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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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70 for most. we have mid 60s popping up into southwest miami-dade. but this time around not worried about the visibility. the fog that's trying to develop will be just patchy in nature. clear skies right now into miami. our royal caribbean first alert camera. first check on traffic now with kelly blanco. >> we had a car fire on i-95 northbound around miami gardens drive. you can see the fire has been put out. that car getting ready to get onto the tow truck. you see one left laneetting by just fine. it's going to be slow going around the northbound lanes of miami gardens drive because of an earlier car fire that had all lanes blocked off. on your southbound lanes, you don't see kars getting by.
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lanes blocked off because of construction. on the northbound side we have a traffic alert. in your southbound lanes we have construction in this area. you can avoid it by taking your side streets instead,aybe taking biscayne boulevard as your alternate. we tell you all thungs have cleared up. you can follow me on twitter @kellynbc6. >> a quick runwn of the key developments since you went to bed last night. in missouri, for republicans, the race is too o ose to call between trump and texas senator cruise. ted cruz. a clolo battle on both sides there. hillary clinton with a slight lead but still too close to call officially as well. nbc news is naming the former sedentary of state the apparent winner there, not confirmed. the close calls certainly do not stop in that state.
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winner in illinois where she holds a slight lead. senator marco rubio, which isn't a surprise -- kind of expected, if things didn't go well for him in florida he was going to suspend his campaign. indeed, that's what happened. he suspended his campaign for the nomimition after donald trump beat him badly in the state of florida. >> trump got beat in ohio by john kasich. where do we go from re? >> today my campaign is suspended. >> reporter: out of the race, marco rubio beaten in his home state took a shot at donald trump, america needs a vibrant conservative movement, but one that's built on principles and ideal, not on fear, not on anger, not on preying on peep's frustration. >> reporter:rump is the projected winner in illinois and north carolina along with florida. >> democrats are coming in,
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very, very importantly, people that never voted before. it's an incredible thing. >> reporter: john kasich the projected winner in ohio. >> ohio, i love you. i want to remind you again tonight t tt i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. >> reporter: kasich still has no path to the nomination, but his winning means trump could fall short of the delegates he'd need for a first ballot win. democrat hillary clinton had a great night. >> thank you, florida, thank you, north carolina, thank u, ohio. >> reporter: bernie sands got close in that midwestern state but no upset. >> we are moving closer to securing the democratic party nomination and winning this election in november. >> reporter: the same for trump,
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trump forces hope. steve handelsman, nbc news, miami. here in florida, the big headline, marco rubio did not have enough support from floridaers. nbc 6 reporter laura rodriguez has more &lorida international university. >> reporter: initially called a primary night celebration. it was anything but a celebration. it ended up being a very sad day for rubio supporters. >> aft tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> reporter: minutes after the polls closed, marco rubio stood by his family and announced he's suspending his presidential campaign. the florida senator garnered most of the votes in miami-dade county, however, that wasn't enough to trump donald trump. rubio congratulated the businessman but said he's proud he's run an optimistic campaign, net one that makes people angry
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at one point a trump supporter yelled out, quote, trump for president. the protesters was escorted out and moments later rubio supporters walked out also disappointed. >> at the end of the day i think the republican party needs to stand behind one candidate to defeat donald trump. >> reporter: rubio made one plea to the american public to not give in to fear and frustration. laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. >> republican front-runner donald trump weighed in on rubio losing his home state late last night. >> number one, i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a really tough campaign. he's tough, he's smart and he's got a great future. but i have to say, and nobody has ever, ever in the history of politics received the kind of negative advertising that i have.
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supporters in palm beach cowling florida his second home. he has the coveted 99 delegates, closer to the manualic number of 1,237. more details on hillary clinton and her win in the state of florida. the state so portant to her that she watched returns come 234 from her rally location in palm beach county. she gave a 12-minute speech thanking her supporters that gave her clean sweep in the five states that held those counties. >> making differences in people's lives comes first because americans everywhere are hungry for solutions. they want to break down the barriers, holding them back. >> here in the state of florida, clinton did well among democratic women and supporters. sanders has no plans to drop out right now citing that half the delegates have yet to be delegated.
