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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  March 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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alert camera andsee how it's looking at 5:00 a.m. this is i-95 northbound. you see that's a tow truck ready to tow the car on ffe. by. hopefully by the time you get clearing up. cluks. this is going to be a slow area on the northbound and southbound sides. it should be clearing within the next 15 minutes. let's take you over to our maps. palmetto expressway drivers northbound, you see all this red, that's because nrthbound at tamiami trail, all lanes are completely blocked off. take 87th avenue instead. also on the turnpike extensisi southbound at bird line road, all lanes shut down until 5:00 a.m. two minutes past the top of the hour. in decision 2016, this is a quick rundown of the@ key developments since you went to bed. in missouri for republicans, the race actually too close to call this morning between trump and
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it's one of the five states that us. but still again, a close battle on both sides in that state. the same thing for democrats there. hillary clinton with a slight leadad but still too close to officially call. nbc news also naming the former secretarrof state the apparent winner there. that's not confirmed. the close calls we're talking about there, not stopping there. hillary being named the apparent winner in illinois where she holds a slight lead. >> if illiis and missouri hold, she has a clean sweep, already claiming victory in north carolina, ohio and in florida. gop front-runner also waking up pretty happy. trump claimed victorieie in illinois, north carolina and florida. the only state he didn't win, ohio. he finished second t t governor john kasich there. >> a quick wraekdown of specifically here in florida.
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donald trump the winner wiwi 46% of the votes, forcing senator marco rio into the tough decision of suspending his campaign. he announced that very early yesterday evening. our team coverage of decision 2016 continues now. julia bagg right here in the studio with us. >> donald trump was celebrating with supporters last night. he said even negative ads that aired right here in south florida seemed to help his campaign. he also talked about taking particular pride in thrashing the competition here in the sunshine state. >> to win the states that we won and to win by the margins -- this is my second home, florida. to win by that kind of a number is incredible. >> and hillary clinton celebrating what looks like the clean sweep this morning.
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tight races in illinois and missouri. she handily won north carolina, florida even ohio where bernie sanders thought he might have another upset like michigan. what does this mean for both races right w? this answer is coming up in a live report from washington in a few minutes. >> this morning marco rubio's fight for florida is over. here is a look back at how it all started. we pulled this video from march 13th of last year, the day florida's junior senator announced he was running at miami's historic freedom tower. that's where we find nbc 6 reporter erika glover lve in downtown miami where it all started ststrted. >> reporter: we're here where it all started, where he announced his initial campaign. last night his campaign was hoping for a primary night celebration. minutes after the polls closed here in his home state, the senator stood by his family to
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he touched on a couple points we'll bring up a little later in the show. he said it was a real political storm and we should have seen this coming. people are angry and frustrated about the direction of our country and this really began back in 2007-2008. again, this is just a suspension for his campaign. he also said that his team couldn't have done anything else and that he conceded to donald trump and said that's all they could have done. they couldn't have done anything else. coming up? the next half hour, we'll give you more information, more background, more pieces ofwhat he said from last night's concession speech. live in miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. five minutes past the hour 2340u. team coverage continues with nbc 6 reporter dan krauth. >> reporter: there were a lot of boos inside campaign headquarters last night, every time clinton won a state. but there also was a lot of
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despite las@ night's big loss, they're optimistic abo the future. have a listen to what supporters had to say. >> a lot of delegates out there, 4,000-plus delegates to win. this is just getting started. >> we're going to create an economy that works for all of us, not just the ones -- >> reporter: sanders' campaign office here in wynwood will remain open at least through the end of the momoh. governor john kasich and senator ted cruz having someing to celebrate, kasich winning ohio, slightly setting back donald trump. as r cruz, kasich winning ohio could be the only good news for the texas senator. cruz didn't winnie states, but his uphill climb for delegates would have been even worse if trump won ohio. the next round of states to vote cos on tuesday.
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and idaho has a democratic -- >> keep it locked here on nbc 6. kasich will be on the "today" show. you can watch his interview after the 6:00 news. that wiwi begin at 7:00 on the "today" show. the nbc 6 news and weather app, your source for everything you need to know about decision 2016. we're following all of it very closely. checking the time for you, 5:07. ahead, president obama lickly to announce his pick for the supreme court nominee. find out who is on the narrow -- the case has started for the police officer who slapped a homeless n. what the victim had to say while he was on the stand. should be a bright morning across south florida, limited g development. not as widespread as what we experienced on tuesday. as we enjoy the sunshine, with
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driving temperatures up about ten degrees in three hours.
