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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  WTVJ  March 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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up to be one of the most critical days et. it's 5:31. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. thanks for joining us on this wednesdsd morning. a lot a lot happened last night. >> we'll talk to you about donald trump, hillary clinton and even more about ryan phillips. who of those three is the most important? >> ryan phillips. >> of course, it is. no contest. >> it was closed voting. hit me up in the general, we'll get more votes. >> you got two votes here. >> and three, julia bagg just got here. >> we're again rain-free. holding back rain chances until we get to the weekend. i'll fine-tune that this morning. visibility is just fine. let's look live into miami right now with the first alert camera. no problems toward the beaches. it's the known culprit now in southwest miami-dade county. the fog developing into the west
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mile. every surrounding site looking just fine. patchy fog in southwest miami-dade, a little cooler at 65. 73 in miami, 70 in pembroke pines. a few passikg mid level clouds across south florida. we should yield lots of sunshine. the patchy fog won't stick around too long. a bright day, first alert forecast high is 86. here is kelly with traffic. >> pretty busy with both accidents and construction. we had a broken down car on i-95 around area of northwest 135th street. you can see that has cleared up. no issues asou make your way northbound at northwest 135th street. we still have the accident scene on 595 westbound as you're approaching u.s. 1. also, turnpike drivers, southbound just before bird road, you still have the two lanes completely blocked off because of an earlier crash that
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constructn on the palmetto expressway. this hasn't cleared up. still seeing all that red on the northbound lanes of the 826 at southwest 8th street. all lanes completely blocked off. you want to take 87th avenue. we also had 836 eastbound, the ramp to northwest 45th avenue, this should be clearing within the next five minutes. 5:33 now. in decision 2016, aside from big wins for hillary clinton and donald trump in key states of florida and ohio, we got information overnight that you might not know about. here it is. in missouri for republicans anyway, the race is actually too close to call this morning between trump and texas senator ted cruz. again, too close to call. mind you, that is one of five states that held their primaries yesterday. it is still a close battle on both sides. hillary clinton with a slight lead, but close to call officially. nbc news is formnaming the former
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the too close to call is, quote, unquote -- hillary clinton being named the apparent winner in ililnois. >> clinton is closer than ever to the democratic nomination. donald trump has a longer road ahead. >> the bibilionaire's blowout ended marco rubio's cacaaign. governor john kasich's home state win cut off the shortcut to the nomination. julia bagg is back with a closer look at the shake-up. things are about to get very interesting as we get to november. >> reporter: donald trump hoped to count ohio along with his florida prize ts morning. that was not to be. john kasich chocking up his first win. that's what he's celebrating this morning, standing in the way of the quick route to the republican nomination for donald trump. meanwhile things are looking great for hillary clinton. bernie sanders has already released a s stement congratulating his rival on
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we've mentioned she's the apparent winnerof a tight race in missouri as well. >> our campaign has earned more votes than any other candidate, democrat or republican. >> reporter: bernie sanders has already moved on to campaigning in arizona. he has a lot more ground to make up this morning. comes up, see where some candidates are turning their attentionnow. >> julia, we'll talk to you again at the top of the hour. senator marco rubio, the hometown candidate did not have a whole lot of support from voters in florida. the exceptioo miami-dade where he beat trump by about 40%. nbc 6 reporter erika glover is live at miami's historic freedom tower where the junior senator kicked off his presential campaign last april. erica, we officially -- i shouldn't say officially.
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what's going to happen moving forward, he'll still have a strong voice in that campaign. >> reporter: good morning, eric. we are here in front of freedom tower where he originally announced his presidential bid. this morning i can tell you they were hoping for a primary night celebration. it was certainly anything but. minutes after the polls closed here in his home state, the sennor stood by his family to announce his campapagn suspension. the senator conceded his defeat to donald trump saying there was nothing more his team could have don't he touchehe on a few points saying america is in the middle of a real politicastorm and they should have seen this coming and people are angry and frustrated about the direction of our country, that this really began back in 2007, 2008 when there was a horrible downturn in our economy and that these changes to our economy are disrupting people's lives and ople are. >> reporter: suppvery /- very upset about it.
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i know what it's like to have to figure out how to find the money to fix the air conditioner that broke last night. i take great comfort. in the ancient words that teaches us in the hearts humans plan their course. the lord establishes their steps steps, so yet i have a hopeful and optimistic message about our future. i still remain hopeful and optimistic about america. >> the senator was planning on heading to utah this morning for more campaigning. clearly that is not the case anymore. reporting in downtown miami, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> erica, thank you so much. republican front-runner donald trump weighed in on rubio losing his home state late last night. take a listen. >> number one, i want to congratulate marco rubio o having won a tough campaign. he's tough and smart and has great future.
