library in the area. she always talks about the special relationship she has with flar and discussed that on her way out of the doughnut shop. >> i love florida. florida has been at the center of our national elections for years now. and i think it will be again. and so it's a very important state to me personally and it's a very important statetto the election.
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candidates, hillary clinton has been all over these primary states, from the midwest to florida to thiss morning in the carolinas. while democratic front-runner hillary clinton campaigns in north carolina, husband bill was doing his part in chicago, where voters in illinois are also voting today. >> i think here, you know, all the stuff going on, we want to make sure we get a high turnout. >> reporter: clinton is expecting a big win in florida tonight. they expect her to dodowell, if not win in the four other states, too. she's comi to celebrate her night, just three miles away from donald trump's home@ where he will discuss his primary night as well. throngs of volunteers have been working on clinton's behalf. julian is one of them. >> hillary has been someone o has not only been speaking, but she speaks and acts.
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having a vision, being pragmatic, understanding the political reality that we live in. >> reporter: hillary clinton backyard. is that by design? we don't know. maybe she'll talk about that later tonight when she addresses her supporters. all state on the democratic side. those delegates are divvied up proportionally here in florida so it's important to note there are more than 200 democratic delegates at stake, and because it's done by proportion, both clinton and sanders will walk away from florida with some delegates each. steve litz, nbc 6 news. >> meantime, clinton's rival bernie sanders is rallying in arizona tonight. but hisis supporters are keeping track of all the votes in florida. dan krauth is live in wynnwood with more. dan? >> reporter: jackie, i'm surrounded by signs that say
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for sale inside his local campaign headquarters here in wynnwood. all the chairs are set up for tonight's volunteers to watch the big screen that will take place about an hour from now. they've been working out of this office forr months to get out the vote in the sunshine state, making phone calls and knocking on doors. sanders is not here tonight, he spent this moing greeting voters in hicago. he's actually heading to phoenix where the arizona primary will take place one week from today. even though sanders is trailing clinton in the polls here, volunteers say they're optimistic and proud of the ground they have covered. >> i don't know if we'll's win or not, but i do know the hard work that all the volunteers did. there were people phone banking for four days, straight eight hours a da\. we made over 1 million calls in florida. so i feel really good. >> reporter: that is a lot of phone calls. this watch party starts at 7:00 tonight. of course, we'll be here to show
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dan krauth, nbc 6 news. >> polls close in less than an houu so far, it looks like things have been running smoothly all across south florida. nbc 6 reporter ari odzer joins us live now from a polling place in pembrook pines on how voting went there. ari? >> reporter: jawan, we don't have official estimates yet from either county about turnout today. we can tll you at this polling mace in pembrook pines we've seen a steady flow of voters all day long. the pace picked up when people got off ofwork. we've spoken to people who said they were unable to vo because the county listed them mistakenly as no party affiliation. remember in florida, to vote in the democratic primary, you have to be, or the republican primary, you have to be affiliated with one of the parties. here's a summary of the day's events. there were no long lines, no packed precincts. for the most part, voting was easy today for voters of all stripes. >> i really like marco rubio.
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always, no matter what media, or the crazy campaign that's been happening, or ups and downs of it. >> i think she's qualified to be president. >> you're voting for hillary? >> yes. >> i'm disgusted with all of them. don't like any of them. >> i don't want it to be a joke. we're very concerned about the economy, our children, jobs, anding else that makes us alal american. >> who did you vote for? >> i voted for hillary. >> i love donald trump. we need somebody other than the establishment. >> who did you vote for? >> i keep that confidential. >> reporter: smooth sailing down in sweetwater, too. >> this has been a lot more heated, the debate's been very heated. i feel like everybody's attacking each other more than anything. >> reporter: some voters in frustrated. jennifer was unable to vote because she was mistakenly listed as having no party affiliation. how angry does this make you? >> very upset. because i did not know, ias
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three hours almost until now. an it's like really frustrating, because -- i wasn't satisfied. i have my right to vote. >> although i got to vote, i know it's not right. and people have the right to vote. and, yeah, frustrating. and it's wrong. i mean, we have our rights, and votiti is one of them. >> reporter: that last woman was in the same boat as the firir woman you saw there, unable to vote because she was listed as no party affiliation. about you she said the county did straighten it out to a degree. she was able to vote with a provisional ballot. we triedalling the elections office aboutut this situation and we were unable to reach anybody to talk to about why this situation persisted. at least a handful of people we spoke to alone had that exact same issue saying they were listed as no party affiliation when they were actually registered as either a democrat or republican, they thought. ari odzer, nbc 6 news.