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wynwood where hundreds cheered for the senator optimistic about his future. sanders was not in florida for yesterday's primary. instead, he chose to be in arizona where that state will be holding their primary on tuesday of next week. if you voted, you saw this on your ballot, the convention center hotel lease. voters supported building it but not by a wide enough margin. the approval needed 60% support to pass. you see here only got about 54%. still, the mayor says he'll work with colleagues. the convention center is undergoing a $600 million renovation and expansion right now. perhaps you used i iyesterday throughout the day, your nbc 6 news and weather app. your s srce for decision 2016. there is a delegate tracker ahead of the respective elections. a beautiful shot. brit lights this morning on
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that said, let's get an update with meteorologist ryan phillips. >> let's be honest, the weather stuff is the best part of the app. m not going to play around with that. it's news and ather. we're equal opportunity. you can set your home screen by pushing the 6 in the upper left. you change it to weather and you'll see clear radar. the difference this morningng probably slightly cooler and less in the way of foggy conditions unfolding. that will lead to more sunshine. rain chances stay low. here is a live look into miami. aaa looking good. lights are still on in about 15 mississippi us or so. lights will go on in the freedom tower. mostlylclear. a few passing clouds, mid level clouds not proding any rain. helping us avoid the fog development. 71 in oakland park, 70 in ft. lauderdale, 70 in miami. temperatures still falling with an offshore breeze. ththt will help to drive the temperatures down to about 70.
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very dark everglades holiday park. 83 by the lunch our. your first alert forecst high, 86. here is a check on traffic with kelly blanco. >> an earlier car fire is still causing problems on i-95 northbound atves dairy road. we also have a whole lot of construction going on. it should be ending about 5:30 a.m. palmetto expressway drivers northbound between southwest 8th street and the dolphin expressway, allanes are completely blocked off. you want to take 87th avenue as your alternate. there will be posted detour signs on the palmetto expressway northbound. we also have dolphin expressway eastbound at northwest 45th avenue, that off-ramp completely shut down for about another hour or so. turnpike extension southbound, two lanes completely blocked off. we'll talk about broward county in a couple minutes. kelly, thank you so much. 4:41 on your wednesday morning.
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from work shot and killed. who police are looking for and how this could be linked to other crimes. new pictures released showing wha investigators caused that amtrak train in kasas to derail sending more than two dozen passengers to the hospital. > dozens of students get sick (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big differen between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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welcome back. your time is 4:43. a man walking to work in h h security guard uniform shot and killed in miami gardens. miami-dade greaters are saying that murder mht be connected to a rash of armed burglaries that have been happening across that county. nbc 6's jamie guirola has more. >> i heard pop, pop, pop. i paused and i heard pop, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: that is the sound of bull litz that killed 42-year-old milton morrison who was walking to the bus stop to
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>> it's a shame that someone loses their life -- this is america. people can't lose their lives on tht way to work. it just barbaric. >> reporter: p plice say morrison worked as a security guard who was wearing his uniform. after being shot, he walked to a home and told people he was shot by two people in a white vehicle. >> i had my daughter call them. they came right away. they called for the rescue helicopter. >> reporter: miami-dade police telling nbc 6 it's looking into a four-hour cream spree in the north end of theounty around the same time morrison was shot, six different scenes involving shootings and armed robberies. a white pickup truck reported in three. if you have any information, any
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call crimestoppers at 305-47tips. in miami garden, jamie guiroro, nbc 6 nenes. all is quiet across south florida this morning. we're moving into a pattern that will be fairly -- we have an echo back there? this sounds nice. this is the voice of your all right. just something in the studio. maybe it sounds as good at home. good. roads are dry. skies mostly clear. here is what we don't have to contend with, much in the way of fog. a little patchy fog in southwest miami-dade. let's show you what's going on here. forecast to get you out the