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but i have to say, and nobody has ever, ever in the history of politics received the kind of negative advertising that i have. >> trump addressed reporters from his house in palm beach callllg florida his second home. he has 99 delegates, a step cloor to the magic number of 1,237. more details on hillary clinton and her win in the state of florida. the state so important her that she watched returns come from her rally location in ooh palm beach county. clinton gave a 12-minute speech thanking supporters that gave a clean sweep in the five states that held primaries yesterday. >> americans everywhere are hungry for solutions. they want to break down the barriers holding them ck. >> so here in the state of florida, clinton did well among democratic women and black voters.
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her to take on the republican nominee come november. although bernie sanders has no plans to drop out, citing that half of the delegates have yet to be allocated. e're talking about bernie sanders and we'll stay there for a quick second. hisupporters taking to wynwood where hundreds of volunteers cheered for the senator, optimistic about the future for him. sanders was not in florida for yesterday's primary. instead he chose to be in arizona. they hold their primama in tuesday of next week. if you voted in miami, you probably saw a hot topic on the ballot for those of you who live in miami beach. the hotel convention center lease, voters supported it but no^ by a wide enough margin. they needed 60% to pass. the convention center is undergoing a $600 million expansion and venn investigation right now. our digital team saul over it. we used it yesterday, talking
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app, your source for decision 2016. there's a delegate tracker there. you know how important those delegates are and all of that ahead of those respective conventions. checking the clock for you on this wednesday morning. 5:40. a lot more ahead. a man is gunned down while walking to work and wearing his uniform. find out who police are looking for this morning and how this cre may be related to others in miami. also new pictures just released showing what investigators say caused that amtrak train in kansas to derail sending more than two dozen passengers to the hospital. a look at halllldale beach with our diplomat resort and spa camera. visibility just fine. a few clouds moving overhead. uppepe60s and lower 70s will do it. in southwest miami-dade, patchy fog. does that impact the morning drive? we'll talk about that in a few minutes. if you're headed out the door in broward county, 595, flamingo to u.s. 441, an
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welcome back. breaking news out of north korea. a student arrested back in january after he tried to steal a propaganda banner has been sentenced to 15 years of hard labororn prison. 21 yrd otto warmier, charges against the university of virginia student say the cia encouraged him to steal the poster. before his trial he told reporters he wanted the banner as a roaf fi for his friend's mom. it should be noted that prisoners often are forced to lie on camera and later recant
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if you think your commute is hectic and slow in south florida, be thankful you aren't in d.c. a chaotic commute without the metro system. the rail system is shut down for inspection after recent electrical fires on the tracks. it will be closed for 29 hours. the federal government, however, not shutting down. telling workers to think of alternate ways to get to t t office from work or home. >> which means grab your tennis shoeoeand good luck to you. 5:45 on this wednesday morning. this morning poli are trying to find a gunman who shot and killed a man walking to work in his security guard uniform. it happened in miami gardens. 42-year-old milton morrison was walking the the bus stop. he was able to walk to a neighbor's house and told him he had been shot by two people in a white pickupup truck. miami-dade investigators say the murder may be connectct to a four-hour cream spree where
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different crime sprees involving shootings and armed robberies. a white pickup truck was reported at three of those crimes. >> it's a shame that someone loses their life -- this is america, people can't lose their lives on the way to work. that's just barbaric. >> it is bararric. it happened in a very short amount of time, all of that. you think you have any information on any of those crimes, you're urged to call the 305-471-tips. >> new video this morning out o wester illinois, a dangerous display in the sky swirling over the countryside. what you see here is a supercell a giant thunderstorm. someone shot video as tornado warning sirens are blaring in the background. you can actually see several small tornadoes drop down out of the clouds a kick up dirt and debris there. so far no one has been hurt.
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in part by mcdonald's. embolden your morning with mcdonald's mccafe coffee. made just for you. mcdonald's. i'm lovin' it. >> now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> quite a contrast with all the weather sheli was showing you, here in south florida, we're rain-free. changes in the forecast for the upcoming weekend. a few clouds, patchy fog developing. no rain in sight. let's show youwhere the problem areas are, southwest miami-dade. visibility is reduced under two miles. this will fluctuate. i don't think this fog bank will be as expansive around northwest miami-dade than what we experienced on tuesday. be on guard as you make the trek from southwest miami-dade down into the keys this morning or up into the miami area heading into your morning commute.
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here is the836 into miami-dade. visibility just fine low. a few clouds moving up above here in the miami area and most of south florida, as a matter of fact. isolated patches of fog tis morning. otherwise we're looking at sunrise at 7:29. once we bring the sunup, we've got a rapid climb in these temperatures again into the mid 80s this afternoon. i mentntoned some clouds. here they are in satellite, overnight mid and high level clouds, not producing hea rain. should lead to nice colors as we get in to sunrise. 73 in miami, 70 in pompano beach. that's helped the tempatures fall into the 60s in some locations. the fog not a big problem. widespread precipitation not in the cards for us. high pressure sprawled ought october cross the area. bright sunshine in the afternoon hours. lit winds and very warm readings. we will see changes take shap by the time we get into the upcoming weekend.