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"the voice" tonight from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. we'll bring you results throughout the night at the bottom of your screen. you can also get live results anytime with our delegate tracker on the nbc 6 news and weather app. we'll also be streaming each candidate's speeches live. and the question is, did you vote already? if you did, hash tag nbc 6. we've been flooded with photos of people dointheir civic duty. your photo may end up being used. a woman is still recovering after her boyfriend crashes into a publix. >> survelance video captures the moment that car went airborne and then crashes through a wall.
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we had our first 90-degree welcome back. bailiff busted. tonight a bailiff is off the job after he's accused of attempted murder and sexual battery. >> stephanie has more on the disturbing crime he's accused of. >> police say the victim is a prostitute, and shefsz in the hospital for about a week after she was stabbed multiple times, including in her back and r abdomen. investigators say after buzzby allegedly picked her up at this gas station. kendreck buzzby facing serious charges, including attempted murder and sxual battery.
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broward county sheriff's office as a court bailiff in 2010. miami-dade police say he went against the law last month by atatcking a prostitute. detectives say it started at this gas station located in liberty city at northwest 79th street and 13th court. around 1:00 a.m. february 21st, the victim told investigators she was picked up by buzzby and they arranged for her to perform a sexual act on hill for a price of $60. after making the deal, investigators say buzzby drove his vehicle about two blocks down to 81st street, and parked somewhere down this road. this is where investigators say things went from bad to worse. investigators say the woman asked for the money up-front, t according to buzzby, instead of grabbing his wal let he grabbed a knife. the woman told investigators she said if you want to rape me, go ahead and rape me. please, just use a condom.
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and eventually buzzby, investigators say, about egan to stab her in the back. investigators say eventually the victim made itack to the gas station and got into her parked vehicle. she trove herself to the hospital and from there she was transported to jackson memorial. buzzby is out on bond tonight. his attorney rereased a statement, mr. buzzby looks forward to the day that he can challenge the baseless allegatitis the the sheriff's office releasas a statement, too, these allegations are very disturbing. kendrick busby will be suspended without pay. throughout the course of the day we spoke with several people who live in the area. th say prostditution is a common thing around here. but they say if the allegations are true, this is an awful crime sglfrlts the deadly hollywood car accident that killed a man
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friend. cameras captured the moment the car came barreling inside the building. it happened monday on hollywood boulevard and 17th avenue. the impact killed 24-year-old david le more, who was not wearing a seat belt at the time. his girl trend was, and she is recovering in the hospital. days before president obama's historic trip to cuba, the white houseannounced new changes to travel and trade restrictions. the fu rules will make it easier for people to travel to cuba. now americans can travel to the island for any person-to-person educational trips. the changes will also expand access to the financial institutions and sufficient dollar from cuba. cuba athletes and performers can now travelto the u.s. and be paid in dollars. the white house also announced changes in banking and trade. nbc 6 is everywhere starting this friday. jawan and i will be in havana
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to the island nation. folks, here in south florida, a hot one today. and even t tugh there's a few clouds out here across the everglades, the majority of south florida saw mostly sunny conditions. look at the radar, not much to show. but we did see some rain near florida city, and then the surviving showers along the southern tip of the peninsula. and dissipateding at this hour. the high temperatures today, impressive. who gets the prize for the 90-degree reading? first one of the year? pembrookok pines, 90 this afternoon. ten degreesbove normal this time of the year. 87 was the high in miami, a in ft. lauderdale. but only 82 in key west surrounded by cooler sea surface temperatures down there. current readings include an 83-degree reading in pompano beach. 81 at this hour in homestead. the surface weather map is pretty simple.
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the winds are light and variable with not much of a breeze. temperatures shoot up there, especially in the full sun we have throughout the day today. the only saving grace today, sunday and monday. a little more tolerable than pass48 hours. hardly any clouds in t t picture this afternoon and evening, eeept for what happened here peninsula. some of t tse clouds, as i said, did clip florida city where raindrops were observed a couple of hours ago. a look the forecast for the next seven case, it will be mainly dry wednesday and thursday. low humidity. the temperatures will be quite warm or borderline hot, at least the humidity won't be all that high. as we get closer to the weekend, though, friday, but especially saturd and sunday, an approaching front should be enough to trigger showers or thunderstorms. both of those days. the front slides through, and brings us cooler weather for
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70s. as a matter of fact, this reading, 75 degrees on monday, 15 degrees cooler thahawhat was observed today. all right. short-term look now, we'lll look at tomorrow here on your future tracker. we start off the morning witit a possibility of some fog again in inland sectitis. and the southcentral section of the peninsula of the keep that in mind, we saw fog the last two nights, maybe some tonight, too. although it looks like the thickest areas of fog will be well off to the west of the metro area and certainly away from the florida keys. the fog dissipates toward mid-morning. mostly sun just about everywhere. afternoon look, you're going to see past 3:00, spotty shower there, a couple of spotty shwers here across the everglades. much like today, maybe a 5%, 10% chance of rain tomorrow. that's why i'm not drawing it into the forecast here. i think yoefoverall, sunshine and near 88 degrees, affr a mild start of 69.