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to date on what's happening with our roads. the fog will be contained in southwest miami-dade county. otherwise, sunrise at 7:29. mostly clear skies and a quick warmup. so many of us now doing the morning commute in the dark. if you're a 6:00 a.m. or 7:00 a.m. commuter, it's not until 8:00 a.m. we start to brhten up the skies. once we do, a steamy one, mid 80s for afternoon highs. here we are along i-75. we've got cloud cover up above. the roads are dry, visibility fine here. because we have clouds up above, it's been slow for fog to develop. this is satellite and radar. we don't have any rain across the region. the same area of high pressure anchored in here leading to very bright skies, warm conditions and light windnd too. 70 in ft. lauderdale, 72 in opa-locka. w 70s through the keys. winds are calm for the most part. we've got an offshore breeze here that will help dial
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about 70 to start the day. as for the fog development, i think a lot of it will be deep inland and up towar the lake. in and out of cloud coverer fair weather skytion, organized precipitation to end the workweek. we get into the weekend, changes as we end the weekend. today's forecast, clear and quiet, not worried about fog. bright snshine and a very warm forecast. up to 86 this afternoon. next few days mid 80s will do it. mostly sunny. a few more clouds than on friday. it's late saturday -- i think most of saturday looks good. 83. scattered showers and thunderstorms on sunday. highs again in the low 80s. 4:47. let's get back to traffic and kelly blanco. >> we've been keeping an eye on this car fire pretty much all night long and into the morning. this is what's left of the car fire.
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only one lane getting by. thattar getting ready to ghettoed out of the way. >> you'll find it slow going right here on i-95 northbound. cleanup crews cleaning up the area. hopefully once you hit the road this won't be a problem. we do have construction. this is the only incident we have in all of miami-dade and broward county. but as far as construction until 5:35 a.m., expect lanes to be shut down. also on dolphin expressway eastund at northwest 45th avenue, that off-ramp completely blocked off and on the turnpike extension southbound at bird lane, two lanes of traffic blocked off there. investigators released two photos of a truck that causus an amtrak train in kansas to derail. authorities say this agricultural truck damaged a
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what caused the train to derail. the derailment happened early monday morning when an engineer hit the emergency brakes after spotting that damaged rail ahead. the sudden stop caused the train to go off the tracks and that sst more than two dozen people to the hospital. the track has since been fixed. later today federal reserve chair janet yellen expected to comment on the committee's interest rate decision. during the last meeting that was a few months ago the committee decidid to keep federal interest rates the same. yell loan is expected to give her remarks sometime this afternoon. a norovirus outbreak at a south florida school is causing a lot of students to miss class. school add investigators say at least 100 children per day have been absent in sis sit tris grove elementary.
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most of you know it because of the cruise ships. spring break starts friday there. this morning cuba reported its first case of zika contracted within the country. the island nation announce tld were four previous cases of the virus. all four involved people who contracted the mosquito born virus. there are indications this virus can cause birth defects. this morning americans allowed to travel to cuba on your own. you have to fill out a form saying the trip is for educational purposes and that's why you're going. the changes will expand access to u.s. financial institutions and the u.s. dollar from the island nation. that means cuban athletes, artists and performers will now be able to be paid in dollars when they're working here in the
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the ship isshift is coming less han a week before the president is making his historic trip. >> not about government, not about politics, more about the people in cuba. i believe we must empower them, give them hope. we have to make them understand that we're here. >> so we do know this. the mayor will be travel being a group of graduate university students from massachusetts. he says he's interested in analyzing how havana can be a tourist destination. as part of that trip the mayor will be participating in meetings with cuban dissidents and the lgbt community in cuba. ur nbc 6 team also gearing up for temperature's trip.