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on the drive in. 8:00 a.m., more sunshine. emperatures today upp to 86, mostly sunny this afternoon. next few days, more of the same. 86 today. 86 tomorrow, st. patrick's day. 85 on friday. the changes come as we get into saturday. isolated showers. on sunday, scattered showers and thunderstorms. check this out. if you thought the mid 80s were coming on a little too quick,, don't worry. mid 70s for highs by next monday and tuesday, resetting the weather pattern for march. let's check the morning drive. here is kelly blanco. >> thanks, ryan. good morning to yo south florida. a couple issues in miami-dade. no problems in broward county, all those accidents and constructions have cleared up. you see the flashing lights off in the distance. palmetto expressway northbound as you approach i-77 you have a right lane blocked off due to a broken down car.
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12 to 17 minutes to g to i-95 around 122nd strt. one accident on the turnpike still has not cleared up. not seeing red or orange on our maps. that's good news if you're making your way out the door on this area. turnpike extension southbound at bird road, two lanes mpletely blocked off. you can follow me on twitter, @kellynbc6. i'll be posting updates all morning long. investigators released new photos of a truck that caused an amtrak train to derail. we brought this to you as breaking news earlier this week. this agricultural truck caused the derailment to occur. the derailment happened when the engineer hit the emergency brake after spotting the damaged rail ahead. the crash sent more than two dozen people to the hospital. nine minutes to the top of morning. ter today, federal reserve
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comment on the federal open market committee's interest rate decision. during the last meeting that w held a few months ago, the committee decided to keep federal interest rates the same after having raised them in december of last year. yellen expected to give remarks at some point this afternoon. an outbreak at a south florida school. find out what's causing dozens of students to get sick. coming up on nbc 6 news at 6:00 this morning, one bso
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duty this m a norovirus outbreak at a south florida school is causing a lot of students to miss class. since last week at least 100 children per day have been absent from citrus grove elementary school in boynton beach. the school district says a lot of those students stayed home as a precaution. you most ahn hear of people on cruise ships getting sick from it. >> close quarters a drinking fountains, it will get you. a new set of travel, commerce and business regulations with cuba announced by the obama administration
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it's happening right now. it will allow americans to travel to cuba on their own, not just in groups. you still have to fill out a form saying your trip is for educational purposes. but the changes will expand access to u.s. financial institutions and the u.s. dollar from the island nation. so that means, translation here, cuban athletes and artists and performers will now be a ae to be paid in dollars when they're working here in the united states. this shift is coming less than a week before president obama makes that historic trip to the island nation. also going to cuba is the mayor of miami beach. >> clearly i believe we must empower them, give them home, make them understand that we're here. >> the mayor they tell us will be trav being a group of graduate university students from massshusetts.
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analyzing how havana can be a tourist destination in competition with miami beach. as part of the trip, the mayor will also participate in a series of meetings with cuban dissidents and the lgbt community in havana. the president is going, the mayor is going, and so are we. our nbc 6 team gearing up for the president's big team. nbc's jackie nespral and juwan strait strader will be traveling there. >> marco rubio suss spebds his campaign after losing florida. this morning we're telling you what's next for the race to the white house. also a south florida communithoping a string of car burglaries is over this morning. a look at how police caught up with at least two of the suspects they say are responsible. eric, in the last hour some clouds difting in to the view of our first alert camera looking back towards aaa and bay side. we have a little patchy fog into
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temperatures settling back into the upper 60s, a refreshing morning. i'm thinking more sunshine this time around. at the busstop, the temperatures will range from the upper 60s to the lower 70s. sunrise coming about 79. for the kids out there, we get the sunup, a rapid warmup. we're talking rain chances in the first alert forecast. >> you are watching nbc 6 "south orida today."
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the fact is we have to bring our party together. we have to bring it together. >> after tonight it is clear that while wewere on the rig side side, this year we won't be on the winning side. >> number one, i want to congratulate marco rubio on having run a tough campaign. he's tough. he's smart. he's got a great future. >he was the hometown candidate. after losing florida, marco rubio hasa decided to suspend his campaign leaving juu three candidates on the republican side. >> we have your complete decision 2016 coverage. standing by for races to be called. thanks for starting your i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. before we get to that team coferage on everything that is
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right to the guy who was the most frequent write-in on yesterday's ballot. that's unofficial. >> that's not confirmed yet. wowd is you're the most frequent write-in. >> th 99.9% reporting. that's good i made it in there. south flflrida. contending with fog each and every morning th morning. here are readings, settling back into the upper 60s. even ft. lauderdale at 69. 70 at pompano beach. 71 at pembroke pines. temperature at 72. visibilities oscillate here between less than a mile and between about a mile and three miles. bottom line not concerned about any widespread fog taking over. if you make the trek out of southwest miami-dade, you c cld see patchy fog developing at least first thing this morning. another hour and a half in the dark.


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