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soonfidentconfidentable-- comfortable if you're stananng in the sun. higher chances of rain closer to the e ekend sdplflts they're trained to protect our ommunity. >> next, picking up tools and
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south florida's most . break out the bricks. lego land florida is expanding. the theme park is adding a whole new world to the winteraven theme park. it's set to open next yeararand will be built across the street from lego land. opening next year also, is a martial arts theme on the best toy ries, ninjago. >> you've got to love lego land. one of miami-dade's oldest communities is looking brand-new after getting a little tlc. >> some police recruits joining forces with an initiative to make their home a more beautiful place to live. >> reporter: miami policece recruits are digging into a different kind of assignment. it's one they designed themselves.
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street entrance ramp to i-95. >> we planned it out. and we're trying to make it as best as possible. >> reporter: their mission, make a patch of ground a little prettier in the inner city. but that's not all. >> we are police officers, but we're still human, too. >> reporter: team building with tools while saving target practice for another day. the instructor said it helps them fit into the neighborhood. >> when we get out here, we pull weeds. we can cut grass. we can smile. >> reporter: people who carry coral rocks, follow orders, the same men and women who help to protect this city some day soon. the project doesn't end here. these officers-to-be are also fanning out into the streets, speaking with people who live around here about what they've done, and hoping to build trust with neighbors. julia bagg, nbc 6 news. good afternoon.
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we'll look at what could either make this a breakout night for donald trump or a long slog to he convention. and we'll look at hillary clinton's challenge in the midwe. the nfl admission about concussions. we'll talk about the reality for kids w want to play the sport,
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sweeping new guideline for how finally tonight, a quick look at today's top stories. more than 2 million florida choice for president in n e state's primary. election officials say some1.2 million republicans have cast ballots compared with nearly 850,000 democrats the gop primary is considered a pivotal moment inthe campaign. it could mean a huge boost for donald trump or the death of marco rubio in his home state. the obama administration with travel restrictions on cuba. people can travel to cuba on their own, as long as they fill
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for educational purposes. a new measure also allows u.s. banks to process cuban government transactions. it comes five days before the president makes a historic trip to the island naon. you can follow the latest on all of these stories and other news-making headlines on our weather app. download i for free. tod's tuesday primary. we'll keep you updated throughout the night. >> what a day to get out there and vote. it is hot out there. >> hot, hot, hot. 90 degrees in pembrook pines. really? isn't it march? ? it was really steamy. 87 in miami. pembrook pines got up to 90.% tomorrow 88 in miami i'm forecasting. the heat will connue thursday, slight moderation for this weekend. but then here come the rain chances, even a thunderstorm possible saturday into sunday with an approaing front. >> of course. that's our report for
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"nightly news" is next. >> see you back breaking news tonight. a major make-or-break moment in the race for president. will trump knock out rubio with a win in florida? can kasich stop him in ohio and force a contested convention? and can bernie sanders pull off another shocker? also breaking, one of the biggest public transportation systems in america to suddenly shut down amid urgent concerns over safety. millions bracing for a nightmare commute. >> stunning admission. for the first to imthe nfl announces a direct link playing football and degenerative brain disease. and pain killer epidemic epidemic. a major alert about a painful secret at homes across america. millions getting hooked on pilots prescribed by their doctors. the cdc warning of a surge in deadly overdoses.
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begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. both the states and the stakes are a lot bigger on this tuesday primary night where the front-runners could draw closer to sealing the deal or wind up in a long and contested slog to the convention. florida, illinois, ohio, missouri and north carolina are in play. for republicans, 358 delegates up for grabs. 691 for democrats, and both parties are very sharply focused on ohio tonight where governor john kasich is best positioned to block a run of the table for donald trump and where bernie sanders hopes to follow up his recent michigan victory with an upset of hillary clinton. our election team is in position to cover it all. let get started with peter alender in ohio tonight. hi, peter. >> reporter: john kasich's aides are extraordinarily confident tonight. this is the most decisive day in a republican campaign


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