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welcome back. back to our covage of decision 2016. a lot of you probably wondering what's next for the candidates following separation tuesday. hillary clinton is a giant leap closer to securing the democratic nomination.
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donald trump has a longer road ahead. >> thank you florida, thank you north carolina, thank you ohio! >> reporter: those three states police missouri and a more narrow victory in her home state of illinois leaves hillary clinton with more than 1500 delegates this morning and a clear path to the nomination. bernie sanders is already in arizona for next week's primary. >> we will win p the voter turnout is high. let's make it high. >> reporter: are donald trump won every state but one, even with the violence surrounding his campaign. >> you explain it to me because i can't. my numbers went up. i don't understand it. nobody understands it. >> reporter: losing florida to trump was the last straw for marco rubio. he's out. >> after tonight it is clear that while we are on the right side this year, we will not be on the losing side.
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nearly 60% of all remaining delegates to avoid a brokered convention. >> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> reporter: ted cruz is hoping the make it a two-man race. >> a aerica has a clear choice going forward. >> reporter: but apparently not an easy one. >> exit polls show there could be trouble ap head for republicans. more than half the voters in florida, ohioio and north carolina voted for a candidate other than donald trump, and more than half of those in florida said if he's the nominee, they'll look at a third party candidate in november. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> a lot is going to happen in the course of the next couple months. president obama likely to announce his pick for the supreme court nominee. that's expected to happen as early as today. this is what we know about this
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according to advisers, they finished their work late last night. the new justice will replace antonin scalia who passed away last month. good wednesday morning. 5:13 is the time now. dry roadways, very clear skies overnight. a few clouds sneaking by. that's helping us holdack any fog development. i don't think we're going to have much in the ww, problems with fog this morning. we'll get to the sunshine faster and the warmer readings quicker into the afternoon hours. a very pleasant pattern i i you like the sunshine. more of it the rest of the workweek. live first alert doppler scanning our skies. sunrise not until about 7:30. we will see lots of sunshine
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with some locations, especially away from the coast, settling into the upper 60s. we'll hang on to that temperature briefly. the sun will crank the temperatures into the mid 80s. roadways are dry, skies mostly clear. we've had a few passing clouds. you can see visibility is just fine along i-75 in western broward county. only a few mid-levell and high-level clouds sweeping through the area. that should lead to decent sunrise around 7:29. we have slipped down to 68 in ft. lauderdale. here is why. with that reporting station so close to the beach, we expect it to be late warmer. with winds calm if not offshore, we've set ourselves up for a slightly cooler morning. a light jacket won be out of the question initially. it's going to be a rapid warmup into the afternoon hours. 82 in key west. 84 in marathon, winds light, trending out of the north at p least initially.
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southeast breeze. re is what we're looking at in your first alert forecast, temperatures on a quick cli, 83 for the lunch hour. 86 this afternoon. mosy sunny skies. another very pleasant day. with offshore winds this morning, they turn around and come out of the east. either w they're not very strong. another very agreeable day on the beaches with a l risk for rip currents, lots of sunshine. high temperares about 85. i can't emphasize enough, burn times here, evn into mid march with a strong south florida sun limited. so use that sunsnseen and reapply. the clouds will not really impede the amount of sun we see. as for active weather, it'ss so far off to the north, the storm track well removed from south florida. no big changes for the next few days. here what i'm thinking, mid 80s, wednesday, thursday and riday. a few more clouds in play. looking at 85 t t 86 all the way
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by sunday afternoon, showers and forecast. temperatures at 83 for the afternoon high. kelly blanco. >> good morning, south florida. thank you for j jning us. we had the earlier car fire on i-95 northbound. that's good news for those of you headed out the door at 5:16 a.m. we have a brand new accident in broward county, blocking the ramp from 595 westbound to u.s. 1. you want to stick to your left-hand sii to get by the accident just fine. another accident on the turnpike southbound. the construction is cleared out of the way, but now there's an accident just before bird road. two lanes blocked off because of a crash with injuries. we have construction on the palmetto expressway northbound. all lanes completely blocked off. you can see the red on our first alert traffic maps at tamiami trail southwest 8th street. we also have dolphin expressway eastbound, that ramp to northwest 45th avenue, the off-ramp blocked off f f another
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we have new video involving the crash of a car into a publix in hollywood. the publix captured the moment the car came barreling inside the building. as you can see there, it killed one person and injured the girlfriend of the driver. the driver did not have a seatbelt on. his girlfriend is recover inhe hospital. new for you this morning, polic take down two suspects on the run at the time, this d caught and cussed in a busy south floridaneighborhood. they're accused of being involved in a string of car burglaries. undercover detectives conducting surveillance in kendall. the woman ran and hid inside a walgreens. after a brief search, they were taken into custody. >> we could hear from the ft. lauderdale officer accused of slapping a homeless man. his trial continues today as the jury begins to hear t e defense's side of things.