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straighter. the event titled let girls learn will address ow students part. the film and music festival sandwiches a conference on cutting edge digital technology. >> this year more than ever entertainment is taking stage. julia boorstin has more. >> reporter: front and center at south and southwest. in contest sharing sharing buzz. this tech savvy scene is a valuable audience for trtritional companies as well. u.s.a.'s mr. ro robot hosting this ferris wheel and arcade. amc turning this trip upside
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upcoming launch of "preacher"." >> i think the industry, if everyone in that industry likes someone, it's big enough to move the needle. so many people are involved with tech, being a start-up or just working for a company, even in an office, i think it applies to you. >> this "game of tones" attraction from hbo drew over 1200 fans on its first day. hbo investing in this attraction that uses pictures in the hall of faces, hoping people will share their photos. >> you're not only hitting that one influencer, and that continue to have a halo effect. it helps u to amplify the marketing message. we'd like to see things m mre tapping into the technology which really speaks to this tecec
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southwest. >> hbo, amc and usa a looking the boost the social conversation, promoting their hashtags for facebook, twitter and instagram as the line between entertainment and technology continues to blur. >> that was julia boorstin reporting this morning. we'll introduce you to this
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make what you might not know is how critical the transition to solid food is for these kids in terms of their long-term heth. >> for nbc 6, don jeffreys introduces us to a tool to make
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smoother. >> as a mother of three, kaya duffy knows the challenges of teaching a little one to feed herself. as a nutritionist, she also knows the importance. >> we have evidence to show it's critical in terms of establishing these habits and pat terps and food preferences that carry through childhood and into adulthood. >> habits often influenced by the ease in which a child learns to self feed with utensils. >> most children when they learn to eat, they grr spoons this way. >> reporter: making it harder for little hands with developing fine motor skills to maneuver. >> what we did was create a shorter, fatte handle. >> reporter: she's developed kazingo. >> it makes it easier for them to grasp. wh they're holding it like
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curved toward them. >> reporter: parents may over feed their little ones in an effort to make sure they're getting enough. >> when we do that, kids, the ability they have from birth to listen to those internal feelings of fullness, they lose the ability to hear that. >> reporter: research also shows kids who self feederly tend to be less picky eaters. >> it tends to me they have a great vaer right in their diet, associated with a number of positive health outcomes. >> reporter: establishing healthy habits early on. >> is it bad i want one of those? >> not at all. >> that was dawn jeffries reported. >> i wonder based on the arc of the spoon i it prevents them from holding it back and flipping food, because they watch to love their spaghettios roll down the wauchlt nbc 6 at
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the results are in. this morning florida goes to donald trump who also picked up primary wins in illinois and north carolina, it was a humiliating loss for marco rubio in his home state who has suspend $his campaign. >> meantime, a clean sweep for hillary clinton, although that's not official anyway. edging closero the total delegates needed for her party's presidential nomination. >> good morning everybody. your time is 5:00. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. we'll get to that team coverage of decision 2016 in just a bit. >> first let's get to the really important stuff, and that is meteorologist ryan phillips. i don't hear the echo anymore which disappoints me a little bit. >> it was kind of fun, right? >> you sounded like a king. >> let's get back to that. good morning to you. we've got quiet weather. if you've enjoyed the weather we had so far on monday and tuesday, it continues for the next two days.
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scanning the skies, but no rain in sight. what about the fog this morning. i don't think we're going to see much in the way of widespread fog. here is a live look back into the aaa area, also in the freedom tower. skies are mostly cler. here is our first alert camera. we can check that out. there we gg. skies are mostly clear. we will see patchy fog mainly across southwest miami-dade. homestead, visibilitys down to about four miles. most of us with t t miles of visibility plus. that's a good sign. mostly clear skies at 7:00 a.m. temperatures leveling at 70 degrees. by the lunch hour, 83. another warm day. first alert forecast high 86. a traffic alert with kelly blanco. >> we had an earlier car fire about an hour ago. you see the car up in flames, only one lane getting by. things haven't really changed much. we only have one lane getting by.
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alert camera andsee how it's looking at 5:00 a.m. this is i-95 northbound. you see that's a tow truck ready to tow the car on ffe. by. hopefully by the time you get clearing up. cluks. this is going to be a slow area on the northbound and southbound sides. it should be clearing within the next 15 minutes. let's take you over to our maps. palmetto expressway drivers northbound, you see all this red, that's because nrthbound at tamiami trail, all lanes are completely blocked off. take 87th avenue instead. also on the turnpike extensisi southbound at bird line road, all lanes shut down until 5:00 a.m. two minutes past the top of the hour. in decision 2016, this is a quick rundown of the@ key developments since you went to bed. in missouri for republicans, the race actually too close to call this morning between trump and


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