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video that shows officer victor ramirez bush the man to the ground and slap him with an open hand at the downtown bus terminal last year. declair talked about why he reached for the officer's arm after he was knocked to the ground. >> it was kind of a defensive reaction because, again, i was shocked tat he had knocked me to the ground. coming from a police officer it was unexpected. case. ramirez is facing several charges including battery and falsifying records. >> a bso bailiff is off the job this morning accused attempted murder and sexual battery. this is what we know so far. police are saying 45-year-old kendrick bus by attacked a city. the victim went on to tel police that bus by picked her up and asked for money up front.
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wallet, he pulled out a knife and stabbed her a few times. the woman was in the hospital for a weeg. she is okay as of this morning. meantime busby is out on bond. 5:19 on your wednesday morning. a south florida man charged with running an illegal slaughter house is dodgingail time. >> 71-year-old gregorio santana faces 26 counts of animal cruelty for operating an illegal slaughter house. prosecutors offered him a plea deal. in return he had to cooperate with the on going investigation involving four other defendants. this comes after investigators found more than 10,000 animals in poor conditions at cocoa farms in northwest miami-dade. >> this guy ran one of the most violent illegal slaughter houses in united states. he's been in opopration, i think he admitted to close to 40 years. >> santana pleaded not guilty and received five years of probation with no jail time.
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gone to trial and been found guilty, he would have been put away for 80 years which istill a possibility if he fails his probation. on this wednesday morning, continuing to recap all the popotical numbers which continue to come in because they're not official quiui yet. we'll have a recap of all that coming up. break out the bricks. if you've got kids, you better be ready for this. lego land florida is expanding. find out what changes are coming to the park.. this year it's all about entertainment, technology and socici media at south by southwest.
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you've got to love this. lego land florida adding nice features to the park here. the theme parkrk adding a beach retreat and a whole new world to its winter haven theme park. the beach retreat set to open sometime next year will be built across from lego land and will feature duplex units and single room accommodations. also opening next year, a
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based onn its best-selling toy series legano. if you've got little boys, you're going to love it. oh, yeah. first lady michelle obama is in austin, texas, this morning, preparing to ho an event at the south by southwest music conference. the event titled "let girls learn." special guests will be there, missy elliot, sophia bush will be there and with academy award nominated actress queen latifa moderating. the film and music festival has an added interactive conference about cutting edge ditch ta technology. >> every year it's better than the last. this year more than ever entertainment is taking center stage here, all about virtual reality and tech savvy scenes. usa network's mr. robotosting ferris wheel, an arcade, while amc turned a church upside down
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upcoming laun of "preacher." the big guys are here. they're using their technology to post visitors pictus into the hall of faces from the hit show "game of thrones," hopi the fans will share pictures on social media. >> you're not only hitting that one influencer, but every person that follows that influencer. that continues to have a halo effect. it helps us to amplify our marketing message. >> all right. so usa, amc and hbo are all looking to boost their social conversation as the line between entertainment and technology, of course, continues to flourish. some of that stuff looks pretty need. the greatest things come out of that conference, that festival. checking the time on this wednesday morning, 5:26. much more ahead in next half hour of news. gop candidates battling it out for five states. continuing team coverage for last night's results and what marco rubio had to say on his
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on the democratic side, hillary clinton sweeng the primaries but bere sanders not giving up hope yet, where both yet. >> a lot of politics on the app this rning, guys. also weather, too. >> eqlly as important. >> and on that app, you'll find live first alert doppler showing no rain in sight. patchy fog developing first thing this morning. i'll show you whe you're on hold, your business is on hold. that's why comcast business doesn't leave you there. when you call,
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senator marco rubio the latest gop candidate to c cl it quits after a bruising loss in the florida primary. >> fivetates held their presidential primary contest
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up to be one of the most critical days et. it's 5:31. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this wednesdsd morning. a lot a lot happened last night. >> we'll talk to you about donald trump, hillary clinton and even more about ryan phillips. who of those three is the most important? >> ryan phillips. >> of course, it is. no contest. >> it was closed voting. hit me up in the general, we'll get more votes. >> you got two votes here. >> and three, julia bagg just got here. >> we're again rain-free. holding back rain chances until we get to the weekend. i'll fine-tune that this morning. visibility is just fine. let's look live into miami right now with the first alert camera. no problems toward the beaches. it's the known culprit now in southwest miami-dade county. the fog developing into the west


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